Careerist graduates are working already in 37 states!

2022.01.19 14:15 olesia_spitsyna Careerist graduates are working already in 37 states!

Careerist graduates are working already in 37 states!
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2022.01.19 14:15 JelliedSpark96 Yeah sure, the algorithm made it

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2022.01.19 14:15 j0epapa Free covid tests

Just a PSA but the gov is offering 4 free at home covid tests per household. I know it's been kind of tough to find any places in Athens lately.
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2022.01.19 14:15 bobsilver247 Silver Going Up Cause Of Short Squeeze Puts Pressure On #BOFA And What Wall Street Silver Is Up To

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2022.01.19 14:15 Pianoman1954 Happy New Year! 🎉"My Romance" is a piece I composed about love, in all it's beautiful forms! Please share Comments and Likes on YouTube, and Subscribe to my Classical Music compositions!...Peace!🎄🎼❤🎄

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2022.01.19 14:15 superboss42 trick

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2022.01.19 14:15 boinabbc 25 New Engineering jobs

Job Title Company Location Country Skills
Data Scientist/Machine Learning Engineer Luxoft Home Office Germany TensorFlow, Keras, Deep Learning
System Manager with Data Engineering skills to sha... Novo Nordisk Bagsværd Denmark Alteryx, Tableau, SQL
Data Engineer Advectas Växjö Sweden Machine Learning, SQL, Hadoop
Machine Learning Engineer ProFocus Remote Remote AWS, Machine Learning, ETL
Data Scientist/Machine Learning Engineer Luxoft Lavoro da casa Italy Spark, Deep Learning, NumPy
Data Engineer - Senior Level USAA Cripple Creek Remote SQL, Machine Learning, ETL
Data Engineer: Advanced Analytics IBM Bengaluru India Python, AWS, ETL
Data Engineer Luko 10178 Berlin Germany Machine Learning
Data Engineer, Amazon Studios, Amazon Studios Services LLC Remote Remote ETL, SQL, Scala
Confirmed Machine Learning Engineer Prose Paris (75) France BigQuery, Machine Learning, Pandas
[Senior Big Data Engineer LATAM ]( BairesDev Pilar
Research Internship - Machine Learning Engineer Meltwater Paris (75) France NLP
Especialista Data Engineer XP Inc. São Paulo Brazil Kafka, ETL, Spark
Big Data Engineer esprimo Torino Italy SQL
Data Engineer – Innovation Program Bosch Braga Portugal Spark
Machine Learning Engineer Integer Consulting Porto Portugal Spark, Kafka
Data Engineer Juvo bvba Antwerp Belgium AWS
Senior Software Engineer - Senior Data Engineer Capgemini San Francisco United States ETL, Spark, Python
Data Engineer Quantum Assurance International, Inc. Allen United States Python, SQL, ETL
Data Engineer, Technology Lead Infosys Tempe United States SQL, Java, Scala
Microsoft Data Engineer (Trabaja con Azure) VISEO - Spain 28016 Madrid Spain SQL, ETL
Lead Data Engineer Cmotions Schiphol Netherlands Machine Learning
Data Scientist & ML/AI Engineer - Remote Teramind Remote Remote Modeling, SQL, A/B Testing
Senior Software Engineer (Data Engineer) GRID eSports GmbH Home Office Germany SQL, Kafka, AWS
Machine Learning Engineer Remote Remote Python, Machine Learning, TensorFlow
Hey, here are 25 New Engineering jobs.
For more, check our Google sheet with more opportunities in Data Science and Machine Learning (updated each week) here
Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers!
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2022.01.19 14:15 AggravatingAppeal252 The days between scans and results

Hubby just came back from the CT scans he has every three months. Now we wait till Monday to find out if his new treatment is working. It makes me anxious and depressed and on edge every time, but even more so this time bc he had to switch. Difficult to concentrate on work, etc. Just needed to put it out there to folks who would understand. Family, friends, coworkers are empathetic, but... They can't begin to know how it feels.
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2022.01.19 14:15 porqupine_ Rescue labeled her Golden Retriever/Jack Russell 😂 -- help me ID the REAL mix! 14lb at ~13 weeks. Tail curls over completely on her back like a pug? ➰

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2022.01.19 14:15 I_HANG_NIG_gers69 I hang Nig*era ask me anything

I’ve been a executioner for 9 years in South Africa, I can hang a niG*er anyways there is to hang them, even upside down
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2022.01.19 14:15 Purplex114 Noen med erfaring som fengselsbetjent?

