Theory: Pluton has already been used to destroy the god valley..

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2022.01.24 10:55 localjaad Theory: Pluton has already been used to destroy the god valley..

Well i have already discussed it on discord. But i wanted some better opinions on it. as it mentions in the series there is no sign of that island my proof to back up this theory is franky having the blueprint of pluton..why would he have the blueprint of something that exist?
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2022.01.24 10:55 ok_intention21 [Walmart] Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant Now: $49.00 After $30.00

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2022.01.24 10:55 Existential_Dices We are heading to levels of cringe too extreme for a normal human being to be able to tolerate

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2022.01.24 10:55 ELANDAMINER My bud(a fellow redditor) is fighting against covid rn, pray for him comrades

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2022.01.24 10:55 _MasterYupa_ Hihhihiha

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2022.01.24 10:55 thats_uno 1 month

1 month down. I been smoking hella weed & cbd. I took kratom about 4-5 times. I think it fucked with my wd but I’m feeling ehh. I couldn’t sleep at all tonight & I feel like I’m hallucinating. I’m having all these wild ass racing thoughts. Is it possible that I could’ve done some fucked up shit that I couldn’t have remembered?
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2022.01.24 10:55 JuliCourt Built a cage for Hamanda Hayfried, she really likes it!

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2022.01.24 10:55 mattwebb677 As an out of town Bills fan...

Thank god for this subreddit! Normally I would have to deal with this pain alone, since I don't know any other Bills fans. You guys are the best! Can't wait to see what the next few years have in store (hopefully somewhere in there is my first trip up to see an actual game).
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2022.01.24 10:55 FillSignificant3053 James Harden is averaging the most free throws attempts per game out of any backcourt player in the NBA this season. 3rd most overall behind Giannis and Embiid. Harden's free throw rate this season is higher than 3 out of his last 4 seasons. Officiating is not the problem.

The real problem is Harden is shooting 41.9/33.8/86.7 on .583 TS% and 49.3 eFG%, and he is scoring less efficiently than any season since his rookie year in 2009. Harden has the highest turnover percentage of his career this season, and his lowest WS per 48 minutes since his rookie season. Harden has also given up on defense. Harden would try before on defense sometimes, but now he leaves his man open in transition and in the half court and provides little to no resistance when defending the post.
The refs are following the new rules of not awarding a player for throwing their body into a defender. It is a good rule because those kind of plays are not basketball plays. He needs to adjust his game because if he thinks it is bad now just wait until the playoffs.
KD has a knee/MCL injury and Kyrie and has stated that he is "staying grounded in what I believe in". KD should recover but you never know with a knee injury, and Kyrie looks like he is ok with missing home games in the playoffs if the mandate is still there. The Bucks physically dominated the Nets in their games so far this season. The Bucks have a defensive gear they can reach to compliment the fact that the Nets don't have the personnel to slow down Giannis. The game 2 weeks ago in Brooklyn looked like men against boys.
If Harden keeps blaming the refs instead of improving it will be another Harden Playoff flameout.
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2022.01.24 10:55 WW1llas Nån slog vad 300 kr att ja ska snorta en hel hockeypulver efter skolan

Nån slog vad 300 kr att ja ska snorta en hel hockeypulver efter skolan. Jag testade lite grann innan och det var inte så hemskt men kände definitivt en brännande känsla I näsan som förmodligen bara kommer vara 10x värre när ja väl gör hela skiten. är inte så van me att snorta så finns det några tips för hur man dämpar brännandet i näsan Och minska hur hemskt det kommer va
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2022.01.24 10:55 slicedchicken480 Maybe a cow can swim.

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2022.01.24 10:55 WorkplaceOrganizing Many socialists who have been politicized outside the workplace are taking their politics back to their workplaces. Join us for a conversation with socialist workplace organizers to see what has worked, what hasn’t & how being a socialist informs their approach to organizing

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2022.01.24 10:55 flofloredditz Do you believe the "leaks' concerning the new Mario Kart?

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2022.01.24 10:55 focusbuddy Have Juuls improved?

