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French Grip, American Grip, Finger Technique, and Ergonomics

2022.01.19 14:23 future_sport_pilot French Grip, American Grip, Finger Technique, and Ergonomics

Heya. So I'm a relatively new drummer, and I've been working lately on my finger technique for faster singles & doubles, etc. I'm noticing that in a more French grip, my control and speed is way better, and its also ergonomically more comfortable to me. I do have some preexisting wrist/arm nerve issues from some bad disks in my neck, so that doesn't help the situation.
When I try the same exercises using a more American grip, I feel it more in my wrist.
So my question is, would I be shooting myself in the foot by doubling down ( heh ) on practicing more with French grip and less so on American grip? Or is it really super important to master both?
I guess this is a really subjective question since ergonomics is highly technical, but wondering if anyone has a similar experience and can offer advice. Thanks!
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2022.01.19 14:23 amoledwatchfaces Dash Digital watch face ⌚ [300 promo codes for r/WearOS]

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2022.01.19 14:23 jestergoblin Messiah Complex is released today!

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2022.01.19 14:23 CelebBattleVoteBot Jennifer Lawrence Vs Olga Kurylenko

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2022.01.19 14:23 DripNeverDrown Best Durk leak out rn 🔥🔥 "dont need a stylist 100racks in dresser"

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2022.01.19 14:23 thisfilmkid What's the new Apple service fee? is it still $100? Or, they raised their price?

I plan to take my MacBook Pro - 2017 - Retina Display - 15inch to Apple for a free consultation. I want them to replace my topcase/battery. I'm refurbishing my MacBook to give it to my mother.
Also, a friend of mine told me about her recent Apple store experience where they waived the service fee.
Tips and advice appreciated! Thanks.
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2022.01.19 14:23 BloodcurdlingTramp hmm

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2022.01.19 14:23 tangleofcode Why does companies report Adjusted free cash flow?


In DSV's 2020 annual report, I see that they refer to the adjusted free cash flow quite a lot.
Their definition of it is this:

Free cash flow adjusted for net acquisition of subsidiaries and activities, lease liability repayments, special items and normalisation of working capital in subsidiaries and activities acquired.
I've quite new to accounting so I'm not used to seeing and adjusted FCF, and don't quite understand what it's for and why the company uses this rather than the regular FCF which in fact is higher than the adjusted FCF.
Does anyone know what the idea behind these adjusted FCF figures are, and what I should read into those? What does the adjusted FCF tell me?
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2022.01.19 14:23 Thomas_d_gingin Why would be this be impossible?

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2022.01.19 14:23 z3_r_000 fapping is pathetic.

have you ever wondered how do you look while fapping?
imagine it. you just lay on your bed and literally fuck your hand instead of doing something productive. it's even sounds weird. and in the end there's just you and cum on your stomach. you felt pleasure, but was it worth it? i don't think so. you have so much opportunities. you can learn something new, you can improve your skills, you can trivially try to meet girls in real life. but you keep fucking your hand every time when you have 30 minutes to spare. is it really what you wanted to be when you was a kid? and the main question: will you try to change it? I hope you will, because if you do, you will be proud of yourself.
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2022.01.19 14:23 lonelyboi_420 25 [M4F] Looking for someone to bond and build a relationship.

Hey everyone, and to you too my special lady, hope this reaches out to you. I have been waiting for you for a very very long time, please find this, I don't know your name or where you are from, but I am sure you exist somewhere out there, please find the post and find me.
Somethings about me, I am an working individual trying to help the community grow. I very much like gaming, drawing, and techie stuff. My relationships have been uneventful till now, like there have been none, so I get awkward around a bit, I am in introverted guy, but will always stand my ground if something goes side ways. There are lots of flaws in me, but I am working on them and have changed a lot since my early teens.
I want someone who is like me, I don't know if I have the capability to be loved or not, but I want to try, I want to feel what everyone else feels, a hug, warmth of a loved one, to care and to be cared. I have put my love and efforts into soo many friendships that turned out to be toxic, and sometimes I still think if it was me who was in the wrong.
Yeah, so here I am dating impaired guy looking for his soulmate, even tho my inner half is saying there isn't once, I just wanna prove that half wrong.
What's in it for you? You'll get unconditional love, support, your cheerleader, someone with whom you can vent and talk about anything, even if I have no idea, i'll help out however I can. People say that we need to change who we are for others, but why? isn't that the beautiful thing of us humans, everyone is unique and different, but I am not saying I won't change, what I mean is the core fundamentals that makes me unique won't be changed, but the things that matter to help us learn, improve and grow. I want us to grow into something beautiful.
All I ask from you is to be around my age and preferably from same city, if it's a long distance we might have to take things slower, but we will defiantly make this work, so yeah my lobby is open for my co-op partner, hit me up! :)
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2022.01.19 14:23 carelitata A sanctuary in Portugal

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2022.01.19 14:23 Dense_Excitement_789 In quantum of solace a worker can be seen sweeping air, this is because he has finished his job and is just trying to kill time until he's told he can clock off

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2022.01.19 14:23 Thepelicanstate Baptism Giving

We’ve been members of our church for 3 years. My children 11 and 7 are getting baptized.
We are planning on giving an extra giving to the church, but does anyone give the Rector a small gift too?
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2022.01.19 14:23 MoarBuilds New Pickups

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2022.01.19 14:23 Familiar_Audience655 Broken glass with a DIY rheinberg filters.

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2022.01.19 14:23 LA-FUNKSTER Whats the dumbest thing you’ve seen a student bring into a classroom?

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2022.01.19 14:23 thatonegamerplayFH4 Seats for old truck

I am working on fixing up a 67 C50 and I am looking for replacement seats that have 3 points already installed I know it is a long shot but if anyone has recommendations they would be greatly appreciated
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2022.01.19 14:23 aselitto Controller support?

I guess not?
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2022.01.19 14:23 EducationAlone1663 You can't tell me this doesn't look like the female version of rizzo

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2022.01.19 14:23 WedgieWriter69 Danielle Moinet/Summer Rae

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2022.01.19 14:23 44fk Does anyone know any way to order to UK from Cigarbid?

Or maybe an alternative with similar pricing? Thanks.
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2022.01.19 14:23 garryjason Amber Camille - The Girl Next Door

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2022.01.19 14:23 ExpertAccident Anxiety

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2022.01.19 14:23 the-littlest-mama-98 [IWantOut] 23F USA -> Costa Rica

I was supposed to live in Santa Teresa with one of the friends but we decided that wasn’t the best option & now I’m stuck finding my own place & transportation in Santa Teresa. I have a remote job that knows what I’m doing & doesn’t care.
How do I find a long term rental (let’s say 6 months to start) without using AirBnB. Everything left on the site is out of my price range on that but I don’t know how to surf the local real estate/rental market.
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