[WP] You're a mage that was a programmer in his previous life. You tried to revolutionize magic by making it programmable, but instead you accidently created magical "viruses". Now you're a famous traveler known to be the only one capable of fixing what people can only call "curses."

2022.01.21 14:56 venator82 [WP] You're a mage that was a programmer in his previous life. You tried to revolutionize magic by making it programmable, but instead you accidently created magical "viruses". Now you're a famous traveler known to be the only one capable of fixing what people can only call "curses."

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2022.01.21 14:56 MofuzillaTranslation Kanata's Sleepover Gang Reacts to Plum Wine (CUTE!) (Marine/Noel/Ayame/Flare)【Hololive】

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2022.01.21 14:56 tobor31 Boba shooting the bikers from above (ep 4)

I just rewatched the scene. Almost all blasts hit the sand below the speeders (also the missile) and just propel the guys up. I suppose showing bodies splattering in all directions would be outside Disney's standards, but it's stranbe Boba can't shoot a moving target from above in his Firespray.
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2022.01.21 14:56 WagerTalk Free Sports Picks | WagerTalk Today | NBA Picks | NFL Playoff Prop Bets | Jan 21

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2022.01.21 14:56 EmptyStar12 Finally worked dup the courage to challenge The Arena today!! cleared with no continues and got a Py!

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2022.01.21 14:56 HuggyWuggyX3UWUOWO Porcelain Lissandra and Cassiopeia

The way she took Cassie’s symbol and no one is talking about it-deceased
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2022.01.21 14:56 KingDiamond2000 Top Ethereum Rival Could Become the ‘Visa’ of Crypto Assets, According to Bank of America Analyst

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2022.01.21 14:56 illusive_cosmos Hello back again because this sub is really helpful. Any advice on how to make this piece less 2D if you get what I mean or just any advice at all. it feels flat and it’s part of my GCSE course so I want it to be perfect. Any advice appreciated. Thanks (^ν^)

Hello back again because this sub is really helpful. Any advice on how to make this piece less 2D if you get what I mean or just any advice at all. it feels flat and it’s part of my GCSE course so I want it to be perfect. Any advice appreciated. Thanks (^ν^) submitted by illusive_cosmos to Artadvice [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 14:56 jookco Muere - Muerte - Murio : Nuestras condolencias y afecto a la Familia Aylwin- Oyarzun, por el sensible fallecimiento de la Sra Leonor, a todas los reconocimientos a ella podemos agregar que siempre fue muy acogedora y nos dedicó palabras de aliento y consejo cómo en esta visita previa a la pandem...

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2022.01.21 14:56 SexySoulGoddess Pricing for 🍆 rating

I'm really new (Jan 2 was my opening date) so far I'm doing pretty well considering. 52 paid 31 ATM. I was asked about penis rating and I don't have a CLUE what to do or say. I definitely don't know how to price it (video vs text) I was told are different prices. Can someone please help. Ty in advance
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2022.01.21 14:56 hellooo923 W/F/L quickk

me: hal21
them: ltbs, other worldly potion, and 200k
View Poll
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2022.01.21 14:56 link24000 I'm playing touhou 1 and need tips, i can't even beat the first boss

Plz i want to play this game
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2022.01.21 14:56 Kutekin Let's make a list of everything positive with the club!

In the light of this difficult moment for OL, there is a lots of negativity going on. Lots of stuff could be criticizables with a reason, but hey, time to cheer ourselves up! After discussing with another fan and good friend of mine, I would like with your help to make a list of everything still good in this institution.
- First of all, the coach. Bosz may not be exempt of critics, but looking 10 years (a least) in the past, he is probably the best one we had. The results are not here (yet?), but damn this year I saw some lovely football from time to time.
-Secondly, some of the players we have. Paqueta and Guimares come immediatly to my mind of course. But let's not forget Caqueret, Emerson or even Boateng. I'm pretty sure the last one brings a lot of stability for our young defenders to build on.
-Linked to my last sentence, our academy still works really well. Diomandé, Lukeba and Gusto will probably be very good starting defenders in a couple years time. Caqueret and Aouar are already in the 11. Cherky, even if he still needs to learn a few tricks, is a raw talent.
-Our infrastructure: we own our stadium, training camp, all those assets are definitely a plus!
-The regional integration. We are already linked to Bourg-en-Bresse and Villefranche, and young players come from all around the place to play for OL. In the light of the new regulation regarding loans, I wouldn't be surprised to see new partnerships with well performing regional clubs like Lyon-Duchère, Limonest and Chasselay (our unofficial retirment home) being set up.
-And to conclude, the economical partners: Emirates, Adidas, Deliveroo. That's some big names bringing some big money every year in the bank!
Anyway, what would you like to add to the list?
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2022.01.21 14:56 Subsim-meta-ssi What is the best way to play music in the world?

