Suggestions for a nice box of chocolates.

2022.01.22 13:53 OkStick270 Suggestions for a nice box of chocolates.

I would like to buy myself a fairly expensive selection box of chocolates. Not the usual stuff in the supermarket (Cadbury/Lindt/Thornton/etc).
Prepared to spend at least £20, or more if required.
They need to sell online, or be on Amazon.
I don't know what names to search for.
If you're wondering why, I got money for my birthday but no chocolate, so I want to buy myself one.
Thank you O wise subreddit.
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2022.01.22 13:53 Legitimate-Neck7442 How long did puberty acne last for you? Did it peak at one point or was it consistent?

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2022.01.22 13:53 secondsniglet Washington state - no case updates since DOH doesn't publish on weekends - 1/21/2022 Case Updates

I am making a duplicate daily post on CoronavirusWAData/ as an experiment. If a lot of people start following my daily posts over there I may stop posting on CoronavirusWA.
There is no case update today. The department of health does not update their data dashboard on weekends.

Effective July 1, DOH updates its dashboard every Monday-Friday, with the following exceptions: \ Federal and state holidays (e.g., December 25, January 1)* \ COVID-19 vaccination data is updated on alternate weekdays (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays).*
I record the reported daily Washington COVID stats on my Google docs spreadsheet.
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2022.01.22 13:53 qwerty7873 I've seen loads of people recently talking about Jules. And it seems to be a popular belief that Jules wasn't sent to the mental hospital as a child because she was trans, it was just because she was suicidal/ Self-harming but then I'm curious how you explain this.

It totally was malicious and because Jules was trans. it's all just heavily implied rather than stated and will almost definitely be explored this season. Hear me out.
First of all when Jules is dropped off at the mental hospital, there is no hint of her mother being high or strung out or drunk so it seems her addiction has not yet begun and we Jules naively talking about how much she hated all her masculine traits, and introducing herself as Jules, which is obviously not her birth name. Because of her age and the "childish/naive" way she's trying to explain her feelings of dysphoria, we can assume she's just started talking about being Trans, even if by this age she doesn't fully understand what it means. Note she's also at a "male only" treatment centre, and her supportive father isn't there, which all seems very deliberate.
Jules, whilst pre transition clearly knew she was trans by this point in time. Notice how her father, who is super supportive of her transness wasn't at the treatment centre? I don't think he knew/agreed with the mother's decision, Jules certainly didn't know herself she was going there. I think Jules' mum didn't want her kid to be trans, and sent her there as a last ditch to "fix" her, when they affirmed her identity, and eventually let her go home I think it's implied her mum couldn't handle it, and this is where the addiction cane from. This also explains why in the flash forward to Jules starting transition at 13, her mother isn't present.
I say this again because it's not as simple as Jules hating her mum for being an addict, otherwise she wouldn't give Rue the time of day, Jules also got incredibly upset when the idea of "how her mother thought of her" was bought up in therapy.
I think when Jules' mum comes to see her later on, is because she's finally accepted her kid is trans and wants to start doing right by her, but in Jules' mind it's too late, she traumatized her by putting her in the centre and later on leaving to do drugs/ drink. She also tells at her dad something along the lines of "WHY?! Why would I forgive her?! So she doesn't drink herself to death because she's guilty about how she treated me?!" I don't know why so many people are just saying it's about the self harm. I think if that was the case the dad would be there also, and other stuff wouldn't have been written the way it was, it's all in the subtext and I reckon it will be explored this season.
Anyways if you initially believed that Jules' admission was simply out of a good place, and because of her depression I'm curious what you think after reading this.
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2022.01.22 13:53 MetalOther Blease helb. What to do with my eyes?

