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to learn new languages to stay relevant in today’s competitive web development scene. And you like playing around with new technology – because it’s fun.

But you probably don’t have a lot of free time. And when you do need to get up to speed on something new, it has to be today – in the next five minutes, if possible.

Employers and clients want:

More knowledgeable developers

Better programming skills

Cleaner code

Confident technology choices

Employees hungry for career advancement

What if you could…

Accelerate your career in just five minutes a day?

Learn a new language in the next hour before heading out to a job interview?

Level up your programming skills on your company’s time and dime?

You can

– using bite-sized, web development video training from egghead.

Life’s too short for long, boring lectures.

And knowledge is scattered across the internet – buried in thick books, hidden in documentation alongside features you’ll never use, and crammed into six hours of boring, Powerpoint-style online courses.

Who has time to sift through all that noise, when you can learn a new skill in mere minutes using egghead? We’re constantly adding brand new, condensed video lessons on industry-leading web development frameworks and tools. And you can join thousands of other web professionals leveling up their skills with a steady stream of new content today!