Using "current logged in user" as a variable for script running as administrator

2021.11.30 05:20 semajnitram Using "current logged in user" as a variable for script running as administrator

Hi, i am keen to automate a pdq script that takes the current logged in user information that i see PDQ inventory is collecting, and then adds that variable to a script that i need to run as administrator (ergo the %username% global variable is off limits. Currently i manually alter the script, but with lots of computers, and people coming and going from the company, this has become cumbersome and i want some automation in my life.
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2021.11.30 05:20 TerTerro Caras Galadhon - Commission that I've done

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2021.11.30 05:20 curlynsmol Why do healthy relationships feel boring after abusive ones?

I've realized that sometimes my current relationship with my very loving partner feels... uneventful to me. I find myself picking fights sometimes just for the sake of having that feeling when we make up. I miss that feeling of making up after one extremely intense fight.
Does this happen to others who have gotten out of abusive relationships?
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2021.11.30 05:20 Ok_Mobile_6865 Siblings can be really annoying

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2021.11.30 05:20 acer786N On which website people leak images and videos ?

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2021.11.30 05:20 khaled_abdul should I buy a platinum preppy or pilot metropolitan as my first fountain pen ?

Hello everyone ! I recently became very interested in fountain pens and started to read and watch a lot of articles and youtube videos of fountain pen basics, proper way to use and clean fountain pens and so on.
Now, I really want to buy one and experience writing with a fountain pen but I don't know which pen to buy first. So again, I started to look for some good pens to start with.
BTW, I am a student, so I was looking for a cheap, reliable pen that writes smoothly and lasts a long time and was stuck between 2 pens; pilot metropolitan and platinum preppy.
both of these pens have good reviews on them, are cheap and look good so I am not sure which one would be better. Can you share your experiences using these two pens and help me decide which one to buy ?
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2021.11.30 05:20 Optimal_Animator7537 I’m Scared for what’s to come

Recently my Instagram has been disabled for violating terms and i noticed many ppl have been disabled recently for meaningless jokes, debates or any thing that may come across as harmful to some ppl. Now that Jack Dorsey has resigned from Twitter, I see the new CEO is pushing for challenging free speech. I’m confused because at what point does corporations control or challenge laws for humans? I understand that debates get heated but it appears to me that there is a strong censorship on conservative content. As a person who has taken sociology and psychology i understand that this dictatorship way or controlling how ppl think and talk can’t create a species of zombies. I’m really confused and now will be being very quiet on social media for years to come. Just wanted to give a heads up for my debaters, my conscious ppl or anyone else who may post content that is unconventional or challenging. Praying for us all during these changes.
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2021.11.30 05:20 thomfrol Is it okay that I got too high from smoking around 0.1-0.2 grams?

So I'm pretty new to weed and bought myself 1g of weed. I live in country where weed is illegal so I'm not sure about its quality. I smoked it three times.
The first one was intense but it felt good and I smoked it with friends and one of them didn't even got high and felt nothing besides relaxing feeling in his body. For the third time I smoked really a bit of it and nevertheless I got pretty high. But the second time was terrible.
I smoked just around 0.1-0.2 gramm and got way too high which was unpleasant. It felt like I was high but wasn't high at the same time, I got paranoid, had very fast heartbeat and my thoughts were racing as fuck.
Then I got confused and couldn't understand how I got high, what day is this and how long I been high. I had very strong CEVs and felt like I was traveling in my dreams, I kinda lost the sense of reality. Then I fell asleep and woke up few hours later and felt myself good, just like nothing happened(I had some little feeling of relaxation though).
I do wonder is it something wrong with weed or am I just too sensitive to weed? My friends didn't experienced such a strong effect from this weed. Is it possible that the weed is laced with synthetic cannabinoids? I never tried synthetic cannabinoids and don't know how it feels like. The following days after smoking it for the third time I also felt myself kinda weird.
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2021.11.30 05:20 Chiefshanks21 Loving the Game

So I understand that the game has bugs and things wrong with it, but am I the only one that really likes this game? I have played over 60 hours of the game so far and still really like it. The amount of weapons is a little disappointing, but other than that I’ve had a a lot of fun with the game so far. I also can’t wait to see what they do with the future of the game and what all comes to the portal mode. Does anybody else agree with me on this?
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2021.11.30 05:20 Duff0919-2 My Favorite Manga Panel

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2021.11.30 05:20 Ok_Bag7832 21[F4M] hi I am looking for some new friends and someone want To trade On SC: taniaschindler

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2021.11.30 05:20 Significant_Stag It's that time of year. What's your mentality towards company Christmas parties? I'm attending my first and I'm kinda clueless.

I'm pretty antisocial so I usually stay out of these kinds of things but in the spirit of trying to do more stuff out of my comfort zone I decided to attend my company's Christmas party this year.
It's a smaller company but closely knit. I started earlier in the year so I'm relatively new there, and I'm also just going by myself. Everyone's been welcoming so far but I'm still uncomfortable with gatherings and socializing, something I'm trying to work on.
What are your experiences with company Christmas parties?
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2021.11.30 05:20 geofft From a dream.

