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Theory for Season 6

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2022.01.19 14:45 TheBlackSwarm Theory for Season 6

I have a feeling J will burn the Cody house down in Season 6 the same time we finally see Smurf kicking Julia out of the house in the flashbacks.
What do you think?
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2022.01.19 14:45 livingMavis The Lab Lemmings

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2022.01.19 14:45 sjane94 On Jinger’s post about Nana passing: “Anna is here. Wants to go home today.”???

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2022.01.19 14:45 AngryMinengeschoss What is this knife?

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2022.01.19 14:45 shinydragonairrr Can’t tell if my cat is being cute or being a jerk

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2022.01.19 14:45 MathematicianBrief76 🎮 CaptainFloki🎮 Play to Earn 🎮 Fair Launch In 15 Minutes 🎮 Rich advertisement campaigns 🎮 Actual and Realtime market data for 2600+ cryptocurrencies | kyc by interfi network | Audit by two auditors and certik soon| 💎

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2022.01.19 14:45 chasmoffaith What certificate, degree or class that you took under 1 or 2 years actually got you employed?

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2022.01.19 14:45 This-Breakfast9238 AEye welcomes Randolph Williams to TeamAEye! As VP of Commercial Vehicles, Randolph will work directly with global CV OEMs and over-the-road truck fleets alongside AEye’s Tier 1 partners, like Continental, to drive widespread global adoption of AEye’s 4Sight™ Intelligent Sensing Platform.

AEye welcomes Randolph Williams to TeamAEye! As VP of Commercial Vehicles, Randolph will work directly with global CV OEMs and over-the-road truck fleets alongside AEye’s Tier 1 partners, like Continental, to drive widespread global adoption of AEye’s 4Sight™ Intelligent Sensing Platform. submitted by This-Breakfast9238 to Aeye [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 14:45 Zealousideal-Apex Anyone have resources to show what it takes for profitability from FUBO?

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2022.01.19 14:45 Plantain_Wise [VERIFIED SELLER]TH14 WITH 2 HERO MAX AMD 1 PET MAX ... 3K GEMS ... 500 MEDALS.. DM TO BUY ONLY 110$

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2022.01.19 14:45 oilgasherb Doubtful

Haven't looked at jasmy since I sold out at .24 but damn I'm glad I did! Why has the bottom dropped out?
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2022.01.19 14:45 Linux-Is-Best You mad bro?

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2022.01.19 14:45 Enerla UCEPROTECT Level 3

Of course, my problem doesn't have to start with the level 3 listing. ISPs and ASN can legitimately achieve a bad reputation, and it can have legitimate consequences. And even the best antispam, antimalware, etc. can have both false positives and false negatives and can hit and hurt innocent people. It is true for both the harsher level 1 blacklist, and it is especially true about a level 3 blacklist that lists entire ASNs.
We have to accept it as part of our daily lives. Even if it can be beyond our control. Probably most of us have seen shared hosting, know both cPanel/WHM and Plesk servers often offer both web and mail hosting. And we have seen how even the best password policy can be defeated, some people will reuse a password, it can get leaked, and people can use relevant accounts for spamming.
Even if you limit mail volume for various clients (cPanel accounts) on an as "needed" basis, the largest clients, often with web stores, legitimate mailing lists, etc. are the ones with more employees, more e-mail addresses, and when such passwords are leaked they can create a bigger volume of spam. If you want to offer any kind of mail service for your shared hosting, even if it is only confirmation mails from webshops, it is a concern.
Often you get very few IPv4 addresses only and IPv6 adoption isn't perfect either.
But those who are responsible for judging others should be held accountable to a higher standard. It is like holding police accountable for their actions against more vulnerable, often innocent parties. while no one is perfect and we can ignore some problems even from security-related providers like UCEPROTECT once the amount and magnitude of problems reach a critical level they should be held accountable.
When I write this post the Contact Us page for UCEPROTECT Network says the following:

