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Scarlets to quarantine in Belfast hotel

2021.12.01 11:52 RugbyGareth_ Scarlets to quarantine in Belfast hotel

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2021.12.01 11:52 BootsandBourbon If anyone in the Minneapolis Area is looking for Tundra 35, the Goodwill auction has your hookup.

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2021.12.01 11:52 Embarrassed_Ebb_4184 Having a blast playing! (LOL first normal post)

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2021.12.01 11:52 Hot_Bag8841 Police Responding To Home Invasion Brutally Kicked The Owners Dog Who Chased Away The Thieves

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2021.12.01 11:52 -m4rt1n1- JOJO STONE OCEAN NA NETFLIX!!!!!

Caralho que alegria pqp. Depois de ler o manga, estava esperando a animação da parte 6 faz anos.
Sou um homem simples, eu vejo anime novo de JoJo, eu fico feliz. (E DUBLADO AINDA!!!!)
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2021.12.01 11:52 butteryobisket Does anyone have ideas how they fix the “Zerg chest runs” ?

My server does a few Zerg chest runs a night on a high pop server. For those unaware this means 100+ people meet up and run through the elite zones only grabbing chests. We get all the elite zone chests done in about an hour. Personally the game feels really bad on these runs, just masses of people running through and looting for watermark. When merges happen I imagine these zergs are going to come to every server. It’s obvious the zones shouldn’t be run like this and is very unenjoyable endgame content, but the benefit of doing them is too good not to take advantage of. So back to my question, how do they fix this?
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2021.12.01 11:52 pluman23 Replacement case for Elite 7 Pro

I have someone lost the case to my elite 7 pro earbuds 😭. Any chance at getting a replacement? They are less than 2 weeks old.
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2021.12.01 11:52 DatWeasell What cookie should I get on mileage shop

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2021.12.01 11:52 acey8pdcjsh32u9uajst Your name is your brand , don’t let anyone play with it

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2021.12.01 11:52 R2Detoo The way I wrote today's date reads the same upside down and right-side up.

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2021.12.01 11:52 Bonus1Fact Former US senator reacts to death threat voicemail against Ilhan Omar ¦ CNN

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2021.12.01 11:52 Rocinante1978 Alessandra Ambrosio

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2021.12.01 11:52 Ftw69420 What current WRs are on the roster(active/practice squad/injured reserve) next year?

My thoughts expressed as percentages. Please note I’m not very smart, so take this with a grain of salt.
DPJ-100%. Has the tools and has outplayed his draft position.
Rashard Higgins-25%. Experienced veteran. Only way he’s here next year is if something goes down like last year and he’s a better option than anyone else who is a free agent.
Jarvis Landry-35%. Big contract, I think a lot will rest on where the team goes with Baker and if he’s willing to restructure.
Jamarcus Bradley-100%. Has come up big lately. Young and cheap. Solid #3 receiver.
Anthony Schwartz-90%. Very fast. Drafted by this regime. Clock is ticking for him. Has to improve fast. But I’m sure they aren’t ready to give up on him yet.
Jojo Natson-50%. Returner. Not plugged in to know how he performs in kick coverage, or if he’s even on the punt or kick off teams.
Ryan Switzer-51%. Prototypical short white slot receivepunt returner. They’ve kept him around through injuries and receiver depth. I’m assuming the regime likes something about him.
Lawrence Cager-40%. Big receiver from a great program. Could provide depth behind DPJ.
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2021.12.01 11:52 -Taz_Run21 10K USD Prizepool Collegiate Esports - Wild Rift

Any wild rift enthusiasts wanna participate in a 10K USD Collegiate Esports tournament? It's this Saturday 3PM onwards https://avgl.org/avgl-league-of-legends/34672/events/about
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2021.12.01 11:52 PrashantThapliyal What do you think the solution to Yamuna is

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2021.12.01 11:52 Substantial-Match757 What do you do if you are unclothed and wake up to your house burning in the middle of the night?

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2021.12.01 11:52 ShaunC22 Me, a whales sperm has great growth potential right?? DRS ft. dream cars

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2021.12.01 11:52 whitty37 [CAN, US] [H] Bane, Liquids, Souls x2 , Extra Deck monsters, Successions, Farris, Many cardboards [W] Mainly PayPal (USD), small list

Willing to do 80-85% TCG(usd), depending on what you are after, looking for higher rarity old school cards, even sealed product,
Paypal (USD). Armed LV 10 starlight, CED, BLS, Harpies, and amazons (Higher Rarity, OG printings, LARTS).
Imperm, B-Wings, Magical Musketeers, Super Quantams, salad, yang Zing.
Liquids, bane, Verte, Rokkets, Invoked things, Shaddolls, Basic staple links.
XYZ: BLHR Scr’s, 97, 93, Utopias, Fusions, etc, Math-Sigmas, Additions, Crystal wings, etc.
Random Fusion. D-Maid, BA. Kuribohs, Soul sword pull, Galaxy Soldiers x 3 (DUPO)
Farris, Increases, Etc. Hero:
Thank you for looking and I will get back to you as soon as possible, first come first serve, feel free to make offers - or enquire about conditions/ previous posted cards as I can only fit in so many. Thanks!
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2021.12.01 11:52 Buttbarn Among the laundry list of changes needed in workplace culture, bereavement time is high up there for me.

