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2022.01.24 10:11 Ihateapbio School Report

If you take a look at PDF of school report that is provided in common app, it says:
Language of Instruction:"
So, if a school is international and use ap curriculum, and therefore that section is left blank, colleges assume that applicant's school's language of instruction was English?
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2022.01.24 10:11 WinterCoffee-5 Stay in mid-sized firm or lateral to big law? First-year corp associate here.

I don’t dislike my current firm (the billable hours are only 1850 with a nice work life balance), but start to feel the firm’s culture is not a good fit (think about a liberal associate in an old school firm).
However, I worry about the long hours in big law and the possibility of step from into another troubled group. Any advice here is appreciated.
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2022.01.24 10:11 Nokia_5230 谁能接受这口味的可乐😅

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2022.01.24 10:11 thedayartstudio "Benny saved the baby Yoda".

This is my first time joining Benny Productions' Monthly Battle. Please follow my Instagram and Youtube channel. I will upload the making video on Youtube later. Hope you will like it
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2022.01.24 10:11 joeygallinal Funny…Heinz is the only thing up during pre-market. Hmmmmayo!!!

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2022.01.24 10:11 Powatanner Sometimes bullying works, folks

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2022.01.24 10:11 Fictrl The Rugby French team welcomed by the Foreign Legion for a training course of preparation for the 6 Nations

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2022.01.24 10:11 Technical_After25 Honors program

I was accepted to CU and offered a place in the honors program and am trying to make a decision about which residence hall to live in. I was also wondering what kind of student fits in at Boulder in general and the pros and cons of the student life. I'm in the college of the arts & sciences (for political science) and want to ask people who have been part of the HRAP and other halls what their experiences were. I like the idea of a RAP, but am not sure it's actually the right fit for me. Thanks!
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2022.01.24 10:11 DestinyUniverse1 Now even my safe place is taken away.

Can’t have the security of music anymore. I’m done more just like me die and restart again.
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2022.01.24 10:11 Strider_-_ [Platinum 1 Deck List] Dollar Store Shaddoll Scrap Orcust Danger Mekk-Knight

[Platinum 1 Deck List] Dollar Store Shaddoll Scrap Orcust Danger Mekk-Knight
The Deck List
"...what in actual tarnation is this deck?!"
It is almost certain that you have just asked yourself such a question. The short answer: I do not really know either - jk, I absolutely know.
Let me explain the circumstances, how the deck works, why it got to Platinum 1 (I only played 9 duels with this exact list above and it went 9-0), why you do not need the best deck to succeed right now and why you should probably never play this exact deck:

The setting (TL;DR: I played on a budget not crafting any SUR card to help me out, while pulling some thematically fitting packs. Skip this section, if you do not care about the circumstances and just want to get to the deck itself)
On the first day of Master Duel (MD), I was not quite sure which route to go for with my decks, gems and card crafting. I saw some people immediately make optimal lists of probable meta decks by pulling and dusting (excess) cards. Others decided to go all-in for their favourite deck(s) - and then there was my approach:
Ignoring the random Master Pack pulls I should not have gone for most likely, I pulled a little from everything that I want to play and use for sure at some point. I pulled from packs like: Orcust/Crusadia, Mekks, Scraps, Rokket, Shaddoll and others I cannot remember right now. In short, I like playing going second, I like using WL archetypes like Mekks or Crusadia and I wanted to pull stuff that works with those in conjunction, which is why I pulled a little bit from the Scrap pack among others. I bought all three bundles (Lightning Storm, Ash and Judgment) and the structure decks at 3 copies each. I also crafted some SRs I definitely wanted for the future to get some more free pack pulls (e.g., I crafted a Purple Nightfall to get a free Mekk pack pull).
That said, I decided to wait for further infos and updates regarding the game (format, banlist, tournaments etc.) instead of dismantling URs and SRs. This decision was made easier by the fact that I like to combine archetypes in decks, so I do not like having only a few options when it comes to playable decks. While enough of my gem purchases were not hyper efficient, leaving me with less gems than I could have had, I decided to keep more than 5000 gems for future purchases. I have disenchanted almost no URs and SRs so far as well.
I set some rules for myself, because I wanted to try to make suboptimal or powercrept cards work as a challenge. This is a unique opportunity for that, so why not grasp it, right? I did not craft any URs and SRs for the deck after setting the rule. The only URs I crafted in all of Master Duel so far were Feather Duster, Accesscode Talker and Gizmek Orochi - I cannot play without my boy, Orochi. All of these crafts happened before imposing my own rules.
For the sake of completeness and transparency, the only crafted SRs in my deck were Gameciel (to get that additional DangeKaiju pull) and Purple Nightfall (for the Mekk pack) - all before my rules. I knew that I will use them in the future, so I crafted them already - and I really wanted the "free" pulls. Besides that and from the point of setting my rules on, I was only crafting Ns and Rs. No crafted N ended up in my final deck. Crafted Rares (R) were: Swords of Concealing Light, Forbidden Chalice and Lightning Vortex.
Considering the serious issues with my card pool, I had to get creative. I thought about blinding first initially, even though I never do that with my decks, but only being to set up one negate on average is not great if you plan on doing so. This is why I decided to blind second with any list I am trying to play in ranked. People who know me will realize that I am lying through my teeth and that I would blind second regardless, but psst :)
But it is not all lies: The first part of my ladder climb was played with a weird Crusadia Orcust mishmash that I went first with if possible. My "ideal" board was Orcustrion, Ding, Crescendo and hopefully some other disruption like Ash. Equimax with one negate and follow-up thanks to Krawler was the other option. Needless to say, that was not it.
I love Crusadia, so I pulled quite a bit from that pack, because the Orcust stuff came along with it. My favourite archetype is Mekk-Knight, so getting that Girsu, Avramax (which I did not get), Dingirsu etc. is huge value for me and made the purchase of that pack a no-brainer. Eventually after pulling, I ended up realizing that I have a good chunk of Orcust cards, which made me play the deck, even though I never warmed up to it in the TCG. Desperate times require desperate measures. Also using Harp was something I wanted to do. If there is going to be a TCG ladder soon, I will not use Harp anymore after all.
Let me tell you: I had a blast. I was playing so many duels throughout just a few days, because of the sheer fun of it.

