Love American dad

2022.01.19 13:46 Andrew102001 Love American dad

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2022.01.19 13:46 fushi_san Is this consider damage or not? And can I return it?

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2022.01.19 13:46 levicherub That's as gentle as I get

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2022.01.19 13:46 1980Scottsdale AMC Stock Needs More Than Spider-Man for Its Salvation

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2022.01.19 13:46 Aggressive_Plate5833 If only Memeulous had a discord smh

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2022.01.19 13:46 chosenone02 I can relate to the too much to build and not enough space posts..

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2022.01.19 13:46 HeavenlyArms98 Estou sendo stalkeado ou isso é coisa da minha cabeça?

A primeira vez que eu vi essa garota foi na primeira semana de Janeiro, quando ela me pediu uma informação no meio da rua e eu respondi.
Ontém, ao voltar de uma caminhada, notei que essa mesma garota (devia ter uns 16-17 anos de idade), estava parada em frente ao portão da minha casa. Quando ela percebeu que eu estava chegando saiu andando em direção a rua meio que disfarçando. E sabe o que é mais estranho? Minha vizinha observou todo o acontecido e me disse que essa garota apareceu exatamente na hora que eu saí!
A impressão é que estou sendo stalkeado, afinal como diabos ela sabia onde eu moro? E por qual motivo ela está me seguindo?
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2022.01.19 13:46 clumsysilencee AirPod Pro case charges inconsistently and drains fast.

Hey all! I have a pair of AirPods Pro from mid-2020. The earbuds still work great, but I’ve noticed lately that the case 1) charges the buds inconsistently (this morning, my buds that had been in the case for 8+ hours were only charged to 90%) and 2) drains its battery crazy fast. Any idea what I can do to fix this? Perhaps some reset?
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2022.01.19 13:46 Threvlin Question About the Blade of the Temple Guardian

Hey all. Just a hopefully quick magic item question before I make the item available to one of my players, cause I like how it functions but am unsure on the execution of one detail.
(if this is okay to post here, just want to make sure it's clear what we're working with before the question)
Blade of the Temple Guardian
Weapon (shortsword), uncommon (requires attunement by a monk)
This simple but elegant shortsword is a magic weapon. When you are wielding it and use the Flurry of Blows class feature, you can make your bonus attacks with the sword rather than unarmed strikes. If you deal damage to a creature with this weapon and reduce it to 0 hit points, you absorb some of its energy, regaining 1 expended ki point.
The Blade of the Temple Guardian from the Vault of Magic allows a monk to use their Flurry of Blows with it in place of unarmed attacks. Would you allow a player to use the blade in their off hand, thus duel wielding the blade and another monk weapon, and then running into potential penalties for dual wielding if they don't have the appropriate feats for it? Would you allow a player who was only wielding the blade to make a flurry of blows after attacking with the sword, ie: normal attack with the blade, then flurry of blows to attack with the blade twice more?
I certainly acknowledge there is an expected feel to this weapon, but the way it is written leaves room for some interpretation that I want to address before the player does.
Thank you all!
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2022.01.19 13:46 Djqwave23 Cardi B Pledges to Pay Funeral Costs for 17 Victims of Bronx Apartment Fire

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2022.01.19 13:46 twistedwizardry What would be a good name for the next upcoming COVID variant?

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2022.01.19 13:46 biggieboy18 Lets save HoN with a real company !! MICROSOFT BUY HON PLEASE

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2022.01.19 13:46 justdidabadthing67 5 month puppy barking at night

My little boy (miniature Australian shepherd/cocker spaniel) mix has randomly started barking through the night. Day 1 of night barking he had diarrhea, so I didn’t think much of it. Day 2 he was barking every 2 hours. I have taught him that night time barking = potty break, so I took him out. I tried to ignore him, but he barked for 30+ minutes. He didn’t seem desperate to go, but he did pee. He also has been not wanting to go into his crate all of the sudden, as well as misbehaving more in general. We were doing the 2 hour in, 1 hour out schedule but I think that’s too much sleep? I know he’s only 5 months but I feel bad having him in his kennel for so long during the day. I don’t know what’s going on, or what changed. It feels like the past 3 months of crate training has gone out the window. He gets two walks a day, one in the morning where we play fetch at the park, and a long line walk/hike in the evening. I also train him 3 times a day and we use puzzle feeders. I don’t think he’s not getting enough exercise, but I cannot do another night of waking up every 2 hours.
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2022.01.19 13:46 HelloBello30 Oh the irony.

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2022.01.19 13:46 Lawbstir We Should be able to say Retarded

Hear me out, I would never EVER call a beautiful soul who is differently abled, retarded. It would never cross my mind to refer to someone with down syndrome, autism, or an abnormally low IQ as "retarded". But when I'm driving down the road while it's snowing and going the speed limit and see someone going 15 over swerving in and out of lanes with no blinker like he's a bat out of hell, oh yeah that mother fucker is RETARDED. I'm reclaiming that word gosh dang it...
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2022.01.19 13:46 BeapMerp Can't decide between two layouts for over garage addition

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2022.01.19 13:46 Enyaxvi PS5 from stock x stuck on “ Authentication Passed”

So I ordered myself a PS5 on Jan 8th and everything was moving fast till Jan 11th hit this was when my package reached stock x. The same day it got there about 4 hours later it said 100% authenticated but since then it just been stuck on that status and it’s been 7 “business days” since then. this is my first purchase from them and I’m getting concerned because I sent stock x 2 emails and they gave me a generic response saying that they are busy and that the package has 7-12 Business days to be delivered then said that my package has no delivery date because of how busy they are. I received that email on the 12th and been trying ti get in contact since then and haven’t heard anything back. Has anyone else had this experience and actually received the item you ordered?
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It’s only natural that people dislike thinking about their own demise, so avoidance of estate planning is understandable. What often brings people around, is watching friends try to settle the estate of a loved one in which the deceased did not document their wishes. These unhappy scenarios—which can be very frustrating and emotionally hurtful—make a compelling case for estate planning.
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2022.01.19 13:46 Virtual-Advantage767 Shadowheart by riikozor

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2022.01.19 13:46 StickyDuck It did, in fact, break everything

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2022.01.19 13:46 NotSlappySalmon Wait, that's a thing?

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2022.01.19 13:46 idkimaustralian 😐

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2022.01.19 13:46 SenkoTheKitsune POOF! (Rare Senko 335)

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2022.01.19 13:46 Intrepid_Big_2608 one of the more sexist medieval tortures

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2022.01.19 13:46 rathacks Introduction Advice from Someone Experienced?

Howdy everyone! I currently have 2 rats and I'm interested in introducing a third, but I am unsure of when I should.
The Situation: One week ago I rescued 2 young girls from a friend who was severely allergic. They were poorly socialized, but are warming up to me more and more each day! They are sweethearts but very shy. They haven't fully explored their cage yet but will go to the bottom level if I am present. I heard it is good to have more than 2 rats so they have other friends to play with so I am interested in locally rescuing another girl around their age (3-4 months or so).
The Question: Should I wait a couple weeks for them to get more acclimated to their new cage (single critter nation), or if I should jump right in with a new friend so they can all get used to each other and the cage at the same time? Taking caution with proper introduction methods and quarantining before putting them together of course. If anyone has advice or has been through a similar scenario please let me know! Thanks for reading!
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