Mural peinted upsive down for reflectsion

2022.01.25 13:05 ZacvarlierRegioX Mural peinted upsive down for reflectsion

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2022.01.25 13:05 Remarkable_Total2358 Good podcasts for relationship advice/therapy for relationships

I have yet to find a good interesting podcast that talks all things relationship/red flags/navigating through dating etc.
Does anyone have any good suggestions?
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2022.01.25 13:05 longlife55 I took a picture of Milky Way - a tiny section of it

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2022.01.25 13:05 shelbygeorge29 Customer service is a nightmare and completely clueless & useless

Had a very simple exchange, trade put a deep side for a regular side. Called and they emailed me a FedEx label and we still had boxes so boxed back up and stuck on the new label. Was told by the first customer service person as soon as my item was scanned by FedEx they would ship my replacement.
That didn't happen.
Call a week later, get told they're busy with the holiday but when they inspect my return a replacement would be sent. Didn't happen how first customer service rep said, but ok, NBD. I see from the tracking info package was received by the warehouse 10 days prior.
Then the following week I get an email my exchange was cancelled bc they didn't hear from me. WTF? Call the 800# and they say I'm the que for a call back. No call back.
Send an email, say it may take 5-7 business days for a response. No response in nearly 2 weeks.
I call the local store and they promise it will be shipped "shortly."
2 weeks later still nothing, but I do find an email from the person who initially said my exchange was cancelled, she wants my order and tracking numbers. Like, why don't you have that info.
Emailed them again, no response.
This is appalling!!!!
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2022.01.25 13:05 oh_lilies has anyone skipped in person lectures for mcb 102?

im not a bio major but taking mcb102 for the premed requirement. I have taken basic bios and work in a bio lab but I know this class is going to be a lot of work to keep up with

I currently have a job M, W, F in person. they are aware that I cannot work on those days once I go back to classes. mcb 102 is the only class I have on M, W, F. I know it's recorded via course capture (I haven't had a class that's used this tech).

Is it feasible to take this class skipping in person lectures? I could watch things online once they're uploaded and honestly take my time through it. I'm just wondering if there's a way that I could still keep my job going on M, W, F's lol. If not they want me to come in on the weekends
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2022.01.25 13:05 TheSmogmonsterZX The Statue

