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We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Town of Hamilton, NY 38 Milford Street Hamilton, NY 13346 Ph: 315-824-3380 Fax: 315-366-3054 419k Followers, 16 Following, 294 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Roscoe Hamilton (@roscoelovescoco) Aug 27 at MTL – Sep 6 vs. TOR: Sep 10 at TOR – Sep 17 vs. CGY: Sep 22 at OTT – Oct 2 vs. MTL: Oct 11 vs. TOR: Oct 23 vs. OTT: Oct 29 at EDM – Nov 5 vs. BC: Nov 12 at TOR – Nov 20 vs. SSK: Eastern-Semi Final: Nov 28 vs. MTL: Eastern Final: Dec 5 at TOR – 108th Grey Cup: Dec 12 vs. WPG

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Not sure what to post without sounding too desperate but I guess it can’t be helped lol. Im pretty much looking for anyone wanting to talk. Im open to talking about anything as long as it’s not going to get me banned or something. Im fairly chill and none judgemental. Im introverted and a homebody. I like games, books, and movies. Also like exercising so if you’re into running or something then hit me up. Even if you’re not into that stuff feel free to message me. If you’re close then maybe we can just hang out. Age open. Pm open. Let’s talk and see what happens. Thanks for reading. (Preference to anyone living in Hamilton but still open to talk)
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2022.01.19 13:18 SPAC-ey-McSpacface DCRD warrants – I believe this serial SPAC sponsor will announce a deal soon - DD #7

DCRD warrants – I believe this serial SPAC sponsor will announce a deal soon - DD #7 SOME KNOW THE HORSE THEY’RE BETTING ON WELL BEFORE THE RACE IS RUN
Most horse trainers will go their entire career without ever having one of their horses run in the Kentucky Derby. Win or lose, just having the opportunity & the experience to compete in the most famous race on earth would be a dream come true for most trainers. If you’re not a fan of thoroughbred horse racing, you probably don’t know who Todd Pletcher is, but if you are a fan of the sport, there’s no chance you don’t. Pletcher’s entered horses in 18 straight Kentucky Derbies since 2004.[1] Given the preposterously low odds of a given horse making it to Churchill Downs for the biggest race on the planet, how is such a streak possible? It’s possible because Pletcher is well-trusted in this niche world, has attained prior success, and the owners of some of the best horses thus seek him out.
Before the Derby is run each year, Pletcher already has multiple impressive candidates to choose from. I believe the Decarbonization Plus Acquisition team is similar in the SPAC world. History demonstrates they always have a host of impressive ESG entities to choose from for each SPAC. I do not believe anything is ever left to chance, and I do not believe they approach an IPO without knowing the “horse” they intend to run. I contend that some Investment Banking teams on Wall Street specifically seek the Decarb team out for their clients, and while most of the literally hundreds of other SPAC teams file an IPO & then start the arduous process of searching for a target from scratch on Day 1, I believe the Decarb guys already have a very good idea precisely who they’ll target from the moment they close an IPO, and that DCRD will likely announce a target soon. That probably sounds like a rather bold claim, so I will do my best to explain it in this DD effort by tying together various bits of data gathered from numerous SEC filings & other pieces of evidence, which are now publicly available information.

Before the recent froth & craziness in the SPAC market the average time for a SPAC to find a target was well over a year. But that dropped significantly during the 2020 – 2021 heyday to roughly 5 - 7 months depending upon specifically when you start & stop your analysis. Still, all three of Decarb’s prior SPACs crushed even that historically low figure, finding all their targets between 2.66 months & 3.58 months (SEE: Figure 1), an absolutely blistering pace from IPO to Definitive Agreement (DA).
Figure #1 – The three previous Decarbonization Plus Acquisition targets
(sourced from SEC 8K and 425 filings)
Others have made the connection that this team works quickly, and some are long DCRD warrants for this sole reason, but for me that reason alone is not enough. Past performance does not necessarily predict future results, and while I admit the above speediness is clearly a significant positive (especially for warrant holders), by itself it is no guarantee their fourth Decarb SPAC (DCRD) will find a target as rapidly as their first three SPACs did, especially in this SPAC market downturn. The reason I am so optimistic is due to my belief that this team already has a target, and likely has since the IPO. In the next section I’ll review the three prior Decarbonization Plus deal timelines to demonstrate why I believe this is the case. I’ll do so in the chronological order of de-SPAC, as I think that’s important (more on that later), which is HYZN, SLDP, DCFC.
HYZON MOTORS – DCRB IPO 10/22/20, Letter Of Intent (LOI) 01/08/21, = 77 days
The IPO for DCRB closed on October 22, 2020 [2] a Friday, and this is the SPAC which would soon become Hyzon Motors (HYZN). Just a week later, on October 30, 2020 (a Saturday), representatives from Goldman Sachs (GS) video conferenced with members of Decarb’s board as well as with the CEO to discuss a potential transaction with Hyzon Motors.[3] Again, this is on a Saturday, so clearly GS had been in talks with the Decarb team earlier in the week, literally mere hours after the IPO! Only three days later, on November 2, 2020, a non-disclosure agreement is signed between Decarb & Hyzon, Decarb is granted access to HYZN’s electronic data room, and DCRB retains legal counsel to discuss a deal.[4] The rest is history. It turns out Hyzon was previously dealing with GS for investment banking purposes, and GS (if you believe this story), delivered HYZN into Decarb’s lap immediately after the DCRB IPO closed. How convenient. Keep in mind, by late October 2020, there were more than 200 other SPACs already vigorously searching for targets[5], and GS could have contacted any one of many dozens of other SPACs at any time prior. And perhaps they did, but we do know they contacted Decarb immediately post IPO.

