Legendary Tier Ship??

2021.11.30 07:22 dotty_o Legendary Tier Ship??

I was redeeming a common core and for a split second prior to seeing the D tier ship it gave me I caught a glimpse of a ship which had a white looking avatar representing it, it had "Legendary" as its tier, and it had "???" in it's stats. I couldn't screenshot it because it showed up for about half a second. Does anyone know what that's about?
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2021.11.30 07:22 Actimel_syphi Meinungen zu Parqet

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2021.11.30 07:22 Nike013 How do you score when your opponent has everyone on come back on defense?

I used to be able to break these teams down eventually but I can’t this year. I can beat one or two defenders with a skill move or passing but my opponents always have their entire team in the box and I end up never being able to beat the third player. I’m forced to go attacking which causes me to always concede on the counter. Literally, every opponent in rivals parks the bus like this. I used to be a good player, I guess I suck now. It’s annoying coming up against these tactics every game without the ability to score.
The 360 spin move, berba spins, and drag backs never work for me so I have no skill moves left.
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2021.11.30 07:22 Mistake-Several RAS hints about 6x03 on Instagram

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2021.11.30 07:22 migeagle How can i get over someone

About 2 weeks ago me (16m)and my trans boyfriend broke up cause of trauma that happened in his past that comes up when we are together.
So we decided rather than him having anxiety we decided to remain friends.
It fucking hurts I miss him and when i see his posts on insta, i get mad i get so angry. I don’t know how to get over him so far playing witcher helps but how do i get over him.
He’s the first person i have really felt happy with, felt a connection with.
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2021.11.30 07:22 uwucatowo Selling my golden brush for 80g - 100g (+tax)

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2021.11.30 07:22 dolboeb2010 5G and VoLTE issues

Hello all,
does any one have issues with VoLTE or 5G? we have testing 5G areas, but I could not connect, my fold3 does not find any 5G network. Also for VoLTE, my carrier says fold3 is not in the certified models list :)
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2021.11.30 07:22 Lazy-Drawing2534 The path of Storm Arwen, left my house in mass destruction! Was in Hurricane Erma when on holiday in the US! But this was way worse! 😭

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2021.11.30 07:22 Johnothan-Doeson Wowwee. How can 343i be this tone deaf. Yet again they completely miss the key problem.

343 says there are more changes to come and these are the simple immediate ones. Well, consider me worried because twice they have ignored a simple and perhaps most needed fix: 'win XP'.
Yes, yes, performance xp in some form is seemingly the end goal amongst players. But win xp is also important. Debatably more important. Want people to care about the games that they're in? Wan't people to have a drive greater than waiting for a specific weapon spawn or targeting enemy ghosts? Want people to play Halo and not Challenge Simulator? You need win xp.
Think throwing more xp at people for just pressing the 'find game' button will solve anything? Spoiler: hell no it wont. 343i's 'quick solution' literally does nothing.
Challenges need to be redesigned so people aren't insentivised to back out of games and tunnel vision arbitrary objectives - but you could forgive that for perhaps 'taking time'. But the meantime 'simple fixes,' however, could actually fix something if the xp awarded was for wins. Not just playing games. Its a bucketload of xp. Even if you only won 1/3 games you'd be in a better place than 50 xp per game.
Twice they've done these little 'fixes' and twice they've literally failed to actually do anything.
Looking forward to anothed week of AFK-ing in the back of non-ranked games I can't make progress towards challenges in. Hope everyone else has fun doing the same.
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2021.11.30 07:22 FagianoRampante relaxed hunting (Nintendo Switch)

I have just started mhgu, I finished the story and now I am dedicating myself to multiplayer, if there is anyone who wants to join me this is the ID of my session: 22-0461-7309-9622
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2021.11.30 07:22 KyleDaScrub My first necromunda gang is finally painted! Gang before house, house before the rest!

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2021.11.30 07:22 igalvez Meditation books

Hi all, I'm looking for recommendations on good books of meditations to reach deeper levels. I've been meditating for a while but I feel stuck in not very deep state and I think I would benefit of a bit more reading on the subject. Any recommendations please? 😁
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2021.11.30 07:22 violet_du_elysiath Alguém me sabe explicar porque motivo fico a dever férias à firma?

