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STAMATIC NFTs Free giveaway!!!

free: [verb] to cause to be free. to relieve or rid of what restrains, confines, restricts, or embarrasses. disentangle, clear. The best free stuff, free samples, free trials, coupons, contests, & other freebies. Updated every weekday with new free stuff since 1998. Free Casino Slots. Free + Simple Solitaire. Free Jewels of Egypt: Match 3 Puzzle Game. Free + Bingo Blitz™️ - Bingo Games. Free + Eternal Return ... Découvrez les offres Fibre Free. Internet très haut débit sans engagement, fibre optique, ADSL, appels illimités, chaînes TV et Replay… Free: not being under the rule or control of another. Synonyms: autonomous, freestanding, independent… Antonyms: dependent, nonautonomous, non-self-governing ... 82.6k Followers, 336 Following, 808 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Free (@free)

2022.01.24 10:25 SnooOranges1644 STAMATIC NFTs Free giveaway!!!

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2022.01.24 10:25 tellurian_pluton UK Gov't: Encryption Endangers Kids. Also UK Gov't: No, Encryption *Protects* Kids

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2022.01.24 10:25 NarukamiRyuuki What is this plant? I often pick these when i was a child but never really gave it a thought

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2022.01.24 10:25 OrdinaryFishing9715 Raleigh Dad-xbike

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2022.01.24 10:25 VFGaming06 Hiss problem...

Hej, gick in i en hiss på en idrottshall av inge riktig anledningen och när jag skulle åka så fastnade den. Väntade cirka 5 minuter innan jag tryckte på nödsamtal knappen och den ringde till SOS alarm, jag förklarade vad som hänt och fick säga mitt namn och telefonnummer sen skickade dem några som ska komma och släppa ut mig. Efter cirka 15 minuter så började hissen fungera igen och jag kom ut. Nu undrar jag om jag ska vänta på att dem kommer eller om jag bara kan åka hem.
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2022.01.24 10:25 mostafa_tux ماجرای ارتقای هیات... تا جهاد روایت

از هیات چه انتظار داریم؟ اشک و ندبه؟ بسیار عالی؛ اما حداقلی است. هیات حداکثری و ارتقا یافته چه هیاتی است؟ هیاتی که به کانون امام شناسی تبدیل شود. امام شناسی به چیست؟ به راه امام. راه امام چیست؟ هدایت و تربیت. تربیت در چیست؟ در تبیین. حق و باطل نشان داده شود انتخاب مردم به حق است و به عدل.
لینک دریافت خبرنامه ایمیلی:
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2022.01.24 10:25 chadkokken Anyone else thought they were going to use Yamamoto's "The Successor" OST for Porco's final moments?

The Successor OST? Which one is that again you may be thinking?
Well, no wonder you don't know about it, since they haven't used it once during the show yet, despite the song pulling in higher streams/plays than half the new songs that have actually been featured on the show.
The OST is the direct continuation to Reiner's "Guilty Hero" OST which played during season 4 episode 3. The episode where Reiner learns that Marcel made Marley choose Reiner over Porco to protect him. Guilty Hero plays during and while leading up to Reiners suicide attempt.
The Successor continues off Guilty Hero, at times using the same melody, but at a higher pitch, higher tempo and with a lot more strings to give it that touch of "this is a song for a big moment." Due to the sound director not using it yet, I thought the last 60ish seconds of the song were going to be used for Porco's death when he says "I was the better man to the end" considering the circumstances and its direct parallel to Guilty Hero.
I'm surprised by how many of the songs from Yamamoto's catalogue that have not been used yet, considering the show is getting pretty close to its end! A shame in my opinion.
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2022.01.24 10:25 Naoto_Seri What does "sign in to Demo Account users" mean?