SOLID POWER – DCRC IPO 03/26/21, Letter Of Intent (LOI) 0/13/21, = 18 days
The IPO for DCRC closed on March 26, 2021[6] a Friday, and this is the SPAC which would soon become Solid Power (SLDP). The very next business day, on March 29th, representatives from Stifel Financial (SF) video conference with members of Decarb’s board as well as with the CEO to discuss a potential transaction with Solid Power.[7] Sound familiar? The very next day, March 30th, Solid Power granted access to its electronic data room for DD purposes.[8] But it gets better, as it turns out, Solid Power had actually signed an NDA with Riverstone Investment Group back in late 2020. If you’re not aware, Riverstone IG is an affiliate of the Decarbonization team, so they were literally deep into a potential Solid Power transaction for over 3 months prior to the DCRC IPO,[9] such that they already had an NDA agreement in place. By late March of 2021, there were nearly 400 SPACs actively searching for targets. Stifel could have contacted any one of literally hundreds of other SPACs instead, at any time prior. Perhaps they did, but we do know they contacted Decarb immediately post IPO. DCRC had its target the next business day post IPO, and officially signed an LOI in a mere 18 days.

TRITIUM CHARGING – DCRN IPO 02/08/21, Letter Of Intent (LOI) 03/05/21, = 25 days
The IPO for DCRB closed on February 8, 2021[10], a Monday, and this is the SPAC which would soon become Tritium Charging (DCFC). In December 2020, the chairman of Decarb’s board met with Credit Suisse (CS) & executives from Tritium about a merger[11]. The sleuths among you will instantly recognize that December 2020 is in no way a date which comes after February 2021. So how is this possible? Because while Decarb was deep in negotiations with Hyzon via DCRB, it was also talking with Tritium via DCRB. Gotta’ have multiple horses to run all those Triple Crown IPO races! Decarb actually delivered a non-binding indication of interest to Tritium on February 4, 2021, a full four days BEFORE the DCRN IPO, replete with a complete preliminary valuation for Tritium, and $275 million in PIPE Financing![[12]](https://www.reddit.com/SPACs/submit#_edn11) Yes, that's right, the Tritium Charging valuation was actually completed before the DCRN IPO. Then, on February 8, 2021, literally just a few hours after the DCRN IPO closed, Decarb, CS, and Tritium executives all met via video conference to discuss taking Tritium public via a SPAC. I might add, their SEC filing is very careful to specifically note the video conference only took place, “Following the closing of the DCRN IPO”, lest anyone might get the idea it occurred before![[13]](https://www.reddit.com/SPACs/submit#_edn12) The next day, February 9, 2021, one day post IPO, DCRN was granted access to Tritium’s electronic data room. In late December 2020, there were ~200 SPACs actively searching for targets. Credit Suisse could have contacted any one of dozens of other SPACs instead and likely did, but we do know, they contacted Decarb even before this IPO, and ultimately stuck with Decarb.

