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55/m hoping to find a lady to [chat] with

2022.01.21 15:18 Yellowbeardlett 55/m hoping to find a lady to [chat] with

If you're within +/- 20 years, lets give it a go! I'm friendly, occasionally funny, a bit introverted, and if you ask me about sports I'll be 🤷‍♂️!
I can talk seriously or just shoot the breeze. You get to decide!
For reference, I'm not an American or buy I do live on the west coast of North America... Can you guess where I'm from? 😃
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2022.01.21 15:18 Ahrnkielboubjerg Xlr cable questions regarding semi-professional use

Hello Everyone :)
I’ve just gotten myself a ddj-800 and I’m absolutely loving it so far! I plan on bringing it with me as my main unit for my gigs when covid allows it. Therefore I am looking to buy myself some xlr cables to go with it, along with my rca cables, to ensure that i won’t ever be in a sitation where i can’t connect to the speakers at hand due to my cables.
Do i need two xlr cables or one of those wierd splitter-xlr ones? I’m worried that some speaker setups might not have both a left and right xlr input? And additionally, how long cables would i need to keep myself covered?
Thanks in advance.
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2022.01.21 15:18 PunsAndDadJokes Vizio Soundbar won’t stay paired with Samsung TV

Have a Vizio 5.1-Channel V Series Soundbar and a Samsung Q60A TV and the best success I’ve had with getting the soundbar to pair with the TV is to pair on Bluetooth mode with Sound Output on the TV set to VIZIO V51 so that the soundbar acts like a Bluetooth Speaker.
When I do this, the TV stays connected to the soundbar while it’s on, but when I turn the TV off, the soundbar stays on and says it can’t connect to the TV. Then when I turn the TV back on, a screen prompt appears where I have to click Yes to re-pair the TV with the soundbar - otherwise the TV defaults to TV Speaker for Sound Output (it won’t keep the setting as Vizio V51).
If I turn off the soundbar, then it resets the settings too and I have to manually change everything back to Bluetooth on the soundbar remote and then Sound Output = Vizio V51 on the TV.
I’ve also tried Sound Output = Optical and have that cord connected to the soundbar, but 80% of the time, the Samsung TV remote doesn’t work for adjusting the soundbar volume when Sound Output = Optical (even after ensuring the Input setting on the soundbar’s remote is set to Optical).
How do I keep the TV and soundbar paired so that the TV remote can be used to adjust the volume and so that when the TV is turned off, the soundbar also turns off so it’s not always on?
Please help! Thanks!
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2022.01.21 15:18 garethbale2014z2 !

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2022.01.21 15:18 -DukeFishron- For those who don’t know, you don’t need apples for Kompot. you’re welcome.

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2022.01.21 15:18 LorraineBoedeker [Get] John Anthony Lifestyle - Corona Pickup Course (Full)

I have John Anthony Lifestyle - Corona Pickup Course.
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2022.01.21 15:18 Bonus1Fact WND ¦ M&M characters are becoming 'inclusive'

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2022.01.21 15:18 bible-j Busking NYC Underground

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2022.01.21 15:18 Bennerbench Rush hour in Jurassic World.

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2022.01.21 15:18 b3bblebrox Boats not stopping?

Hello, I'm on my second map now that I have a ferry setup and the boats aren't stopping to trade.
What am I doing wrong?
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2022.01.21 15:18 Giant-Robot What do you think the possibility of an external disc drive is?

I never bought the HD-DVD drive back in the day, but I am curious how likely and feasible it would be for them to develop an external disc drive via USB for Series S. I have several 360 games I'd love to play and seeing as how most of them just use the disc for the license, why not? Provide me a digital download, use my disc as an authentication method.
Wishful thinking but maybe someone knows a friend's uncle that works for Microsoft who has heard whispering of such plans?
I'd say the chance is 1% as there's no precedent for external disc drives that play games on any of their digital only consoles.
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2022.01.21 15:18 dcwinger12 Kingdom of Giants - Sync (Official Music Video)

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2022.01.21 15:18 MrCompletely Winter 2022 Merch Post - Sling your stuff here! (other posts will be removed)

By request of the subscribers we only allow merch posts in this thread. If you see one outside of here, report it and we'll remove it. Posts which are not reported may not get noticed.
Post yer shirts, yer stickers, your girlfriend's pottery with a Stealie bolt on it, whatever you got, put it here.
The only restrictions are obvious:

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2022.01.21 15:18 Shezes What is your favourite game/exotic meat and why?

Personally I really like fallow deer venison a lot. Not as grainy as roe deer but still has a mild gamey taste. It kind of reminds me of lamb if I had to make a comparison. Also a big fan of zebra, it's a little like beef but has a distinctive sweetness to it that was both surprising and delicious. Bit of a pain in the rear to try and find some though.
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2022.01.21 15:18 Tuliao_da_Massa God of war betrayal...

How can I play it? I don't have a flip phone, but I'm very curious about that game, it seems pretty interesting and well made, for what it is.
Does anyone know any way to find it? It's not on the play store, nobody made an app for it apparently, so I don't even know where to start.
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2022.01.21 15:18 The-Potato-Lord How close do you have to be to someone to arrest them? Could you arrest someone over the phone or via the internet? Could you do it via a megaphone across a field?

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2022.01.21 15:18 wfshta Test

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2022.01.21 15:18 FinancialAd3804 ukraine

hi guys I haven't listened for a while now, was wondering if there is an episode about Ukraine/Russia? If not, any articles or essays you've read you would recommend on the issue? thanks!
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2022.01.21 15:18 addisonaddisonii People who ask upsetting questions about sad shit, why?

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2022.01.21 15:18 u-copycat Glassmorphism Profile Card using HTML CSS

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2022.01.21 15:18 UnknownAlone2000 I'm gonna stop taking my depression medication

Some in my life just sat me down and told me I was gonna lose friends because I'm such an asshole. After I started taking my meds, I've gotten cocky and ballsy, I'm turning more into an extrovert then my old introvert self. So, I'm gonna stop taking my meds, and I may be depressed, but at least I'll have friends
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2022.01.21 15:18 SCP-1029 The US postmaster appointed under Trump is still raising alarm – but can he be stopped?

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2022.01.21 15:18 nintendowire-poster Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments heading to Switch this February

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2022.01.21 15:18 Spectra_art Discord, digital, me, 2022

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2022.01.21 15:18 SubstantialMarch4103 Mal has an avoidant attachment style

Since Mal was on the JBP the way he describes his dating history and his attitude toward relationships fits the avoidant style of attachment theory. This is my petition for him to consider reading attachment to see if he gets any insight from it
attachment book
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