Estou com uma dúvida, entrei ao trabalho dia 13 de Setembro, no entanto a minha firma fecha duas semanas agora em Dezembro. Disseram me que vou ficar a dever dias à firma mesmo que ela esteja fechada. Alguém me sabe explicar se isto é legal?
(apenas para tirar a dúvida porque já tenho banco de horas positivo preparado para problemas como estes)
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2021.11.30 07:22 trippy_dickyy Ever have one of those experiences with a gun a school

My friend one time pulled me to the side going
"Bruh I accidentally brought my pistol
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2021.11.30 07:22 WrickyB Damon Hill remembers Sir Frank Williams + Saudi GP Preview

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2021.11.30 07:22 X_HENTAI_MASTER_x Maybe it's just me but when I see like kids under 16 talking about sex I just get really uncomfortable

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2021.11.30 07:22 GhostyBlak Interview of engineers for my mid-terms

Hello everyone,
I'm a French 20 Y/o currently studying in "Industrial IT and Electronics" in Strasbourg. I'm in an "Alternating course" which means that i'm working as an engineer apprentice half of the time, and learning at school the other half.
For my mid-terms, we have to incorporate 3 interviews into a 20 minutes presentation. I've already selected 2 French engineers, and wanted a different POV, from a foreigner perhaps.
I'd like to interview people in a call, like on discord or smth.
Here are the questions: -What is your came, current country, company you work for and job title? -Could you explain your work in detail ? What are your missions? -Could you describe the professional and/or student path you took to get to your current position? -Engineers are often described as: Creative, Rigorous, communicative, Curious, Risk-takers and having a very good global culture of technical domains; What are your thoughts on this definition? How do you think it applies to your current work/position? -Are you satisfied of your current position? What would be the pros and cons? -What are your thoughts on engineering schools and on the young engineer's ability in work? Are you satisfied or dissatisfied ? -Is there anything you'd like to add?
If you're interested in answering, let me know in the comments and i'll contact you.
You could also answer to some questions in the replies! (Though it reduces your chances to be chosen )
Thanks for taking some of your time, have a nice day.
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2021.11.30 07:22 thebeastwithn 44/m/bixby

looking for some early morning moaning. I'm a top in search asap
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2021.11.30 07:22 Allcapino [Lithuania] My cousin owes me money, and he started ignoring me.

So the thing is I dont have any papers that could prove that. I just have facebook chats with him about the money and that he knows he is in debt and will retur that money. Well the thing is after asking him about that money he started ignoring me, he doesnt pick up his phone, he even hides from me when I come to his house. What can I do about it?
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2021.11.30 07:22 armadillo_arrapato07 Crediti a u/TotalBlacK_2001

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2021.11.30 07:22 737_800 Best non-subscription video editor?

I'm looking for some alternatives to Adobe premiere. I don't mind paying, but I refuse to pay a subscription. Ideally I'd like to be able to edit and reframe within one app, not reframe in insta studio and then export to another program. Thanks!
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2021.11.30 07:22 Significant-Gate4623 🐶WinDoge95 is a Reflection Token ♻️($DOGE) on BSC 💰 Together with Nostalgic Website and P2E Retro games implemented ✔ | Transparent and trustworthy team, 🤝 community that supports them, 2.2k diamond hands 💎 | Such Doge, Much WoW, So Windows95 🐶

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🌍 Windoge95
🐥 Windoge95 Twitter
💬 Windoge95 Telegram
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2021.11.30 07:22 nightd90 People that tries so hard in the Army

I was wondering do you find people who tried so hard in army cringey? Like they are always first to volunteer stuff and etc. Just to get into that specialist course, don't be surprised that there's plenty of people in BMTC SCH V are that like this too
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2021.11.30 07:22 sadbitchkira karma 4 karma 💗💗💗

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2021.11.30 07:22 jobsinanywhere Ludwig announces his move to YouTube Gaming in innovative, hilarious video

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