And (in Martha Stewart voice) that’s a good thing. In every previous SPAC in Decarbonization’s portfolio, they had an ESG target picked out virtually simultaneous to, or very soon after the IPO closed, and a DA within about 4 months or less. As of this writing, it’s been 5.1 months since the DCRD IPO, so although 5.1 months would historically be an extremely quick time to DA in the SPAC world, it’s already a month longer than it’s ever taken Decarb to produce a DA. So why is that? Well, the bear case would be that due to market conditions, perhaps they lost their target. This is certainly a possibility given the SPAC market downturn, but even this wouldn’t bother me as this team has a large stable of horses to take public. Reading through the SLDP, HYZN, and DCFC SEC filings, it is made clear that the Decarb team had multiple attractive targets to recently choose from, and if they “lost” one, my suspicion is the delay would only be a few months as they go with a backup. The bull case, and the one I think quite likely, is they were waiting until DCFC successfully navigated the de-SPAC process & went public before dropping the next DA. Although the Decarbonization team has a wealth of prior SPAC experience dating back years, this was the first time they ever undertook an international SPAC (Tritium is an Australian company), and the reality is it's well-known in the SPAC community that international SPAC deals come with significant additional complications than domestic SPAC deals & the red-tape, layered regulations, international tax policies, etcetera, routinely take longer to move from LOI to DA to de-SPAC trading. But this process is now complete as DCFC began trading just 5 days ago.
By far, the greatest risk to holding any SPAC warrant is that the SPAC fails to find a target, liquidates the trust, returns $10 + interest pro rata to shareholders, and leaves the warrant holders with bupkis; but if you’ve read this far you’re probably already well aware of that fact. This is why it’s crucial to understand that the executives of the team at the reigns of DCRD have taken exactly 6 SPACs public to date, and they have closed on targets with, and successfully taken public all 6 of those prior SPACs.[14] I do not expect DCRD, to go any differently, as this team was doing SPACs many years before SPACs were hip & literally this team has never failed to acquire a target. If that is the correct thesis, then by far the greatest risk to a DCRD warrant investment is removed. So what risk remains? In my belief, the greatest current risk is the general malaise in the overall SPAC market. But while inflation may not be transitory, market conditions usually are. The SPAC market, like all markets, goes through ups & downs, and we’re currently in a down cycle. That down cycle I speculate is making it more difficult for SPAC sponsors to nail down targets, as companies likely fear they may experience a high level of redemptions which might deplete part of the financial projection they were counting on from the SPAC. That is not a trivial thing. But conversely, we’ve also recently seen a reasonably valued SPAC deal close with almost no redemptions. That deal? This Decarbonization team’s DA with Solid Power (SLDP). Nevertheless, warrant prices have been punished so severely recently, I personally believe there are attractive entry points in many of the top sponsor’s warrants. The warrants of the myriad other sponsors without either a significant track record of past success taking companies public via SPAC, or those which do not have a well-known and respected M&A professional or team at the helm? Personally, I’d avoid them right now due to risk of deal incompletion, but YOMV.

As the Decarbonization names implies, they focus on ESG names which have a beneficial impact on Climate Change & Global Warming, specifically mentioning, as the name overtly implies, "decarbonization". Some possibilities I've thought of: Carbon capture, CO2 Direct air capture, Energy storage, EV, Hydrogen power, Lithium battery manufacturing, Lithium brine mining, Recycling, Solar power, Spodumene mining, Water sustainability, Wind power. Personally, I ‘d love to see a target having something to do with lithium as I believe it has a bright and long runway ahead. That said, EV tech does tend to deliver big stock gains.

While it’s difficult to predict the future, especially without knowing the target, we do know that warrants tend to rip higher once they have a DA, greatly due to the aforementioned risk of failing to find a target being removed, but also sometimes due to finding an excellent target. And again, while past results do not guarantee future results, every one of the Decarb team’s recent warrant investments turned out to be extremely lucrative. In fact, the “worst” of their three prior SPAC warrants had an all-time low post-DA price of 99¢ (SEE: Figure #2), which is well-above DCRD’s current 82.8¢, representing an attractive worst-case 20% gain (SEE: Figure #3) if a DCRD target's found & the warrant valuation curve stays relatively within the bounds of prior results. I think this is a fairly safe bet. Conversely, the best performer was SLPD warrants, which nearly touched $7 per warrant, good for a massive > 740% gain from where DCRD warrants are currently priced. But if it just gets to $1.25 sometime after the DA, which is a rather modest return especially for an ESG target, that’s over a 50% return from where DCRD currently trades. Hell, the DCRD warrant high price during better SPAC times was $1.40 even without a target, simply due to, IMO, the strength of this sponsor’s reputation & prior results. So with a decent target it certainly wouldn’t shock me if DCRD warrants trade to $1.40 or higher again.
Figure #2 – Decarb’s recent Post-DA price action
(sourced from Ameritrade.com, 01/29/22, 21:31 AMC)
Figure #3 – DCRDW current price vs. recent Post-DA percent gains
(sourced from Ameritrade.com, 01/29/22, 21:31 AMC)