I am not sure I understand this sentence (IT text). I understand each word separatly, but I don't understand how I can "sign in to users" (who have a demo account?)
More sentences for context:
"If you do not have the correct credentials, you can create a Demo Account and sign in to the Demo Account users at [URL].
Click ​here​​ to learn more about our products and ​ for Custom payment flow​."
Thank you!
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2022.01.24 10:25 myboogerstastespicy TWoP Recap: ROL S2E11

Unedited; questionable language
Bret loved that Destiney was so rock n' roll, and so willing to continuously show her asscrack to its best advantage. Ew! And then the editors totally try to fool us into thinking that Ambre interviewed that Destiney's biggest strength was her sexuality. One, that voice track is cobbled together like Frankenstein, and two, we are all observant viewers so know that she said this about Daisy. Bitches! Anyway, Ambre assured us that she could sex it up for Bret too, but Daisy thought this was only likely if Bret had a granny panty fetish. Which, don't count Ambre out yet, my little waxwork. Bret wanted to pork Daisy all the livelong day. Destiney came to the conclusion that Daisy is a shady bitch and not a good friend and partook in a four-on-one attack in Vegas. And again, ew! The previews totally dissed Heather. So, I will tell you myself. Heather came back and was awesome, and then kind of mean, but even so has more charisma in one letter of her ill-advised neck tattoo than the rest of these bitches have in all their circus tits combined. It is morning at the Rock of Love House. The girls return home from Vegas. Daisy tells us that it was all a little dramatic, and she's glad to be back. So, we have our final three: Daisy, Destiney, and Ambre. My friend Ellen summed it up best: "Can't believe Brett has to choose between Ambre, Destiny and Daisy. My prediction: Rock of Love 3." Daisy notes that they're all so different, that it makes it confusing to understand what exactly Bret is looking for. A sixteenth minute, I think. The girls eat in the kitchen and note how quiet it is now that it's just the three of them. Big John delivers Bret mail and some buckets full of cleaning supplies. Are they finally going to make a group effort to disinfect Daisy? That's really sweet. The Bret Mail reads: "You're back from Vegas but the stakes are still high / It's still anyone's game / My girls never say die. / Get yourselves ready and clean up this place / Today's adventure brings a familiar face. / I'll see you in one hour / Love, Bret." Daisy snaps on a rubber glove and says, "The doctor is in." That either comes directly from a porn movie or a Motley Crue video. As the girls finish cleaning, there is a ring at the doorbell. It's an older gentleman. Ambre comes rushing down the stairs, squealing, "Daaaaaad!" She says it's a wonderful moment for her dad to be there. They hug. And hug some more. And hug some more. Ambre's dad has been her rock, she says, so it's amazing to have him there during this crazy time. She can't wait for him to meet Bret. That poor, poor old man. Once you graduate from high school, most parents probably really hope you're through humiliating yourself in front of them. And they probably really don't expect you to keep acting a fool when you're the ripe old age of thirty...two. But we'll get to that in a minute. Bret comes down the hall and oh my hell! He has on his formal wig. No bandana! It waves in the breeze like fields of gold, his wispy bangs framing his liner-free (!!!!) undereye bags. It is one of the wiggier-looking wigs you have ever seen. Dolly Parton is all, "I knew I was missing my Scraggly Malnourished Country Girl model 465-F!" The wig waits atop Bret's head for Ambre to stop hugging her dad. It takes a while. Bret shakes Ambre's dad's hand and tells them that today they'll be enjoying some barbeque and football. And then they'll all take turns yanking Bret's wig, which is like the old dad standby, "Pull my finger," for the new millennium. Bret's wig tells Ambre's dad to make himself at home. Ambre tells us that her dad is a conservative, church-going Southern gentleman, and she's a little nervous about what he's going to be subjected to. Well, he's already been subjected to the wig. How much worse can it get? Ambre introduces her dad to Daisy and Destiney, and Daisy starts to get a little nervous. She tells us that the last time she saw her dad she was seventeen, and the last time she saw her mom she was twenty. She's not in touch with her family and doesn't know who is coming for her. Well, I know that the