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Name for "seeing alien beings in the background of cell phone pictures"

2021.11.28 02:09 Elder_Statesdude Name for "seeing alien beings in the background of cell phone pictures"

A family friend has become increasing invested in the idea that within the cell phone pictures she takes out in the woods, when she zooms in, she can literally see small aliens, or space crafts, various objects, etc. They speak in such detail about this, and sound 100% positive that what their eyes are able to see is absolutely real. Always in wooded areas, and always tiny beings hidden in the distance. They even take multiple photos and feel certain they see them moving, almost hiding, or reacting to their presence.

I believe this is because they have an older phone, and zooming into the pictures makes them pixilated and their mind is making the connection. Similar to seeing a face in clouds or something. But they just say, "Its only because you're eyes aren't trained like mine." Has anyone heard of this before, or anything similar?
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2021.11.28 02:09 Monolho1801 So... i've made this sticker in Forza Motorsport 7

So... i've made this sticker in Forza Motorsport 7 In between my foolish attempts to get a WR in Hockenheimring A Class.
Trash Taste have been my podcast of choice while playing it, so when i found out that there was no Trash Taste vinil sticker among the many in the community's avaliable ones, i decided to do it myself.
From Time Attack to Drifting, From NASCAR to Indy, no matter the modality of racing, the forza community shall rock their cars with the TIGHTEST of drips.
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2021.11.28 02:09 DGamesYT NEW PREMIERE PRO BETA AUDIO REMIXING (why aren't people talking about this???)

NEW PREMIERE PRO BETA AUDIO REMIXING (why aren't people talking about this???) submitted by DGamesYT to promote [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 02:09 snotij I bent forward to kiss my daughter on the forehead.

But she was an android imposter, planted by the alien overlords I had been desperately trying to defeat, who sliced my throat with her fingerblade.
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2021.11.28 02:09 DarthNevoz Character restrictions Twilight Map

I'm currently trying to get Tingle's LV4 Weapon, but defeating the Imprisoned with him is incredibly time consuming. I noticed on that same map, that when I cleared the battle for Zelda's LV4, her character restriction was removed. But I'm not sure if it's because I got an A on that battle or not.
If I clear Tingle's battle with a B rank, will his character restriction be removed?
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2021.11.28 02:09 InsomniacCyclops Parrot… giving a BJ?

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2021.11.28 02:09 MRCHEEZETACO Here’s a great podcast everyone should listen to. It’s a great source of knowledge. Only way to not make the same mistakes!

Here’s a great podcast everyone should listen to. It’s a great source of knowledge. Only way to not make the same mistakes! submitted by MRCHEEZETACO to antiwork [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 02:09 trash_tm Blurry picture of a cat

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2021.11.28 02:09 DGamesYT NEW PREMIERE PRO BETA AUDIO REMIXING (why aren't people talking about this???)

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2021.11.28 02:09 mightymolar Has your 13 Pro battery health dropped? Received mine at the end of October and it’s already at 99%… my 12 was at 100% for at least 6 months!

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2021.11.28 02:09 weglobal Do you expect TopShot to add buying/selling/gifting of multiple moments at once?

This has been something I’ve been hoping for but don’t know if it’s doable or in the works. There are a few situations where it would be worth it to have this functionality:
Trade Tickets - With the introduction of trade tickets, it would be extremely helpful to be able to buy in bulk. This is likely the most challenging of multiple people are trying to buy the same moment at once but would be an incredible time saver.
Sets / Team Sets - As a seller, you could sell your team set or other set (think 2021 playoffs) in bulk at one price. Conversely, being able to buy a full set from one seller could also be a big time saver.
Gifting - Not as helpful, but no reason this functionality shouldn’t be available. It technically already is there with the trade ticket feature (you gift moments in bulk to TheLockerRoom).
Do you see TopShot implementing something like this? With airdrops increasing and increased functionality for owning in bulk, I think this would be a great idea.
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2021.11.28 02:09 LonelyManBGs How much would I be missing out on if I don't buy the Sagas?

I know, FOMO.
I'm nearly finished collecting the entire Deluxe + APs collection, and I'm not sure if I should also invest in the Sagas. Personal experiences?
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2021.11.28 02:09 gaurav_champ Karishma Tanna!

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2021.11.28 02:09 Ok-Tourist-8184 Rachel pioneer in Starbucks lingo

S3xe05 lol I just noticed the long order of a guy in central perk, and Rachel calling him freak and that reminded me how now it's very common people having a very specific way of ordering their coffee. 😅🙈😂
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2021.11.28 02:09 Diligent_Weather Dilated pupils?