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2022.01.21 14:56 phaselinear27 Cinthie Vinyl House DJ Set From DJ Mag HQ

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2022.01.21 14:56 Wild_Carpet_7005 Want to trade ravencoin for PayPal

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2022.01.21 14:56 Jgrupe I'm a Deliveryman for Monsters - The Hostile Takeover.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Have you ever irrationally worried that a family member might be dead? It doesn’t help when they don’t pick up their phone and no matter how fast you drive to see if they’re alright, you hit nothing but red lights the whole way across town.
That was the predicament I was in as I raced towards the casino in my shit-box car to check on my grandmother. There was nothing but gridlock and constant stop-and-go as I white-knuckled the steering wheel and grit my teeth in anxious desperation.
A bunch of assholes from the secret society known as the Subterraneans had just tried to kill me again and had thrown me in the swamp with cinder blocks chained to my ankles only minutes before. I was still soaking wet from the experience, and grateful to the creature who had saved my life.
The Subterraneans had told me they were going to see my grandma next to put the hurt on her. Not only that, but our boss at the delivery company had apparently given us up to them. And, by the sounds of it, for about the price of a personal pan pizza. That’s how much we were worth to him. How much he thought of our lives.
It made me wonder why he hated us so much and what other secrets my grandma knew that she wasn’t telling me. Muriel seemed to know a lot more about Doc and the history of the town than I did and I could tell he didn’t like that she’d been working with me lately.
“Come on, come on,” I urged my old crappy car on as it fought up a steep hill, the RPMs heading dangerously into the red. Smoke was beginning to billow from under the hood but I didn’t care - the casino was just around the corner.
I pulled into the lot and skidded to a stop in front of the entrance, ignoring the cries of protest from the security guards who told me that the sidewalk was not a parking spot. They also yelled something about the dress code not including kelp.
My shoes left wet spots on the carpet as I made my way through the foyer. Luckily the woman checking IDs at the turnstile appeared to be around ninety years old and her coke-bottle glasses made me fairly confident she wouldn’t turn me away for my appearance. She didn’t let me down and waved me straight through. Several passersby gave me odd looks as I squished and squashed through the foyer in my water-logged shoes.
I ran up the escalator and found my grandma at the no-limit Texas Hold'em poker table, just where I’d expected. She had a very large stack of chips in front of her and was chewing a toothpick menacingly. Also, for some reason she was wearing a leather jacket and an eye patch.
When I sat down, she did a double-take.
“Jay, what are you doing here,” she whispered. “These people think I’m a fucking war criminal. They can’t know I'm a grandmother! Do you see how much money I’m making here?”
The gangsters across the table began speaking rapidly back and forth in what sounded like maybe Korean. Then they raised a substantial sum of chips. My grandma sighed and tossed her cards in.
"See that? You threw off my whole strategy…. I told them I was related to Kim."
“I can see that. It’s just... Wait, like Jong Il? Nevermind. We might need to run. Like now.”
"And why would that be," she asked, raising an eyebrow.
"Well, it turns out that Doc might have given us up to the Subterraneans. They just tried to drown me in the swamp. Not that you asked why I'm so wet."
"I'm just glad you're alright, Jay. How is Swampy by the way?"
"He's getting free deliveries for life now after saving me, so he's great. Now can we please, please run away?"
She started playing another hand, ignoring me. I saw her lift up the cards revealing a two-seven off-suit. Not good cards. The worst, in fact.
"Grandma, we have to go!"
She raised a substantial amount and the gangsters at the other end of the table raised her back even more. She went all in. They folded. A massive stack of chips was pushed in her direction by the dealer.
"You know what the Subterraneans are most afraid of, Jay?"
Looking around, I saw more than a few robed figures getting to their feet from various tables and slot machines where they had been sitting.
"Uh, not really… Shit, grandma, we gotta go. They're here."
I was so scared I didn't even let her finish her thought, I'd realize later on. But she just calmly replied.
“Alright, let me cash out at least.”
She rapidly stacked her chips up and put them into a tray which a casino employee brought over without being asked.
“Sorry you’re leaving so soon, Muriel. Please come back anytime,” she said to my grandma politely.
“Thanks. Listen, is there a back exit out of this place?”
“Of course, just that way.”