sun will come out...tomorrow. No, but that's kind of sad, even though it probably points to some more Daisy weirdness that hasn't been revealed yet. She's scared that she's going to be a loner crybaby today and wonders what Bret will think of her not having a family. Except for that famous uncle she's always talking about, of course. The doorbell rings again, and this time it's Destiney's parents. Destiney is very excited that her parents will get to share this experience this with her. Her dad seems like a real rock n' roll sort of dude, and wears a red velvet jacket with a big cross on the back. At first I thought he had hair plugs, but it turns out it's actually a big tattoo that goes around his whole head! Bret thinks Destiney's parents seem like biker hippies and digs it. Destiney introduces her parents to the rest of the folks in the house, as Daisy continues to feel awkward. She tells us that she's been on her own since she was fifteen, and wishes she had parents there at certain points. And you know, over the past several episodes, Daisy has really taken all the enjoyment out of making fun of her. It's like Britney. To be honest, at this point she just depresses me and kind of makes me hate humanity. Believe me, I'm unhappy about it, too and wish she would go back to being your run of the mill lighthearted dicksucker. But for now, it's Little Orphan Tranny all the way. The doorbell rings again, and Daisy wonders if she's going to have an Oprah-style surprise reunion with her family. But it turns out the person there to represent her family is Stephanie, her ex-boyfriend Charles's sister. She looks super normal, hooray. Daisy tells us that Stephanie is like her surrogate sister. Bret's wig finds it a bit odd that Daisy's supposed ex's sister is there for her, but just goes with it for now. Bret can't wait to get to know the parents, as it is one of his favorite activities. We flash back to last year's truly superb "Meet the Parents" episode, including Otis Connor asking Bret if he had hair underneath his hat. And whoa! Bret's wig last year was not nearly as lustrous as the full golden mane he's sporting now. Oh and then we see Heather screaming that she saw Lacey in flagrante dicksuckerio, and Otis launching into his signature phrase, which involves the words "my daughter" "sucking" and "your dick." Oh, the times! The times! They were so magical. This season sucks so hard by comparison, and not in the good sort of way referenced above. Bret's wig asks the parents if they'd like some cocktails. Destiney's mother would like a white Russian, but Destiney's dad, Tommy, is cool with his Pepsi. Bret asks Tommy if he drinks at all, and Tommy tells Bret that he doesn't, because he has liver cancer. Aw, man. He continues that the doctors gave him until March. This hits Bret hard, and I have to confess that it did the same to me. You guys. This show has given me migraines. It has given me the phrase "dicksucker whorebag." It has, pending the blood test results, given me gonorrhea. But what it has never given me is a reason to shed genuine tears. BUT I TOTALLY STARTED CRYING. Whatever, I'm getting my period. But still. Tommy shows Bret a picture of his motorcycle, and the two of them talk about how much they love bikes. Tommy says he likes to go fast, and I cry some more. He just seems like the nicest guy. Bret is really enjoying Tommy as well, and says it means a lot to him that he came out to support Destiney. Then it's barbeque time. Bret talks to Ambre's dad about his various kids. Ambre's dad says his oldest is Jenny, who's 44, and then there's Ambre who is -- wait for it -- 37. We flash back to Ambre telling Swami Fortuneteller that she's 32, which I think everyone with eyes and functioning brain cells called as bullshit at the time. Nonetheless, Bret says this is a big bombshell, and that Ambre lied to him. It's a red flag, and now he's wondering what else Ambre is lying about. Maybe she lives with Charles, too? Everyone sits down to eat some barbequed chicken, and Destiney and Bret have a witty back-and-forth about the size of her breast. Bret employs the word "breastes," the singular form of, "breasteses." Ambre is embarrassed for her dad, but he just chuckles and exclaims, "Lord!" God's all, "Believe me, dude, VH1 is just not in my jurisdiction." Bret then treats the girls and their parents to a video of Poison performing live in St. Louis. There are lots of pyrotechnics. Destiney, perennially wanting nothing but a good time, gets up and starts dancing like a stripper slash groupie. Ambre points out that Bret is just not into it. Bret tells us that he's seeing