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Picked these up at the weekend. Hoping I can pull off and upscale some of the footage.

Up until age 10 I would cry, beg for her to stop, promise to never do whatever it was again, same as everyone else here has said. In fact, I'd start crying pretty early and would scream at the top of my lungs, hoping it would make her stop sooner. The mic picked up the (off camera) geese though. *** Saturday morning, first things, the start of the second full 7-day cycle of the new year, thus: ... I am going to assume this story is legit and share a short bit of video footage. While some people may not find blowing up an automobile to be a sophisticated response, in this particular ...

2022.01.24 11:25 GameTropolis Picked these up at the weekend. Hoping I can pull off and upscale some of the footage.

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2022.01.24 11:25 aarisee Challenge List Servers

does anybody know any smaller challenge list servers? Im in one and it's fun lol
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2022.01.24 11:25 MrMehheMrM Challenger hits truck and causes him to roll over. (Can’t tell if it’s an accident or on purpose)

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2022.01.24 11:25 ManifestOrion Some photos from last night

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2022.01.24 11:25 shit_poster9000 Sorry Ma’am, I don’t know shit about who did the utility marks…

So, about half a month ago I was instructed to check a sewer main, it’s a problem spot, yada yada, I get there and start working the cover with my pick.
While I am doing this, some random lady (with the friggin stereotypical haircut n all) walks up and begins ranting about the spray paint that marks the utilities (because of course this problem main is in the middle of a work zone, there’s gas lines marked everywhere) and how I need to “fix it” because “that’s illegal”.
I honestly was just ignoring her, but she did mention something about gang marking and paint being on her property, either way not my circus, and not my chimps in dresses. While fully removing the manhole lid, I turn and look at the lady and say “sorry I don’t work with them…” and without skipping a beat she starts bitching about how awful the sewer smells (yea dumbass I just opened the fuckin manhole) and that I need to “fix it right now” or she will “tell your boss” (as I am taking photos of the inside of said manhole… for my boss).
I just shrugged, sent my boss the photos he requested, and as I put the lid back the lady scurried off. She called the city to bitch, but by the time I got her odor complaint I already had it solved. So much for trying to waste my time lol.
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2022.01.24 11:25 ChromeSphexYT Fortnite will make you HATE your friends

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2022.01.24 11:25 BL4CKSTARCC Zoek de 5 verschillen

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2022.01.24 11:25 CaffeinatedPengu1n I think I mastered dota low ranks (going up / no smurf)

A little backstory, I started playing Dota by the end of 2013, by 2015 I stopped playing and started back around 2018. I play support at Archon-Legend levels, but have constantly gone up and down ranks, like MANY times. I have also been investigating how dota matchup works (how the player score affects and how players act and play). I am no smurf so it is not like I pick meepo and just take the match. I go up by playing the game despite of players skill etc.
By now I think I finally understood low ranks (from herald to crusader). To test it out, I went down until herald 4-5 beginning of this year, and almost now I am at guardian 3 in 15 days. This is all solo queueing, no teams nor smurfs.
If you need help getting out or if you feel you are stuck I am glad to help as much as I can. I also stream for those that want to chat about it. This is not smurf like progression, this is actual and realistic, taking into account the reality, and if you are not a smurf, do not feel down, it is actually extremely hard to get out of herald-guardian, after all, Dota is a teamgame.
If you want to see me play or want to ask questions I will be streaming this process on twitch. My Player Stats My Stream
This is a simple breakdown (things can vary a lot):
MAIN THING: !!! BE ACTIVE !!! - more on this later I can tell you that the most recurring theme are:

