[WP] Justified Image Grid – Premium WordPress Gallery

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Automatically align imagesto a justified gallery keeping their original aspect ratio

Responsive: adapts to the resolution of any device, provided your theme is also responsive. Try resizing the browser window! It’ll adjust as you stop dragging.

Uses theWordPress native wayof creating galleries, you can use your pre-existing galleries

Facebookcompatibility: use the Facebook authorization manager tool and the shortcode editor to visually select your single or multipleFacebook albumsto load (page and user albums as well). Or just display all albums in your content using theFacebook overviewfeature – automatically create separate pages for the albums or just open them in the lightbox. API Requests are cached.

Flickrcompatibility: load photos from auser’s Photostream, Favorites, Group pools, Collections (!), Photosets, Galleriesor a global Flickr search tool! Includes a user manager tool. No authentication required. Optional backlink to the photo on Flickr is available. API Requests are cached. Breadcrumbs for collections! Sets can be opened in the lightbox directly from the collection view.

Instagramcompatibility: loadyour feed, your recent photos, or your liked photos! Also,automatic content aggregationbyInstagram tags, recent photos by any user. Furthermore pickany location or venue in the world to pull photos from, using Instagram and Worldcam! Optional backlink to the photo on Instagram is available. API Requests are cached.

RSS/Atom feeds, semi-dedicated support for these popular sites: pull videos from Youtube, Vimeo and images from 500px, Pinterest, deviantART, Stumbleupon, Imgur, Tumblr, WordPress.com – using a regular link to Feed URL converter tool. It knows the feed URLs on these sites and helps you get them easily.

NextGEN Gallery(both versions 1 and 2) integration, full support for nested albums and galleries, tag gallery, tag album, recent images, random images (all photos or from a gallery), individual photos, permalinks, custom links, limit, load more or hidden limit is used instead of pagination. You can transfrom your already established site using NextGEN shortcodes to use this plugin for the looks, in a matter of minutes! Hugely improved display performance over native NextGEN.

Compatible with NGG Custom Fields forcustom links on NextGEN images

Built-inbreadcrumb for Nextgenwith lots of options, also for Flickr and Facebook sources

Recent posts: Create a homepage banner of the (recent) posts (or your custom post type) using their featured images, filter by categories, display categories/tags/taxonomies in the caption, or show an automatic excerpt trimmed to x words as well as your manual exceprt, author name, time… Pre-filter by custom taxonomies, date queries, author and more!

Filter using tag cloud or buttonsby the terms of any taxonomy, ony the fly, for example: narrow WP posts, Flickr, Instagram…