Destiney loving Bret Michaels the rock star, but he's worried that she won't love Bret Michaels off the stage. Dude, she's seen your formal wig and has not run screaming out of the house. If that's not commitment, I don't know what is. Bret's going to go on individual dates with each girl and her family. Daisy gets to go first, and Destiney gives Bret a kiss on his way out the door, just for good measure. Daisy thinks it's classless. Because if she's one thing, with her 48-19-22 measurements, it's classy. Bret takes Daisy and Stephanie to a rock club called Rainbow, which is apparently legendary and not at all for the gays. Sad, that. Daisy thinks it's the coolest date ever. Well, at least until Bret starts asking Stephanie about Charles, and particularly about Daisy's claim not to have had sex with Charles or anyone else in two years. Daisy starts to tear up, or maybe her lashes just reached down and poked her in the eye again. She blathers that Charles cheated on her, and then she went to the other side of the wall, and her life used to be black and white but now it's color. Let's let Bret sum it up for us: "Thank you for the education, there, Kodachrome. But what the hell are you talking about?" He still wonders if Daisy and Charles are bumping reconstructed uglies. Meanwhile, back at the house, Destiney's parents go to bed. She, however, is going to stay up and wait for Bret. She asks Ambre's dad for his take on all this, and Ambre's dad points out that life doesn't end there. What if, he asks, Bret chooses her? Destiney kind of picks some stuff out of her teeth, then says that she's going to go back to her regular daily routine, which apparently involves being in music videos, acting, doing TV shows, bartending, and hosting. The only thing this bitch is hosting is patrons at the Red Lobster. Ambre's dad asks what happens six months from now. Destiney can't really say what six months will bring. And I mean, she has a point. Ambre, however, interviews that Destiney is there more for the experience than for Bret, and isn't as emotionally invested as Ambre and Daisy are. Well punch her in the throat and call her asshole. Back at the date, Bret talks about worrying that Daisy is always hiding stuff. Stephanie says that Bret is seeing the whole Charles situation as a guy, but for women it's different. OK, that is lies. But Daisy insists that the emotion for Charles just isn't there anymore, and Stephanie backs her up. She respects that Bret is trying to protect his heart, and notes that that means there's some real feelings there. Bret thinks that Stephanie has truthful eyes, so is starting to buy the story. However, he tells us that he's still not sure if he can handle the fact that Daisy hasn't been upfront and honest with him. The next morning, Big John delivers Bret Mail. "Good morning fantastic families! / You've traveled far to help me learn / What's deep inside and where to turn / Our time is short so let's make it last / Two more dates are coming fast. / Ambre, Destiney and special guests / Get ready for fun and my final tests / From 20 to 3, the time draws near / For one more girl to disappear. / Love, Bret." It's good to see that Nipsy Russell is still working, isn't it? While the girls get ready, Stephanie and Tommy talk. Tommy says he's surprised that Destiney is doing this, but then adds that family changes you. When he and his wife had Destiney, he sold his Harley. Stephanie, who will oddly enough be played by Meryl Streep in the Lifetime movie, says that Tommy must have been very much in love with his baby. Tommy says, "Oh yeah." I love this guy. And then excitement! Bret comes riding down the hallway on his motorcycle. Today, he tells Destiney and her family, they're going to be riding. There's nothing better for the soul, he says. Tommy is so excited, and in this moment I actually kind of love Bret too. When he learned that Tommy was dying of liver cancer, he says, he wanted to make their day really special. I think that Bret is secretly a good guy when he isn't being hypnotized by the fake boobs of some VD-ridden skank. Tommy loves the bike that Bret has arranged for him, and Destiney is happy that he's enjoying himself. They pull up at a tattoo parlor. Oh, Lord. Turns out Heather Junior has been talking about getting a tattoo the whole time she's been in the house, and Bret is about to make that dream a reality. He introduces her to tattoo master Duke. Destiney tells Duke that she wants to commemorate her experience on the show by getting the Rock of Love logo -- the heart with the two swords -- in the Heather spot, e.g. the back of her neck. Duke sketches