  1. Player does not understand dota and just wants kills
  2. Player does not follow his role (e.g. taking farm from cores, picking cores as supp, build order)
  3. Player does not understand items (REALLY common not to buy BKB -> makes no sense to me)
  4. Toxicity (I know it is Dota but trust me, this plays a lot)
Rank breakdown and key notes:
From Herald to lower Crusader there is almost never planning, players tend to get the heroes they want, not trying to see counters or how heroes play together (As both teams do it, most of the times it is not that bad).
In Herald to mid Guardian players also show no ability to adapt to the match, so they will get Torte de Lini's guide and follow that to the teeth. So it is very common to see PAs with 40min BF.
There is also little to no communication, meaning that you should always expect to be ganked because your team will most likely not communicate.
Specific to supports: very few will ward and they will almost always ward in the exact place, even after you deward. Also supports tend to rush their build and will many times not build support items. Specific to cores: MANY times they will not farm, they will try to rush to early fights or the opposite, they farm while the other team is going high ground. Specific to mid: passive midlaners, many will just farm and not be active, this enables the other team to open space for their carry and making later teamfights much more decisive as they can take t3 very rapidly. Specific to Tank/Initiators: I still do not understand why people tend to be against BKB, so very common for players to jump in to be automatically disabled and eliminated (mid guardian up it gets better). Tank that are too scared. Or the opposite, offlaners that will just dash under towers and shout no one was with them (very common to axe, bb and huskar players). Stop the medusa and morph combo, it almost never works, balance and plan the farming.
Lower ranks matches tend to go for very long as players will not push when they could. So late game heroes tend to do best, but at least one should be early to create the space necessary.
Herald -> This is the most random rank, it is very hard to predict and unfortunately, I was not able to get out of it with support (even though my main role is pos 5). Every match is basically a coin flip. So for this one carry or mid are advised. Heroes I suggest:
OD - The best one in my opinion, meteor will in most of the matches disrupt early game and make the other team flame at each other. Players will almost never adapt, so your combo will work super strong from early to mid game. Sniper - Sniper with shadow blade can cause a ton of damage. Players will almost never have dust and warding is very predictable. The plus side is that it is quite an easy hero to play with. PA - If you learn to farm well, PA is killer, as mentioned, matches tend to go late, and most players will not buy MKB. Silencer, Slark, Pudge, LC - These can be amazing as players are not so cautious in early kills, which tends to create huge bonuses as they only increase in time. Silencer and Slark tend to be easier, if you play safe early. Pudge and LC require more understanding and skill (especially with Pudge, you need to be able to hook). I did not put lion as I mentioned before I do not recommend playing supp and lion mid can work, but you then require a lot more skill and understanding.
Guardian -> low guardian, the previous still applies. For mid Guardian up, being supp is possble, but requires good/smart warding (it really changes teamfights and ganks). Stacks and lane control. You want to constantly harass the other player, if the matchup is too strong (so you cannot go too close), play safe and focus on stacking and consider ganking other lanes (but remember to communicate, don't just leave the lane). Also try to tank all the damage so your core can focus on farming. When possible deny creeps. Offlaners can play a big role in this rank, If you are able to open space and control their jungle, your core will many times get ultra kills from the abundant farm. I would suggest Axe, BB and huskar (don't play suicide huskar though).
This is where I encountered most smurfs (just accept those losses).
Crusader up -> I feel this is where people start talking, planning and strategizing. The main difference here is normally the application of those strategies. So the fundamentals will play a big part. Unfortunately, there is no easy way here on, you need to practice and learn as much as you can. Watching youtubers such as Gameleap will help a ton into understanding what is your role, what is your objective and what you need to be doing (remember, try to always be active).
I saved to end what most will see as obvious but trust me, this has shown to be a game changes. And this is the attitude. If you lose your lane it is ok, just communicate and plan something with your team. Try not to blame others, but also learn to listen, KOTL with dagon first item is not helpful. Also, just because you got a good K/D, it does not necessarily mean you are doing good, remember, you should be playing for your team to win and not for your K/D. And if possible, pls speak english, screaming in another language will do nothing of good.
If you want to see me play or want to ask questions I will be streaming this process on twitch. My Player Stats My Stream
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2022.01.24 11:25 greggawatt Best desks for Ham Radio?

I'm looking for a new desk for doing ham radio projects, does anyone have any that are particularly good?
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2022.01.24 11:25 32624647 If I'm creating a genetically engineered animal meant to be an autonomous worker drone in spaceships and space stations, should I bother giving it any senses beyond the usual 5? If so, what should they be?

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2022.01.24 11:25 Middle_Camp461 Will they drastically change the setlist for the European leg?

With a month between the end of the US tour and the start of the European tour, do you think they will significantly alter the setlist? Is this something they have done in the past?
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2022.01.24 11:25 joyjiman Mirko by me:)

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2022.01.24 11:25 haitianboy420 [O] DrunkenSlug invite x1

I have 1 Drunkenslug invite, if you'd like one leave a comment below and I'll PM you for your address. I've read the out wiki
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2022.01.24 11:25 Taytay314 burn from iron, how do I treat?Been using bros poring burn relief.