How the deck works - somehow (Part 1: The Engine) With whatever cards I could scrape together, I decided to play Orcusts with anything that fits with them blinding second. My main plan was to OTK as soon as possible. If that did not work, I would try to grind on the back of my Orcusts and sturdy bodies like Orcustrion and Dingirsu.
  • Let's start with the Orcust core: Nothing too crazy here regarding card ratios. I would like to play 1 Orcustrated Return at most, but I can't because I lack other good cards to replace it. So I play a slightly higher Orcust ratio with 2 Knightmares, 1 Bombard and 2 Cymbals with 2 Return. I wish I had two Dingirsu, but I do not.The most controversial inclusion probably is Orcustrion. While I made it less often since obtaining Borrelsword and Accesscode, because I make those when I can OTK and not Orcustrion, it still comes up and is actually not half bad. Whenever I was forced to go first, which did not happen often, I would aim at either making Orcustrion, Ding with a set Crescendo or Babel, which actually won me the games in this first season.Not having Linkuriboh was annoying, but it was also based af to have the Girsu token protect Orcustrion - and seeing that actually matter. Galatea, Longirsu and Dingirsu are obviously all great. I also really liked 2 Cymbal over 1, which was a rather recent change I made.
  • The Scraps are a main part of the deck. They give this deck the needed oomph and more ways to play the game. Raptor and Recycler both allow you to mill any Orcust, World Wand or Gizmek Orochi. The main thing that makes Recycler great is that it is not once per turn (OPT). In fact, you usually keep using its effect several times throughout a turn setting up your GY. The main OTK combo goes like this:- NS Recycler (get to it with Raptor or just have Recycler), mill a machine (an Orcust if you have an extender, Orochi, if not, to get an extender)- use Recycler and any extender to make Wyvern (if you lack an extender, you mill Orochi and hope you do not banish your Scrap Golem - if you do, your line goes differently and you summon Raptor from the deck with Wyvern)- Wyvern eff, revive RecycleRaptor, pop that revived RecycleRaptor (your Recycler misses timing here, so no mill), SS Scrap Golem from your deck, pop any card on the field. Going 2nd, you will very likely just pop one of the opp's cards. Keep in mind that reviving Raptor with Wyvern's first part could be more useful to NS yet another Recycler you might have in your hand (or to get a tuner for a synchro/Halq play you might go for, if you had the respective cards)- Golem eff, revive Recycler, mill World Wand- SS Lib using Golem and Recycler, set World Legacy Succession- use Succession, revive Golem, then revive Recycler with Golem, mill an Orcust (probably Knightmare, possibly Bombard, Cymbal etc.)- now you can really bust their ass open: for example, you can make Borrelsword with Lib, Golem and Recycler to spin one card back for the maximum damage output. If you are more scared of disruptions at this late point, you make Accesscode to make your Lib spin unstoppable (CL1 Lib, CL2 Accesscode).- use your Orcust cards to get the needed additional bodies/disruptions/ATK buffs onto the field, e.g. mill Harp with Knightmare, use Harp, SS Girsu from the deck, mill Cymbal, use World Wand to SS Harp, make Galatea, make Dingirsu to give a rough idea.
Huge problems I had with my limited card pool were consistency issues and simply lacking good cards. Playing 40 cards was not an option for me, because I hate playing 40 with Orcust and Orochi. I want to banish eight and feel great after all*.* So I did what I like to do the most: I mashed engines together in one deck. Doing so, I improved consistency and other aspects. By playing more engines I added so many wrinkles to my deck that it became eligible for retirement pay:
  • Mekk-Knights are great going second in combination with Orcusts - as long as you do not play too many (because of the Orcust DARK lock). They bait disruptions, provide additional extenders for your Wyvern, they can search a starter in Girsu, they give you additional cards in your hand to pitch with the Dangers and Purple comes back once for follow-up. With this small sub-engine, I boost my consistency, resilience playing through disruptions and proactivity quite a bit. Of course, the best archetype in the game also boosts this deck - what can't Mekks do at this point? :)
  • Dangers give you extension, they can pitch your Orcust cards to the GY and the ones I ended up playing are almost all huge. The Dangers made me scratch my head the most throughout dueling and deckbuilding. I do not own Jackalope unfortunately. I was on 2-3x Mothman and 1-2x Chupacabra at some point in attempts to make me see starters more, but Dangers are not good enough here. Seeing how I had too many games where I simply ended up pitching the wrong cards or having only 2 Dangers on the field and no other play, I ended up cutting down on them and looking for other ways to fix the deck's issues better. Too much RNG is annoying after all.For my last list that reached Plat 1, I settled for 2x Bigfoot, 2x Thunderbird, 1x Nessie, 1x Tsuchinoko. All of these have value going second - with both of their outcomes. I cut Mothman and Chupacabra.
