[WP] Yet Skin – уникальные шаблоны для плагина Go Pricing

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Yet Skin – Add-on for Go Pricing

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Yet is a brand new skin Add-on for the popular Go Pricing WordPress plugin. Yet will enable you to create really unique tables, which will fit perfectly to your style and theme. We kept all the flexible table structures, and now we are giving you complete freedom with design.

Give your tables complete freedom
Express your tables in complete freedom, this time only your imagination is the limit. Yet is a skin that expands your table editing capabilities by letting you configuring almost anything without coding knowledge.

We kept the cleanness and simplicity of our UI, and we designed the new features with keeping the latest trends and needs in mind. Our new features include multi-layered backgrounds with effects, colored overlays, colour gradients, button styles and effects. Check out the full list of features below!

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Это дополнение к плагинуGo Pricing который позволяет делать красивые таблички с ценами на услуги или товары.
Само дополнение содержит готовые и уникальные шаблоны красивых таблиц.

Мы создали несколько специализированных таблиц цен для наиболее популярных тем WordPress, такие какAvada,Divi,XandJupiter.

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