I know, at first, it looks like nothing bad. But let's consider two options:
  1. If what they say is true, then anyone can enter that e-mail address when signing up at web pages and the first verification mail will result in an instant blacklist. So they have a system that can be easily used for abuse.
  2. If what they say isn't true, then we have an issue with transparency and credibility here, why should we think any of their other communication is better.
Both can be a bit problematic. Not only because the first is a security issue that could target others. I find it highly unlikely that UCEPROTECT staff doesn't know why spam trap addresses should be best kept as a secret, as people can misuse them. If they know the potential for misuse and abuse and they would generate income from express delisting, so they have a financial incentive to keep it broken, that might look a bit problematic.
In the 2nd case, if we don't believe in automatic blacklisting, anyone can mention that "as you see UCEPROTECT lists some their spam traps nicely, I will sign up to your page with a few such e-mail addresses at the worst moment unless... this is why transparency and accountability would be important in their position. Even if it would affect very few people that part of the page, intentionally designed that way, has very little legitimate use, as spammers can learn and block that address quickly, but it is just flexing muscles at expense of others.
This problem is there for months and years. I am here in sysadmin we know well, that we can't have perfect systems, people can make mistakes, and the above issue at their contact page, even if it can have potential bad consequences, can be dismissed as a potentially innocent mistake.
Let's continue on that same contact page:
Threatening us with legal action is just ridiculous and will have the consequence that your message will be published by us as Cart00ney. Expect that to cause additional damage to your reputation, so think twice before playing the Cart00ney card.
Probably most of us know, that companies can be held responsible for the consequences of their mistakes. When you don't want to be held accountable that way, and you make such arrogant threats instead, that can look bad. Mostly because it shows you think you are automatically above the law, even if you make a mistake where you are legally responsible for the consequences.
We aren't the "perfect kind of people" free of flaws some well-known extremists have dreamed about. I am sure UCEPROTECT staff can identify with that kind of perfection, it is their decision. If someone feels they are so high above the law and everyone else, that it is ridiculous to think they can make mistakes and they can be (held) legally and morally responsible is ridiculous because their superior asses deserve a free pass to hurt others, that is a problem. It is a bigger problem when their core policies seem to be racist as well. And yes, that is the reason for referencing the ideology of some extremists earlier.
That is a problem where the earlier little issue on the contact page doesn't look like an innocent mistake anymore, but it looks like reckless and entitled behavior, and we can only guess where we can expect more problems coming from that attitude. So it is a time when we don't look for obscure form codes to report bugs to UCEPROTECT directly and secretly it is a time where they are no longer entitled to that kind of privacy. The problem with their system is visible and obvious anyway, so keeping it hush-hush and letting victims pay for their express services wouldn't be in the interest of innocent users.
If we have mentioned Cart00ney already, let's quote something from one of their responses displayed on the web page:
Sara, naming one a Scam Artist is a crime in Switzerland and also out there in the EU. If we were as emotional as you are and report you to our authorities, the handcuffs might click the next time you move your ass off the British Isles.
Here, I would agree to one degree, but I would also say, when UCEPROTECT accuses others of a crime either directly or indirectly, that is a very similar issue. So if your infallible perfect people made any such allegation, then we have another small issue, which is criminal in nature according to the UCEPROTECT staff itself.
Your IP ********** was NOT part of abusive action, but you are the one that has freely chosen your provider. By tolerating or ignoring that your provider doesn't care about abusers you are indirectly also supporting the global spam with your money.
Two statements, one about us, one about our ISP. One is in public to the clients of the ISP, and with an aim to hurt their business directly. The problem is: Both of their above statements are false. With any brainpower, any sysadmin would see why it is false. And I would be happier if IT security companies would be more willing to take responsibility for their actions, and less keen on committing crimes and being abusive.
At the beginning of my post, I have listed an all too typical scenario, where a small provider makes and hosts web pages for several clients, and at one client with somewhat higher mail traffic an e-mail password is leaked. It might hit a spam trap before it triggers any systems that would stop outgoing spam, or before any staff would reasonably wake up and see notification of unusual activity.
UCEPROTECT expects that the datacenter with the ASN should cut off such smaller providers, along with all users, because they are guilty by association unknownly. Not only to a client with a careless user, not only to the careless user herself but with the people who use the stolen password. I am sure most of the affected people are in essence victims.
So the datacenter, the owner of the ASN cares about abuse. But they also give their clients, often smaller providers a fair chance to disable the affected compromised account first. So the allegation by UCEPROTECT against our provider (the datacenter) is false. And as they said knowingly sending spam is a crime, accessory to that crime is still a crime... And falsely accusing someone of a crime is still a crime even if UCEPROTECT staff makes the false accusations. Too bad they don't want to be held responsible for it.
If they would demand inhumanly quick response to unreported, hard to predict issues, how come they haven't fixed their system yet?
Even with their abusive and criminal practices, we haven't reached my bigger problem yet. Let's quote a few things from their web page:
DTAG has about 34 million IP's and the majority of their customers are likely to be home users. In spite of this size you can nowadays see almost no spam from the DTAG address space. Let's see DTAG (ASN 3320) here.
Too bad that at the moment I have seen plenty of red address ranges, listed for SPAM. But I have also seen how they claim the majority of IPs are used for home users, and SMTP traffic directly from home users is almost always blocked. Shared hosting web servers, where there is a source of legitimate outgoing SMTP traffic is different.
The more such servers you have in a subnet, the fewer home users, workstations, compute nodes, etc. dilute that address space, the higher proportion of your IP range will be vulnerable to the problems I have described. Where many clients have to share an IP address in a shared hosting environment, it is a bigger issue. It is highly unlikely that they haven't ever noticed this, and they linked very problematic examples in their explanation. Again: they are either ignorant, incompetent, and arrogant, or dishonest and arrogant. Both the issue with their example and the bias in their metric is obvious.
As you see their system disproportionately targets areas where there are only a few (or only one) datacenters with good services, so the choice is limited, and as most datacenters don't have "home users" in ASNs linked, according to UCEPROTECT they would be guilty anyway. It is even worse where IPs are hard to get, so you cannot even assign their private IP for some bigger clients and places. The issues with lack of IPv4 addresses and poor IPv6 adoption is a well-known issue (and it affected the adoption of TLS too), because some countries and their providers came late to requests IPs, and it is a limited commodity.
If we have to live with these, but we need a datacenter we can reach, it looks like UCEPROTECT decided we are automatically guilty by an obviously biased metric. Maybe because we are born to the wrong regions, to the wrong countries according to UCEPROTECT if we are guilty because of this?
Of course, we can pay them protection money... But that can be harmful to people in relatively poor areas.
I can also say, that the right to due process is an essential and universal human right, even mass murderers have it. I am sure even if any of us would spammers just as much as mass murderers, or people who committed unspeakable crimes, it would mean even spammers would still have a right to due process. It is true for the people who were a bit careless with their password, it is also true for his or her employer. It is even more true for the other clients of the shared hosting provider. UCEPROTECT leverages its market share and strength to take away these rights from innocent people. I am sure knowingly leveraging their market strength or powers to knowingly and willingly / intentionally violate essential human rights of others with their arrogant and bullying attitude is a serious crime everywhere in the world.
Their entitled vigilantism hurts the essential human rights, and I don't want them to get targeted by other vigilantism, so it isn't up to us to hold them to any high standards in this area. It should be up to the authorities in their area.
But we should aim to learn from their mistakes, and understand: If we flex our e-muscles and accept to often hit innocent people and decide to flex our e-muscles even more because we don't want to take responsibility for bad decisions, that can escalate quickly.
Other DNSBL providers are just as good at catching individual IPs, and as the metrics for their Level 2 and Level 3 is biased, flawed and they have demonstrated both reckless and abusive behavior, and they claim other countries and even innocent parties should be destroyed for far smaller problems, I don't see any valid reason why UCEPROTECT should even remain in business. Even if the individual issues with UCEPROTECT can be seen as small, their combined magnitude raises to a level, where we can say abusive bullies should have no place in IT Security business.
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2022.01.19 14:45 elalexsantos where were you when widejoy is kill?