I kept trying more Dangers for quite some time with mediocre success and wanted some changes, but did not see how to approach those with my cards. Eventually, I had a desperate, but shrewd idea to improve consistency while buffing my deck's power:
  • I pulled some Shaddoll stuff and realized: "Hey, I am blinding second in my deck and Shaddoll Fusion is nice for that. It also is a starter, as it can mill Knightmare or any Orcust really." So, I went on and replaced the Dangers (and 1x Desires) with the Shaddoll package. I do not own Construct or Apkallone, otherwise they might be played over Winda."But what about Winda's SS effect?" - NS any card, link Winda off. Ideally, you NS Recycler or Raptor, to then link summon Wyvern. You can also pop your own Winda with Raptor if needed. If that was not nice enough already, Winda also adds back Shaddoll Fusion giving you another card to increase the odds of your Dangers hitting the field, if you want them to - or to pitch with Droplet.Shaddoll Fusion is a starter, disruption and sometimes even floodgate in one card. Dragon and Beast both have synergy with your Dangers if you happen to draw them. Shaddoll Fusion is only dead if you somehow remove both Shaddoll monsters, which is very unlikely in a 60-card deck. Playing Ariel over Beast is definitely an option that should be considered.
How the deck works - somehow (Part 2: The Techs) Going second, you will need some non-engine cards such as handtraps or boardbreakers to combat especially combo boards. All handtraps I own are 2x Ash, 1x Maxx C and some Psy-Frames like Delta (which I actually tried out at first - and which would be better if I had more cards like Machina Redeployment, Urgent Schedule...a Gamma after they Ash or Maxx C your Shaddoll Fusion etc. is nasty). I usually hate playing non-synergistic HTs, but beggars can't be choosers. I do not own 3x Storm and every other broken going 2nd card - and Maxx C exists unlike in the TCG.
  • Handtraps: 1x Maxx C, 2x Ash - both probably needed right now. You would likely play more, if you had more copies, but I do not. I would also not craft Maxx C in general until we do not know more about the future additional formats in Master Duel, as I want to play TCG.
  • Boardbreakers: 1x Interrupted Kaiju Slumber, 2x Gameciel, 1x Gadarla, 2x Lightning Vortex, 2x Swords of Concealing Light, 2x Forbidden Chalice, 2x Forbidden Droplet, 1x Lightning Storm, 1x Raigeki, 1x Harpie's Feather Duster, 2x Mystical Space Typhoon, 1x Book of Eclipse, (3x Shaddoll Fusion, Dangers, Mekks, Scraps...)Vortex is my budget alternative to other board nukes. The discard synergizes with Dangers and Orcusts and a field nuke is decent vs all the Tri-Brigades etc. out there. And imagine losing to Vortex in 2022 - glorious. Concealing and Eclipse both contest non-link boards really well. Stuff like Utopic Draco Future is dealt with easily thanks to these cards. Chalice is an all-purpose tool - it can allow you to OTK more often (Accesscode and Dingirsu is only 7900 damage usually, because you have to use Knightmare's buff before), it negates effects in a versatile way and it is not dead going first. I play my 1 Eclipse over a 3rd Concealing because of this same reason. I value versatile cards and Eclipse is useful as a disruption if set going first, too.The Kaijus are just all-around useful for outing all kinds of boards - I would like to not play them, but they are at least ok.Lightning Storm is obviously broken in a best-of-1 and I would run 3 copies if I could. Luckily, I pulled 2x Droplet randomly. Droplet is an insane card in this deck. The rest of the cards are obviously backrow hate.
  • Other techs: What is a deck of mine without that one synergistic HT? That HT is Unchained Abominable Soul. It adds resilience and board presence, it has inherent synergy with Wyvern and Raptor, it can be a proactive and a reactive card. Proactive, because you can trigger it with your Scraps and because it can pop a card upon a discard - which in return can enable your Orcust engine if you pitched something like a Knightmare. Reactive, because it can prevent OTKs and be summoned as a response to any destruction effect they might throw at you. This gives you additional HT resilience and I am happy that I included this card, as it performed very well.Monster Reborn is just a pretty good and versatile card.
Why you should probably not play this deck Optimizing this deck with my limited card pool was a tedious, yet super fun task. I did not think that I would get to Platinum 1 at all this season, but here we are. This deck is far away from being optimal. I benefitted from bad players a bit, too, to be honest. However, I hope this deck can give you the needed motivation to try and do well on ladder yourself. You do not need the best decks to make the seemingly impossible happen (for now). However, if you want to "mimic" my approach to the game, you should not try to copy this deck. You should try to turn your card pool into the best possible deck it can make - and that deck will likely look very different than mine.
If you enjoyed this post and want to see more, I would appreciate your feedback and upvote. My ID on Master Duel is 670-600-551, if you want to add me :)
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2022.01.24 10:11 Ok_Cheek_7732 Has USC started rolling decisions for any CS related branches for fall 2022?

