Indian government provides over 162.73 cr COVID vaccine doses

2022.01.24 11:18 Opoyiss Indian government provides over 162.73 cr COVID vaccine doses

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2022.01.24 11:18 Ramroddd66 Legendary items: Hunter’s Hood.

Just asking as I can’t find any information online. Can the Hunters hood from Far Harbour have a legendary effect (without mods?)
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2022.01.24 11:18 Hopeful_Cheek_9803 Got dumped yesterday but i still tried to smile

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2022.01.24 11:18 daxidz "Calm before the storm" - New Cloud drawing!

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2022.01.24 11:18 ILikePixelArt How far does the awm torso kill?

From what I red in Wikipedia I assume it is 110 studs but I am not exactly sure
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2022.01.24 11:17 Which-Necessary-1655 Can any kind of surgery cause you to permanently lose weight?

I recently had a hernia repair surgery; before then, my weight fluctuated between 165 and 172. I'm 6 feet tall, by the way. It has been about a month since the surgery, and my weight has never gone above 165. I'm not the worst eater, but I'm not the best either so I expected to gain back the pounds(which I know isn't a lot). I'm not as hungry as I used to be, and recently I have been eating once or twice a day, depending on my hunger level. Is this permanent, or will I revert back eventually?
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2022.01.24 11:17 TastyCookiez_ I am one lucky guy

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2022.01.24 11:17 mainey34red Great Blue Heron by Mike Ramos. Noble Coyote. Chicago, IL

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2022.01.24 11:17 LChris24 The Burned Men, the Fire Witch and her Dragon (Spoilers Extended)

I don't necessarily believe this theory, but its an alternate explanation to the witch/dragon, the burned men started worshipping that I at least was thought worth mentioning.
The Burned Men, the Fire Witch and her Dragon Early on in AGoT we are introduced to the Burned Men who are feared by the other Vale Mountain Clans due to their practice of mortifying their own flesh:

