b9nak ysib3 b72kb atzhb y5t8t 3f96e 28da8 syn4z d5t5e z52fa 456h4 k98k5 d93fa 23ybr ffh49 nk4by 55kzb b8aai 6diyk iha6i sbt35 Here's my take on the Black Ops Juggernaut Abomination. What do you all think? |

Here's my take on the Black Ops Juggernaut Abomination. What do you all think?

2022.01.22 14:53 thebluerayxx Here's my take on the Black Ops Juggernaut Abomination. What do you all think?

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2022.01.22 14:53 davestofalldaves Party like its my birfday

Happy Birthday to Dave! Im 49 today (I know, SOOOOOOO old). Help me feel young again.
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2022.01.22 14:53 jawdroppingjack Suggestion For New Tesla Owners: if you have low profile tires, your 1st stop in your new car should be at a automotive shop that will warranty your tires.

I’ve had my Model 3 Performance for 6 months now and I’m already on my 3rd tire replacement, the latest courtesy of a wicked pot hole on the interstate. There are many automotive / tire shops that will warranty your current tires if the car is brand new. I always scoff at warranties because they seem too good to be true, but surprisingly it’s saved my ass around a thousand bucks so far.
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2022.01.22 14:53 DB762 Recommendation on a 9mm can for .350 legend?

Well with efile form4 being a thing now, I want a manufactured can for 9mm this would primarily be on a ruger american ranch or AR chambered in .350 legend but since its a 9mm can I would like to find one that I could use with a piston on my M9a3 on occasion.

Any suggestions?
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2022.01.22 14:53 bobbyUP-MKII Irina Dreyt

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2022.01.22 14:53 Silversurfer300 I agree with free exchange of ideas and NO CENSORSHIP WHATSOEVER. You are all free to argue lol I will stay out of it now🚀

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2022.01.22 14:53 theninetynine99 Desktop shortcut for narrow windowed chrome

Hi Everyone,
I use messages for web and I find it annoying to have a chat window that is super wide like the default minimum chrome width. I just wiped my computer and forgot to save the shortcut I had made after googling and now I can't figure out how to recreate it.
Basically I need a shortcut that opens chrome in the minimal window and allows me to make the window narrower than the default.
Any advice is appreciated thank you!
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2022.01.22 14:53 leao_louro Streak 147: Thích Nhất Hạnh

Idag dog en av de mest kända och inflytelserika buddistmunkarna av vår tid, Thích Nhất Hạnh, 95 år gammal. Han var en munk av den vietnamesiska Zentraditionen och tillbringade den största delen av sitt liv i Plum Village Klostret, i Frankrike, där han fick hans anseende som en klok lärare och medkännande munk och där han baserade hans aktivitet som en fredsaktivist.
Thích Nhất Hạnh fick hans ordination år 1951 i Vietnam och flyttade till USA tio år senare där han pluggade på Princeton och sedan undervisade på Columbia University. Under 1960-talet kritiserade han starkt det vietnamesiska kriget och på grund av detta fördömdes honom som en kommunist propagandist och var förbjuden från att komma in i Vietnam av Södra Vietnams regering. Under den tiden umgicks han med Martin Luther King (vilken senare nominerade honom för Nobelfredspriset) och inspirerade honom att börja sina egna antikrigprotester. Thích Nhất Hạnh flyttade sedan till Frankrike där han anförde den vietnamesiska buddistfredsföreningen och grundade den Unifierade Buddistkyrkan och, tio år senare, Plum Village Klostret. På grund av hans olagliga försök att rädda vietnamesiska krigflyktningar blev han bannlysad från att komma in i Vietnam av Norra Vietnams regering. Alla de här förbjudningarna gjorde så att han bara tillåtades att återvända till Vietnam en gång i 2005 och en sista gång i 2018 när hans hälsa försvagade drastikt.
Det är svårt att överskatta Thích Nhất Hạnhs bidrag till västerländsk buddism för hans undervisningarna har säkert nått alla vars intresse för denna religion väckts under de senasta 50 åren. Han skrev dryggt 130 böcker och gav hundratals dhammatal världen runt, vilka har påverkat tusantals liv. Bland hans elever hittas storföretagsägare, politiker, miljöaktivister och till och med präster från andra religioner.
Tack för allting Thích Nhất Hạnh.
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2022.01.22 14:53 criptolivros Empresa brasileira de aviação aceitará pagamentos em criptomoedas - AEROIN

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2022.01.22 14:53 TheRugbyEvangelist Cats callup 10 from Rugby HTX!

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2022.01.22 14:53 Nic7770 "Silver" ETFs are financial instruments, not silver. Here is why the difference matters.