apolgy for bad english it is my first languagen’t
where were you when widejoy die?
i was at house eating dorito when phone ring
“widejoy is kil”
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2022.01.19 14:45 ClayDaddyScott What is this blue thing?

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2022.01.19 14:45 Visual_Coffee_8702 viszkok és osbáth norbi hogy tudtak ilyen jóban maradni?

a mostani podcast részből össze lehetett rakni, hogy azért mentek szét, mert Norbi "féltékeny" volt Fruzsi keresetére/sikereire. a szakításuk után vette Fruzsi a lakást még 4 éve, most meg nagy cimborák, utazgatnak, együtt lógnak. szerintem ez gusztustalan 🤮
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2022.01.19 14:45 Slothsnmoths White spots on moldavite ring? Why is this happening?

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2022.01.19 14:45 DoctorSnipa97 Nice creation

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2022.01.19 14:45 s-fishofthesea Delayed day 1 after lupron

Hello beautiful community!
I am starting my FET journey and I am already stressed with everything.
I am crurent lu on day 3 of my cycle. I have to take lupron on day 20 (i have 28 days cycle) and I am scared to have a late ovulation since I am so stressed.
So my questions: 1. Did you have a late ovulation because of the stress of IVF? How did it change your FET schedule?

  1. How do you relax and think about something else?
Thank you!
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2022.01.19 14:45 lilpain82 Genesect First 5 and Go 5166 8127 0025

5166 8127 0025
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2022.01.19 14:45 dawi1234 Funny & interesting bits of Cathay lore in game

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2022.01.19 14:45 ---Tsing__Tao--- Don't Have Much Time? Try This Navy Seal Burpee Conditioning Routine!

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2022.01.19 14:45 DSFIGHT42 Roseman named Hurts the Starter for 2022 - How are you valuing him today?

Full disclosure - I am a Hurts owner and truther. He finished QB8 in my league despite missing a game.
Hurts is clearly not a finished product as a passer but has also improved each season he has been a starting QB from Alabama to Oklahoma to years 1 and 2 in Philly.
Are Roseman's declaration today + Hurts upside as a rusher + Philly's means of adding weapons around him (three 1sts) enough to make you value him has a QB 1 going forward?
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2022.01.19 14:45 julzzzor Anyone planning to go to the BPM festival 1st edition in Brazil? Will be there on a trip and was wondering if I could make any rave-friends haha

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