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2022.01.24 10:11 nsfwaccountnotreal Not sure what this is, probably simple.

Age 35
Sex tm
Height 5"1
Weight 64kg
Race varies
Duration of complaint ongoing over past year or so
Location Australia
Any existing relevant medical issues PTSD and anxiety
Current medications Reandron injection 3 monthly, Fusion stress and anxiety, 1 daily, zyrtec
Problem: 35tm, 63kg, 5"1, race varies. Taking reandron by injection however this problem has been occuring long before beginning it. I am an Australian who doesn't drink, partake in alcohol or drugs consumption, relatively fit however suffering from severe anxiety and PTSD. Every single time I sit on the toilet my left foot goes numb, never my right and it doesn't matter how I sit. I then get pins and needles in it for about half an hour following the feeling coming back which is quite painful as is the numbness (hopefully you understand what I mean when K say it is numb but also painful?). Its probably something simple like catching a nerve I know however, occasionally I will wake up, or at random times with semingly no trigger, and have super tight calves. I am not a runner, nor much of a walker so I am not overusing the muscles, thoigh not overweight or unfit either. Maybe niether is connected to to the other and its as simple as my spine needing realignment? But I am a bit paranoid the vitamins I am taking for anxiety are leading me towards a stroke and these are all red flags?
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2022.01.24 10:11 Worldly_Vegetable308 this song is dope and let someone dive into the fantasy world real quick haha

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2022.01.24 10:11 buschelit69 Journaling help

I was active with journaling and it was helping for a while but I think I’ve come to a point I’m not sure what I’m doing. I feel like I write about my day to day life and it’s no longer working so does anyone know any prompts or resources to write about the nitty gritty?
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2022.01.24 10:11 Masenko_69420 The Caretaker from HoS lore, who is he? Where does he come from? Is he a post conjunction? Or a cursed man? Discuss

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