Most of these stories are anachronistic and follow a specific OC of mine as he journey's through eternal reconstitution. Not all are happy, not all are sad, but I like to theme each one. If you want a good start here are the first 2 which I think can give a decent understanding of the type of stories you can expect.
My last days
One of those days
Also any registered trademarks and copyrights are properties of their rightful owners. As this series jumps realities very often it is hard to track that info.
A small warning, brief mentions of moclan sexuality but nothing major.
The Statue
Alan looked at the statue.
It was a simple block with a moclan battle rifle on the side. He hated it. He hated it's stupid simplicity, he hated it's complex statement but most of all he hated that Klyden had made it.
He hadn't spoken with Klyden much in the six months he had been on board The Orville, but he had been aware of two very simple unspoken rules. Klyden was not allowed to speak to Talla and Klyden was not allowed to speak near Talla. The inciting incident had been a simple destruction of Talla's love life and the imprisonment of a moclan male that liked women. Alan tried not to touch that subject, Klyden wore his own patience for different reasons.
The one thing he could say was definitely not helping the statue though, was the blood splatter across the side. Klyden's blood. He knew Bortus would be torn apart and he knew Talla would be a suspect but he hadn't expected to be assigned the case.
He actually had to go to the Akashic Halls to remember how to be a detective without using telepathy and now he was staring down a block splattered in blood with zero clues. Even the body was missing, they only identified the blood through a DNA trace and determined that it was tooich blood to be without.
Alan hated today.
"Yaphit. Get the area made into a proper simulation." Alan sighed to the engineer.
"Should be stored in the system." Yaphit gave the equivalent of a nod.
"Monitoring systems were down.". Alan sighed.
Yaphit looked over the area. "Fun. This is gonna be rough."
"Yup" Alan sighed as he left to make his way to Bortus' quarters.
He entered when invited and found Bortus with his son Toppa. There was also a strange avian guest froma world Alan couldn't remember at the moment. Some race of artsy doctors.
"Mr. Quain, I assume you have questions." Bortus stiffened up. Alan could feel the force stoicism.
"At ease Bortus, you're not a suspect in this yet." Alan nodded slowly as he walked towards the guest and extended a hand.
"Juslla Fu Grisskkll." The avian gave a bow. Alan retracted his hand.
"Juslla is- was a friend of Klyden's." Bortus said, a dark tone taking his voice.
"Such a horrible thing for such a beautiful artist." The bird woman said sadly.
Her voice and sex surprised Alan. Klyden did not make friends easy and wan were definitely not normally on that list. Alan was hoping that hadn't been why the man was killed, it would be a terrible scar for bot Bortus and Toppa.
She stood and bowed before squarking out a greeting and leaving with a kindly wave. Alan just stared at the door. He had to wonder what made most other avian artist and doctors and the Turians of the previous reality type such expert warriors.
"She is eccentric, but well meaning." Bortus sighed.
"Right." Alan sighed. "We still have t found Klyden." Alan looked to Toppa, he mad sure to act as if it was still a missing person investigation.
"And you haven't picked him up telepathically?" Bortus asked, which was odd for Alan because it was Bortus who had said suggested too much blood was lost. At first he had thought it was to help keep the kid calm. Then he realizes Bortus was being as subtle as was physically possible and nodding to his and Klyden's room.
Alan stared and pulsed a telepathic wave. Like an echo all the minds in the ship came back to him seconds later. He even felt Klyden.
He moved to the room and opened the closet door where Klyden was sitting and rocking. Toppa came in after and Bortus followed.
"He found us a few hours ago." Bortus said. "He was attacked by Juslla."
"Of course." Alan sighed. "Over art?"
"She's going to sell it through a chain of art dealers to get to get it to the Calivon, but she'll have made it into a weapon by then."
"The Calivon have routinely killed her species for food." Bortus noted.
"I'm tempted to almost let that slide." Alan nodded. Calivon we're scum, a reminder of what ego and power can do to a culture. "But she attacked crew, and that means she made a mistake."
"Huliki are known to carry biological agents as a method of self defense." Bortus advised.
Alan pulled out his com and contacted the captain. "Klyden is alive, the bird art dealer is our issue."
"That's not good." Mercer responded.
"My official advice is arrest her immediately, but that could have lethal consequences." Alan said. "Or I can take her down on my own."
"We can seal he in her quarters tonight." Mercer said. "Why the aggression?"
Alan paused. "She went after crew Mercer."
"I get that, truly do, but if we tip her off we lose crew." Mercer was hoping to get through Alan's most aggressive traits.
"Fine, but you're telling Talla he's still alive." Alan grumbled.
Mercer thought for a moment. "That's actually fair." He stood and closed the com.
"Now?" Kelly asked with a confused look.
"No, now I stare in a mirror and practice dodgei g my reflection nlike it's an angry Talla." Mercer took a breath. "She's going to hurt me of reflex."
"No she won't." Kelly waved dismissively. "Will she?"
"Kelly, that wans hatred for Klyden has don't nothing but fester." Mercer looked to his second in command. "The only reason she really has t done anything is because she's that disciplined. And she's been happy since the report."
"Maybe Isaac should tell her?" Kelly asked.
"I believe your estimations of Lieutenant Keyali is omitting several important factors. Several of which are the situation and Commander Bortus' reaction."
Mercer raised a finger in slight protest. "He's got me."
"Me too." Kelly nodded.
"Well I better work out what to tell the crew when this is..." Mercer was interrupted by the ship rocking and gasses leaking into the room.
"Captain." Isaac said in his usual monotone. Unknown attackers cloaked.
"Alan get to the bridge." Captain Mercer ordered through the coms.
"Why?" Alan asked, confusion laced his tone.
"We were just fired on." Mercer looked at Kelly in confusion.
"When?" Alan asked.
"Just now." Captain Mercer said.
"Mercer, we're fine." Alan's voice was calm but slowly filling with rage. "Isaac did you feel it?"
"I did." Came the reply.
"What the hell is going on?" Commander Grayson asked as she went to a station. "Captain were missing crew."
"Calivon." Captian Mercer looked to Isaac and nodded.
The Kaylon moved lightning fast on his controls. Then tilted his head.
"Captain several gasses and computer virii-" Isaac froze.
"Alan we're under biochem and digital warfare assault." Captain Mercer said.
"I think I just figured part of that out." Alan sighed.
He had been walking through the ship to the bridge when people started to change shapes on him. He was so used to odd drugs warping his perceptions by this time in his life that most just turned people into green, yellow or red blobs like the most terrifying parasites he had ever encountered. Thankfully this was just a mental perception he saw right through.
As he made his way to the avaian guest, a redirected course of his own doing he passed Yaphit who was clearly unaffected by the gasses but was now walking around looking like a human with curly salt and pepper hair, at least to Alan.
"Yaphit, drugs in the air. Get to sickbay and help Finn get a fix." Alan said.
"Man am I glad I don't breathe like you all do." Yaphit chuckled.
Alan ignored it as Mercer's voice ordered Yaphit to help Dr. Finn as well.
Alan came to the guest door and focused enought to slide it open against it's locks. I side was their guest and four armed guards that quickly fell to the ground flopping due a sudden onset of some one telekinetically squeezing their brains.
"What? Well you're more than I expected at this point." The avian squawked.
"I'm a little older and a lot more telekinetic than I look." Alan sighed as she fired into his barriers with a slig throwing weapon.
"What?" She honked like a goose and Alan had to laugh a little.
"Why couldn't you at least be a challenge?" He asked as he dropped her unconscious as well.
He moved into the quarters and quickly found a small portable system attached to a large dispenser plugged into the gas's intake and dispenser in the room. He disabled them in his standard fashion of hitting it hard with a telekinetic fist.
Alan walked out of the room and made sure to lift the unconscious avians as he took them to lock up.
He was now hoping Anna would not make it to this reality if she was following, but he would prepare anywhere he went.
He stopped and sat for a bit after locking the avaians up. A series of questions he loathed had entered his head. He stared ata 3D render of his daughter that sat on his desk. He looked at it.
"Who are you and what do you want?" It was the only proper way to ask the questions. Together they helped a person be whole, but separately they could destroy or shape a person into dangerous warmonger, weapon or fanatic.
He stared at the render again and smiled. She'd have had an answer or maybe twelve. But his gut told him that question had come up for a reason. He stared harder and focused. He needed to make sure he hit that world soon, maybe even next. He wasn't going to ask a Scion, that would make it to obvious to the creature. No, he would force and direct himself through the vast eternities between the realities of the world.
Then he was startled out of his solipsism by Talla's fist slamming down on his work.
"You've been staring for two hours at that." She said warily. His mental condition was always a concern for her.
"When I die here, I'm gonna be starting a war." Alan said. "If she's following I'm gonna have a list of people she should trust held by a man in another reality." He nodded slowly to himself. "Tell her to trust Garibaldi and avoid Bester."
"Cryptic." Talla nodded.
"Too much info puts her in danger of Bester." He began to work on his forms. "He's a telepath, and I'm fairly certain he's just as powerful as her. Or how strong she would have been when I was taken."
"I think she'll be able to take him." Talla smirked.
Alan didn't look up. "He will cut her open to see how she works. I can't let that happen."
Talla nodded, no one questioned Alan's protective nature of his daughter. He was always talking about her in a glorious uplifting manner or outlining what he would destroy to protect her and he would destroy alot.
"Hey." Talla smiled. "At least you got the bad guys today."
"And they likely ruined what little progress Klyden may have made." Alan grumbled.
Talla stopped speaking after that. It was clear Alan had slipped into a depression and she simply pulled his work out from under him and tilted her head to the door. Her signal for a mental checkup. He rolled his eyes and just nodded before he left.
He was going to have to pass the statue again. He hated that statue.
A ton call back to early stories and the repetition of a specific line. I kind missed writing like that, bit for a linear story set it's not always the best. Next story is Thursday for Alan.
Anna has one due put tomorrow. I hope. Chameleon may make that less likely.
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2022.01.25 13:05 Tinger23 The Official Handbook for Safe Human Interaction Training (O.H.S.H.I.T) is an important document for any prospective captain, but the nature of the Human race means that a new edition, revision or errata is issued with each solar cycle. These are the reports, and their proposed solutions.