She pointed us over towards the kitchen area and my grandma nodded discreetly. Then she handed the woman a black chip. After a moment’s hesitation, she handed her ten more. The woman looked shocked and I took a quick glance to see they were labeled as $50 chips.
“I’ll give you another stack twice that big if you can stall those robed assholes,” she said. "Tell them they have to remove their hoods in the casino. For security reasons."
With that, we hurried over to the teller and my grandma cashed out her stack in record time. I looked over my shoulder to see several security guards hassling the group of hooded men about their attire.
“We have a deal with the owner! We don’t have to show our faces! It’s part of our whole thing. We live underground, worshipping giant millipedes… The Subterraneans. You must have heard of us - are you new around here?”
Their voices faded in the distance as we ran. I looked back to see the North Korean gangsters were also getting up from the table, preparing to chase after us. But then their leader dissuaded them, shaking his head. I could tell by their faces they were not happy with my grandma, though.
"That distraction won't last long. As soon as they notice we're gone they'll be after us," my grandma yelled, running a step ahead of me. "Come on, I've got a plan."
We got back out to the parking lot and found my car was surrounded by the figures in robes. They were milling about in a large group, waiting for us.
"Perfect," my grandma said, smiling. "We've got them right where we want them."
"Really? Because it kinda seems like we're screwed right now."
She pulled out her cell phone and punched in a number. Then she spoke rapidly to the person on the other end. I realized a moment later that it was Doc.
“You’ve got ten minutes to get to the casino, asshole,” she spit into the phone angrily. “If you’re not here by then, the whole town is gonna hear your secret. I’ll see to that myself.”
I heard him mutter something in agreement on the other end of the line. Then he hung up.
She immediately dialed another number as we kept our eyes on the car surrounded by hooded Subterraneans. They hadn’t spotted us yet, but it was only a matter of time.
"Gladys," she said when someone picked up. "It's time for a change of ownership. Yup, just like we talked about. Get the crew together... The casino parking lot... Yep, just like we planned... Good. See you soon. Thanks."
With all of her phone calls made, Muriel took a deep breath and grabbed my shoulder.
“Okay, it’s time. This is gonna seem a little nutty at first, but just go with it, okay? Trust me, I know what I’m doing. You could say I’m a bit cat-like when it comes to these sorts of things. I always land on my feet. And since you’re my grandson, you’ve got those same instincts, and just as many extra lives.”
She pulled two vermillion-coloured robes from her oversized purse and handed me one of them.
"I already killed two of them earlier today. It's a good thing blood matches their color scheme. Now put that on. Quickly, Jay, quickly."
“Holy shit,” I said quietly, putting the robe on while she did the same. Then she began to hurry away, heading straight towards the group of Subterraneans, dressed just like them now.
Running after her, I tried to catch up, but wasn’t quite able to. By the time I got to her, she was already in the midst of them. She acted like an old friend, putting her arms around two of the hooded men and laughing, pretending to be deep in conversation with them.
It took at least a minute for them to realize what was happening, she was so persuasive, and by that time the North Korean gangsters were approaching us with guns drawn.
“Whoa, easy guys,” my grandma said, pulling down her hood and raising her hands in the air. I followed suit.
“Give us the money,” said one of the gangsters in a white suit with a red tie. He was slim and tall, looking like he could probably kick some serious ass.
“I would, but I already gave it to my friend there,” Muriel said, stepping away from the Subterraneans and pointing at one of them whose pocket was now overflowing with cash. She had done a quick reverse-pickpocket on the man, I realized, stuffing his pocket with the North Koreans' cash.
The Subterraneans looked at each other and then looked at the money. If there’s one thing those guys love more than secrecy and living underground wearing robes, it’s money.
They shook their heads in unison, wordlessly refusing. Then they pulled knives from their robes and began to move towards the North Korean gangsters.
“Aaaaand that's our cue to run,” my grandma said, and I followed after her as she bolted from the scene.
A gun-fight and quite a massive blood-bath ensued as the Subterraneans outnumbered the North Koreans but were outgunned. They made the classic mistake of bringing a bunch of knives to a gunfight, but still managed to kill quite a few gangsters.
My grandma and I ran as fast as we could from the parking lot and found ourselves face-to-face with Doc just outside the perimeter of the place. He looked over our shoulders in awe, his jaw dropping further and further down with each passing second.