Every publicly traded company has a CIK number[15]. It stands for Central Index Key, which is completely useless information you should probably forget 38 seconds from now. When you search EDGAR, you’re actually searching by CIK number even though you probably don’t know it. For instance, when you search for “Clover” or “Microvast”, the system has a numeric tied to each of those names, but those names are only recognized because someone at the SEC has manually entered that company name after the CIK number is previously generated (contrary to popular belief, MVST’s CIK number is not in Chinese characters). The egg (number) came first, not the chicken (company name). This is why you’ve perhaps noticed that after a SPAC begins trading under the new de-SPAC ticker symbol, you may still have to search by the old SPAC ticker, because the (probably) lazy government employee hasn’t gotten around to the manual entry of the new company name yet. For the SPAC teams that I keep a close eye on, I look for newly generated CIK numbers, because they must generate that number with the SEC before they can register any filings, including those for a new SPAC IPO. I noticed that the CIK number for the draft registration of Decarbonization Plus Acquisition Corporation V was generated back in early September.[16] This entity will eventually become DCRE when the future IPO closes. Given my knowledge of how fast the Decarb team works, that definitely caught my attention, but a draft registration can simply be a placeholder, and it can sit idle for months. In other words, it’s not a smoking gun. However, about a month later the S-1 for IPO hit EDGAR.[17] Again, interesting as it’s one big step closer to another Decarb IPO, but at that time they still had two companies, SLDP and DCFC to navigate through NASDAQ listing, but nevertheless I was further intrigued. But here’s where it gets interesting; on December 27th, 2021, just 22 days ago, Decarb filed an amendment to the S-1[18]. The specific change in the IPO S-1 amendment increased the future DCRE NAV kicker by 5¢, which makes me strongly suspect this IPO’s going to drop in the next few weeks. Why? Because why would you make that change now if you weren’t going to IPO for several more months. It’s a change specifically predicated by current market conditions as SPAC IPOs have typically been juicing the trust to increase surety that arbitrage hedge funds will line up for a plate of units. You likely don’t make that very specific monetary change unless you know you’re close to listing the IPO. And what else did the Decarb team file with the SEC on that same day, December 27th? A 425 entry reminding voters to please vote for the upcoming Tritium merger.[19] In fact, just 6 days prior to that the 424B3 for Tritium was completed.[20] That filing is a bear of an undertaking & signals the bulk of the SPAC’s work is essentially over. Given as I’ve demonstrated in this piece that the Decarb team has always had a target for DA somewhat soon after an IPO (or even before), I believe the DCRE S-1 amendment to IPO filing happening right around the same time this serial sponsor’s work on DCFC was completed, likely signals that the Decarb team already has a target for DCRD. So as this section of my post says, “Hopium” for sure, but it is well-educated, investigational Pepe Silvia hopium nonetheless, and based on real-world IB procedure/process & what I believe are logical business timelines.
I am long DCRD warrants on my belief the SPAC will announce a target fairly soon for all the reasons I’ve covered above, on my belief that the target will be something in the very hot ESG field / climate change field, and on my belief that opportunity will exist to sell these warrants significantly higher at some point post-DA, just as there was with HYZN, SLDP, and DCFC. I realize this piece was very pedantic & wonky, so if you made it this far I appreciate it.

REDDIT’S MANDATORY DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor, this is not financial advice, and you should always do your own due diligence before buying or selling anything in life. I mean, you don’t need to build an Excel model before you buy a gallon of milk, but you should at least check for the expiration date.
[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Todd\_Pletcher
[2] https://www.sec.gov/edgasearchedgacik.htm
[12] https://www.spacanalytics.com/
[15] IBID
[16] IBID
[19] IBID
[20] IBID
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END: https://www.endclothing.com/us/sale (15% applied at checkout)
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Still some decent deals to be had. Don't forget to activate cashback.
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I have a redmi ax3000 and happy with the wifi speed. Only on the second floor of my house the signal is low. Now I am thinking about ordering another xiaomi router, like the ax3600 global and create a Mesh network.
My plan is to make the ax3600 the main router behind my ISP router. I want to place the Redmi ax3000 on the first floor and connect them with utp. Will this configuration give a stable mesh network?
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Has anyone encountered this and found a good solution?
I fix it by restarting my PS5, but I'd rather not have to do that. I'm having this problem maybe half the time that I go to play, and sometimes I have to restart the PS5 twice to get it to work.
It's just a minor annoying, but if anyone has a solution, that'd be great.
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Don't you just hate when you play a whole FFA game and don't get credited for the challenges. Now I gotta use a swap. Also the scoreboard doesnt even show up.
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