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2022.01.25 13:05 anfurnyy Pixel 6 pro case recommendations

Pixel 6 pro here. Looking for some slim case recommendations.
Currently have a Latercase, which is near perfect for me. It has enough grip for me but I don't like the buttons exposed because the power button is a bit wobbly on my phone.. it doesn't work unless I hit it with the DEAD center of the button. I also have a Clear TPU case which has enough grip but it's a bit thick, and also a Spigen Core Armor case that is both really slippery and too thick.
Looking for: - Slim (the phone is already pretty wide, don't need to make it wider) - Good grip. Nothing with a super matte finish like Peel, MNML, etc - Covered buttons for power and volume.
Post up some recommendations and links if you have em. I've searched ever since the release of the phone, and haven't come up with anything that checks all the boxes.
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2022.01.25 13:05 saadmerie 2021 Test of Essential Academic Skills TEAS

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2022.01.25 13:05 Absinthe_Mind 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T Hemi 426 [1440x1436]

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2022.01.25 13:05 sunset0112 section switch for cornell v dartmouth hockey game

hello! i have a ticket for section b and was wondering if anyone was looking to switch for section d :,)
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2022.01.25 13:05 giulimo_ [FOR HIRE] Illustrations, Character Design and Fanart. Starting at 30$ DM for more info.

