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Join the Suomi Onlyfans Discord Server!

2022.01.24 10:45 FancyExperience334 Join the Suomi Onlyfans Discord Server!

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2022.01.24 10:45 I_am_Rude Trip Review, Jan 17-23, Riviera

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2022.01.24 10:45 Local_Deliquent LF: Protean Kecleon // FT: 4-5IV Feebas w/ Mirror Coat (Oblivious or Adaptability Ability)

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2022.01.24 10:45 shadowpeach1 Stormfang - finished.

My latest hobby project. Playing it in Feb, hopefully looks good on the battlefield. Any tips of strategy with it, happy to hear. side weapons are magnetised so i can swap from missiles, melta, or boltguns.
Happy hobby everyone!
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2022.01.24 10:45 xmn666 What expression do people use instead of "say cheese!" in other languages?

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2022.01.24 10:45 IDeZarC Spider needs to only want Etheric Spiral

If Tangled shore is being removed and that material becoming inaccessible (as per the TWAB)
Spider until point of removal should only deal for Etheric Spiral to allow players to not waste a material they spent farming
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2022.01.24 10:45 Freshysh EverEarn Airdrop

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2022.01.24 10:45 Paydaynuts Charts All Day - my friends wrote and recorded a song about the crypto experience. They'd love for you to listen!

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2022.01.24 10:45 SeanicTH Carrot Fans Have Already Won

Carrot fans have already won. And some of them don’t even realize it….. And yes I’m talking about the chances she will be the next strawhat.
I have 4 points. Let’s get on with the facts.

  1. Of course we have to look at the positions for crewmates. We all know that each member needs a role so let’s not pretend like this isn’t of any importance. Carrot being a lookout is quite obvious….like extremely obvious. I know there are some arguments saying that Usopp or Sanji would make more sense but they’re canonically NOT the lookouts, so this argument is actually pointless. Regardless Carrot has been shown to be a scout since the VERY beginning of her introduction. She has also been shown in the crows nest of the Sunny a few times during whole cake, even Pedro Carrot’s mentor, whose will she will more likely carry on, was doing it. Some people try to say that she was only in the crows nest due to half the crew being there but this is a fallacy because when do you ever see a strawhat in the crows nest just looking out? I can’t recall a time that’s not a filler arc. Plus that’s like saying back then Jinbei only took the helm because half the crew was gone but look…now he’s the helmsman of the crew. So with all that said, Carrot being shown from the start to be a scout, her spending significant time in the crows nest as well as her mentor whose will she will carry on, and to top it all off the Lookout position just happens to be open…..ARE WE JUST GOING TO IGNORE THIS???? It would take a lot of effort to go out of your way to ignore this.
  2. Synergy with the crew. She has great synergy! She has a brother-sister relationship with chopper and honestly usually the strawhats view each other as family (Just like when Nami called Franky big brother). Luffy calls her by name which is a VERY rare occurrence. She seems to be very close to Nami as well, heck in the anime she even did a named combo attack with Nami! Yes I know that part is filler but the anime has been filling in the gaps in Wano for a while now such as the 1% man being Drake or Yamato hiding in the bushes. So I think it’s safe to assume that the animation studio may know a little more than us, especially considering that it was stated Oda was working closely with the anime. And to top it all off, she’s had tons of shots with the crew both in manga and even more with the anime.
  3. Standing out with her skills/abilities. So when I say "stand out" I mean from other minks. Let me explain. When we’re first introduced to minks one of the first ones we see is Carrot. Oda seems to really like to showcase what Carrot can do. She has an amazing jumping ability, can float, fights completely different from all of the minks in the form of claw gauntlets, and caught up to Diesel with ease after he stated how extremely fast he was, showing that she has great speed. She also showed that she could draw people with her own distinct style and also stated to be able to draw maps with precision. Now ask yourself why does Carrot have this much of a showcase if it doesn’t matter in the long run? Why isn’t someone like Wanda or Shishilian or any other mink for that matter given extra layers to their skills and abilities to be showcased? Usually people are just given a devil fruit and boom that’s it. This is something we really have to consider and shouldn’t be ignored.
  4. Sun and Moon symbolism. So it’s no secret that the Sun and Moon are important in One Piece. Jinbei has some ties to Sun symbolism with the Sun tattoo on his chest and the fact he used to be part of the Sun Pirates. They also as fishmen want to be equal under the same Sun as everyone else (I forgot the exact quote but it’s something like that). Now we can talk about Carrot being a symbol for the Moon. Not only do the Minks get their Sulong power from the moon but Carrot’s mentor Pedro also was on a crew called the Nox Pirates, Nox means night. Let’s also take note that Carrot more than likely has folklore ties to the Moon Bunny, I personally believe that the Strawhats will go to one of the moons eventually and it would be interesting to see what would happen to a mink if they go to the Moon and if Carrot goes it will be a pretty interesting match of how the folklore went (This part is just speculation though). But I digress, we have a form of Sun representation on the crew being Jinbei (a fishmen whose home is 10,000 meters below sea) so to balance it out maybe we can have Moon representation as well being Carrot (a mink whose home is OVER 10,000 meters above sea).
So that’s all I’ve got for now. I personally think that Carrot has a better chance than Momo, Tama, and yes even Yamato. Matter of fact I’d go as far even to say it’s darn near guaranteed she will join. I believe Carrot is a dark horse candidate for Strawhat as opposed to many others who think she doesn’t have a chance at all just because of recent lack of screen time. Which I will admit she hasn’t gotten much screen time CURRENTLY. But who is to say that won’t change? I mean we had to wait 10 years just to get Jinbei. Keep in mind that even though what we see currently of Carrot’s chances being a nakama may not be emotionally satisfying, it is definitely is logically satisfying. Carrot fans have already won...
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2022.01.24 10:45 Ler-Fro0 Tantot Twins

