iz9ah i66b8 y6ssr 26dan he6s9 stza8 dktdk 4reys deky2 5ht8i 8er4z nheai be2yh 9k3e8 fhbt6 4ibhh ken58 afeff sikd7 zdfih dssfa [PC][90s? - 00] a horizontal shoot em up in space |

[PC][90s? - 00] a horizontal shoot em up in space

2022.01.25 13:14 KurisuWizard [PC][90s? - 00] a horizontal shoot em up in space

Hi, I played the game on Windows XP or earlier, the game was a horizontal shoot em up, not sure if you could choose between different spaceships,I did not play the full game, I mean the game I played was a demo of a level, I remember that at the end of the level you had to defeat a mini boss in the form of a worm that let you pass the next level, I also remember that it had good graphics for a Windows XP game, and the last thing I remember was that the game I don't know if it was called something with "Mars" or it was a subtitle, but I remember that word had something to do with it.
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2022.01.25 13:14 Combat_crocs [WTS][WTT] Low Sodium Unity Riser (black) and G$ Trigger Guard (tan) $75 (CO)

Unity Riser, black, no box or papers. Bought from GAFS late last year, mounted to SBR and EXPS-2, then decided to switch it up. No rounds on it from me.
Will trade straight up for an MBT-2 trigger (complete). SV: $75
Geissele Trigger Guard, tan (or DDC, whatever). Received as part of a trade. Don’t really feel like swapping trigger guards honestly. Just taking up space on the work bench. Comes with all applicable hardware.
SV: $20
Trigger Guard
No/Low-Flair accounts (<20) must accept PPFF, all others may chose another option worked out in DM.
Please comment first and follow up with a DM, I cannot receive chats.
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2022.01.25 13:14 Alternative_Swing_33 I don't know what to do about my ex wearing a dog collar out in public

In a previous post I talked about my kinda of ex (it's easier to say ex as we were basically dating) and this is about the same guy
So my ex (m20) dislikes me wearing my hat almost all the time, my therapist has suggested it may be ocd but my ex let's call him Ed likes to wear a dog collar almost everywhere, I know it's a kink from when we were together and it wouldnt bother me if he didn't wear it in public, if I'm walking with him I get weird looks and it makes me uncomfortable and knowing it's a kink makes me upset as he's showing part of his kink to anyone outside including kids, he wears it to work which I have no idea how he gets away with. It's a full on dog collar, we went into a shop to get things for his rabbits and my snails and he got the collar there, he actually asked if I could buy it for him because it would quote "make him feel owned" I refused saying we aren't dating and I don't want to be part of his kink, he got huffy and got it himself. I guess I'm asking for advice on how to make him stop wearing it in public, I'm embarrassed by him, I don't like being seen with a 20yr old man wearing a dog collar because people look at me as if I'm the one that put it there, it's to the point I want to say I won't hang out with him if he's wearing it, I get enough negative attention for being openly queer in my town and being very short for my age (m18), so I just want advice of what I can really do in this situation.
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2022.01.25 13:14 ShadeSlayerWolf My teacher has her edges attached to the model itself, whereas mine hover over the object. How do I set it to be like the first image? Thanks!

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2022.01.25 13:14 Complex_Price_8460 US officials urge other nations to push back against Beijing's South China Sea claims

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2022.01.25 13:14 CaffeineAndKush99 Inventory and Encounter IV?

I have been using PGSharp happily now for 2 weeks. I came across these options in the title, which show me more info on the Pokemon and items (i think).
About the encounters, I am confused about the levels and stuff. What exactly does it tell me when I encounter a Pokemon?
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2022.01.25 13:14 GalaxyGeeks Movie Youtube channel

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2022.01.25 13:14 Nihilisticky Holy shit this dude scared me. Thought I met the White Walker King or something.

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2022.01.25 13:14 adinwalls I bought my RG350M just to play Darkwing Duck. I love this thing.

I bought my RG350M just to play Darkwing Duck. I love this thing. submitted by adinwalls to RG350 [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 13:14 SubjectIllustrious72 learning English with native speakers in Casablanca

hi everyone, I was wondering if there are any English learning centers in Casablanca where I could practice/learn with natives ?!
I know there are a lot of virtual programs out there, but I'm kinda into face to face conversations
thanks in advance
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2022.01.25 13:14 Amuse370z Royalty Finishes! How many and which cards did you pull this rarity on?