up the logo including the words "Rock of Love." Destiney wonders if maybe just the heart and the swords without the name of the show might not be better. And this was really the first moment when I said to myself, "Maybe Destiney's not as big of a dumb-ass as I thought." However, Bret is perturbed. He points out that, as crazy as it was, Season One's Heather got his name tattooed on her neck, which showed true commitment. Yes, and then you dumped her on her ass, and she was left with the ink-stained legacy of being humiliated on national TV. Bravo, Destiney! Without the words, it's actually a decently cool tattoo. Destiney talks about how the experience of being in the house has changed her, and that includes getting to know Bret. Plus, free tattoo! It's then time for Bret's date with Ambre and her dad, Randall. Square dancing at the VFW for everyone! Actually, they go to eat sushi because Bret wants to freak Randall out. Bret gives Randall a tutorial in chopstick use and sushi consumption. Randall is a pretty good sport about the whole thing. But then! It's time to get down to business. Bret says that Ambre has been brutally honest with him the whole time she's been there, but for the little issue of her telling him she's 31. Ambre interviews: "Oh my God! I can't believe I lied to Bret!" Bret says that they were talking about age, and he said openly to everyone that he's 44 years old. Except in the season two premiere voice over, when he told an entire nation that he was 40. But I digress. He's a paragon of honesty. Ambre is terrified to think that she has lost Bret's trust. Bret tells her that he doesn't necessarily think that she has a whole book of lies she's been reading dialogue from, but he wants to find the one girl who is totally honest with him in this house of lies and deceit and deception and whorebaggery. Ambre interviews that apparently she told Bret that she's an age other than 37. But in her mind, she never lied to him about it. Sometimes these bitches just wear me out. Randall interjects and says that Ambre told him to be evasive about her age if any of the other girls asked about it, but to tell Bret the truth. Ambre tells Bret that she has a career where she has to appear younger than she actually is. This is why she gave falsified information about her age to the other girls. But when it comes to Bret, Ambre says that she has nothing to hide. She apologizes if she told Bret anything other than the truth. Ambre must be feeling pretty stupid right now. I mean, stupider than she must feel for trying to win the love of Bret Michaels, even. Ambre then starts getting emotional and says that she's there to find love. And...pause...she's found it. She's fallen in love with Bret. Bret is all, "Uh-huh. Right. Is there any more ahi?" He's got a lot of thinking to do before elimination tonight. With tears glistening in her eyes, Ambre interviews that she can't believe something so stupid might get in the way of her and Bret being together. Let's not drag Daisy into this, okay? Bret is glad that Ambre came clean with him about her real age, but he's bummed that she's been lying up until this point. Back at the house, Bret thanks the parents for spending time with him and talking about their daughters/former sister-in-law-like-entities. And then we go to Ambre's dad, Randy, for the quote of the episode: "I think any father feels like, you know, their daughter deserves probably better than Bret. But he's a good guy." Stephanie hopes that Bret is clear that Daisy and Chuck -- and she does call him Chuck -- are just friends. Tommy had a great time and would definitely welcome Bret into his family. Awww. The families leave and on the eve of the final elimination Ambre decides that, since she thinks she's going home, it's a good time to get some stuff off of her chest. She tells Destiney that she's not sure if she has completely given her heart to Bret, or if this is just a party for her. Destiney, who looks better than she's ever looked, I have to say, replies that it's hard for her to give her heart 100% when she doesn't know if the feeling is being returned. She's an unlikely voice of reason, for sure, but there you have it. She adds that she's open to Bret but isn't going to proclaim that she's in love with him because she doesn't know that yet. Destiney is clearly not desperate and sad enough to win this show. That's like two swords in a heart tattooed on the back of your neck, isn't it? But, seriously. Finding a demonstration of good judgment on this show is like finding a pearl in a Chicken McNugget. Well done, Destiney! Destiney asks the others if they are in love