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MSN MSN We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Roni Musicis a software company with an emphasis on powerful music software. All software are extremely small in size, making them suitable for distributing via the Internet. The main product is the Amazing Slow Downersoftware, intended for musicians wanting to slow down music without changing the pitch. Amazing Slow Downer is available for Macand Windowscomputers as well as for iPhone/iPad ... In this fun actions song for kids learn Fast and Slow. Can you run fast like a cheetah? How about slow like a turtle? Let's try! Sing and dance with Matt! Ge... Watch "Slow motion replay of Wilmer Flores checking his swing" on Streamable. Quality. 720p 360p Speed 2 1.5 1 ½ ¼. Copy video URL Copy embed ... We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Xbox We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

2021.12.07 01:00 SpeKKter12 CHINESE EXPORTS SLOW GROWTH

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2021.12.07 01:00 CannabisLupus I want to go back to closing at 10 😩

I started my GM days here during covid, never saw the store open late like this. Why are there so many ppl here on a Monday at 11, why are people still walking in here at 11, go home, stop fucking up the kitchen section I just zoned
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2021.12.07 01:00 sinertex CryptoBody | Collect the NFTs and Claim the Jackpot 🎰 | Rewards in $BNB

Greetings internauts!
I’m here to announce our brand new NFT Game with #BNB rewards. CryptoBody is a revolutionary web-based game that will be available on the Binance Smart Chain, is about collecting human body parts as NFTs to build a body. Once the body is completed you'll be able to claim a Jackpot. You'll be able to sell your duplicated NFTs on the Black Market.
Sounds simple, but is not!
Presale: TBA Website: https://cryptobody.io Discord: https://discord.gg/pgJXZRnK5A Telegram: https://t.me/CryptoBodyNFT Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryptoBodyNFT Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Cryptobodynft/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cryptobodynft/ TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@cryptobodynft
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2021.12.07 01:00 theabbiee theabbie on ButtonDown

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2021.12.07 01:00 BlackLight287 chum bucket

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2021.12.07 01:00 ImAaronDiaz Atheris Esports vs Fenix Esports Results - MXR6 2021 - Grand Finals

Atheris 2-3 Fenix ATH 8-6 FNX, Villa (FNX) ATH 3-7 FNX, Oregon (ATH) ATH 7-8 FNX, Bank (FNX) ATH 7-4 FNX, Kafe (ATH) ATH 4-7 FNX, Chalet (Decider)
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2021.12.07 01:00 drunkiddy Selling Shadow trade banned accounts with DRAGON LORE, HOWL, MEDUSA, FIRE SERPENT, KNIVES, GLOVES, AND MANY CRAZY SKINS. CHEAP PRICES 50-100 EURO, add my DISCORD darkaxcsgo#3101

Selling Shadow trade banned accounts with DRAGON LORE, HOWL, MEDUSA, FIRE SERPENT, KNIVES, GLOVES, AND MANY CRAZY SKINS. CHEAP PRICES 50-100 EURO, add my DISCORD darkaxcsgo#3101
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2021.12.07 01:00 CorbinBeck [Ps4] w: good dex or magic weapons (katanas?) H: fume GS, see comments for more

Flamberge, executioners GS, black knight sword, hollowslayer GS, exile GS, and some big shields lol Some soul stacks would be clutch if you're into that;)
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2021.12.07 01:00 AlexKingstonsGigolo Landmine windshield wiper

I hope you have had a great 2021 so far.
I am trying to work on my obliques. I am told the best exercise for that muscle group is the landmine windshield wiper. However, I keep finding conflicting explanations as to how to perform the movement and never feel the contraction in the obliques; instead, I feel as if I am working my arms more than anything else.
So, is there a "for dummies"-like guide on how to perform this exercise or, alternatively, is the a better weighted exercise to perform for these muscles?
Thanks in advance.
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2021.12.07 01:00 UAintLikeThat TELL THE WHOLE BBG TO GET INDOORS NOW 🚨🚨🚨

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2021.12.07 01:00 QuickDiamonds What makes your favorite army your favorite army?