Most jobs I had prior to finding my reasonably good union job had either no bereavement time or somewhere between 1 and 3 days.
It amazes me that not only do businesses generally provide minimal to no bereavement time, they try to assign value to the days based on how close they believe you ought to have been to that individual. Even in my current job, bereavement time only applies to brothers, sisters, moms, dads, sons or daughters. Grandmothers? "Sorry, your relationship isn't close enough to warrant the full amount of bereavement time, even though we have no insight into that relationship and for all we know your grandmother raised you".
It amazes me that my job provides 18 paid sick days per year, but only 5 bereavement days with defined restrictions about how much grief I should be experiencing. Let that sink in... If I have a cold I can miss 6 days before I even need to give a medical note, but if my son died in my arms... Well, that's only worth 5. My grandma? I can only take a day for the funeral with manager approval.
My mom died of cancer in her 50's and I had got the call while I was at work. I left and went to my wife's work because she had the vehicle and I just needed to go home. I was in no state to drive and needed my wife to console me because I was in complete disarray and crying uncontrollably. Well, she worked retail and after I came in her boss saw me and shuffled out awkwardly. I told my wife what happened, she hugged me and said "let's get you home". She disappeared to the back to talk to the manager... And came back after 5 minutes. "So... I'm not allowed to leave right now. Are you okay to drive yourself?"
I wasn't, but I did, because her manager viewed my mom's death as not his problem since I wasn't his employee, and he wasn't willing to handle his own business for 15 minutes while my wife drove me home.
My point is, bereavement needs to be looked at very differently IMO.
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2021.12.01 11:52 Mindless-Delay720 Seriously WTF😳

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2021.12.01 11:52 DoorEmotional I want to sell my bitcoin cash but the app for some reason won’t link to my bank account? Can someone help me?

Need help and confused.
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2021.12.01 11:52 the_nubster The stoke was so high yesterday!

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2021.12.01 11:52 Money_Hunt7683 REDEEM FEES

Why does the redeem bond fees keep going up ? Yesterday it was 0.0019 matic, today it’s 0.0040 !! Tomorrow will be 0.008 or what !? Is this just because I try to redeem at the wrong time or is the polygon network fees going so much higher because of network heavy load or is this related to klima changing fees needed to redeem ?
Can anyone have an explanation ? Is there a way to lower redeem fees ?
Thank you
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2021.12.01 11:52 sprqt MATH HELP - HW - Exam – Quizzes – Tests – Homework - Online Class – Statistics – Algebra – Calculus. Email: mclaremont2@gmail.com, Discord: mont#7756, dm or chat.

Welcome to my online tutoring & academic services ad! My name is Mark Claremont and I’m a full-time Ivy League educated math & test prep tutor, academic services provider. I find helping students learn and do well in math to be a fulfilling activity that I would jump at the chance to do. I enjoy being a positive influence in a student's life and enjoy using my knowledge to help them do well in their classes and school in general.
I can help students complete their homework assignments and other projects | get an A on quizzes, tests, and exams (including proctored assessments) | answer online discussion posts | and provide general overall academic help in each math course listed below:
·Honors High School Level Math
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·Liberal Arts Math
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·Precalculus | Pre-calculus
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·Statistics for Social Sciences
·Trigonometry (Trig)
·I can accommodate last minute | 1-24 hour | 1-14-day deadlines.
·Affordable and negotiable weekly & monthly payment plans catered to the student's budget.
·Can commit to working with the student for 1 - 18 weeks straight or more.
·Can provide references and screenshots of past scores and written work that can vouch for my skills.
·Familiar with platforms including Blackboard | Canvas | D2L | MyMathLab | MyStatLab | Web Assign
·Money-Back Guarantee offered if the student is not satisfied with my service.
I take my work as a tutor very seriously and I always aim to do my best to help my students excel in school. Please feel free to contact me if you're interested in my services and would like to learn more.
I'm available 24/7.
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2021.12.01 11:52 Wolfrunt Blursed_Van_Gogh

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