[JavaScript] Slider Revolution Responsive jQuery Plugin

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Представляю Вам весьма популярный плагинSlider Revolutionс огромными возможностями, достоинство которого уже успели оценить огромное число вебмастеров.


* Layouts like Full Screen, FullWidth – Auto Responsive, Custom Responsive and Static Fixed
* Align of Layers with simple Settings
* Image and Thumbs fully resizable
* Using CSS Animation with FallBack to jQuery
* Unlimited Caption Layers
* Captions/Layers like Video, Image and html tags can be easily Created
* Unlimited Slides
* iPhone & Android Swipe Touch enabled
* jQuery Conflict free plugin
* Customizable 100% via HTML and CSS
* Easy installation in your Website
* Special Easing
* Vimeo & Youtube and HTML5 Video Supported
* Full Screen Video with Autoplay function
* Stop AutoPlay during Video Playback
* Optional Shadows included
* Hide Captions Separetely or Together depending on Slider Width
* Hide whole Slider Depending on Screen Width
* Countless Art of Transitions
* 10+ Different Caption Animation Types
* 20+ Differen Slide Transition, and Unlimited Variations due Rotation and Amount of Slots
* Two Level Animations of Captions. Start Time, End time, Different Animation Type and Easing at Start and End
* Public Api, like stop & start, next,prev, jump to slide. Events at video play, start and stop, events at slide change..
* Lazy Load function
* Navigation Skins, Align, position,s offset of navigation elements easy customizeable
* Sharp Edged of BG Caption Backgrounds Automatically calculated
* Helper functions, like scroll under slider, rekurisve depth of responsivity etc. included.