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2022.01.24 11:25 Rosetanic Reuploading the Trevor Jacob crash, in case he deletes the video.

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2022.01.24 11:25 Namr00 Daily essentials

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2022.01.24 11:25 disturbedone365 They need Lyle and his iconic belt buckle

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2022.01.24 11:25 Acceptable-Floor-265 Well I just got put in a 'redeployment' pool at work but basically I am being made redundant at some point

Literally got told this an hour ago, 2.5 hours ago now I have finished this in my break time(s). I have no idea of my end date since it appears they did not have this prepared in time to actually send it to me when we had the meeting. Which due to us having had so many meetings with large groups recently named exactly the same thing I was not even aware it was me, the area head, head of my department and some random HR person only and joined with audio muted as usual which sort of set the tone.
I am currently in a training session to gain my 3rd level 4+ qualification, through my job even, apparently one area on the comparison they did with 7 other people in my 'redundancy pool' was that I scored badly on skills. I know for a fact at least one of them has a level 3 as we work together a lot where I take on bits they cannot do. So this makes little sense to begin with.
Being as I have IT, accountancy, and soon Procurement qualifications this was surprising. I also was primary support for excel stuff too complicated for whoever had to do it, lead the introduction and then migration to another platform of timesheeting software, defacto procurement specialist, finance support (literally I ended up supporting a management accountant who is paid more than me and is lower qualified in it). Also did performance monitoring, compliance, audit for gov and EU.
Another thing that apparently went against me was needing a lot of supervision for someone in the role 4 years, odd that since I have received very little support from anyone on anything and I get on very well with my direct line manager. Infact yesterday I delivered a procurement policy for 4 x 8 figure programmes that she is working on, including scoring matrix, RFQ template, overall policy including all the standard H&S, TOMs requirements, Social Value etc to my line manager (who doesn't work on remotely the same stuff as me).
Also absences, I have a back issue which allegedly was taken into consideration and I was still over the average for the year... my absences consisted of back issues, covid jab reactions and flu when my kid went back to school. It was actually flagged for a review for going over a specific number and when we did this they said well there is no pattern, when we remove the covid reactions and back issues this is no problem anyway (government so this is required to be removed it seems). They said nothing is required and there is no problem.
Did I mention this is a £20k role? My son just got a job at Rowes pasty place which pays more than this.
Sort of hoping now that I get the redundancy as the redeployment thing seems a mess. Try and force me into a role I don't want and if I refuse then I could lose the money (about £5k by working through the policies around this).
I cannot even find a role similar to this that does not have a huge increase in pay in anywhere but where I am, I just wanted that extra weeks holiday I would get as of December. I have found another council offering this full remote and they are paying 28k-34k straight away, requiring I start the course I am already halfway through.
We have had 9% of the salary cut from the budget which has lost about 5-700 jobs now, apparently including mine.
I also am extremely suspicious that my role just lost its external funding and I am now apparently useless at it. Odd cos my annual reviews are all good. Seems really they wanted to eliminate the role but are not being truthful about it, the idea I am apparently now lacking skills and need lots of supervision is a surprising addition however, especially as the person leading that project left me a glowing review and had been told I was very good by her predecessor apparently.
I have requested any and all paperwork associated with this decision, not because I want to stay particularly but to find out what the fuck they based any of this on. Especially since neither of the people doing it were my line manager, who knows very little about what I do most of the time anyway.
Got a huge number of jobs already up and waiting for application should this have happened anyway, full remote has got a lot better so my chrome is full of tabs of jobs already, both windows.
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2022.01.24 11:25 JimmyTehF That time ROB ZOMBIE hosted a WCW WRESTLING show on MTV (it was weird)

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2022.01.24 11:25 thrw1876 Pierson Wodzynski Hot tikTok Video

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2022.01.24 11:25 AlternativePost_01 無料PCRに列 検査能力に不安「誰がなってもおかしくない」

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2022.01.24 11:25 AmphibianAmazing5323 18 UK hairy bottom looking for older daddy

Looking for someone genuine , someone that won't ghost instantly. Into long-term chatting and trading and maybe even meets. Will show face as well x Older the better x text me on here and see where it goes. I use snapchat btw :)
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2022.01.24 11:25 JumpLiftRepeat Ich🦁iel

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2022.01.24 11:25 giz-a-kiss Me_irl

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2022.01.24 11:25 HakmTheDream PauseChamp or O7

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