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Основные возможности скрипта​


AJAX Admin Panel
Wallpaper Site Script’s admin panel has a unique user experience allowing you to manage your site without repeatedly reloading the page. Words don’t do it justice, so don’t forget to try out the demo.
Manage wallpapers

Add a wallpaper by entering a URL, selecting a file from your site, downloading a file from an external source or uploading a new file. That’s 4 different ways to add a wallpaper!

Bulk upload and import wallpapers with just a few clicks. No need to use FTP, no need to add each wallpaper image manually.

Add a name, description and tags to make finding the wallpaper easy

Set how the wallpaper will be cropped to fit other resolutions

Feature wallpapers with 1 click

Quickly manage wallpapers using search and then edit wallpapers within the search results


See reports that users have sent about wallpapers that have issues

Get reports from users about comments that may need attention


Add ad code from any provider in a special section in the admin panel

And a lot more

Manage and re-order categories and sub-categories

Manage pages to display on the site

Manage news

Manage links to external sites

Manage all aspects of your users and their profiles

Track users IP addresses and see what users use the same IP

Moderate comments left on wallpapers and news

See what users are currently online at a glance

The front-end

SEO Optimised

New ID-less SEO url’s. The most readable URL’s possible.

Meta tags and descriptions for wallpapers and categories

Users, Profiles and Points

Login/Register with Facebook or Wallpaper Site Script’s login system

2 captcha options: reCAPTCHA and a custom Question & Answer captcha

Every user has a profile showing their information, favourite wallpapers, uploaded wallpapers and recent comments

Share system to attract more users via social networks

Users can upload avatars or use their Facebook picture

User submissions

Users can submit wallpapers to your site. They recieve credit on the page and in their profile. Easily manage submissions in the admin panel.

Registered and Unregistered users can submit their site for link exchange. You can track incoming out outgoing clicks.


AJAX Commenting on wallpapers and news

AJAX 5-star ratings

Private messaging system

Report wallpapers & comments

Share a wallpaper via Twitter, Facebook etc

Finding wallpapers is easy

Sitewide search

Tags so user’s can find similar wallpapers

Categories and Sub-Categories

Filter by screen resolution

The preview page

User’s resolution is automatically selected and shown, so they don’t have to search through a list.

Date added, description, submitter name, tags

Add wallpaper as favourite

Selection of random wallpapers displayed to keep users browsing

And much more

Language support. All phrases contained in 1 file.

Templating system that allows for complete customisation without editing core files. 2 templates included.

Advanced SEO Urls

Modules showing top wallpapers, newest wallpapers, recently viewed & more

Full news/blog system with WYSIWYG editor and commenting

Sortable members list

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