Of all the factions in 40k, which is your favorite? And why are they your favorite? Is it the lore? The models? The playstyle? A combination of all three?
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2021.12.07 01:00 WhiteFlags26 He's really consistent

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2021.12.07 01:00 moons_made_of_cheese ohohohohohohohohoho

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2021.12.07 01:00 dunkin1980 How Hot Are Swedish Women / are Swedes the Best Looking People on Earth?

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2021.12.07 01:00 sheidan TheBoringSociety is launching on November 4th - $20,000 Worth of Giveaway – Rules in comment

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2021.12.07 01:00 WeirdKazuma World of Zenonia Update

Com2us is now recruiting animator for World of Zenonia
Source: https://com2us.recruiter.co.kapp/jobnotice/view?systemKindCode=MRS2&jobnoticeSn=80352
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2021.12.07 01:00 INFO_MINE5 Yandhi bootleg still up on Amazon music

finally I can shower while listening to the storm
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2021.12.07 01:00 Seer77887 AHStory/AHStories/ACS Re-watch take pt.3 of 5: Preludes of to the apocalypse

As AHStories, Double Feature, and ACS: Impeachment have wrapped up, I began a rewatch of all of Ryan Murphy's anthology series in chronological order based on the years the respective seasons took place, and just gonna dispense my thoughts on it all.
Part 1: AHStory/AHStories/ACS Re-watch take pt.1 of 5: The Period Pieces (Heads up, a bit of a long read) : AmericanHorrorStory (reddit.com)
Part 2: AHStory/AHStories/ACS Re-watch take pt.2 of 5: American Crime Story (Spoilers for those behind on Impeachment) : americancrimestory (reddit.com)
Murder House: The inaugural season of the series and to the American Story franchise as a whole. On a rewatch, Murder House manages to capture a sense of realism that comes with the horrors The Harmons and other residents of the Murder House are thrusted into. Light on special effects, it managed to instill a stylistic touch that the ghosts can (almost always) appear indistinguishable from the living, instead of the typical stylistic approaches in portraying ghosts exemplified in other forms of media. In addition to viewing this again in 2021, it's nearly jaw dropping seeing how much America has changed since the series premiere, let it be the cellphones characters used, or how the standard nuclear family unit was the anchor for the main drive of the plot. Of my favorite elements the season used was the opening flashbacks to prior residents/victims of the house, elaborating how macabre the home's history truly is. Amongst the characters, I'd have to say that Constance Langdon's greatest strength was her audacity. She just waltzes into the house like she still owns the place, knowing what the ghosts are capable of and still draws breath to live and see the next day. What also makes MH unique, alongside being the first season, was that they had no formula to abide by that other seasons will follow to an extent.
Coven: A season that's iconic and stylish in every sense of the word, due to my love of witches and the supernatural, Coven will to this date be my favorite season. With the introduction of witches, voodoo, and witch hunters, Coven proves itself in having the most world building potential worthy for a series of its own. It's with Coven, the sets became more opulent and the cinematography paid attention to symmetry and unique filming styles and angles (fisheye lens for example.) But what always captured my attention, even if all the witches wear black on Wednesdays, each witch has a distinctive style as unique as their powers. While AHS had moments of dark humor beforehand, Coven is where it becomes more pronounced, let it be Myrtle's obsession with fashion, Madison and Fiona's shame inducing insults, and Delphine's outdated views of the world hand in hand with her sadism. I know Jessica Lange cited Coven as her least favorite season, but Fiona Goode was where she shined the brightest, having control of the scene from beginning to end.
Hotel: Quite possibly the goriest season to date, Hotel was return to an ensemble set of characters with the departure of Lange. From the art deco, the interior colors of the floors and the walls, Hotel left a distinctive mark in its alluring style. Due to the size of The Cortez, all the plots that transpired can happen any which way without the other suspecting, or so they think. With Jessica Lange's departure mentioned, Hotel was when the series managed to break away with some prior traditions, namely killing off a Sarah Paulson character: Hypodermic Sally. With the setting of a hotel, it logically made the most sense for a location to have crossovers from prior seasons with characters checking in, but never getting to check out. Amongst the cast, Iris and Liz manage to be the Ride or Die many friendships aspire to be, both willing to listen to one another and understand their needs. In addition, Iris manages to be Kathy Bate's most sympathetic character, second to Ethel. A precedent Hotel did establish, actors playing multiple characters in a single season (that is if one doesn't count Bette & Dot.) As for The Countess, she easily ranks amongst the most iconic villains in the series, being as much as a fixture of the hotel and a force to not reckon with.
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2021.12.07 01:00 jackbolregard Bloody Knuckles (updated)