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2022.01.25 13:05 IllustriousFennel776 Hand expressing colostrum while pregnant

I’m 38 weeks and have been urged by my midwives to collect colostrum and freeze it in syringes ahead of birth.
I’ve watched a load of YouTube tutorials but none of them say how long it should take for the stuff to start coming out….. on my first try and feels like I’ve been at it for ages and not really had anything.
Anyone got any tips? How long did it take you to get some the first time?
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2022.01.25 13:05 cut_solicitation Outdoor cuddle sesh

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2022.01.25 13:05 Nearby-Elevator-7649 Bad for car makers. Good for resale values

Manufacturers have less than five days’ supply of some computer chips, Commerce Department says
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2022.01.25 13:05 Beekooooo Interested in Pharaohs and NFTs, join the link below:

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2022.01.25 13:05 To07y [USA-GA][H] Ryzen 5 2600x, EVGA GeForce RTX 2070 Black Gaming [W] Local Cash, Paypal

Both purchased at Microcenter on 6/21/2019 and used since then in a gaming rig up until about a month ago. Never mined with. Both come in original boxes. 2600x includes the Wraith Spire cooler.
EVGA RTX 2070 Black Gaming (08G-P4-1071-KR) - $580 local cash, $630 shipped (insured and signature required)
Ryzen 5 2600x with Wraith Spire Cooler - $120 local cash, $150 shipped (insured and signature required)
Local is 30188
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2022.01.25 13:05 PieceSenior2895 What’s your thoughts? #cybertruck

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2022.01.25 13:05 iamgroot721 2-part S4 release?

Does anyone think they may release ST4 in 2 parts like they are doing with Ozark? And that is why the release is vague Summer 2022?
They could release part 1 Memorial Day weekend (May) and part 2 in July. That way, it’s a summer release, part 1 would be eligible for Emmys, and it would absolutely dominate Summer television. There would be so much hype between parts and would also explain why there are 2 prominent release date theories rumored.
Just a thought! I wouldn’t hate it, it would be like getting 2 new seasons in one year.
If this happened, I bet Hopper reuniting with the group is the S4 part 1 cliffhanger.
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2022.01.25 13:05 TheCityTopic Time lapse of the urban area of Singapore and Johor Bahru

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2022.01.25 13:05 sofiasilva2001 Precisando de conselho!

oi, é o seguinte estou namorando, está tudo indo bem.
Eu e meu namorado temos muita química e conexão, já quase que transamos por duas vezes, mas quando está quase acontecendo ele para. E eu noto um certo medo da parte dele.
Eu e ele somos virgem. Será que tenho que ser eu a dar o primeiro passo para acontecer.
Acho que o medo dele é derivado do facto de nunca ter transado e também com a sua autoimagem, já lhe disse que o admiro e amo muito não importa o seu fisico, ele é muito importante para mim e gostaria de o ajudar.
Eu noto que ele quer, mas ele trava na hora.
Como faço?
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2022.01.25 13:05 GravidiaNordVPN Bench (Sauce in comments)

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2022.01.25 13:05 Neens_Nonsense Amex BCP Downgrade to?

I just got approved for the Amex gold card, just waiting for it to show up. I don’t think I will get the value from the BCP anymore and it renews next month so I’m doing to downgrade to a no annual fee card. Should I just get the Blue Cash everyday and not use it? Or is there another amex card I should be looking into?
Unfortunately I don’t have a budget currently but imagine groceries and eating out are our top spends. I’m looking to acquire points to travel. Getting married in May so points could help with honeymoon. My fiancée is an AU on the BCP. Will an account change effect her?
In my wallet now is Amex BCP - 2/19 11k limit BoA cash rewards (the one you choose categories) - 8/17 8k limit Chase freedom unlimited - 1/20 14,900 Target Red CC - 11/17 7k Platinum AU - 5/19
I plan to get the freedom flex soon to be my gas card for the year due to the SuB
1/24 (the gold card) ~740 credit on credit karma. (Don’t have my experian login handy.
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2022.01.25 13:05 bt21shooky 2010s? Ghost story, man at a school reunion meets his evil old teacher again, both are actually dead and in the afterlife.

Read around the mid 2010s
Likely self-published / small press as this is where I read a lot of horrofantasy content. Unfortunately that makes it very difficult to find later!
The basic premise was that an upper class English man attends a reunion at his old boarding school. He meets his old teacher again who constantly bullied him as a child. The teacher was known for being very violent and caning students. Over the course of the story it is revealed that they are both in the afterlife, the protagonist was killed in WWI shortly after he left school, while the teacher remained at the school until he died from old age. After a final confrontation it is implied the protagonist goes to heaven - there is a description of him walking across a sunlit field where he won many cricket matches. While the teacher apparently goes to hell or remains trapped in limbo.
It had beautiful prose and was a very bittersweet, heartfelt story, I would love to find it again!
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2022.01.25 13:05 utsapat Came for a boat tour

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