Has anyone else dealt with this while starting Prozac? Is this normal?
Other than feeling a little fatigued, I feel okay overall. Just thought this was weird. 😅
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2021.11.28 02:09 jolieeev 8th house

What does Sagittarius in the 8th house mean regarding our past lives? How did I die in my past life?
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2021.11.28 02:09 blurry_483 [IB] subjects of HL and SL

helloooo im a s4 student who is considering the IB stream, and my question is about whether we are able to take 4 HL subjs and 2 SL subjs?? because when i checked the requirements, youre supposed to take 3 HLs and 3 SLs, but im genuinely interested in taking 4 HLs.
(just to hit the word count)
my plan is to take HL math and 2 sciences, because i might want to go for a science related course in uni. but i have a genuine interest in literature so i would love to take HL lit too, so im not too sure whether that is allowed 😭😭 PERHAPS if my lit, math and sciences gets an A for Os, would i be considered for these 4 HLs?? HAHAH tysm for reading 🥴
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2021.11.28 02:09 Maximum_Barracuda_69 Tesla EE 2hr Exam

I earned my undergrad degree in May and have been in the process of interviewing with Tesla. I have a test on EE fundamentals this week and am not sure what to expect on it. Does anyone know what topics I should expect to see on it?
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2021.11.28 02:09 Fantastic-March-4610 Sam and MLK

Anyone else disagree with what Sam/Ali said about MLK?
He basically said that White America was so scared of Malcolm X that they parroted out MLK as a solution.
That is straight-up ignorant. MLK was the most hated man in America when he was alive. Only today is he looked at fondly, and even then, people who would've hated him use him as an anti-protest argument.
I can't believe Sam said that. The ignorance. And I can't believe Zendaya and Coleman allowed such stupidity to exit their mouths. Did they think this was accurate?
This is a pattern of behavior for Sam. First, McKay, then this, and Malcolm and Marie. Even in the s2 filming time, two black men (Lil Nas X and Kevin Harrison) turned down roles in euphoria. Also, McKay is back to being a token.
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2021.11.28 02:09 DGamesYT NEW PREMIERE PRO BETA AUDIO REMIXING (why aren't people talking about this???)

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2021.11.28 02:09 hitcrate Cheap Pulls and race

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2021.11.28 02:09 rosedonnamartha420 I think I'm finally ready.

I have bad grammar, struggle with writing, and fucked up my brain with drugs. so im sorry if this is hard to read.
I promised myself last night that it would be my last bowl ever. but when i got home from work, my friend came over, and i fucked up again.
but something made me kick him out. I kind of had a mini freak out, and I made get all his shit together. And politely asked him to please stay away from me so that i can finally give myself a shot. I gave him all my paraphernalia. I rinsed water in everything, threw out the trash, cleaned anything i thought it was on or around. and its all gone. out of this apartment and away from me.
And my mood swings and psychosis has burned every other bridge I have, so hopefully there are no ways for me to find this shit anymore. and i dont think anyone is that bad of a person to offer it to me after watching my decline. but meth has shown me how evil people can get, making me pray that i have the self respect to not stoop so low anymore. im not trying to be judgmental on anybody. i just mean that a person who could sell meth to a well known schizophrenic isnt the type person i want to be around anymore. even though normal people are too afraid to be around me, i dont care if that means i'll be alone anymore.
i've watch myself become a horrible person. ive been bitter, hateful, selfish, bitchy and a bully. when i use to be sweet and fun to be around. to a stranger you'd never guess. but to the ones i love, i'm a source of distress and pain. i hate myself.
hopefully my sleeping meds help me get to sleep soon. my tolerance is so high i barely need them anymore. so, when i wake up sober in the morning, I'll be facing a new life, and Im hoping things will start to chill out again. im so ready for all the chaos to end.
my brain will probably never recover from all the meth and research chemicals ive been doing. but hopefully, i can go back to being a source of joy and comfort, and i can go back to being a good person. i want to make my mom proud again. i hope i can find a way to undo all the pain ive caused. i hope they arent hurting too bad.
buut I guess im wondering how can i power through my day job without a bowl in the morning? and then recharge again for my night job? (day job is chill and laid back, but steady. night job is busy, fast paced, high stress, always on the go) what do I have to expect past the first week of recovery? should i get in touch with my psychiatrist, and be honest, and tell her so she can adjust my meds?
and are there any NA or recovery Discord servers that you guys could invite me to?
i have one day off tomorrow to rest up, but i go back to it monday, and wont have another day off for awhile. this is going to be so crazy. everyone is gonna think im sick as fuck. and they'll probably fire me wont they. cant tell them im quitting meth cuz then they'll know ive been going to work high. they know i struggle with mental illness and smoke pot. but meth might freak them out. i hope they dont know at least... i mean, if they know about the meth already they havent said a thing or even hinted. so i guess i could be wrong, but Ive taken pretty good care of my health and body. and cool thing about being schizophrenic is that im paranoid no matter what, so they dont think anything is off lol.
im kindo of just rambling at this point. sorry. but if anybody wants to talk, i wouldnt mind the company.
i dont have a lot of friends or support, and the rooms in this town got a bunch of perverts and 13th steppers. And my family gave up on me a long time ago. so this is going to be a lot harder than the first time, when i was trying to quit opiates. that time i got sent to rehab, and then an outpatient rehab, plus suboxone, and i still had my family's emotional support, and financial support. this time i have just myself and my cats, and one single friend who has been with me through it all. he's a saint though, idk how he does it, but i cant rely on him, he has one million kids at his house all the time, so he cant really get distracted by all this. i think i will be okay if i utilize the internet and get a therapist, and see my psychiatrist more often.
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2021.11.28 02:09 beanieweenie90210 Me (19F) broke up with my (20M) boyfriend of a year very recently and now I like someone else (18M)

