[WP] Social Time Master – плагин для автопостинга (Фейсбук

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Какой чудный плагин встал пред мои ясны очи сегодня! Кроспостинг с установками прямо из админки WP. Смотрим видео, смотрим продажник и смело записываемся
Да, я знаю, что нету вконтактика, но зато в течение пару недель добавится G+ и еще что-то.
На данный момент можно автопостить в Twitter, Facebook Accounts, Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, LinkedIn, Tumblr.
Плагин появился всего месяц назад и уже заполучил пятизвездные отзывы.

цена ~1950 р
Место организатора свободно для хорошего и пунктуального человека

Спойлер:Основные возможности плагина

Flexible and easy to use Visual Timeline– the most easy way to preview and manage your social posts.

Post to unlimited social accounts. Currently supported are Twitter, Facebook Accounts, Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, LinkedIn, Tumblr.

Import all your Facebook Groups and Pagesby simply adding your user account.

Unlimited sharing variations for each blog post– you can have multiple sharing details for each blog post – title, description, image and even unique URL. This will let you share the same post many times, but you can also use it to split-test multiple titles and images and see which ones bring more traffic.

The plugin will addTwitter Cards and Facebook Meta Tagsto your web pages to guarantee proper formatting when the posts are shared on the social sites.

Bit.ly integration and click stats.From one location you can see how many clicks each social post received.

Import posts from RSS feed. You can mix the content you’re posting with external sources and blogs (yours or not).

Bulk import URLs. Just provide a list of URLs and the plugin will extract all the data and will schedule the social posts.

Template-based scheduling– you can schedule hundreds of shares for every blog post with just 3 clicks of the mouse.

Schedule all your existing blog posts in a minute. If you install the plugin on a blog where you already have posts published it is easy to schedule all them for social sharing. With this feature I was able to schedule 800 social posts for 20 blog posts in 20 seconds. But there’s actually no limit… you can beat my record easily.

Post log and history. You have a full list with all the social posts made, including click stats and links to the live posts on the social sites.

Version control andone click updatewhen there are new versions of the plugin.

And many many more…