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2022.01.24 10:45 Accurate-Ad-307 Zoe Cristofoli 😍😍

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2022.01.24 10:45 CreepyRadish8855 i think i'm subconsciously keepin myself to stay single

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2022.01.24 10:45 kaghazdivari بزرگترین مرکز فروش دیوارپوش فومی در تهران

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2022.01.24 10:45 Repulsive_Artichoke8 http://archive.fast-edgar.com/20220119/A9L2722CK222OTZ2222T2ZZZKQQAU2U26242. 🤦

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2022.01.24 10:45 hunter1fish Lf (all shiny) zeraora tapu fini and Koko and shiny offers (legendarys are one for one) FT picture (the tapu Lele is a Chinese Cherish ball)

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2022.01.24 10:45 80MPA Goose emerging from the water

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2022.01.24 10:45 malak_oz Great RMA experience

I posted some pics of my CPU badly over heating, while being cooled by an M22 AIO.
After reaching out to NZXT, they helped me diagnose the issue and try to troubleshoot it. Once they’d determined that the unit was defective, they offered to replace it.
As I’m not in the US, they asked me to destroy my defective unit and record it. They then FEDEXed the replacement unit and I got it 7 days after I sent them the destruction video.
I’m really happy with the quick turnaround and professionalism of all the staff I’ve dealt with.
Thanks guys!
Now, please release the flow front panel for my h510 elite! 😃
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2022.01.24 10:45 throwawaybigbug My SO won’t reassure me

My(f/21) SO (m/21) basically refuses to reassure me. Today I asked him a silly question but it was still pretty tame. I asked him to rate me on his one view from a scale of one - ten. I didn’t need a ten. But I would’ve appreciated any nice saying. Instead he tells me to leave him alone. And say “why do women do this. I’m not arguing with you about this so if you can’t drop it, that’s on you” abs then proceeds to play his video game and then leaves to go to the bathroom. I’m sitting there unable to speak because I can’t believe he wouldn’t just say one nice thing about me. He never tells me I look nice or I’m beautiful on his own so asking once a blue moon shouldn’t be too much. I know it seems to minor compared to other things but it just hurts that I gave him an entire signal that I wanted to hear something nice and instead he shoves it in my face and makes it an issue then tries to act like I’m starting an argument. I have ti hold my tongue to prove him wrong.
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2022.01.24 10:45 REXn0r_ttv RFB slaps!

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2022.01.24 10:45 ProposalHuman7199 Why Do We Still Give Employers Two Weeks’ Notice?

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2022.01.24 10:45 Limp-Manufacturer-10 I (F22) need advice on how to deal with a creep (M50?)

So here's the story. I have been at my job for a year and a half. I really enjoy my job and the people I work with. A lot of the people I work with are about 20 years older than me, but great people! Except for the occasional creep. This guy is probably about 50+ and constantly oggles at my body. And when I say he stares at me, I don't mean he'll look over occasionally to look at me. I mean straight up STARES at me. Watches me like he's watching TV. It makes me feel like I show up to work in a bra and underwear. If there aren't any open seats left that are facing me, he will turn his chair around to watch me. Not even joking. It's sick. At one point I wondered if I was just seeing things, so I asked his "friend" (more like a guy he sits with at lunch) and he told me that this guy does this with young women all the time. He even has a daughter of his own! He's been reported to HR multiple times for sexual comments degrading the other women, but still his job stands. I started to go to HR about it myself, and a lot of the co-workers that like he actually stood up to him for me and started to talk him down! Soon other co-workers that I don't even talk to started complaining about him too. Everything was great! Until the hype died down and I noticed that he is STILL OGGLING AT MY BODY! I look up and he is staring straight at me with this gross grin on his face. I want to scream. I am leaving my job in a week and I would LOVE to set this creep straight so future young girls don't have to worry about him (since HR won't do shit) what should I do?
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2022.01.24 10:45 BzhizhkMard Why tensions with the West are driving Russians to get revaccinated

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2022.01.24 10:45 Rezio37 P4S | Galactic Streams | 4 physical locations (US,UK,DE,FR) | EverlyCDN | 4.00€/m | 44K Movies | 16K TV Shows | 10Gbps U/D | Local Storage | Automatic Requests

Welcome to 🚀 Galactic Streams 🚀
We offer a Plex Share with access to 4 physical server location (US, UK, DE, FR), that means with a share you will get access to all 4 servers, we are using EverlyCDN in order to offer the best streaming experience without any buffering, even in 4K, we don't oversell, we have a limited amount of spots available.
If you are not close to one of our physical locations our CDN and servers are capable of offering you the 4K streaming experience that we promise even in Canada or Australia.
Discord Link: https://discord.gg/acxSfFQzqb
Server locations: US - Virginia, US UK - London, UK DE - Falkenstein, DE FR - Gravelines, FR
📁Our Library: Movies - 42.000 TV Shows - 16.000 4K Movies - 2500 4K TV Shows - 600 Anime - 800
Pricing: 4.00€ first month, then 5.00€ /month.
Want to see more ? Join us.
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2022.01.24 10:45 Gra_ph Just a student with a lil bit of free time. What do you think?

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2022.01.24 10:45 MacabreMobius Tryna do awd donuts in my 325xi auto

It will break loose and start getting the tight perfect spin but it keeps the rpms below 3k so it's a super slow rotation. Is there a way to bypass this little safety feature? It will redline whipping the ass out in a corner but not in a donut.
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