with Bret. They both say they are, and Destiney looks surprised. Ambre can't control her untamed heart, and similarly Daisy will be mad if somebody else who doesn't love Bret takes her place. Destiney says she's there for Bret and has done all that she can do, but the bottom line is she hasn't gotten to spend enough time with him to be able to make a declaration of love. Daisy asks Destiney if she'd still be there if it was Rock of Love: Jon Bon Jovi or -- wait for it -- Rock of Love: John Stamos. I mean, I guess Uncle Jesse did play with the Beach Boys that one time, right? Destiney secretly loves her some John Stamos and can't answer the question. If Bret really wants honesty, I think he's got it right here. Let's see how far it gets Destiney, shall we? At eliminations, Daisy looks like Porno Twist N' Twirl Barbie, Ambre looks like a fucking bluestocking, and Destiney looks like she's going as a Robert Palmer girl for Halloween. Bret enters and tells us that at this moment he doesn't know who he's going to eliminate. He hates having to make this choice. Mostly because they're all such losers, right? And I mean, is there any way Daisy isn't winning this thing? Maybe if her face finally melts off under the hot lights of elimination Bret will finally reconsider. Bret begins by addressing Ambre. He loves her drive, her ambition, her intelligence, her funniness, her AARP card that gets discounts at the movies. However, Bret wants to make sure that theirs is not just a business relationship. What kind of fucked up old-ass wig-wearing entrepreneurs would they be? Bret loves that Destiney is a rock n' roll girl, and feels blessed to have been able to meet her father. Aw, me too! The downside to Destiney, says Bret, is that she's in a possible transitional period. What the heck does that mean? Bret wonders if they're connecting at the wrong time. Bret says that he and Daisy have a strong physical connection. She's also very creative, and he loves the way she sings. Fo shizz, wigger? Bret's concern with Daisy is that she has a walk-in garage full of skeletons. Bret's not sure in his heart that he's worked through all of them. He asks Daisy if there's anything at all that she wants to tell him. In fact, there is. And it's all about how Destiney is not in love with Bret! Ambre pipes in about how much she loves Bret, just for good measure. Destiney tells Bret that she can't yet say she's in love with him. And seriously, I don't think it's very responsible to put the notion into the heads of women everywhere that dudes love it when you shower them with emotional declarations of your love after two weeks. I mean, right? Shouldn't Bret be like, "Argh, finally someone with some perspective." Destiney says that she deeply cares about Bret and has feelings for him and is willing to do whatever it takes to take things to the next level. However, as much as Daisy's logical reasoning might appeal to us, Bret likes his bitches crazy. He says that two girls today have told him that they're falling in love with him. One girl has said that she's loving the experience. Bret calls Destiney to him. He thinks she's awesome and a strong person, and wishes they had more time to get to know each other better. There hasn't been enough time for Destiney's heart to fall in love with Bret, nor for Bret to fall in love back. Destiney says she'll never forget Bret, and he lies that he'll never forget her either. Destiney's tour ends here. Destiney thinks that it sucks and that she and Bret would have made a great couple. Eh. Bret tells Daisy and Ambre that he's so happy that he's got down to two beautiful girls that he cares about insanely. He breaks the good news that they'll be going to Cancun! Both women are excited. Daisy is so excited, in fact, that as she walks toward Bret she rubs the sides of her gigantic knockers. WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER? I think all of that speculation on the forums that something neurological is at play might not be that far off. Ambre thinks she's in for the fight of her life. Bret wants to bone both of them at once. It's just another day in the Rock of Love house. Next week: Season finale! Mexico! Daisy hurls off of the side of a boat. Ambre goes sans underwear at dinner. Daisy gets offended that Ambre called her a stripper and Ambre is like, duh, that's your job, ho. How in the world will Bret choose? And in a sad postscript, this episode was dedicated to the memory of Tommy Moore, December 1951 - 2008. R.I.P., bad-ass biker dad.
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2022.01.24 10:25 Mismatched_TubeSocks Are you graminivorous?