ETFs are not silver. You do not own the underlying silver, or have any claim on it since you are not an authorized participant. They are a100% pure financial instruments with the word "silver" in it. FIAT IOUs of the rigged spot price.
Since the silver does not belong to you, you lose everything if your counter party (the ETF or its custodian/sub custodians) goes bust because they were running a fractional reserve scheme (using rehypothecated silver).
In addition to that, in a currency collapse scenario, the price of physical silver and spot completely diverge. Even if you do get some FIAT back for the now completely fake spot price, your FIAT will be stuck in the system (banking holidays, capital controls) and lose what little purchasing power it had left by the time you can get your hands on it.
Not to mention the vast majority of people do not even own their ETF shares. When you purchase through a broker, you do not own the shares, only an IOU from the broker. This allows the broker to turn around and resell the shares, or loan them to short sellers.
See this post for the whole notion or "beneficial ownership" (which essentially means you are not the legal owner, talk about a deceptive use of words) https://www.reddit.com/Wallstreetsilvecomments/necxxf/psa_you_do_not_own_the_shares_that_you_purchase/
It would be great if people finally recognized ETFs for what they are, are a price suppression mechanism to divert physical demand into paper.
On a final note, PSLV is a closed end fund, not an ETF. Even though you do not own the silver, you at least have a right to redeem physical assuming you have 100'000 units, and actually own the units (again, most people purchase through a broker and hence do not).
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2022.01.22 14:53 Ok_Shirt_1574 Total Drama Revenge Of The Island My Way