Dozens of cars pulled up one by one, over the following minutes, each one with a big antenna on top of their vehicles. Each one a delivery driver for Doc, the worst boss in the history of Hollow’s End, or maybe anywhere.
All of us watched as the fight wore on in the parking lot, the only remaining Subterraneans eventually retreating and escaping down a nearby tunnel. The North Korean gangsters had somehow been wiped out by them, due to their numbers and their uncanny abilities with their weapons. But quite a few had been killed. A dozen or so bodies were lying unmoving in the parking lot, blood pooling around them. Sirens could be heard approaching from the distance.
“Good, I’m glad you’re all here,” Muriel said once it was clear the fight was over. She stood on top of a nearby car so all the delivery drivers could hear. Doc was standing beneath her, looking scared, and trying desperately to slink away. Several large men and women were blocking his path, though, stopping his getaway.
“Thank you for coming. You’ve all seen how Doc has treated us poorly in the past. That’s part of the reason why I left this company, and all of you who I love so much. I came back recently out of retirement, to help my grandson, Jay, who I saw was being taken advantage of in much the same way I had seen Doc take advantage of all of you.”
There were murmurs of agreement from the crowd and Doc’s face turned a shade redder.
“Well, I’m afraid it’s gotten a lot worse than simply paying low wages and making us take dangerous jobs. Doc has actively been trying to kill us off! Trying to bring in new workers who he can take advantage of by murdering us, just like he's done before!”
Shouts of outrage and anger rang out and Doc began to protest, but he was quickly shouted into silence. I couldn't help but wonder who and what she meant by that. And then I suddenly remembered that my parents had been delivery drivers for Doc as well, before they had mysteriously died in a hit and run. Could that have been him as well?
“He tried to have me killed earlier today,” I said loudly. “And just now he did the same thing to Muriel! We barely got away.”
“I was at home the whole time!” Doc yelled. “I didn’t do anything!”
“Bullshit, you didn't have to leave your house. You never do. He sent me to die at the swamp. Set me up to get killed by the Subterraneans, they told me themselves. And they said you’d give them Muriel’s location next and here they are. Big coincidence, wouldn’t you say?”
“I’ve heard enough,” yelled one of the other delivery drivers and the rest of the crew shouted their agreement. “He’s been taking advantage of us for years! We don’t need him! I say we all quit his bullshit company and let Muriel take over! Who’s with me!?”
The cheering didn’t stop until the police arrived, at which time we happily handed Doc over into their custody. He was charged with conspiracy to commit murder and ended up convicted on two counts after several people from around town corroborated our story.
Some time has passed now, since all that happened.
These days, my grandma and I are running our own semi-successful delivery company - the only one of its kind in Hollow’s End. And the residents of this town are more than a little grateful for our services. Especially the ones who can't go out in the daylight. Even monsters need groceries, after all. Among other things.
All the drivers are making decent money nowadays and we refuse service to anybody who pays with empties or tries to have us killed. Subterraneans being at the very top of that list.
Frank is still trying to get away with his usual shenanigans and occasionally we have to deny him service for trying to abduct or eat delivery crew members. The Bimbli Brothers are still brewing mysterious substances in their basement. And the whole town is happy to know that the Subterraneans have been put in their place again and will hopefully stay away from town for a while.
However my grandma isn’t so sure. She doesn't trust that any of us are safe.
“When they get hit the hardest, that’s when they’re the most dangerous, Jay,” she told me the other night. “Years ago, we did the same thing. We thought we’d gotten rid of them entirely. But it turned out they were just hiding. Biding their time and waiting.”
I’ve been having trouble sleeping thinking about that.
There’s a sound outside my window now like movement in the shrubbery, and I’ve been hearing those sounds more and more lately. And every once in a while I think I see someone looking at me through my bedroom window. A dark, vaguely human shape in a hood, watching me. People in the darkness, observing me. Waiting for their time to take me, just like they've done before.
The scrape of a knife blade on glass squeals loudly, as if in agreement, and I look and see them again and know I’m not imagining things.
They’re watching me.
To take me back to the place beneath the forest. This time, for good.
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2022.01.21 14:56 1upKeyboards [Vendor] IN STOCK: Zlant 40% Acrylic Kits and ZlantXL 50% kits!