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2022.01.24 10:25 Positive_Echidna_665 NoMethodError (A and B Fight)

I really can’t find a solution for this. Does anybody know how to fix this? I’d gladly appreciate the help! Though I have tried the recover option from the launcher, the game still does not let me push through the battle with A and B. :((
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2022.01.24 10:25 ColTrks Labswap ⚗️$LAB | DeFi | DEX Live on | Stake & Yield Farming Incoming | Organic Grow | Low Market Cap | Huge Potential | 0% Tax fee | Don’t miss this 🚀

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● 60% for Liquidity :. 6,000,000,000
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2022.01.24 10:25 CopyCat_123456 I didn't know about this

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2022.01.24 10:25 mostafa_tux توسعه کسب و کار در کشور با تاکید بر کنفرانس‌های تخصصی

مرکز همایش های وزارت کشور از ۱۵ الی ۲۰ بهمن ماه میزبان اولین کنفرانس بین المللی اقتصاد و مدیریت کسب و کار خواهد بود.
لینک دریافت خبرنامه ایمیلی:
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2022.01.24 10:25 thraxis78 Idea: Get real "boot environments" with an unencrypted btrfs BOOT partition and an encrypted btrfs ROOT partition. Can this scheme be implemented with Grub-BTRFS or any other tool?

The scheme is probably clear from the title but I'll spell it out just in case:

The goal here is to be able to snapshot the complete boot environment without encrypting /boot (Grub's decryption is horribly inefficient, while Refind can't decrypt anything at all). It is fairly trivial to make snapper take a snapshot of BOOT/@boot every time it takes it takes a snapshot of ROOT/@. Thus you should be able to up end up with identically-named snapshots for both partitions:
BOOT/@boot BOOT/@snapshots BOOT/@snapshots/1/snapshot BOOT/@snapshots/2/snapshot BOOT/@snapshots/3/snapshot ... BOOT/@snapshots/n/snapshot -------------------- ROOT/@ ROOT/@snapshots ROOT/@snapshots/1/snapshot ROOT/@snapshots/2/snapshot ROOT/@snapshots/3/snapshotboot ... ROOT/@snapshots/n/snapshot 
The question is how do you tell the bootloader to boot the correct root snapshot with the selected boot snapshot (i.e. BOOT/@snapshots/X/snapshot with ROOT/@snapshots/X/snapshot ).
Is there any tool that can do this? This would really be the ideal setup that doesn't rely on full system encryption. The only viable alternative I've found is snapper_systemd_boot_boot, which uses fairly complicated internal logic to create "snapshots" of kernels on the EFI system partition.
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2022.01.24 10:25 Sir_Josh02 Stuck at Starting

I tryed to change the skin of a map and now im tuck at loading (Loading Game Files - 98%) Pls Help
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2022.01.24 10:25 asdfdgfhfgh Can you catch a random shiny if its not your first encounter?

Not to use but to have
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2022.01.24 10:25 ThatcherIsDeed 🤔

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2022.01.24 10:25 ac-creative Monitor Compatability

This is probably a silly question but I’ve seen a reviews which rave about the Lenovo Q24h-10 but have also seen some users have compatibility issues, so I’m a little confused whether this will work my Mac Mini M1?
The live chat on Lenovo’s site didn’t really know either!
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2022.01.24 10:25 Anon_Piotr AI generated Jotaro Kujo Sings Baka Mitai

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2022.01.24 10:25 JobsucheRegional Wir suchen:🤓 Gärtnermeister (m/w/d)

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2022.01.24 10:25 mostafa_tux زنگ هشدار برای آغاز پیک ششم کرونا

رکنا :رئیس ستاد کرونای شهرستان رشت گفت: آمار بستری‌ها در سطح شهرستان تعداد 73 نفر می‌باشد که شاهد افزایش 20 نفری معادل 37,7 درصدی نسبت به هفته گذشته هستیم و این خود با توجه شیوع ویروس امیکرون، زنگ هشداری برای آغاز پیک ششم کروناست
لینک دریافت خبرنامه ایمیلی:
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2022.01.24 10:25 Jasterng Question about Nova skill 3

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2022.01.24 10:25 Forsaken-World-8863 eGFR 82 ml/min/1.73m2, Creatinine 1.2 - do I have to do further tests to be in safer side?

Hi everyone, I did blood work last week my creatinine was at 1.4 in one lab and then i took the same test in another lab it showed 1.0 with egfr 114.
and then i took the same test again today it shows egfr 82 and creatinine 1.2
I did ultrasound scan for kidney as well - all normal.
is there anyother test do I have to take since my gfr suddenly drops from 114 to 82?
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2022.01.24 10:25 WeeklyMeasurement668 Bug bite or something else?

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