[Повтор-5] PHP Layered Popups (креативные всплывающие окна для любого сайта)

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Складчина открыта для ЧК. Регулярно обновляется.

Unlimited number of popups:create as many popup as you wish.

Multiple layers:each popup can contain any number of layers.

Custom layer duration/animation:customize layer duration/animation with ease.

20+ CSS3 layer animations:driven by Animate.css.

Social buttons supported:easily add Facebook Like, Google +1, Twitter Tweet, LinkedIn Share buttons to popup.

Subscribe with Facebook:YES! Now you can allow your visitors to subscribe with their Facebook account.

Subscribe with Google:YES! Now you can allow your visitors to subscribe with their Goolgle account.

Google/Universal Analytics event tracker supported:track “show” and “subscribe” events.

600+ Google Fonts:use any of 600+ webfonts.

Subscription form:AJAX-ed name/e-mail subscription form.

Contact form:AJAX-ed name/e-mail contact form.

10 email marketing providers supported:MailChimp, GetResponse, iContact, Campaign Monitor, Mad Mimi, AWeber, Benchmark, ActiveCampaign, Interspire and Sendy supported.

Extended e-mail address validation:check MX records according to the host provided within the email address.

2-steps opt-in process:yes, you can do it now.

Export/import feature:you can easily export popup settings from one website and import to another website.

On-page-load event handler:raise any popup on-page-load event.

Auto open delay:popup window might be opened with delay.

On-scrolling event handler:raise any popup when user scroll down the page.

On-exit-intent event handler:raise any popup when user moves mouse pointer to the top of browser window assuming that he/she going to close/exit the page.

Inline mode:use any popup as a part of webpage content.

Display modes:you can display popups every time, once per session or only once.

Remember subscribed visitors:script set cookie on user machine to avoid repeated popups for subscribers.

On-click-event handler:show any popup on-click event.

Opt-in locker (optional):users must subscribe to close popup.

Social locker:users must share via Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn to close popup.

CSV Export:list of subscribers can be exported as CSV-file to be used with any newsletter systems.

Set of predefined popups:use any of 26 predefined popups as a template for your work.

Design your own popups:it’s easy – check out video tutorial.

9 popup positions:place popup on desired screen position.

Enable/disable overlay:enable/disable overlay.

Responsive design:popup window looks nice on small screen devices.

Secure admin panel:create and handle popups through secure admin panel.

Realtime preview:edit popup/layers and view changes immediately.

Cross domain access supported:you can install script on one domain and use it with unlimited number of domains.





* Окончательная стоимость будет определена за 2 дня до покупки из-за не стабильного курса $

** (20$ + 2$ = 22$)