[Opencart] Custom Product Fields v4 [vQmod]

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Предлагаю купить модуль добавления любых дополнительных полей к товарам



Спойлер:Описание модуля (англ.)

VQMod(minimum v2.1.6) required to run the module.
Can create fields the product page for OpenCart

=== Custom Product Fields Features ===
Field Groups position on prodcut page (top, in description and tab groups)
Field Groups on categroy, search, brands and special
Field Groups on bestseller, featured, latest and special module
Field Groups Enabled/Disabled on pages, modules and comparison page
HTML code support
Automatically added to the database creation.
Creating default fields and field groups
Multilanguage support
Image support(only default template)
Comparison on the show
Search results for fields
Shoppica v2 support for opencart 1.5.x (tested on v2.1.2 and v2.2.1)

=== Custom Product Fields vs Improved Attributes ===
Creates a different database and it uses | Enhances the default attributes
Tooltip feature: no | Tooltip feature: yes
Field image: yes | Field image: no
No supports other modules. | Supports other modules (export, filter etc) but is no guarantee

Other features are the same. If you can not decide, I would recommend iAttributes.


Цена: 27$+2$ на конвертацию