I started an alt account and to my surprise, when i crafted my Maxx C it came out as a Royalty Finish which i didnt even know was possible.
On the other hand, my first account had about 5 Royalty finish and I only have 1 on the new account.
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2022.01.25 13:14 Status-Collection-32 How should I start investing?

I'm 18 and I've never invested a dollar in my life, nor do I know anything about the market. However, what I know is that investment is unparalleled for storing your money long term, both due to persistent inflation on the negative end, and the general growth of the economy on the positive end. Soon, I'll be working for amazon, and since I have all my expenses paid for, i'll ascetically put EVERY dollar of my signing bonus into some kind of financial investment. My questions are, how should I get started, who can best tell me that, and what rewards could I reap from this over the years. Also, one fear of mine is that at any moment, an engineered market crash could take all of my hard earned money if I do this. What say yall?
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2022.01.25 13:14 DennerSlabz [Question]Does posture help discipline

I don't know if my posture is good. Anyone have experience with this? Do you think it affects discipline? I just can't seem to sit for hours at a time. I might have a health condition.
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2022.01.25 13:14 IHateSand1996 Thoughts on Coby White

So I know most of us like Pat Williams and I still want him. Just curious as to what you guys think of Coby next to Cade? He is a big guard that fits what it seems like Weaver's type is and brings some much needed scoring. His shooting could be better but the shot is there and his free throw percentage gives hope for improvement
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2022.01.25 13:14 deathandtaxesftw Disappointed with the bans? Need something to make you laugh? I've got you! I ported a cedh deck to legacy to surprisingly good results! Let me introduce you to Vannifar Pod- a deck that wins off a single Vannifar activation.

Disappointed with the bans? Need something to make you laugh? I've got you! I ported a cedh deck to legacy to surprisingly good results! Let me introduce you to Vannifar Pod- a deck that wins off a single Vannifar activation. submitted by deathandtaxesftw to MTGLegacy [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 13:14 MayGodSmiteThee Will there be military conflict in Ukraine between Russia and the United States? What are the outcomes/possibilities?

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2022.01.25 13:14 CulturedGyro New Video on Nuxanor: vtuber yandere moments that went way too far

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2022.01.25 13:14 bhavik0070 This is so funny lol ūüėā

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2022.01.25 13:14 Its_Singularity_Time The search for almost every teddy bear in the game continues (Pt. 2)

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2022.01.25 13:14 Dehast Resultados da 4ª pesquisa do r/BeloHorizonte!

E chegamos aos resultados de mais um censo do nosso subreddit! Desta vez, 171 pessoas responderam. Vamos aos n√ļmeros:
Pesquisa Masculino Feminino N√£o-bin√°rie N√£o quis responder
1ª 83,8% 13,5% N/A 2,7%
2ª 90% 9% N/A 1%
3ª 87% 12% 1% < 0%
4ª 91,2% 6,4% 1,8% 0,6%