So I've put myself in a pickle. I had been dating my boyfriend for a year (we had been "together" for almost a year and a half) and our relationship was just getting strenuous as time went on. . I really thought he was my soulmate, and I still do. We talked about marriage and what we would possibly name our children one day and we talked about our future together. We had the same beliefs and we thought the same way. Then our honeymoon phase just kind of wore out. We were fighting all the time and we're both very insecure so we didn't think we deserved each other. I was so unhappy nearing the end, our relationship wasn't the way it was when we first met. College is rough on him, and he never gets much sleep. Even if he does have free time he wanted to spend it with me, which I heavily admired. We know everything about each other. But it was so strange, he had become so worried and scared about the strangest things... He had gotten so scared to come to my house that he wouldn't even get out of the car unless I came and got him out. I just wanted him to be comfortable. His mental health was derived on my happiness, and mine on his. I also told him that we had become too dependent on each other. I thought it would be best for me as an individual to have time for myself, so I wanted a break from him. He insisted that "if we're going to take a break, we're going to have to break up because I can't do that." I tried to distance myself from him as much as possible, but our relationship was just getting worse. Finally I was at a breaking point, I hadn't even thought about breaking up with him until the week I did. He has told me multiple times in the past that he wanted to break up with me. I was just so sick and tired of not knowing what he wanted. I was so sick and tired of crying myself to sleep at night, worrying that he was talking to someone else who could make him happier. I couldn't take it anymore, the weight was so heavy on my shoulders that I just needed to break up with him. And I did. I cried for two minutes and then I was over it. I was okay. I felt so relived, like I had just lost 150 pounds off of my shoulders. He told me, and I quote, "Well baby if you think I'm just gonna wait around I wouldn't count on that. You've just thrown me to the curb." And I took that to heart. I downloaded tinder. And I know, I know. But there are some gems of men on tinder! Introducing my 18M! He's so genuine and sweet. He's honestly what I've been needing. But he's not the type of guy that my parents would approve of. Even then we went on our first date today at lunch. It honestly was the most easy-going first dates I have ever been on. I haven't heard from 20M ever since we broke up, but as soon as 18M left me. Holy cow. Who do I get a text from? YOU GUESSED IT! Guess who wants to get together and talk tomorrow, who misses me and wants to change. He says he knows our relationship will get better. I agreed for us to talk tomorrow in person. I'm a straightforward type of gal, so I went and told 18M about the pickle I put myself in. He is so understanding, but he wants to be with me. I honestly don't know what I want, I really like 18M, but I still love 20M. I just need some help, I will update after 20M and I's talk tomorrow.
TL;DR My 20M ex of over a year wants to talk to get back together but, I've started talking to a new 18M who I really like. I'm really confused about who I want and what I'm going to do.
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2021.11.28 02:09 trashcan131 How much of a leg up do you get by applying through deferred admission? Worth it to even try at this point?

First time coming across this sub. Sorry if this question has come up before!
I recently decided that I may want to do an MBA in the future. Being a senior college grad finishing in December, I thought it may be worthwhile to try and prep for deferred admission in the months before I start my full-time job.
I’m not 100% sure if doing an MBA is what I actually want for my future. Given this, would it still be worthwhile to try for it now? Is there even a large enough advantage to apply now? Or should I put it off in the future when I know for sure.
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2021.11.28 02:09 Spakr-Herknungr Yogis, Gurus, Monks, and Psychedelics an incomplete story?

Ram Dass includes in "Be Here Now," a brief autobiography in which he describes his quest to find out what exactly psychedelics are. He then describes what he learns from his own experience but never explains what the people he talked to said about them. I thought the whole reason he went to India was to give LSD and psilocybin to eastern mystics and get their take, but the only follow up we get is that Maharaji took a mega dose and nothing happened. I understand the point of the story, but it seems very incomplete. Does anyone else have more information about this?
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