[WebView] Приложения для Android и iOS + push notification

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SuperView – WebView App for Android with Push Notification, AdMob, In-app Billing App

SuperView – WebView App for iOS with Push Notification, AdMob, In-app Purchase

SuperView – это Android-проект, который позволяет вам обернуть ваш сайт в супер простое приложение для Android. Он идеально подходит для одностраничного веб-приложения с экранной / без навигации. Например, игра, интерактивная страница, веб-слайд-шоу и т. Д. Если вы веб-разработчик, который хочет выпустить приложение для Android, это должно помочь вам сократить некоторые углы, когда дело доходит до изучения Java. Для настройки всего есть один файл конфигурации, просто отредактируйте включенный файл конфигурации.

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SuperView is an Android project that allows you to wrap your website in a super simple Android app. It is ideal for single page web app with on-screen/no navigation. For example, a game, interactive page, web based slideshow, etc. If you are a web developer who wants to release an Android app, this should help you cut some corners when it comes to learning Java. There is just one config file to setup everything, simply edit the included config file.


Latest Android Studio– Android Studio provides the fastest tools for building apps on every type of Android device.

Java– Java is a general-purpose computer programming language that is concurrent, class-based, object-oriented, and specifically designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible.

Awesome Code Quality– Code is clean, consistent, easily configurable and customizable. We provide excellent support.

In-app billing– In-app billing are extra content or subscriptions that you can buy in apps on your Android device or computer. Our app has a button for removing ads on the toolbar and everything is ready for you to create you in-app purchase. If you don’t want In App Purchase in your app, simply remove key and string tags.

AdMob– Monetize your App with AdMob interstital and banner ads. AdMob is used and trusted by more app developers than any other ad platform worldwide. Use in-app advertising to show ads from millions of Google advertisers and access programmatic demand, or use AdMob Mediation to earn from 40+ networks.

Firebase Push Notifications– Use the Notifications console GUI to compose and send notifications to all supported message targets. Firebase Cloud Messaging handles the routing and delivery to targeted devices. When your app is in the background on a user’s device, notifications are delivered to the system tray. When a user taps on the notification, the app launcher opens your app.

OneSignal– OneSignal is a high volume and reliable push notification system for mobile and web applications. OneSignal provides a single UI and API to deliver messages across iOS and Android.

Deep Linking– A deep link is a URL that opens and directs a user to a specific location within an app. This app has deep linking integrated in the project. Directs the user to any web site you want.

Social Login– Our webview app has ability to login and signup with social networks like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and similar.

HTML5 videos– Our app supports HTML5 videos. In modern browsers, adding a video to your page is as easy as adding an image. No longer do you need to deal with special plug-ins…