Enquanto o Reddit se torna cada vez mais popular no Brasil, os usu√°rios continuam sendo predominantemente do sexo masculino, tendo havido um aumento desde nosso √ļltimo censo. A representatividade de pessoas que n√£o se consideram bin√°rias tamb√©m teve um leve crescimento.
Pesquisa 2ª 3ª 4ª
16 a 25 46% 54,6% 49,1%
26 a 35 43% 35,6% 38,6%
36 a 45 9% 9,3% 9,4%
Parece que os usuários médios do Reddit estão ficando mais velhos e trocando de faixa etária na pesquisa, apesar de que o interesse entre os mais jovens continua sendo o maior.
Orientação sexual:
Pesquisa 1ª 2ª 3ª 4ª
Heterossexual 75,7% 76% 76,4% 70,8%
Bissexual 13,5% 9% 10,2% 17%
Homossexual 8,1% 12% 9,7% 6,4%
Pansexual 2,7% 1% 2,3% 1,2%
Assexual N/A 1% N/A 1,8%
N√£o quis responder N/A 1% 1,4% 2,9%
Mais pessoas se identificaram como bissexuais nesta pesquisa, o que pode estar indicando uma mudança comportamental na sociedade ou simplesmente que o Reddit está abarcando mais pessoas LGBTs.
Grupo étnico:
Branco 63,7%
Prado 25,1%
Preto 5,3%
Amarelo 1,2%
Indígena 0,6%
N√£o quis responder 4,1%
Fundamental completo ou inferior 2,3%
Médio incompleto 2,9%
Médio completo 11,1%
Superior incompleto 36,3%
Superior completo 31%
Pós-graduação ou superior 15,2%
N√£o quis responder 1,2%
Os n√ļmeros aqui refor√ßam que os usu√°rios do Reddit costumam ser pessoas com grau mais elevado do que a m√©dia no que se refere √† educa√ß√£o.
Atlético 23,4%
Cruzeiro 29,8%
América 4,1%
Outro time brasileiro 2,3%
Outro time do sudeste 1,8%
N√£o gosta de futebol 36,8%
N√£o quis responder 1,8%
Confesso que fiquei surpreso com a quantidade de pessoas que não acompanham futebol. E o América, apesar de ter crescido em torcedores devido ao bom desempenho recentemente, continua tendo uma torcida bem menor que os times principais da cidade.
Pesquisa 1ª 2ª 3ª 4ª
Além da Contorno 51,4% 60% 57,9% 59,1%
Hipercentro 21,6% 22% 19% 21,6%
RMBH 27% 10% 12,5% 11,1%
Outra cidade N/A 6% 9,3% 6,4%
N√£o quis responder N/A 2% 1,4% 1,8%
J√° teve Covid-19?
Pesquisa 2ª 3ª 4ª
N√£o 75% 76,7% 70,8%
Talvez 20% 8,8% 10,5%
Sim 4% 13,9% 18,1%
N√£o quis responder 1% N/A 0,6%
Conforme a pandemia continua, uma maior parte das pessoas aqui passa a ter contra√≠do a doen√ßa ao menos uma vez. Depois da chegada da √īmicron na cidade, acredito que a 5¬™ pesquisa ter√° uma porcentagem ainda mais maluca.
2 doses + reforço 3,5%
2 doses / √ļnica 88,3%
1 dose 4,7%
N√£o vacinou 2,3%
N√£o quis responder 0,6%
Felizmente, pode-se dizer que o negacionismo não é um problema nesta comunidade!
Aprovação da gestão da prefeitura quanto ao Covid-19:
Pesquisa 2ª 3ª 4ª
Sim 81,1% 68,5% 64,3%
N√£o 13,5% 16,7% 14%
N√£o sei 5,4% 12% 16,4%
N√£o quis responder N/A 2,8% 5,3%
Aprovação da prefeitura no geral:
Pesquisa 1ª 3ª 4ª
Sim 75% 50% 32,2%
N√£o 20% 19% 27,5%
N√£o sei 4% 29,2% 36,3%
N√£o quis responder 1% 1,8% 4,1%
A aprovação do Kalil nesse segundo mandato continua caindo à medida que o tempo passa. Engraçado que segundo mandato sempre costuma ter um pouco disso, né?

Como o Reddit é utilizado:
- 53,2% dos usu√°rios do BeloHorizonte leem e comentam em todo o Reddit;
- 41,5% apenas leem o Reddit em geral;
- 2,9% leem e comentam apenas nos subreddits em português;
- 1,8% apenas leem o Reddit em português;
- 0,6% n√£o quiseram responder.
Apesar dos n√ļmeros entre pessoas que apenas falam portugu√™s ter aumentado em rela√ß√£o √† √ļltima pesquisa, a diferen√ßa n√£o √© muito grande. O perfil do Reddit continua mais ou menos o mesmo.

Aprovação das notícias postadas:
Pesquisa 1ª 2ª 3ª 4ª
Gosta 48,6% 43% 62,5% 60,8%
Gosta, mas quer mais fontes 40,5% 42% 27,8% 21,1%
N√£o quis responder N/A 8% 6% 12,9%
N√£o gosta 10,8% 3% 0,9% 2,3%
Outros N/A 4% 3% 3%
Agora que o subreddit está muito maior, estou precisando postar muito menos notícias para movimentar a comunidade, então isso vai se democratizar cada vez mais e logo logo. Enquanto isso, tenho postado um baixo volume de notícias mais gerais.

Maiores demandas de conte√ļdo:
Pesquisa 1ª 2ª 3ª 4ª
Notícias 16,2% 51,5% 65,3% 69%
Memes 37,8% 54,6% 57,9% 60,2%
Fotos 35,1% 59,8% 57,4% 61,4%
AMAs 54,1% 51,5% 53,2% 60,2%
Vídeos 21,6% 39,2% 36,6% 40,4%
As notícias tornaram-se cada vez mais demandadas no subreddit desde o início, o que é bem bacana. Impressionante ter ido de 16,2% pra 69%. Já as outras áreas de interesse continuam basicamente as mesmas.