Looking to get in on some slanted action? The Zlant and ZlantXL kits are now in stock.
The Zlant is a QMK powered 4×12 grid 40% keyboard that offers a uniform-stagger ‘slanted’ take on 40% ortholinear mechanical keyboards like the Planck.
Both of these kits are available in limited quantities (20 units each) so don't miss out!
Check out our NEW Zlant Acrylic case kit here: https://1upkeyboards.com/shop/keyboard-kits/diy-40-kits/zlant-40-acrylic-keyboard-kit/
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Gallery: https://imgur.com/a/3f1L51b
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2022.01.21 14:56 StopItWithThis Now that I’m feeling good about the mechanics of my lx, new seat covers and tires!

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2022.01.21 14:56 ---fatal--- Website fixed

I just want you to know, that the website looks fixed now. I had issues for the last 3 days, but now it's loading the CSS files correctly.
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2022.01.21 14:56 GreywaterReed My favorite chapter so far

I’m listening to the audiobooks, and last night I had to leave the bed as I was laughing so hard picturing the scenes in ‘A Hell In Maderin’.
‘Now Jack gets an hour when the sky is clear
And Willow gets an hour when my father’s not near’
The singer singing over Tuon’s head try to ignore the staring
“Tell me good mistress, is it likely any of these people will start a fight any time soon?”
Michael Kramer does such a great job with Mat, that during this entire chapter I just kept imagining the look on Mat’s face.
Honestly, I couldn’t keep it together. 😂
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2022.01.21 14:56 Minoza362 First time baking an elaborate chocolate cake (it’s a French patisserie called Royal or Trianon)

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2022.01.21 14:56 Frosty_Emphasis_4688 Does anyone think the major reason you got into dental school is due to your personal statement?

If so do you mind sharing what you put there?
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2022.01.21 14:56 a_random_weeb_0718 Describe K-on with ONE word only

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2022.01.21 14:56 BRB1993 Weird taste in mouth after accidentally hitting head?

I recently hit my head (Last Sunday) pretty hard on a ceramic soap holder in my shower when bending over to pick up a bottle of shampoo I dropped. I felt fine after the incident, aside from a sore head. I didn't lose consciousness. The following day, I got this weird taste and smell in the back of my nose and mouth. It's hard to explain. It's kinda like when you have a really bad cold and you become so congested that you can taste and smell the mucus, almost like a salty kind of taste. It seems to go away when I go to bed, but comes back 10-15 minutes after getting out of bed. I've also noticed a pressure-like headache that seems to have developed around the same time. Sometimes, it feels like my head is being weighed down. It's mostly located at the front of my head, but it sometimes wraps around the back of my head. I truly thought I was developing a cold so I took some night-time cold tablets, but they didn't help. Pain killers seem to take the edge off though.
I've hit my head on many things in my life, not on purpose, mind you. I can't say if I've ever experienced something like this before. Google hasn't exactly helped and has left me with more questions than answers. I'm getting things ranging from concussions, to brain trauma, to cerebrospinal fluid leakage, to Covid-19, and so many other things.
The most logical thing would be to talk to my GP, which is what I'm planning to do when my Doctor is available. I thought I'd ask here to see if someone else may have experienced the same thing, or something similar, and potentially what is actually is. At least while I wait, that is.
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