[WP plugin] WP All Import + WooCommerce add-on

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WP All Import + WooCommerce add-on

Импорт данных в wordpress из XML или CSV файлов.


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WP All Import + WooCommerce add-on на неограниченное число сайтов


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All The Features You Need To Import Any XML or CSV Datafeed…
Easily create Posts (or Pages or any Custom Post Types) from the content your XML or CSV datafeed.

Configure your import in minutes. Choose the data pieces you want to import, and drag & drop them right where you need them. Configure your import options and put data in Custom Fields. All of the advanced features make WP All Import capable of pretty much any type of import job, and they’re out of the way if you don’t need them.

Drag & drop template designer.

WP All Import shows you the available “data pieces” in your XML or CSV file.

Drag & drop the purple data pieces where you want their values to go.

In this way, you can assign values from your feed to the post title, post content, Custom Fields, and more.

Auto-updates & scheduling.

WP All Import can periodically check your datafeed for updates on the schedule you define, and “overwrite” your existing import with new data. New posts will be made for new entries in the datafeed. Entries that haven’t changed will be left alone. WP All Import can even delete “expired” posts (if their data is no longer in the updated datafeed).

You can configure recurring imports from within WP All Import, or by setting up a cron job in your web hosting control panel.

Import data to any place.

Works with any theme.WP All Import lets you import pretty much any data to any place.

Import to Custom Fields, create Custom Post Types, import to Custom Taxonomies, and create Categories and Tags from data in your feed.

WP All Import can download and import images to your post image gallery and set the post Featured Image.

So if you’re using a theme that has lots of custom locations for data – not just the post content box, WP All Import makes it easy to get the job done.

Powerful features.
Support for extremely large files.With the release of WP All Import v3, WP All Import can handle files of 100Mb and larger, with any 10,000+ records, on shared hosting. See details here.

Works with any feed.WP All Import is the only import plugin that really does work with any XML or CSV file. There are no special requirements on how the data is laid out. We get e-mails daily asking us “will WP All Import work with my feed?” and the answer is always YES.

Filter products based on any criteria.If you want to only import items below a certain price point, you can. If you want to only import items that have a search keyword in their title, you can. It’s all possible using XPath.

Full control of your post dates – scheduled/drip feed posting and date randomization.You can assign dates in your feed to your created posts. You can also specify a range for the created posts. If you specify dates in the future, WP All Import will schedule the posts to appear.

Manage all your imports from one place.You can quickly delete an entire import job and all of its associated posts. You can also easily update the template and all options for existing import jobs.

Duplicate detection.You can decide on a “unique identifier” in your feed that will be used to check …