Normally when I dream about a game, it's because I've been playing that game into the early hours to the point that I've started to disassociate from reality. Not so this time.
I grabbed the data courier mission off the board with only a cursory check of the station distance. It was paying 3 million, which usually means the outpost is so far out that nobody wants to bother. I'm in my DBX, so I can't do large cargo, so this should be a nice little earner.
I exit witchspace facing a moderately large red-orange star and pull around before things get too toasty. My destination is a scientific research outpost, almost directly behind me according to the nav. I put in a lazy turn, eyeing the scanner to spot which planet or moon I'll be heading to. However the spot on the nav is pointing back towards the star. Well this is a new one: The outpost is in a low heliocentric orbit (what's this thing made of?). Keeping an eye on my thermals, easing the DBX towards the station at around 30 degrees. The exclusion zone looms. The output must be just outside it. The distance ticks down. The problem with the exclusion zone is that the nav only gives an approximate boundary - the point at which the FSD will drop out is a much more variable thing, which I discover as my ship snaps out of cruise.
With the canopy doing its best to counter the glare of the photosphere, I can see it: A glint of reflected sunlight off the tiny speck of outpost in the far distance. I ignore the alarm cries of my rapidly overheating craft as I spot what can only be the subject of research... tendrils of glowing plasma arcing out from the star's surface and swirling down to a tiny bright point: A black hole, although unlike any that I'd experienced in my travels. Not so large as to disrupt the star, but not so small as to exponentially evaporate from Hawking radiation. Maybe the mass of a small gas giant - event horizon of a couple of meters... could not have come from a stellar collapse... perhaps a primordial singularity?
While I've been absorbing the spectacle before me, I've not noticed that my shields have dropped and my hull is taking damage. Snapping back to the reality of my situation, I hit the coolant purge, charge the frameshift, and orient myself to the escape vector. Hull at 4%. Not great, but at least I'm back in supercruise to fly another day.
New strategy: Direct approach. 90 degrees. Highest possible entry speed to minimize the time in the heat-zone. I'll have a window of a couple of seconds to make the drop on the station. I know what I'm dealing with now and exit supercruise on a good vector for docking.
The outpost seems to be entirely devoted to dealing with the colossal heat flux. All star-facing surfaces are mirrored and angled sharply to minimize direct exposure. The small amount of available shade is devoted to arrays of black radiators. As I enter the shadow of the outpost, I can finally make out the single small landing pad.
I hope whatever mad bastards live here appreciate this data, if they need me I'll be gladly spending my earnings fixing my warped and melted ride.
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2021.11.30 05:20 Outrageous-Dog3005 My launchpad lc 56

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2021.11.30 05:20 MonkeyMcBandwagon LRC on L2 in 3rd party wallets?

With the recent post from Loopring devs asking people to contact their CEX for direct L2 LRC withdrawal support, I was wondering whether it would be a good thing to ask the same of 3rd party wallets?
Eg. I use a CEX and exodus wallet, I don't really want to have to install an extra wallet if I don't have to, but its not that big a deal if I have to. Exodus already supports most of the coins I hold, but not LRC. I know from reading their subreddit that LRC support has been requested a lot recently, but what I don't know is whether it would be good for the loopring ecosystem to request places like exodus to also support L2?
I don't know, maybe that puts their product in direct competition with the CF wallet?
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2021.11.30 05:20 Anubiiiiss People are probably working on the Skyrim successor right now... What is the one thing you would tell them?

We have been exploring Skyrim for over 10 years now.
Imagine you'd sit in a room with the development team of the next Elder Scrolls game.
What is it that you would you suggest them?
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2021.11.30 05:20 InvincibleBird [Tech YES City] Flawless or Flawed? Z690 AORUS MASTER Review

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2021.11.30 05:20 Available_Baker_6889 Look at her little paws omg she is a lady!!!

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2021.11.30 05:20 JasonTheZoologist Some people pm me and said I was overexzaturating. No way Malaysians cannot differentiate between the Toco Toucan and Rhino Hornbill... Well... (Video: 你怎么说 Ngabang Sarawak)

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2021.11.30 05:20 BitcoinGazete Dogecoin Fiyat Analizi: DOGE yine 0,23 dolardan yükselişi reddetti, bugün düşüş görünüyor

Dogecoin fiyat analizi, gece boyunca tekrar reddedildikten sonra önümüzdeki 24 saat içinde daha fazla aşağı yönlü hareketin devam etmesini
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2021.11.30 05:20 ZoolShop Barbados bid farewell to the Queen and celebrate the birth of a republic

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2021.11.30 05:20 TrendsWide Jonas Valanciunas crushes Clippers with 39 points

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2021.11.30 05:20 ebookart HP Smart

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2021.11.30 05:20 unknown-G Why does Klab keep making controversial decisions like these?

literally the whole community was happy with the epic raid rework but after that they come with a two week gap between each one and now the boss's Hp goes from 25M to 72M, I understand everyone was farming too easy but this is it detrimental to the game to the point of demanding the kind of change we've received?
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2021.11.30 05:20 linco82 Cool Cats Domantas Sabonis up 70%

He is not part of the onging FRESH THREADS CHALLENGE. Maybe insiders buying for the next challenge?
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