[WP] Flat Visual Assistant + Flat Payment Forms + A.I Assistant (3 плагина – 1 разработчик)

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WP A.I Assistant

Супер крутой плагин, особенное если у Вас магазин на WP. Задача плагина подсказать пользователю по заранее заданному сценарию.

При грамотной настройке Вам больше не понадобиться чатик, соответственно нагрузка на сервер минимальна. Все что нужно, это создать MindMaps, таким образом можно вывести клиента на необходимый товар.



Unique, smart andpowerful A.I system

Simple andpowerful conditional system

Change look of the assistantfrom backend (ton of possibilities !)

Easily replace the graphicsof avatars by yours

Possible actions for each steps :

Redirect to a page

Show an element

Send an email of the dialog

Send past interactions as post variables to a page

Possible interactions for each steps :

Text fields

Number fields

Select sdropdown


Assistant can be positioned to the bottom right or left corner of the screen

.mo translationready

Import/Exportall your data

Reactive support !

WP Flat Estimation & Payment Forms

Создание пошаговых наглядных форм оформления заказа, подойдет для всех, кто хочет грамотно визуализировать процесс создания заказа или презентации!. Смотрим ДЕМО…


Fullyresponsive(even if your theme isn’t responsive !)

Multiple formsmanagement

Fully manageSteps and Items

Customizecolors, texts and currency

Items can becheckbox, textfields or pictures

Items can begrouped, required, selectedby default, or have anegative cost

Items can be selected byquantities

Items images can beautomaticly filled with the selected main color

Item may have apriceor apply apercentageto the total

Step may depend on the selection of an item

Popupcan easily be opened,using css classon link

The form can also be used as atemplate pageor withshortcode

Fast & easyimport/export data system(images included !)

WooCommercesupport : items can be woo products, and can be added to cart automatically

You can createyour own textfieldsin the last step

If you prefer, you can assign aGravity Formto the last step

You can applydifferents reductions depending on the quantityselected

Recover easilythe selected items anddatas with php

Confirmation emailcan be sent to the customer too

Emails can be customizedfrom admin

Progress bar can showtotal price or step number

You can now add apaypal paymentto your forms

Reactive support !

WP Flat Tour Builder

Теперь быстро рассказать пользователям о возможностях сайта не составит проблем. Множество настроек и возможностей!


(quick demo)


Flat &responsive

Works onfrontend or wordpress admin

Fully manageHelpers and Steps

Customizecolors, step and helpers settings

Steps can betooltip, dialog or texts

Visually assign a stepor an assistantto an elementof the site

Fast & easyimport / export data tool

Reactive support !