[PHP.] Support Centre – центр поддержки ваших клиентов

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Support Centre- мощный PHP-скрипт, который позволяет пользователям создавать тикеты и получать поддержку от ваших сотрудников.
Он поставляется со встроенной базой знаний, поэтому вы можете создавать подробные статьи для дополнительной поддержки.
Скрипт имеет встроенные платежные системы Stripe и PayPal, что позволяет вам создавать Premium-планы для поддержки пользователей.
Скрипт безопасен, в его арсенале защита от SQL-инъекций, от CSRF атак, подбора логина/пароля, гугловская Рекапча.
Написан на фреймворке CodeIgniter Framework 3.1
Подробная онлайн документация.
Начал перевод скрипта на русский язык.
Все, кто поставит складчину в подпись, получат перевод бесплатно.

Спойлер:Полный список возможностей скрипта на английском

User & Registration System

Users can register for an account using the quick and easy register page.

Captcha enabled registration page to prevent bots from spamming your site (can be disabled in Admin Panel). Can use native captcha or Google reCaptcha.

Users can also register accounts using their Social Network accounts, making it even quicker to sign up to your site!

Login System comes with a Forgotten Password page, to allow users to reset their password via email.

Prevents spam by making sure the email address is unique and valid.

Passwords are encrypted using PHPass library to make sure your data is safe!

Can disable registration from Admin Panel, as well as Social Login option.

Create Custom Fields to collect extra information about your users.

Ticket System

Users can create tickets either by registering an account or creating as guests.

Guest Ticket creation can be turned off in Admin Panel.

Create categories and sub-categories (1 level) to help organise your tickets better.

Assign staff to particular categories so they only see tickets created in those areas.

Get notifications of newly created tickets with the notification system (includes email alerts).

Tickets can be rated by users; you can view rated tickets in the Reports section.

Easily search tickets on the system using our ajax implemented search system.

Each ticket can have a staff member assigned to it.

Your Tickets section shows all tickets that have been created in categories you are added to.

Your Assigned Tickets section shows all tickets you have been assigned to.

Create Custom Fields for tickets to collect extra information. Have custom fields appear for only certain categories.

Verify Envato Product Codes with custom Envato API fields + Check Support duration.

Email Piping supported for clients; iMAP support only.

Attach files to Tickets. Can be disabled in the Admin Panel.

Admin Notes allow staff to put notes on tickets that the client cannot see.

Canned Responses allow you to quickly respond to tickets.

Merge Ticket Options

Knowledge Base

Create rich and detailed articles that users of your system can view.

Uses CKEditor which allows you to use a special text editor to insert images, links and other media easily. Also has HTML view.

Create categories to organise your articles.

When a client types in the Ticket title, related articles will be shown next to the ticket based on article title.

Search for articles using search system.


View a detailed graph of open and closed tickets for a specific date range.

View recently rated tickets.

View top rated staff users and see how many tickets they have …