(opencart) Questions & Answers PRO / Ask a question / FAQ

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Questions & AnswersPRO/ Ask a question / FAQ – FAQ модуль, позволяющий создать ФАК под определенные товары на основе покупательских вопросов.

+ добавляет “социалку”
+ уникальный текст
+ удобно для потенциальных покупателей
обычная версия



Product questions
Ask questions about specific products

General store enquiries – FAQ page
Ask general store related questions (Ask a Question module)

Customer answers
Allow customers to answer questions

Answer voting
Allow logged in customers to vote whether the answer is helpful or not

New question / answer moderation
Option to require admin moderation for new questions / answers

Require login
Options to require customers to log in to view / submit questions and answers

Search & sort questions
Filter questions by search string and/or sort questions by various parameters

Customer e-mail notifications
Notify customers about their question answers

Admin e-mail notifications
Notify admin about new questions and answers

BBCode support
Allow basic BBCode in questions and answers (bold, italic, underline, link, …)

Customizable email templates
Professional and customizable HTML e-mail templates with plain-text fallback

Customizable display options
Option to display question author, question date, answer author and answer date

Fully multilingual
Question and answer texts can be translated to all available languages

Fully AJAX based
No page refresh is needed to submit a question / answer, search or navigage the questions