I det siste har jeg begynt å vurdere utdanning som fengselsbetjent. Har noen spørsmål rundt dette.
Er det vanskelig å komme inn? Er det vanskelig å få jobb etter utdanningen? Hva er en vanlig lønn?
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2022.01.19 14:15 mingnobee there, they're, their, why have 3 forms?
Now.. I understand how to use the 3 forms. ex. "They're going over there to get their bags."
If there was only one form, we would still understand the context, so why have 3 forms?
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2022.01.19 14:15 meth_blunts The revival will be stale and filled with overly political episodes that do not match the original

What more needs to be said.. Every rival since 2016 forward is like this, and even at its end King of the Hill was much too safe and soft in its style and message. The revival will be no exception, every episode will be political and aimed to please a specific side. I cringe to imagine Enrique becoming Latin X identifying or Joseph being a “proud Cis white male” MRA NRA activist in community college. Bobby will support BLM and burn down Strickland.. No no no, horrible idea is the revival.
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2022.01.19 14:15 LegendaryTrueman2280 #cpgeneral 1 month with my Custom Corsair build that CP built! Good work CP she’s been flawless!

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2022.01.19 14:15 feriou02 DMC5 has amazing gameplay and cutscenes that it captivated both me and my crush.

TL:DR; I started streaming DMC5 privately on a discord server we share and she got hooked on the story, saying over and over again how handsome V is. This is also the first game where I watched every single cutscene in full, even the second time! I love DMC.
So a two in one post here.
Migrated from DMC4, really impressed with Nero as I suck with Dante, still spent 200+ hours on it and just got the chance to play DMC5 two days ago. Oh boooooy, let's just say that I'm motivated to play it straight for several hours! It is surreal.
The cinematic is superb with details I can watch it again and again. Felt a tiny bit off about how all the crew aged but that's no biggie, everyone still looks charming. Might install DMC4 Nero mod for the second playthrough and that's the only thing I would like to change.
Combat has its depth and not too hard compared to 4. Max-acting is a lot easier and JC is more than doable! I'm so happy with this. I'm gonna clear bloody palace so many times with this game.
Now the second part, my crush.
Context: Situation is complicated but there's no awkwardness for both of us.
She is what one would call "quiet nerdy" girl. She has only played one pc game and that was an MMORPG almost 10 years ago, so not a gamer girl at all.
We have a private discord server we are both in but mostly it's just she and I. I usually talk about DMC4 and she saw I played a few times. She probably looking forward to DMC5 too since I said that I won't move up until I clear bloody palace with both Nero and Dante.
Now that I have been playing 5, she has been with me since the prologue. Every battle and cutscenes, we spent time experience it together and that makes me so blissful. She isn't well versed in English and I can roughly translate what was said but that's enough for her to get hooked. DMC5 is amazing!
Now I'm at the Cerberus mission with Dante and she is super excited to go through it with me to see Vergil tomorrow. I hype her up to some degree, though who could resist? it's Vergil we are talking about.
It's one thing that a game could make me this happy and it's even another level that said game lowkey wingman (wing-gaming?) my love interest lol.
Thanks for reading, I thought it might be a good idea to share my positive feeling here.
Stay Stylish, devil hunter!
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2022.01.19 14:15 Infamous_Ad_733 me podrian ayudar pidiendo una depilacion de huevos a mi amigo es que va empezando en su negocio y le estoy dando una mano

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2022.01.19 14:15 Foxzy-_- [Discussion] Could Resident evil 4 be ported to the vita?

