I was recently informed of what “took an arrow to the knee” means

2022.01.25 14:41 TheRealGongoozler I was recently informed of what “took an arrow to the knee” means

I feel like a dingus lol. I had never put together that it meant anything other than it got shot. Then my friend told me it means they got married. They went down on a knee (like being shot with an arrow) to propose and that’s why so many arrow kneed people live in Skyrim because it’s just them saying they adventured but settled down with someone they love. Feel free to roast me for being 31 years of age and not realizing this.
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2022.01.25 14:41 cassiopeia_carries Elementum Button Lock Grind

Confused a little, Blade HQ Says it’s a flat grind, but when held up the light it looks like a hollow grind, any thoughts?
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2022.01.25 14:41 LeftyskYT Oh bože..

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2022.01.25 14:41 Walbricks Untitled, Me, Acrylic, 2022

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2022.01.25 14:41 SaVeba_sav If your pet turns into a human, what will be your first question to him/her?

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2022.01.25 14:41 ArticleSand2 What is the first thing when you think of russia?

View Poll
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2022.01.25 14:41 j151515 I’ve made some crafts with some lesser used skins, how does it look?

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2022.01.25 14:41 FrontpageWatch2020 [#267|+2729|317] The Khmer Rouge were responsible for some of the most horrific atrocities ever committed by human beings. During Pol Pot's reign (original name Saloth Sarreign) nearly 25% of Cambodians perrished in the killing fields. Li… [r/interestingasfuck]

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2022.01.25 14:41 YotoChan1415 My collection (for now) TwT

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2022.01.25 14:41 NormallyOpen Can we have a serious debate about imperialism?

I like Vaush's take on this. Actually he helped me come over quite a bit from Kyle K's "all war bad" take. But still I like debating this topic (and now it's particularly relevant with Russian/Ukraine).
So maybe I'll ask these questions:

It always seems to me that these conflicts are always more than just about "protecting peace", while, in principle it makes sense to me for NATO countries (or whoever stands up for "freedom", in whatever form) will go to help others defend their border.
Clearly progressive ideologies like "live and let live" don't really apply. Laissez-faire social policies on conflict won't help the Ukranian people.
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2022.01.25 14:41 Omarbazi Banff And The Rocky Mountains

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2022.01.25 14:41 StrongTruong1342 Can I stream Disney Plus episodes early using a VPN?

I am trying to watch the Book of Boba Fett a day early on Disney plus and currently have Surfshark, and changed my location to AUS but Disney Plus does not register it. Thank you guys anything helps
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2022.01.25 14:41 fastvoted-bot Hacker News: The Great Resignation? More Like the Great Renegotiation | 211 points in 3 hours

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2022.01.25 14:41 Sugoma_Rick What is currently the most sexually-open culture nowadays?

I mean, does anybody know if there's a culture/society/country with very relaxed norms towards sex activity? For example, one society in which sexual activities are as casual as a handshake (Sex-at-dawn like way), and at least somebody will be glad to do sex with anybody (even strangers). And they performed it outdoors, meanwhile the rest don't care or even want to join the "party".
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2022.01.25 14:41 improy thanks to those 5 guys who sort by new and appreciate my body 🙂

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2022.01.25 14:41 bladesla Yoooo let's talk

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2022.01.25 14:41 One_Panic_4450 Need help

I believe the manhwa was about a boy who reincarnated or went back in time and became very strong and had lots of Allies and subordinates. He eventually went to different dimension where he saved a angel guy with black wings and bought him back to earth. Would appreciate all the help I can get.
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2022.01.25 14:41 cheonie1002 AAAAA

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2022.01.25 14:41 AbdyMercado So many people ask, What is Sofrito?

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2022.01.25 14:41 Sheet-Music-Library Star Trek - The Enterprise (Jerry Goldsmith) with sheet music

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2022.01.25 14:41 SamsungGalaxyPlayer Monero: The Privacy Coin Explained

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2022.01.25 14:41 SimpleTokenBSC ❗❗❗FAIRLAUNCH IN 1 HOUR ❗❗❗ Simple Token BSC 💎 New Gem | Join TG: @SimpleTokenBSC | Fairlaunch at 19:00PM UTC 25th January 2022 | Liquidity Locked | Tech-Rate Audit | CG + CMC Listing after launch 💰 | Don't miss the Simplest Moonshot in the BSC

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2022.01.25 14:41 DragonFyre2k15 My GF calls me ——— in bed and i dont like it

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2022.01.25 14:41 bzzking Metaverse, Layer 1 Cryptocurrencies Jump as Grayscale Updates 'Assets Under Consideration' - the 25 new digital assets considered for their potential investments may PUMP.

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2022.01.25 14:41 fallinflwr Anyone who was in fiitjee pinnacle program can you tell me what all is there in it???

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