I switched about 6 months ago to random disposables after a year of leaking pods. I always liked the convenience of juuls, so I'm wondering if things have gotten better since.
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2022.01.24 10:55 Custanius [IOS] [2005-2010] A fish tank simulation game on IOS

my kid and I used to spend ages on iPod with this game. Here's everything we remember about it. My teen wrote it lol
1 - Fish pet game 2 - One fish in the fish tank (bowl?) at a time 3 - Had nice piano music in the background 4 - You could purchase stuff using pearls, the currency was pearls 5 - I remember a few of the choice of fish pets, an orange boy clown fish, a pink female clown fish, a skeleton fish with eyes with a black sclera and white pupil, a lionfish 6 - The fish would make somewhat disconcerting human noises every now and then, when you tapped them they did a sorta shimmy I don’t know 7 - You could change the time of day: dawn, midday, evening or night 8 - There may have been a mini-game inside where the fish would move through a current or smth 9 - The buttons in the game were circular and looked like bubbles with symbols on them 10 - The graphics were kinda good (idk i was 5) I remember the fish being shiny looking and the water texture was lit I’m hell bent on finding it.
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2022.01.24 10:55 guyrh Getting gigs as a new DJ

I have been DJing for a decent while now just for fun in my room but I would love to be able to play in apres bars on the slopes next season - does anyone have any tips of how to achieve this? I’m assuming I’ll need some experience in clubs in UK first so does anyone know the best way to land their first gigs?
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2022.01.24 10:55 RealGabe101 I need some assistance

What is the original Chatscale setting set to in the league of legends settings? I had removed chat by setting it to -100, and now i want it back..
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2022.01.24 10:55 dirk23wright We are like Neurons in a Gian Brain

The metaphor that works for me is that we are like neurons in a giant brain. Each of us have tendrils that connect to other souls in this brain, sharing energy and information. The tendrils are established through experiences in relationship with the other soul. So, each time we have any kind of relationship with another soul, a tendril is created that connects us. If the connection becomes troubled in any way, then the energy doesn't flow easily along the connection any more. It's like there's a knot or a constriction in the tendril. So, this bothers us. Humans have an innate desire for peace in all of their relationships. We seek out that other soul to work on the connection to make it better. Sometimes we are successful, sometimes not, but we keep trying if it still doesn't work well. All souls have goodness in their hearts, somewhere anyway. So, it is possible to create peace no matter who we are with.
The other piece of this is that there is an unknown element in establishing relationships with others. Since each of us have free will, how that person is going to respond to us is unknown. We don't even know how we're going to respond either, until we enter into a relationship with that person. So, the status of our tendrils is not always our fault and sometimes there's not much we can do about it. If the other soul refuses to cooperate, then we're stuck with an uncomfortable connection. We can try to deny it, which is the what the ego does, but once the lie that the ego told about the other soul is uncovered ("Oh, they're a terrible person.", or "I should have never gotten involved with that person.", etc.), then the truth about the connection is revealed, showing whatever is there to be seen. So, it's useless to deny the connection and there's no way to disconnect since the memory is forever. It's the memory of the relationship that remains and is the source of the tendril in the first place. You can try to forget, which is what the ego does ("Oh, it's in the past, it doesn't matter any more." or "that was such a long time ago, who cares about that now?, etc.), but it's just another cover of denial over the truth. We cannot help but be connected to each other, which I suppose could be considered a kind of hell, depending on how you look at it. I prefer to just see the good stuff mostly, though I have a lot of trouble with judgement as well, just like everyone else.
I can't deny the swamp of sadness though. If we have lifetime after lifetime of failed attempts to have a relationship with someone, the pain and suffering of that becomes like a swamp between us. The tendril travels through this area of darkness and sadness, which our ego tells us to forget when we incarnate again. Then, in our new life, we meet the person and try again, not realizing there's a giant swamp of sadness between us. It often does not go well, depending on how we deal with it. Many people don't want to deal with the swamp. They're scared of it. It's dark and scary and you could get stuck, which is what their ego tells them. But, the truth is that you can't magically jump over the swamp, or deny that it exists. What needs to happen is that all of the pain and suffering from all of those lifetimes has to be felt fully and completely in order to transform the swamp into a garden. The way to heal the swamp is to swim in the muck, in other words. I'm not the first to say this, but I'm probably the first to put it this way. So, since most people are afraid of their emotions, then they want to avoid the swamp. I'm not like that. I'm not afraid of the swamp because I've done it. I've dived right in and suffered horrendous pain as a result but there's always a bottom to it and I become transformed by doing this. I become a different person, a better person, as a result of feeling all of my pain from whatever happened between us. The swamp is changed forever this way.
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2022.01.24 10:55 OldWeller-12 Super Bowl viewing spot in PDC

Will be staying in PDC downtown during the Super Bowl (Sun 2/13) and wondering if anyone can recommend a great spot for watching the game with others?
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