Resident evil 4 could no doubt in my mind be ported to the vita with some what acceptable fps, but if the port imported some assets from the GameCube/Wii versions I think it could run using something similar to xash3d, but as of right now this is no open source resident evil 4 project (that I am aware of) but if it was made open source I think it could run on the vita pretty well. Now I’m not master programmer I’ve only dabbled in some python, C#, and lua so PLEASE don’t take my word as fact I just wanted to know other peoples opinions on this matter
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2022.01.19 14:15 N_Raged93 Mirage/Energy Subwoofer help

I have been very satisfied with my living room 5.1 home theater consisting of Mirage Omni 550 fronts, Omni 150 center, Omni 150 surrounds, and Omni S10 10" subwoofer. The bass from the S10 is smooth and deep, which is what I prefer rather than just loud and punchy.
Now I recently bought a used Energy Take Classic 5.1 system for my 9ftW x 10ftL den (was dirt cheap $100CAD) because I needed something really small that's wall-mountable. The 8" 200W (peak) ESW-8 subwoofer that comes with this system is by no surprise a bit underwhelming. After calibrated to blend with the sats, the sub does produce a bit of punch but does not go that deep for movie LFE effects.
So I've been looking to upgrade the sub - particularly to the Mirage Omni S8 or Energy S8.3 which should be around $100 on the used market. My Question is will the S8's be a noticeable upgrade from the ESW-8 in terms of LFE performance? Or should I go 10" with the S10/S10.3 to pair with these Take Classics? My wife probably won't be too happy if I stick a large sub like the S10 in the den lol.
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2022.01.19 14:15 bryscoon Dak Prescott is still a top 10 QB

Ik everyone is still upset about the lost but it’s only like 6 QBs better than Dak Prescott
Mahomes Brady Rodgers Allen & Herbert are for sure better
I think Dak is the best of the second tier Stafford has Mcvay & amazing scheme & Kupp so if you say he’s better I guess
Kyler & Lamar I think he’s better than those guys Lamar was awful this year & Kyler after his hot streak wasn’t good
Carr & Cousins I’d say he’s better than them Cousins it’s a reason why they want to move off him. Carr he’s better than Carr
So Dak is 7-8ish imo he’s more than capable of winning a SB
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2022.01.19 14:15 JRE003 All if Fair

Life is not Unfair, it gives everyone their Fair share of problems - Joel RED
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2022.01.19 14:15 crytoloover ETHEREUM JUST STARTED IT

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2022.01.19 14:15 Atieh99 Parental Control

Hello Good Evening. As we all know Parents face a difficult task in assessing the benefits and drawbacks of providing their children digital freedom while also establishing the parameters of that freedom. Most parents recognize that limiting their children's internet access may hinder their capacity to learn and develop. However, this also involves exposing youngsters to internet hazards and content that may be inappropriate for their age group. As a result, putting strong security software with parental controls on all devices can assist parents and their children in navigating the digital world. To do that on iOS we will need to follow some steps:
1- Go to this website and create AppleID for your child and make sure to set the age to be 13 or younger.
2- You will be asked to link your own AppleID so you can add your child to your family members on your account.
3- Once you are done, sign in with the AppleID you created on your child's device.
4- Now go to your device settings, scroll down to screen time, and click it.
5- Scroll down you will see your child's account under the family section.
6- Click on the child account you want to manage and scroll down till you see the set screen time password button and set a password.
7- Now you are all set. You can use all the features shown.
•Downtime: When you schedule downtime in Settings, only phone calls and apps that you choose to allow are available. Downtime applies to all your Screen Time-enabled devices, and you get a reminder five minutes before it starts. If you set a Screen Time passcode, Downtime includes an additional setting: Block at Downtime. When you choose this setting and you click Ask for More Time when Downtime starts, entering the passcode allows you to approve the app for 15 minutes, an hour, or all day. Child accounts can click One More Minute once or click Ask for More Time to send their request to the parent account for approval.
•Content & Privacy Restrictions: You decide the type of content that appears on your child’s device. Block inappropriate content, purchases, and downloads, and set your privacy settings.
•App Limits: You can set daily limits for app categories with App Limits. For example, you might want to see productivity apps while you're at work, but not social networking or games. App Limits refresh every day at midnight, and you can delete them any time.
To do this on an Android: 1- Create a google account and set age to 13 years or younger and you will be asked to link it to your own google account.
2-Download the Family link App from the google play store on your child’s device
3- Sign in with the account you created earlier.
4- Now you will have control over your child’s phone.
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2022.01.19 14:15 doctorinsecto Someone at Eli’s is owed child support by someone at Toast

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2022.01.19 14:15 astra_of_life Tradcons are as anti-men and hypocritical as feminists. Don't let them fool you.

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2022.01.19 14:15 Ali_bs_45702 Whats your favorite title track?

These are songs that have the same name as their albums so you're voting on songs and not the albums
View Poll
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