Do they like me? How should I make a move lol?

2022.01.24 11:30 msbkr Do they like me? How should I make a move lol?

I (23F) have a crush on my project manager (29M) and have a feeling he does too. I’m not too sure though tbh. He maintains a lot of eye contact with me during his workshops and our meetings. He could just be an excellent public speaker but he’s hella introverted and is super awkward sometimes lol.
He’s an INTP, (sometimes acts like an ENTP) just in case you wanted to know. He’s very well respected and is a highly intelligent individual. He’s also very comfortable around our team since we’ve known each other for a few years.
Our team consists of 14 individuals and yet he tends to always remark on my personal tendencies and makes lighthearted jokes towards me.
For example, I used to always run late to some of the meeting because of traffic and personal circumstances. Running late isn’t really an issue since the work is mostly independent however, it became a running joke in our office and he always teases me about showing up late.
I don’t usually respond (I just smile and nod). I’m quite reserved lol.
Don’t know how to make a move or if I should even make a move. I’ve got a feeling he’s slightly attracted to me too. It’s super confusing. I also know absolutely nothing about his personal life. I just know he isn’t married or anything.
Oh and there was a time last year where he stopped talking to me all together, including all greetings. He was sort of a jerk then, I’m not sure why but he rejected a few of my tasks and heavily criticised them.
Anyways he went back to being nice after a few months.
What should I do? I don’t want to confess my feelings though since it’s going to cause some problems at the workplace lmao.
Thanks for reading though I guess lol
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2022.01.24 11:30 Lonely_Dragonfly3365 Binance - Nano Withdrawal

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2022.01.24 11:30 hapasa53 Netflix shelves Bahubali: Before The Beginning; Rs 150 crore investment written off by the giant.

They shot the series over a period of 6 months on massive sets constructed in Hyderabad with an estimated budget of Rs 100 crore plus. Some more money was invested in the post production process too, however, after a prolonged work on the edit for a year, the makers finally decided to shelve Deva Katta’s version and revamp it with a fresh cast.
However, it all hit a standstill again towards the end of 2021. “The work done on ground in terms of pre-production couldn’t exactly be in sync with the vision that Netflix had for this period drama. After a series of discussions and contemplations, they decided to shelve the project at this point of time. Some extra money which was invested in the prep work too has been considered bad-debts for now. The approx. figure invested in Bahubali: Before The Beginning was Rs 150 crore,” a source added. The team apparently felt that it’s better to stop the project even before the shoot, instead of investing another Rs 200 crore on a product that’s substandard.
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2022.01.24 11:30 sharewithme Daily Vocabulary Quiz - Day 507

English French German Italian Portuguese Spanish
insert insérer einfügen inserire,inserto inserir inserta
junction croisement die Kreuzung incrocio junção cruce
course cours der Kurs corso curso curso
navigation navigation die Navigation navigazione navegação navegación
response réponse die Antwort risposta resposta respuesta
bolt vis der Riegel bullone parafuso / raio / trinco rayo,cerrojo
pagan païen heidnisch pagano pagão pagano
participation Participation die Teilnahme partecipazione participação participación
casual occasionnel zwanglos casuale casual casual
easy facile einfach facile fácil fácil
professional professionnel sachkundig professionista profissional profesional
dirty sale dreckig sporco sujo cochinamente
gulf golfe der Golf golfo golfo golfo
discomfort incommodité die Unannehmlichkeit disagio desconforto incomodidad
west ouest der Westen ovest oeste/ocidente del oeste
signature signature die Unterschrift firma assinatura firma
modify modifier modifizieren modificare modificar modifica
supplement supplément die Ergänzung supplemento suplementar suplemento
nation nation die Nation nazione nação nación
dangerous dangereux gefährlich pericoloso perigoso peligroso
Translations are provided by Word_of_The_Hour subreddit.
Please let them know if you have any corrections or suggestions!
Thank you for all of your help and support!
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2022.01.24 11:30 Rantanplang17 Crédit de solidarité rétroactif ?

Est-ce possible d'avoir le crédit rétroactif? Je ne me suis pas inscrit pour le crédit l'an passé, mais je gagné seulement 19000 par année, puis je avoir l'aide financière tout de même ? Merci!
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2022.01.24 11:30 Jkb20189 Amazon scammers back at it! 805 3654742, sick em boys

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2022.01.24 11:30 BrilliantNo9344 tady máte Menta prosím ať to vidí Ment

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2022.01.24 11:30 yellowsnowflakes27 Overwhelmed by course work

First year student, suffocating under the weight of schoolwork. I’m in bcom, so it’s probably not the hardest degree, but it requires a lot of work to get decent grades. Every day, there’s a bunch of work to do. There are so many readings in all 5 of my courses that I wonder if people actually even complete all the readings and take notes/process the information they’re reading. I can’t even begin to imagine how I’ll pass tests, midterms, and exams, especially with respondus in place. I was just wondering how people actually keep up with all the coursework we are assigned each week. There are never off days. I feel that I barely have time for myself, and when I do have time for myself, it’s only because I’m neglecting my school work. I even have 1-2 courses that could be considered bird courses, but shit is still demanding. Any advice?
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2022.01.24 11:30 PatrickJakobsen Shiny Indeedee ♂️✨ (By Me)

Shiny Indeedee ♂️✨ (By Me)
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2022.01.24 11:30 unlikely_suspicious "The Sea of Flowers at the End" could possibly be referring to "Dandelion Sea"

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2022.01.24 11:30 Pippost_official Lucid’s Saudi Plans Make LCID Stock a Speculative Buy - Read more on PipPost

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2022.01.24 11:30 msmoley Dior’s Maria Grazia Chiuri On Working With Anya Taylor-Joy, Celebrating Female Artists and Championing A Feminist Spirit Through Her Work

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2022.01.24 11:30 AutoModerator LMEV Weekly Discussion Thread, Week of: January, 24, 2022

Your weekly discussion thread for everything LMC and EV.
Happy week of {{date %B, %d, %Y}} to you all!
Do you think some important information could be added to this weekly post? We would love your contribution! If interested, please send a message to the moderators to discuss.
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2022.01.24 11:30 LargePurpleShoe Walking Around Sakura-Shinmachi, the Town of Sazae-san - 4K Tokyo Japan

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2022.01.24 11:30 flowermaryandmax Yesasia $5 Coupon

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2022.01.24 11:30 NeverRisen God

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2022.01.24 11:30 Jamesrobertga How to weight loss while sleeping? Try Ultra resurge sleep supplement (Advanced 2022)

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2022.01.24 11:30 AutoModerator $PSFE Daily Discussion - January 24, 2022

Daily discussion thread for PSFE
Notable DD:
Reviewing the bear case on Paysafe (PSFE)
$PSFE (Paysafe) the most undervalued fintech play on the market. Popular analyst Steve Grasso has been calling for it to triple.
Paysafe Lock-Up Periods and Times of Expiration
Some Notes On Paysafe's Private Equity Lockup Expiration
Essential DD on Paysafe (PSFE)
PSFE and the Wyckoff Accumulation Schematic DD
Paysafe's value creation trajectory is very much on track
Paysafe DD Recap:
Paysafe to Enable Online Cash Payments on Microsoft Store on Xbox
My first simple analysis is for Paysafe. I'm not the best at converting my thoughts into writing but hoping to improve.
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2022.01.24 11:30 AutoModerator Random Discussion Thread

share anything and/or everything you want
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2022.01.24 11:30 oceanspiritedaway Home Depot Free Delivery Coupon

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2022.01.24 11:30 Jamesrobertga Altai balance blood sugar support real reviews | Ingredients (revised 2022)

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