Maior problema da cidade:
Pesquisa 1ª 2ª 3ª 4ª
Transporte p√ļblico 37,8% 47% 37,5% 46,8%
Educa√ß√£o p√ļblica 24,3% 11% 11,1% 7,6%
Seguran√ßa p√ļblica 10,8% 16% 11,1% 8,2%
N√£o quis responder N/A 6% 9,3% 9,9%
Tr√Ęnsito 10,8% 10% 7,4% 11,1%
Imóveis desocupados N/A 2% 6,5% 4,7%
Sa√ļde p√ļblica N/A N/A N/A 5,8%
Outros N/A N/A 5% 5,4%
O transporte p√ļblico continua sendo o motivo de maior frustra√ß√£o do belohorizontino. O tr√Ęnsito tamb√©m ganha for√ßa.

Como chegou aqui?
Pesquisa 1ª 2ª 3ª 4ª
Buscou o nome 62,2% 50,5% 45,8% 48,5%
Reddit sugeriu por localização N/A 24,2% 30,1% 31,6%
Publicidade em outros subs 10,8% 11,1% 10,3% 5,3%
MultiReddit BR 13,5% 8,1% 9,3% 7,6%
Indicação 5,4% 1% 2,9% 4,1%
Outros 2,7% 2% 2% 2,4%
Avaliação da moderação:
Pesquisa 1ª 2ª 3ª 4ª
Boa 43,2% 45,9% 48,1% 52,6%
√ďtima 40,5% 36,7% 37,5% 30,4%
Na média 13,5% 16,3% 13,4% 15,2%
Ruim 0% 0% 0,5% 1,2%
Péssima 2,7% 1% 0,5% 0,6%
Fico feliz que continuem avaliando bem a moderação, significa que estamos fazendo um bom trabalho ao organizá-la! :) mas nunca deixem de sugerir coisas novas e ideias para o subreddit.

Maior ponto turístico (5 maiores):
Pesquisa 2ª 3ª 4ª
Lagoa da Pampulha 34% 42,1% 30,4%
Mercado Central 21% 19,4% 21,1%
Praça da Liberdade 19% 19,4% 25,7%
Praça do Papa 7% 6% 6,4%
Parque Municipal 0% 3,2% 1,2%
Rua Sapucaí 2% 1,9% 4,1%
Enquanto o Parque Municipal continua perdendo popularidade, a rua Sapuca√≠ continua chamando a aten√ß√£o da galera. A Pampulha perdeu bastante espa√ßo para a Pra√ßa da Liberdade e para o Mercado Central, que continuam sendo ic√īnicos.
Por fim, 40,6% das pessoas que responderam disseram que iriam a um meetup mineiro, ent√£o vamos movimentar isso a√≠ depois que essa onda de √īmicron passar!
Peço desculpas pela demora para finalizar a pesquisa esse ano, mas realmente tenho muito menos tempo para o subreddit do que costumava, então tive que fazer tudo de forma mais lenta. Espero que tenham gostado dos resultados!
Quem sabe com uns 50 mil inscritos já não fazemos a próxima. :)
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2022.01.25 13:14 and_a_side_of_fries task failed successfully

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2022.01.25 13:14 Professional-Grab-57 petition to have someone make an official garlic bread emoji??? (or even a cake with ace colors)

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2022.01.25 13:14 littlekalle [PS4]H:AAE90 GP.W:be 3* legacy dragon and add

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2022.01.25 13:14 broken-neurons Met apologises to woman for ‚Äėsexist, derogatory‚Äô language in strip-search

Met apologises to woman for ‚Äėsexist, derogatory‚Äô language in strip-search submitted by broken-neurons to Feminism [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 13:14 bachelormindset Property in Arizona - Rent vs. Buy

Hi all, I'm new to Arizona for a job making 70k/year base. I'm currently in a two bedroom apartment paying just over $1,500/ mo which from what I'm hearing is a good price for my area.
I have not lived in Arizona long enough to know what the values of property are like in Phoenix, prices seem high but at the same time they could keep going up, but at the same time prices nationally are high everywhere and I'm worried about buying into a potential crash.
For those of you who have lived in Arizona for a period longer than I have (less than a year), do you think prices are over valued and where do you see the housing market into the future?
I'm in no rush to buy immediately since I've just started out but it is something on my radar if I find the right property. I'm looking at a townhouse or condo to start out since I'm single without kids.
submitted by bachelormindset to arizona [link] [comments]