After looking through 2.5, I realized I should update my build
Weapon: Knuckledusters (studded knuckles)
Material: Boulder Bloodstone
Runes: Impact, Bloodlet, Fusion
Smith: Signum the Runemaker
With impact and knuckledusters I can get through most armor with enough consecutive hits, and with bloodlet I can improve my damage considerably, however there is an obvious weakness here: I have no armor. Fusion does mitigate this, however. My body still gains the aspects of bloodstone and, therefore, its defenses, even though it's not as powerful as armor, fully charged it would still be considerably stronger than many other builds, especially since fusion also increases my strength and endurance. This build is perfect for wartime or dungeon sweeping where I defeat several weak enemies before getting to the strong ones, but would be admittedly lacking in gladiatorial fights where I don't have any warm up
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2021.12.07 01:00 RedditReadsBot French Exit by Patrick deWitt [Humor](2018)

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2021.12.07 01:00 Sh_ts-n-giggles Alfred the pooped out pupper, bum lip hanging out and all

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2021.12.07 01:00 Jolteon93 Is there no customizable hotbar in PoE1?

I find it really frustrating to have to remember what spell level a certain spell is and go digging for it. Every spell level has a few that I like and some that I never use, and I'd love a hotbar to organize things in a way that makes sense to me. Does PoE1 not have this? Or am I missing something huge?
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2021.12.07 01:00 autotldr US says it will send troops to eastern Europe if Russia invades Ukraine

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 80%. (I'm a bot)

The US has said it would send reinforcements to Nato's eastern flank in response to a Russian invasion of Ukraine, as well as imposing severe new economic measures, in a warning to Moscow on the eve of talks between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin.
With an estimated 100,000 Russian troops already gathered within striking distance of the borders, the crisis is at its worst since 2015, when Moscow staged a large-scale incursion into Ukraine, clandestinely sending tanks and artillery to encircle Ukrainian troops and compelling Kyiv to sign a peace agreement in Minsk that has since come close to collapse.
The official pointed out in a briefing to reporters before the Biden-Putin video summit that the first Russian military intervention in Ukraine led to more US troops and equipment being deployed in eastern Europe, and that there would be a similar response this time.
The official said "Substantial economic countermeasures" from the US and Europe could "Impose significant and severe economic harm on the Russian economy".
US secretary of state Antony Blinken on Monday spoke with Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelenskiy, and reiterated Washington's "Unwavering support" for Ukraine in the face of "Russian aggression," the US state department said.
Russia has virtually frozen direct contacts with the Ukraine government and Zelenskiy, whom it has accused of preparing his own attack against regions of south-east Ukraine controlled by Russian-backed forces.
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2021.12.07 01:00 MugShots LVMPD Traffic Alert

LVMPD Traffic Alert ACCIDENT (PRIVATE PROPERTY) 9895 S MARYLAND PKWY 12/6/2021 7:59:34 PM incident #LLV211200024521
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2021.12.07 01:00 Otherwise-Banana7311 The message behind ikea's logo

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