Bigger Badder Brutal-er:
Changes: Since the number of contestants was a bit lopsided I decided to add a Ridonculous Race member and the one I chose was Taylor.
Toxic Rats: Lightning, Scott, B, Dawn, Taylor, Dakota, Sam
Mutant Maggots: Jo, Brick, Cameron, Zoey, Mike, Anne Maria, Staci
Cameo: Owen- Same as canon.
Taylor replaces Staci for the Rats’ human ladder.
Staci constantly annoys the Mutant Maggots with her chatting instead of the Toxic Rats.
Winners: Toxic Rats- They actually completed the challenge but the Spa Hotel was still destroyed.
Bottom 2: Mike and Staci
Reason for Bottom 2: They both barely did anything the whole challenge.
Eliminated: 14th Staci- The others figured Mike was more useful as he did save Zoey while Staci just blathered on and on.
Staci: Cameron, Zoey, Jo, Mike, Anne Maria, Brick
Mike: Staci
Comment: Besides changing which team she was on, there was no purpose for Staci.
Truth Or Laser Shark:
Changes: Dawn and Taylor are paired up in the mad skills obstacle course; Taylor hardly pulls her weight and slows the team down and keeps acting like her team are freaks.
Cameron actually wins the challenge for his team by figuring out some calculations.
Scott doesn’t slow the team down by petting the rat as he knows he might be too blatant.
Lighting does not attack Sam for his “Winning isn’t everything” comment, he just glared at him and makes a confessional saying back home he was taught that winning was everything(This will be important later).
Winners: Mutant Maggots- Cameron made it to the mitt on purpose.
Bottom 2: Dakota and Taylor
Reason for Bottom 2: Taylor was annoying everyone while Dakota cost the challenge.
Eliminated: 13th Taylor- Sam convinced the others that while Dakota cost the challenge; she’s not being too spoiled like Taylor is. They agree because Taylor was annoying them.
Taylor: Lightning, Scott, Dakota, Sam, Dawn, B
Dakota: Taylor
Comment: I have more use for the original twelve characters. I only included Taylor to even out the teams and be fodder.
Ice Ice Baby:
Cameo: Eva- Her job is to throw the ice blocks down, she makes sure not to seriously hurt anyone though.
Dakota is grateful for what Sam did and decides to ally with him.
Scott does not mention reading B’s diary.
Winners: Mutant Maggots- Same as canon.
Bottom 2: B and Sam
Reason for Bottom 2: Sam was trapped in ice most of the time and B did not know what Scott did in this universe meanwhile B was framed for costing the challenge.
Eliminated: 12th B- Same as canon.
B: Scott, Dakota, Sam, Dawn
Sam: Lightning, B
Comment: B was perfect for elimination, I made some small changes but I think it worked out well.
Finders Creepers:
Cameo: Izzy- Same as canon.
Sam and Dakota talk about their interest more and Dakota soon begins to have feelings for Sam. Dakota gets caught in the web between Scott and Sam.
Winners: Toxic Rats- Same as canon but with Dakota.
Bottom 2: Jo and Brick
Reason for Bottom 2: Brick left the others behind but Jo was annoying.
Eliminated: No One- Jo ends up swapping teams due to being more rude than Brick.
Jo: Cameron, Zoey, Mike, Anne Maria, Brick
Brick: Jo
Comment: Jo swaps teams because I figured if Brock didn’t she would have and so I did just that.
Backstabbers Ahoy:
Cameo: Geoff and Bridgette- They’re both there to chin the water.
Jo and Brick still go up against each other in the race for the skis but they’re on the different teams than canon, Jo wins the race however.
Zoey is warming up to Dawn a bit but still thinks she’s a bit weird.
Zoey drives for the Maggots while Brick uses the gull cannon.
Jo uses the gull cannon instead of Scott and Lightning still drives.
Anne Maria gets angry when Zoey is hit with a seagull courtesy of Jo and accuses her of sabotage. Brick scolds Anne Maria for accusing such things and has Zoey rest while Cameron drives. Brick also found it strange how Mike was acting towards Zoey and Anne Maria.
Dawn suspects Scott may have had something to do with B’s elimination due to him spreading rumors about Jo stealing. Scott overheard Dawn’s confessional however.
Jo begins to ally with Lightning as she found him the strongest.
Winners: Mutant Maggots- With Brick and Cameron’s teamwork they were able to get the last gull.
Bottom 2: Scott and Dawn
Reason for Bottom 2: Dawn was framed for theft while Dawn suspected Scott of treason.
Eliminated: 11th Dawn- No one believed her side of the story as there was evidence in her bag. She tells Jo Scott accused her of the theft which makes Jo angry with Scott. Dawn tries to use an idol but it’s revealed to be fake, Scott doesn’t reveal it’s his though.
Dawn: Lightning, Scott, Jo, Dakota, Sam
Scott: Dawn
Comment: Dawn’s elimination was also very good, besides she’s too OP with her abilities so seeing her leave early was good.
Runaway Model:
Cameo: Lindsay- Same as canon except for the ending.
Scott fake cries to Zoey at how “betrayed” he felt when Dawn was revealed as the thief.
Jo questions Scott on why he thought he was the thief, Scott lies that it was because of her cutthroat attitude. Jo tells him she will forgive this blunder if he allies with her.
Dakota says to her team that stripes are the most trendy but they misunderstood her and used horizontal stripes. She apologized for the misunderstanding though.
Brick is annoyed with the love triangle going on and tells Anne Maria, Mike, and Zoey to get their acts together.
Winners: Mutant Maggots- Brock was able to overpower the yeti together and rescue Lindsay.
Bottom 2: Jo and Dakota
Reason for Bottom 2: Jo was annoying Sam and Dakota, and Dakota screwed up the fashion challenge.
Eliminated: 10th Dakota- While Sam failed to rescue Lindsay, Jo and Scott thought Dakota was the reason for all this trouble happening plus Lightning was on decent terms with Sam so they voted her out. Sam and Dakota do hook up though.
Dakota: Lightning, Scott, Jo
Jo: Dakota, Sam
After the elimination Brick and Scott swap teams.
Comment: I let Dakota get far enough so I eliminated her here.
A Mine Is A Terrible Thing To Waste:
Cameo: Ezekiel- He’s unaware about the bombs because he foolishly believes Chris when he says it’s safe.
The guys all seem to be on good terms which aggravates Jo.
Manitoba does not make a sexist comment.
Scott actually shows more concern about if Mike will be able to hold off the Mutant Gopher but is too scared to do anything.
Ezekiel gains a crush on Anne Maria and was brought here to guard the Chris statues(he doesn’t know about the bombs), he still gives her a Diamond.
Brick uses a rock to save the trio.
Zoey confides in Scott on how confusing Mike is when he flirts with Anne Maria.
Winners: Mutant Maggots- They gave Chris their statue first.
Bottom 2: Sam and Jo
Reason for Bottom 2: Jo was too cutthroat and Sam was slowing the team down in the challenge.
Eliminated: 9th/8th: Sam/Anne Maria- Jo convinces Lightning to vote off Sam for being so weak in the challenge, Anne Maria quits like in canon but still finds out the Diamond is fake.
Jo: Brick, Sam(Won Tiebreaker)
Sam: Lightning, Jo(Lost Tiebreaker)
Comment: Sam was lucky to get this far but I had to eliminate him.
The Treasure Island Of Dr. McLean:
Cameo: Gwen- Same as canon.
Jo and Brick are both trying to get Lightning to get rid of the other.
Winners: Mutant Maggots- Scott figured he’d probably lose the tiebreaker to Mike plus he didn’t find the statue yet so he told the truth and didn’t throw the challenge.
Bottom 2: Jo and Brick
Reason for Bottom 2: They hate each other.
Eliminated: No One- It was a reward challenge.
Grand Chef Auto:
Cameo: Duncan- Same as canon.
Scott revealed he has nothing against Mike for his disorder in the confessional but he blackmails him anyway.
Jo betrays Lightning like in canon and forces him to fend against Fang.
Zoey tells Mike that he has to clear things up with Anne Maria when they see her again given she was never aware of the disorder.
Winner: Scott- Same as canon.
Eliminated: 7th/6th: Brick/Mike(Secondary Hero)- Brick had to leave because Jo sabotaged him into getting last. And last place got eliminated.Same as canon for Mike but Scott acts less smug about it and explains he technically broke his word.
Comment: Mike did need to condone his actions more so I had Brick and Zoey call him out, either way he was still a sympathetic character but I had no more use for him.
Up Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon:
Cameo: Alejandro- He takes Heather’s role in stealing the money.
The invincibility statue was found.
Lightning, Zoey, and Cameron all agree to boot out Jo since she was as mean as Scott.
Winner: Cameron- Same as canon.
Bottom 2: Jo and Lightning
Reason for Bottom 2: They both hate each other.
Eliminated: 5th Lightning- Jo used the invincibility statue on herself causing Lightning to go home as he had the second most amount of votes.
Jo: Cameron, Lightning, Zoey
Lightning: Scott, Jo
Comment: Lightning was alright for what he was and did deserve to merge but the other four were more important so Lightning had to leave.
Eat, Puke, and Be Wary:
Jo and Scott constantly belittle and mock Zoey which pushes her to her breaking point.
Fang is the one that puts Scott in a body cast, not Zoey’s traps.
Winner: Zoey- She beat Jo to the finish line.
Eliminated: 4th Scott(Villain Of The Season)- He was eliminated due to injury, he had to take the Boat Of Losers so he wouldn’t drown, only Cameron bothered to see him off.
Comment: Scott’s karma was a bit too cruel in canon so I toned it down. I kept Jo over him because Jo was Cameron’s biggest rival before Lightning.
The Enchanted Franken Forest:
Jo mostly takes Lightning’s role for the episode except she’s much smarter.
Winner: Jo- She left Cameron and Zoey behind to win the challenge.
Bottom 2: Cameron and Zoey
Reason for Bottom 2: They were the only ones left.
Eliminated: 3rd Zoey(Secondary Hero Of The Season)- Jo wanted an easy win so she eliminated Zoey.
Comment: Zoey’s important to the plot next season so she can’t be a finalist this season.
Brains vs Brawn The Ultimate Showdown:
Jo’s father calls her on how the gym membership she wants costs a lot so she better win.
Everyone but Scott and Taylor are rooting for Cameron.
Larry injured Jo enough for Cameron to pin her down but it isn’t too serious.
Winner: Cameron(Hero Of The Season)- He pins Jo for three seconds while she’s down.
Runner Up: Jo(Secondary Villain Of The Season)
After the finale Cameron splits the money with everyone including Scott and Jo, while Scott is noticeably touched by this, Jo tries to hide how grateful she is.
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2022.01.22 14:53 SlickPine213640 Me as a anime character (but this time I gave it more detail)

