Not sure if I prefer Bepis or Coco-Cola……

2022.01.25 13:23 SpaceHarrier64 Not sure if I prefer Bepis or Coco-Cola……

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2022.01.25 13:23 Johnpoophead04 My own personal creation

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2022.01.25 13:23 JL1991UK Artillery Questions

As artillery cooldown is a squad perk rather than solider I am guessing it does not apply to radiomen in other squads.
So how does the cooldown work if you have radiomen in other squads and a radio squad?
If you use in a random squad is it then available to your radio squad after 30 seconds but full cooldown for your other squads? Same if you use on your radio squad?
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2022.01.25 13:23 Miriel18 Considerations for Automation of a Batch Process

Hi everyone,
I am designing an architecture to automate a batch data science process. At a high level, the system has the following steps:
1-) Data update (geospatial data, so it is a new satellite image, which is large.)
2-) Relevant metrics and indices are estimated
3-) New metrics are added as a new column on the existing dataset.
4-) Check data diagnostics.
5-) Feature engineering
6-) Model tuning & Model selection (highest accuracy, or in case of very similar performance, choose the simpler model)
7-) Predict test data and record relevant metrics
8-) Predict the whole dataset.
9-) Extract pre-defined reports
The dataset will be on Amazon S3. But, we have not decided if we run the following steps on AWS or the local machine. Probably, Amazon SageMaker makes our life a lot easier. However, we should take into account the marginal cost of it.
Our team has experience in all the steps above. However, this is the first time automating a batch process for all of us. Furthermore, this is the first time I am the planner for such a system.
Therefore, I think your suggestions before we start are invaluable for me. Do you want to highlight anything based on your prior experience? What are the potential problems that we face? What are the possible points that people omit but, later on, they cause obstacles in the process?
Finally, we use Python for all the steps. Depending on the case, I might switch to R for steps 6-8. We use traditional machine learning algorithms; regularized multinomial regression, ensemble tree methods, and SVM.
Thank you very much.
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2022.01.25 13:23 sayantanyoyo What international internship opportunities can I apply for?

I am a masters student in Applied Geology from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India. Am looking for any internship opportunity in the summer (May-August) or anytime else. My interests are in sedimentology and structural geology. Any suggestions on how to search for and approach international internships (online or offline) would help me a lot. THANKS in advance.
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2022.01.25 13:23 XoXJamieJXoX Ac

Is anybody gates open on Animal Crossing send your DoDo codes below! I’d you don’t have me add me my friendship code is
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2022.01.25 13:23 ExpertAccident Poor unfortunate soul

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2022.01.25 13:23 sabakat I caught myself whispering to my google home max to get the timer to show there instead of my mini in the lounge room, spoiler still didn’t work…. Is mine broken or are others having similar issues

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2022.01.25 13:23 Karusselfleisch ich_iel

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2022.01.25 13:23 ProgrammerSafe9242 Update: Booster requirement for Hawaii gets a target date

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2022.01.25 13:23 Riftus Ubi, in what world is "half of your screen" small text?

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2022.01.25 13:23 nixnja anyone knows a solution for this?

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2022.01.25 13:23 Jagielonian As Markets Crash and War Fears Grow, Russia’s Business Elite Suffers in Silence

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2022.01.25 13:23 Old-Mastodon-1687 wooooooooo

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2022.01.25 13:23 UnfairPie9043 NEW Dynasty League

I've been playing fantasy football since 2005ish. Looking to either start or join a dynasty league. Anyone interested in joining or have a league with an opening??
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2022.01.25 13:23 SubservientHubby Mirror mirror

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2022.01.25 13:23 Padmaa which childhood psychological trauma was the most painful for you?

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2022.01.25 13:23 T2thek Ng bl20 help w old yarnham/bsb pw 12345

I could use some help with the machine gunner guy on the building and possibly a hand getting past BSB. Im tryna do an Arcane build and am not prepared for thw early game lmao
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2022.01.25 13:23 FartyMcFry89 I am trying to sell my delorean, it has low miles and is in great shape...

Only driven from time to time..
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2022.01.25 13:23 Wallace_W_Whitfield Got this beauty in the mail the other day

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2022.01.25 13:23 LeBrOn1220 Pineapple Express🍍

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2022.01.25 13:23 Thelastunicorn80 Is anyone really utilizing Tiktok to get their hooha info?

I've seen a huge influx of health care professionals using tiktok professionally, not as their personal account, in attempts to spread good info but I'm also purposefully searching for them to keep my ear to the ground for trends and possible misinformation. Some of them have a ton of followers but that doesn't really mean anything, you can follow someone and never actually watch their content so I'm just trying to see if people are actually utilizing tiktok to gain knowledge about the same issues you use this sub for?
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2022.01.25 13:23 ExpertAccident meirl

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2022.01.25 13:23 ishopatwholefoods city morgue type shit
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2022.01.25 13:23 nahcekimcm Where to go to get the free n95masks (morrisville/S.Durham)

Short of masks and need some extra protection, anyone got any pointers?
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