Clydebank 3-4 Annan (AET)

2022.01.22 15:01 HaleyReinhart Clydebank 3-4 Annan (AET)

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2022.01.22 15:01 mothramantra Facebook ADMITS Their Fact Checks Are Phony! - The Jimmy Dore Show

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2022.01.22 15:01 AndreiDost What is the opposite of a croissant?

A happy uncle.
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2022.01.22 15:01 baf8365 [C++] Error with executing popen with process status command

I am receiving an error when executing this code and I am really unsure why. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
#include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include using namespace std;
string GetStdoutFromCommand(string cmd) { string data; FILE * stream; const int max_buffer = 256; char buffer[max_buffer]; stream = popen(cmd.c_str(), "r"); if (stream) { while (!feof(stream)) if (fgets(buffer, max_buffer, stream) != NULL) data.append(buffer); printf("%s", buffer); pclose(stream); } return data; } int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { GetStdoutFromCommand("ps -u $USER -o user"); }
ps: No user named '-o'
ps: illegal argument: user
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2022.01.22 15:01 RT_Video_Bot Off Topic: Who is the Spice Knight? - #319

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2022.01.22 15:01 StonZ05 Dear Average Sakuya fan.

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2022.01.22 15:01 P40L4 Hold an Umbrella for You.

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2022.01.22 15:01 I-14 Apparently 10 5lbs bags do not weigh 50 lbs

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2022.01.22 15:01 Impressive-Course760 Alejandro Camino: “No se concibe igualdad sin libertad, por eso soy liberal; pero no hay libertad sin igualdad, por eso soy de izquierda” | la diaria

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2022.01.22 15:01 mincera dat rak though

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2022.01.22 15:01 Competitive_Melon Am I competing against AIs in Rivals?

I know the answer to this question should be an obvious no to anyone who knows how Rivals is supposed to work in Forza, but I've started wondering more and more if the ghost I see was ever driven by a real person.
The best evidence I have is when I do the Gauntlet. I compete in B class through S2 and am roughly top 1-2% on the leader boards. My times are still flagged because I haven't learned the track well enough to not need a rewind or two. I think of The Gauntlet in roughly three sections: the first being mostly dirt through the jungle onto the plains, the second which is all pavement from the plains to the top of the mountain, and the third mostly dirt section down the mountain to the finish on the coast. I've had a few runs where it's a good battle with the ghost all the way, but the great majority in all classes go like this:
From the first corner in section one they start falling behind, and consistently fall behind until at the beginning of section two I can barely see their dot if I spin the mini-map around. In the second paved section they quickly make up that huge gap until they pass me in a very consistent area around the start of the twisty road up the mountain. When this happens they're not wall riding, just taking a perfect racing line taking more cornering speed and accelerating faster than I would think the car they're driving could do. Up the mountain it's no competition, they're gone. Beginning the third section coming down the mountain on dirt I start gaining again, and almost always pass them somewhere in the dunes where they're way off pace in whatever they're driving. They might get me in the final paved straight or I could have enough of a lead to beat them.
Why I say I think this might be AI over cheating players is because of two things. 1. We know FH5 unbeatable AI are insane on tarmac but have no idea how to control a car off-road. This is exactly what I see when I compete. 2. I see this consistently with ghosts passing me and me passing them in nearly the same places across multiple classes. If it's someone cheating and they're that much faster than me on tarmac, I'd think they could be faster than me on dirt too. No this isn't all the time, but it's enough to be suspicious. This is just a hypothesis since rivals seems changed in odd ways over FH4; I'm mostly wondering what experiences all of you have had who do Rivals a lot.
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2022.01.22 15:01 Meddebkk How to watch American Underdog online free and where is streaming?

I want to watch American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story online because I can't go to the cinema. Do you know any site where I can watch it for free? I love NFL but I also want to watch it at home if possible. If you know the sites that are streaming this, tell me.
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2022.01.22 15:01 DonJuan835 Dropdowns Dropdowns A few months ago drop downs started becoming non-functional for me in Chrome. The drop down takes the whole page and if I click on it, it does nothing. They work fine in Edge. Does anyone know how this can be fixed? The image below shows what the entire screen looks like when I click on a dropdown....
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2022.01.22 15:01 jatin_vision India’s ‘tallest man’, Dharmendra Pratap Singh, joins Samajwadi party

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2022.01.22 15:01 SoundsGoodThanks ISO as blue as possible exo soft Origin

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2022.01.22 15:01 Willing-Clock-8884 Plus Size Curvy Fashion Model Momokun Lifestyle|Age|Bio|wiki| Best Curvy Model Momokun Outfit???|

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2022.01.22 15:01 Bot-alex Call to delay compulsory Covid vaccines for NHS staff

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2022.01.22 15:01 Atler32 Which sport would be the funniest to watch if the players were drunk? Why?

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2022.01.22 15:01 loremastrVEVO Looking to Sell I want HALO CREDITS

- Rockstar MA40 Coating
-Rockstar Warthod Coating
- Rockstar Hammer Emblem
- Figured Nameplate Emblem
- Red Shift Armor Coating
- Pro Builder Emblem 3x
- Wall Breacher Armor Coating
The only form of payment I'll accept is the halo infinite credits code. Hit me with offers.
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2022.01.22 15:01 RainbowUnicorns Question on funding a friend's wallet. Also a bonus question

So I've created my own token on the Solana Blockchain and I want to fund a wallet for a friend. Does any wallet that support Solana like trust wallet also support funding all SPL wallets as long as I fund one?
If not which iOS/Android wallets support funding any SPL token?
Bonus question: is there only the one website to list SPL tokens? I remember seeing it was 3-5 SOL. Are there other options to list a SOL token (not an NFT) for trade?
Thanks and this was a really awesome experience learning how to do all of this.
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2022.01.22 15:01 Frikkity_Frik_Frik Should I play the prologue in before hitman 1? Or will that end up spoiling something

Body text
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2022.01.22 15:01 necropurity Played along with this DM on Instagram, y'all think its a scam?

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2022.01.22 15:01 NYCTrojanHorse Need advice on heat pump

Having issues with a new heat pump that was installed this summer. I own a condo in an older building. Contractor installed a Payne Heat Pump (Mod - PH14nb018-a)
Constantly having issues. Heat doesn’t get above 64 degrees. Contractor came out and checked the Freon gauge levels. Says it’s blowing out 74 degree air (which I personally didn’t verify but doesn’t sound accurate). We have electric baseboard as additional heat but even so still doesn’t properly heat.
The contractor mentioned there’s no insulation in the attic / crawl space. Can that make a huge difference? Would that be one of / or part of the reason for the apartment not heating above 64? It’s an older building. The windows are also older with a draft.
Any help is appreciated
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2022.01.22 15:01 bite-the-bullet Let a nervous kid watch me get my vaccine to show him it wasn’t a big deal, and he gave me these. Made my day!

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2022.01.22 15:01 j_major32 This is Dan’s Heaven

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