Every clan in the Mountains of the Moon feared the Burned Men, who mortified their flesh with fire to prove their courage and (the others said) roasted babies at their feasts. And even the other Burned Men feared Timett, who had put out his own left eye with a white-hot knife when he reached the age of manhood. Tyrion gathered that it was more customary for a boy to burn off a nipple, a finger, or (if he was truly brave, or truly mad) an ear. Timett's fellow Burned Men were so awed by his choice of an eye that they promptly named him a red hand, which seemed to be some sort of a war chief. -AGOT, Tyrion VII
This is later expanded upon in TWOIAF:
Most of these clan names have some meaning, however obscure those meanings might be to us. The Black Ears take the ears of men they defeat in battle as trophies, we know. Amongst the Burned Men, a youth must give some part of his body to the fire to prove his courage before he can be deemed a man. This practice might have originated in the years after the Dance of the Dragons, some maesters believe, when an offshoot clan of the Painted Dogs were said to have worshipped a fire-witch in the mountains, sending their boys to bring her gifts and risk the flames of the dragon she commanded to prove their manhood. -TWOIAF, The Vale
Which due to Nettles/Sheepstealers' last known location, we have a very likely chance that it was them:
Sheepstealer had vanished with the girl Nettles, but was thought to be somewhere in Crackclaw Point or the Mountains of the Moon.
High in the mountains, the unthinkable happened one night as Ser Robert and his men huddled about their campfires. In the slopes above, a cave mouth was visible from the road, and a dozen men climbed up to see if it might offer them shelter from the wind. The bones scattered about the mouth of the cave might have given them pause, yet they pressed on…and roused a dragon. Sixteen men perished in the fight that followed, and threescore more suffered burns before the angry brown wyrm took wing and fled deeper into the mountains with “a ragged woman clinging to its back.” That was the last known sighting of Sheepstealer and his rider, Nettles, recorded in the annals of Westeros…though the wildlings of the mountains still tell tales of a “fire witch” who once dwelled in a hidden vale far from any road or village. One of the most savage of the mountain clan came to worship her, the storytellers say; youths would prove their courage by bringing gifts to her, and were only accounted men when they returned with burns to show that they had faced the dragon woman in her lair.
If interested: Nettles: Dragonseed?
From the passages available, I am 99.9% confident that is SheepstealeNettles. The one problem I have always had with it, is that outside of Sheepstealer breathing flame, Nettles isn't a "fire witch" (even though she is thought of as being a sorcerer by some).
so lets look at an (unlikely) alternate solution...
The Fire Witch isn't Nettles/Sheepstealer, but Alys Rivers and ???
Alys Rivers seemingly meets most of the criteria as well:
She also is the only character (besides Mel) who is seemingly referred to as a "fire witch":
Inside she found only Alys Rivers, the wet nurse and purported witch who had warmed Prince Aemond’s bed during his days at Harrenhal, and now claimed to be carrying his child. “I have the dragon’s bastard in me,” the woman said, as she stood naked in the godswood with one hand upon her swollen belly. “I can feel his fires licking at my womb.”
and sees "much and more" in the flames:
Who told you where to find me?
My lady. She saw you in a storm cloud, in a mountain pool at dusk, in the fire we lit to cook our suppers. She sees much and more, my Alys. -Fire and Blood, The Dying of the Dragons: Rhaenyra Triumphant
and the power to make glamours/shadowbabies:
Alys sent a captured loyalist to Darry as a messenger the following day. The survivor claimed that he had been cursed by Alys so that he would die if anyone laughed at his story. He said Alys had instructed him that any man who approached Harrenhal without submitting to its occupants would die. The man also insisted that he had seen a dragon inside. Despite Damon's assurance that no one would laugh at the messenger's story, an onlooker did so. The messenger then choked to death in moments, with some saying they had seen the imprints of a woman's fingers on his throat. Lord Unwin Peake disbelieved Damon when he spoke of dragons and magic, and the regents concluded they would need to gather a larger force to recapture Harrenhal. Their plans were interrupted by Winter Fever in 133 AC, however.
Now one of the main reasons that I don't believe this theory is that I don't think Alys Rivers has an actual dragon, but is just using a glamour on Caraxes corpse.
If interested: The Witch Queen of Harrenhal: Alys Rivers
If this theory were true, then the question of "what happened to Nettles/Sheepstealer" is created, which makes less sense imo. So similar to the Valyrian Dragonriders Destroyed Hardhome Thinking it was Braavos, I think its a cool theory, in which some details line up, but isn't actually true.
TLDR: There is an EXTREMELY small possibility that the dragon/witch seen in the Vale was Alys Rivers and her "dragon" (if she ever had one) instead of Nettles/Sheepstealer.
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2022.01.24 11:17 fornaciart [FOR HIRE] I'm open for character commissions! Special prices for valentine's day <3 check comments for more info

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2022.01.24 11:17 nickels5dimes10 The Pale Blue Dots - MMD (Demo)

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2022.01.24 11:17 HenryWong327 A Couple Larothan Herbs (A couple more in the context comment, as well as links to the previous pages)

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2022.01.24 11:17 shadowysky |~ 🎖[Recruting] 🎖~ | [23000] Trophies 🏆|🔮 [mythic 3 club ]🔮 | [Tag] #2GJPVL9JC | more into below⬇️

Hey there , If you'er an active detacted member we welcome you with open arms . Our club is highly active , though we are not as social as other clubs may be ,that doesnt change the fact that everyone is frindly with a hint of competitiveness We only have one key rule is that to secure your position in the club and potinotally get promoted is to use a minum of 6 tickets in club war
Club info if anyone is interested :
Name: arrow of seraph | Club tag : #2GJPVL9JC Min trophies:23000 Club leader: Sky
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2022.01.24 11:17 Shukran43 Friend trying to tell me iPad Pros are good screens..

If you magically enlarged an iPad Pro, how would it compare to good TVs? I find iPad Pro picture to be fantastic (2018,2020,2021) versions, but I also love my 4k local dimming tv. r646. I am wondering, how much a tv would cost that has the quality of an iPad? Say you were magically able to increase the screen size. Would it rival high end tvs? I know the iPad latest models have oled type panels with good brightness (600 nits)? and HDR capabilities, just not sure how it would compare to good tvs in my magical hypothetical situation.

