[php script] Affiliate Pro – собственная партнерская программа на раз и два

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Собственная партнерская программа за 2 шага: (подойдет как для движков так и для лендингов)

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Unlimited Affiliates – Boost Sales by letting Affiliates Sale your Products for you!

Affiliate and Admin Panels – Affiliates can view their own stats / Control it with ease from your own admin Panel

Traffic Referral Stats – Keep track of Affiliate Referred Traffic (landing page, ISP…)

Banner/Logo Sharing – Upload your banners and logos to give your Affiliate quick access to your marketing materials

Commission Levels – Set Commission earning % based on Affiliates level of total sales

Track Sales / Profits – Manage all affiliate sold products and earnings with simplicity

Manage Payouts – Let your affiliates request payouts. Manage these requests with ease from your admin panel

Date Filter – Filter any of the Data based on the Period you want (for example the last 30 days)

Quick View Dashboard – View Top Affiliate Performers, recent sales, traffic on one page

View by Affiliate – Zone in and view Sales and Traffic Referral data by Individual Affiliate

Void Transactions – Void any transactions if you feel it is appropriate (i.e. refund issued to buyer)

Balance Management – Tracks Affiliates Balance (amount owed), if transactions are voided their balance is updated

Multilingual – Built in system to modify the language of Affiliate Pro (4 languages included – create your own in minutes!)

Lots of other Great Features! – View Top Affiliate Performers, recent sales, traffic