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2022.01.22 14:53 Erik_battya Cruising down Oregon 🌲

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2022.01.22 14:53 alexstonks34 4th Dimension Creatures

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2022.01.22 14:53 EdThePro101 What's the worst song you've ever heard?

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2022.01.22 14:53 The_Alleycat From Clarinet to Sax - recommendations needed!

I have been playing the clarinet for 16 years now and as much as I love it, my heart has always been with the saxophone. So, I’ve finally decided to make the switch.
I have questions:
1) What is the best way to choose between an alto or tenor sax?
2) My budget is is fairly low at £550 max - what brands would you recommend that meet that price point?
Thanks all!
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2022.01.22 14:53 themagpiedreaming Took these photos last night. Those eyes are so interesting and beautiful!

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2022.01.22 14:53 Dazed8819 Can you please please help me Identify the Markings on the rear of my Pearl Necklace, also can Anyone Identify the type of Pearls on this Necklace???? Thx sooo much!!!

Can you please please help me Identify the Markings on the rear of my Pearl Necklace, also can Anyone Identify the type of Pearls on this Necklace???? Thx sooo much!!! submitted by Dazed8819 to jewelry [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 14:53 Impossible_Count_173 Didn't knew this sub existed!

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2022.01.22 14:53 barneyrubble82 Just bought a new board. Time to put this one to rest.

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2022.01.22 14:53 Killua3400 What historical event would you interfere with?

If you had to the power to alter the timeline.
View Poll
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2022.01.22 14:53 PremeFiendd Week 6 veg, got my light and stuff super late so that’s why it’s so small. Any tips? Trop punch Bx1

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2022.01.22 14:53 nohaxjustbee What to do after fermentation?

This is my first time experimenting with hooch. I got some grape juice and put in sugar and yeast. It is finished fermenting. I heard you can age it to improve flavor. How do I start the aging process. Do I cold crash it, then rack it then leave it in my closet for a year? Or just keep it in the exact same plastic bottle it has been in so far?
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2022.01.22 14:53 random_mecha64 I am going to buy the fast learner but what hat should i go with that fit the clothing

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