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2022.01.24 11:17 Reddexzz Gathering of the Oracles RP

Gathering of the Oracles RP
As you stare into the vastness of the ocean, memories of your home Dravaughn flutter in. Your youthful years you spent training, growing, emerging…overcoming. You hear a screech in the distance that snaps you back to reality. As tighten your grip on your sword your grab your bags and head to the Docks….This is Oakvale…your Journey Begins.
Discord for more info
Mod list
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2022.01.24 11:17 Ninofz Vending spree trophy question

Hi, I have recently completed Foundation and I'm about to start AWE, before to make a step in the elevator, I would like to know if there is still a risk that the altered vending machines can stop spawning and if there is anything I can possibly do before such an event occurs
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2022.01.24 11:17 lisausa698 nice platform

This project is performing with nicely and very active to response. The team always trying to get success at cryptocurrency markets. Hopefully New year will be better. Best wishes for them.
#Blockx #digitalassets #finance $BCX #blockchain
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2022.01.24 11:17 throbdannway El Abuelo Cártel

Who are his allies? How is he able to withstand CJNG’s attempt to take over Tepalcatepec over the years?
I’m pretty sure he isn’t some big shot like Mencho is but surely he has strong ties with other big cartels.
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2022.01.24 11:17 Jghkc Day 1 down

I spent most of yesterday learning as much as I could about how to avoid a relapse.
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2022.01.24 11:17 DrZaxos WB Druddigon 3747 1489 9398

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2022.01.24 11:17 Ianeve33 Do K&N air filters actually do anything?

I was thinking of picking up a set of K&N air filters for my 08 g35. I heard somewhere that the stock air intake is already pretty good and a performance air filter would do the same thing as a cold air intake. Is it worth the investment?
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2022.01.24 11:17 mohentron She forgot how to bed

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2022.01.24 11:17 lzp578 Cal saying this to Maddy makes a lot of sense now that we got an episode about his life

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2022.01.24 11:17 XXXcharlie0108 3rd Playthrough Thoughts

I've just completed my 3rd full playtrhough of Part 2, I've got to say; whenever I finish the game, I'm exhausted mentally. It's not the sort of game that I would jump back into straight away.
The first game feels mainly, a father figure for a girl who has a massive weight on her shoulders and they must traverse this post apocalyptic world and build on their relationship along the way. Very clichè and quite a repetitive theme in the media world, this just has the darkness of a post apocalyptic world alongside it.
Part 2 seems to focus on grief, being fueled by anger and hatred, the conflicting mindsets, views and opinions of others. In my opinion it's more of a psychological game than a post apocalyptic story.
I genuinely love both games but I think part 2 wins, there's a lot more within the world, the conversations, the letters and the visual cues.
I do believe that the main "cure" for my views would be if the first game was made in 2020 instead, with the increase of graphics and attention to detail it would definitely win.
There is obviously things I dislike about part 2, mainly Ellie. I think if she was more self aware of her actions then maybe she wouldn't of gone so far and become visibly unhinged. I understand that watching your father figure get murdered right in front of you would definitely fuck up the majority of people, but killing every single one of Abbys friends (Seraphites and Tommy's kills included) makes me think. Abby killed 1 person, the man who killed her father which is fair. Joel should of died for that. He killed an innocent man who was planning on curing the infection, I dont care that he sees Ellie as a daughter. He killed an innocent man. Ellie then went on to kill the majority of Abbys friends.
I love Joel, who couldn't, he's the dad that I never had and probably some players feel the same too, but his actions brought on his downfall. He killed an innocent man who armed himself in the face of danger with a scalpel. If you have to shoot, shoot the leg, the foot, the arm, the hand. He's in the right place to recieve treatment. He didn't need to die.
I'm rambling but my point is.
Ellie = Bad Abby = Good Joel = Bad decision maker + dead
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2022.01.24 11:17 _minty_cats_ If you could have any superpower what would it be?

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