What is the best way to clean the brush ferrule?

2021.12.07 00:44 elongata What is the best way to clean the brush ferrule?

Hi, I own a number of Princeton Ivory synthetic brushes. I love them. The ferrules are matte black for plein air painting, however through use, I have accumulated a layer of old paint on the matte black ferrules. Is there an safe way to clean the old paint off the ferrule?
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2021.12.07 00:44 Nikehedonia What is something that starts as a niche promotional campaign that has gone mainstrean?

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2021.12.07 00:44 cynthiakdf Hwang Chi Yeul - Unforgettable @ Solo Concert (211205)

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2021.12.07 00:44 keytothehous Is there a way to increase inventory?

My chest is already filled up and my inventory is getting filled with materials.
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2021.12.07 00:44 decendingvoid [serious] What is some good news you recently got?

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2021.12.07 00:44 venusqueenn Reputable seller for Dr Martins Jadon style

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2021.12.07 00:44 Knightoftheoldorder Any lore on USSR and/or East TN valley?

I know sounds weird but…. Above :p
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2021.12.07 00:44 Matlabguru Best IDE For JavaScript

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2021.12.07 00:44 grahs7 I (27/F) am taking up to an hour to respond to a new guy(41/M) who I like- Does this give the impression that I’m not interested?

I have social anxiety. And I’m really impressed/almost a bit intimidated by this particular guy (he’s very popular, well known, and almost celebrity status in our city)!! He responds to me very quickly. I have to kind of “prep” myself to text back- lol it seems weird, but I’ve messed up things/misrepresented myself over text before. So If I’m doing side work/watching TV, I can’t just “respond”, I have to think and chill for a minute (I feel like anyone with social anxiety gets this, though it sounds weird). So I’ve responded anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour later- when I do respond, I ask questions and I’ve told him that he is cute.
Does this give the impression that I don’t like him you think? Or am I overthinking it?
TLDR; does taking an hour to respond make it seem like I don’t care?
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2021.12.07 00:44 spurxiii Am I doing it wrong?

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2021.12.07 00:44 metalshiflet If I don't plan to do anything more than change switches and keycaps, any reason not to go with a cheap base keyboard?

There's an RK board on Amazon that's aluminum case, RGB and hot swappable with a USB cable. If I'm only ever going to change switches and keycaps, what am I missing out on buying a cheap base keyboard instead of building one?
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2021.12.07 00:44 usmletutor123 Usmle tutoring

Hello people I provide tutoring for usmle step 1 and 2 for very affordable price. I will provide notes and study material. My students have shown drastic improvement on assessments after starting classes with me. My prices are negotiable and I offer a free class as a demo as well.Anyone interested please contact
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2021.12.07 00:44 mydigitalface Mental Stalemate

Hey all. Long time lurker.
I am currently setting my target for working toward a "toy car" that I can enjoy for more of a fun experience. With that being said the dream is to own a Porsche for many reasons. So, I am doing my research on what I can afford, maintenance and care, insurance, reputable shops in my area, etc.
Currently I am in a bit of a mental stale mate of the more "vintage" experience of a 944S/968 vs the more "modern classic" experience of a 986 Boxster (2.7 or S). They each have pros and cons it seems and each being a different driving experience.

  1. Other than BaT and Carsandbids where do you shop online?
  2. Where can you gauge the market for the price ranges currently? Hagerty?
  3. Any one have anecdotal experiences with both cars?
  4. Is the vintage experience going to be wrought with constant repairs?
  5. How is the PCA community / culture? Welcoming?
Thank you in advance. Hopefully you can help my stalemate caused by way too many hours searching online.
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2021.12.07 00:44 littlejjjjj Error: Cannot seem to delete a PDF document in Kindle

I have a pdf document in kindle and tried to permanently delete it but encountered an error.
Error: Unable to complete your request at this time. Please try again later.
Any idea how to troubleshoot this?
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2021.12.07 00:44 Toumuqun Prayer requests for my pregnant wife with morning sickness.

Please just pray that she may know comfort in this phase of her pregnancy. She had it really bad last time, and I just know she's worried this time it'll be just as bad.
We are also pursuing other, worldly solutions, but nothing in this world can bring the perfect peace that our Lord Jesus Christ brings. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.
-With love
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2021.12.07 00:44 smig2018 Post azur lane

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2021.12.07 00:44 sohumm Shruti Marathe - Simple and Beautiful

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2021.12.07 00:44 TropicalDan427 Do I need to continue the darkness treatment?There are like 6 buds only so far

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2021.12.07 00:44 throwra-hesinlove Huh

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2021.12.07 00:44 Spherion_OS RAISA wallpapers i made for my laptop and phone

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2021.12.07 00:44 Aurorathegrate ‘Nuff said

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2021.12.07 00:44 Local_SimpK I haven't played Bloxburg in like 1000000 years ( clearly an over exaggeration), but decided to make a small "showcase" build. It didn't turn out as nice/realistic as I'd like it to, so I was wondering if there were any tips I could use? (That's only if people acknowledge this, thanks!)

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2021.12.07 00:44 FenaPugi [Serious] Being as specific as possible, how do you get yourself to orgasm?

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2021.12.07 00:43 marigold_sunset I just got let go from working for my landlord in exchange for rent. Let this be a cautionary tale.

My landlord is a really nice gal who let me and my partner rent her upstairs attic apartment. However, apparently she didn't understand that the business that she runs out of her home requires something far beyond my skill set. She backed herself into a corner by letting me work for rent. Now her & her assistant had the dreaded "we're letting you go" talk with me today, and now I'm basically screwed. My partner can't work, and I have work related PTSD from being screamed at, sexually harassed, micromanaged, verbally abused and injured from my many hellish jobs over the years. I am so done. I guess we'll just be homeless this winter! So great for a disabled person!
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2021.12.07 00:43 SomeRandomGuy282 What fusions do you want to happen that didn't happen?

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