I've been open eye meditating for a few years and recently I stumbled on AP. It feels like I am at a point where I can reach a new level in my meditation. Last night I was meditating and after only 10 minutes something new happened. I had my eyes opened focused ahead. My vision got blurry, this is common for me. Instead of blinking or changing focus I just kept going. My vision started to go black and there was a light in the center of my vision. I focused on the light and used it to sort of "pull" myself "further in". Very rapidly I felt the room around me spin and it was like a black cube was wrapping itself around me. This broke my concentration and pulled me back out. I tried a couple of more times and got close like this twice more. The thing is I was very afraid that my eyes were like rolling into the back of my head or I was damaging my eyes somehow. Does anyone have any information on whether this is safe? Should I be closing my eyes? I don't want to damage my eyes and feel like I can't go any further with that fear in the back of my head.
On a side note: one of the times I was doing this it felt uncannily like I was standing in a pitch black damp room. In the darkness I could make out a huge closed eye. It was something I've never experienced before, it felt like what I imagine a hallucination would feel like.
I'm not used to posting on reddit at all. Sorry if somethings not right.
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2022.01.22 13:53 Dragon_Emperor69 Looking for full stack beginner developer buddy

Hi guys, I am looking for a full stack developer buddy to learn,chat, motivate and maybe play games as well, we will work on making projects and learning new things on the way. We will also try to work on projects with different technologies to widen the our knowledge and skill set.
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2022.01.22 13:53 justgoingwithitidrky Ben was such an interesting character

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2022.01.22 13:53 L4t3xs There is another.

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2022.01.22 13:53 netthier ich_iel

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2022.01.22 13:53 Btshftr GERMAN HISTORY ARCHIVE - STRICTLY NON-POLITICAL history channel presenting original material on a variety of historical subjects with particular focus on Germany and WWII

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2022.01.22 13:53 Bag_Of_Shitcom W/F/L

Me: Val20, Glimmering, Corrupt, 2 million, ltbs
Them: xiao hutao zhongli albedo eula itto (qiqiC1) jean (diluc C3) childe and raiden 5x5 star weapons, 25 days of welkin left
View Poll
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2022.01.22 13:53 Abody22 What is the tools & things should I have in my bag (service desk ) ?

Iam beginning work in Service desk, my job is visit to customer and solve problem in his email or laptop or OS or internet and data center issues maybe.
WHAT is important tools should I have in my bag to be ready to work with high Self confidence.
I Need more details I am beginner (fresh graduate).
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2022.01.22 13:53 becausehelives111 This website is a joke

So many of these Christian subreddits are ran by wolves in sheeps clothing. They will often side with sinners and liars over trivial matters and ban Christians. Christ said the same thing.
Matthew 23:37 “Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and you were not willing.
Matthew 23:31 So you testify against yourselves that you are the descendants of those who murdered the prophets.
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2022.01.22 13:53 AdElectrical315 Pleasures on Platte

Anyone ever go? Best times? Type of crowd?
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2022.01.22 13:53 EngProfD Return 2 campus across Canada split opinion on what’s best 4 students

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2022.01.22 13:53 SprintonSpace Note YCH! Any species/gender, Custom Text, Notes can be removed, Paypal only. $15 / €13 [For Hire]

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2022.01.22 13:53 yongen96 [Question] Number of following

Just wonder if Spotify limits the number of artists that can be followed?
Just found out some of my following artists become unfollowed
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2022.01.22 13:53 GiantFishyLazer ESPN has broken up the month long matchup (Jan 31-Feb 27) as well

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2022.01.22 13:53 cryptoallbot New York City Mayor Receives First Paycheck in Bitcoin and Ethereum via Coinbase

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2022.01.22 13:53 DawsonT9 H: 300 Caps W: Adrenal Reaction Serum

It’s for a friend can’t find it in anyone’s camps and I’m sick of looking lol
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2022.01.22 13:53 SoccerLiveGoals VIDEO: Manchester United 1-0 West Ham - MARCUS RASHFORD Goal (Full Replay)

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2022.01.22 13:53 PailsInCompartments What’s that something that keeps making get out of bed to do after lights are out?

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2022.01.22 13:53 Cryptolution Can someone identify this cover clip? Broked it and need to replace :(

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2022.01.22 13:53 CollectionOpen Time to move off hunter

I’m really getting tired of deandre hunter. How are we feeling about a hunter for evan fournier and a pick? Fournier will give us everything we need now and we could use that pick in a potential simmons trade. We are down terrible right now and i think this would be a big help
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2022.01.22 13:53 QueenoftheROUSes AITA for leaving a bad review on a diner and ruining the waitress' life just because she was "complementing" my husband's eyes?

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