sanal alemde modlar

2021.12.01 11:55 JesusTheKemalist sanal alemde modlar

gerçek hayatta sünepe, ezik tipler, sanal alemde mod, yönetici vs. olmaya çok meraklıdır. gerçek hayatta kimsenin umursamadıgi tipler burada sözü geçer hale geliyor. çok takılmamak lazım onlarda böyle mastürbasyon yapıyor. hesap banlayinca, birisine nasıl hareket etmesi gerektiğini söyleyince mikro penisi ereksiyon yaşıyor olabilir. baksana adam işi gücü bırakmış gönüllü bekçilik yapıyor. birader 2 saat bi işim var gel şu dükkanı bekle desen yapmaz.
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2021.12.01 11:55 GIUSEI0XDyt DID SOMEONE SAY SUS?!

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2021.12.01 11:55 GoLoTz PSA: Safemode rules can be applied to driving and walking independently now

In current experimental. From:
Making a PSA since interface changes (especially to features not many check often) usually go unnoticed. The safemode menu now includes a new column (defaults to both) that controls if the rule should be applied when walking, driving or both.
Suggested uses: - Setting up your regular rules to "walking" and adding new "driving/both" rules for "*CROWS*" and "*riot*" to protect you from driving into turrets. - Copying your current rules and changing them to walking, then setting the copied rules to driving with a reduced maximum range to prevent safemode spam. - Playing with safemode disabled because YOLO and taking a .50 bullet to the face is FUN.
Keep in mind there is a setting to disable safemode while driving and it takes precedence over the "driving" safemode rules, so make sure to adjust that option before testing this out.
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2021.12.01 11:55 pedal_deals_bot Akai MPC2000 1997 - $479 ($449 + $30 S/H) 85%

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2021.12.01 11:55 SzegedNewsBotka Tűz volt egy családi ház konyhájában

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2021.12.01 11:55 sprqt MATH HELP - HW - Exam – Quizzes – Tests – Homework - Online Class – Statistics – Algebra – Calculus. Email:, Discord: mont#7756, dm or chat.

Welcome to my online tutoring & academic services ad! My name is Mark Claremont and I’m a full-time Ivy League educated math & test prep tutor, academic services provider. I find helping students learn and do well in math to be a fulfilling activity that I would jump at the chance to do. I enjoy being a positive influence in a student's life and enjoy using my knowledge to help them do well in their classes and school in general.
I can help students complete their homework assignments and other projects | get an A on quizzes, tests, and exams (including proctored assessments) | answer online discussion posts | and provide general overall academic help in each math course listed below:
·Honors High School Level Math
·AP Statistics
·Biostatistics | Bio-Statistics
·College Algebra | Intermediate Algebra
·Business Calculus
·Business Statistics
·Business Math
·Calculus I | Calculus II | Calculus III (Calc)
·Liberal Arts Math
·Multivariable Calculus | Multi variable Calculus
·Precalculus | Pre-calculus
·Probability & Statistics
·Psychology Statistics | Psych Stats
·Statistics (Stats)
·Statistics for Social Sciences
·Trigonometry (Trig)
·I can accommodate last minute | 1-24 hour | 1-14-day deadlines.
·Affordable and negotiable weekly & monthly payment plans catered to the student's budget.
·Can commit to working with the student for 1 - 18 weeks straight or more.
·Can provide references and screenshots of past scores and written work that can vouch for my skills.
·Familiar with platforms including Blackboard | Canvas | D2L | MyMathLab | MyStatLab | Web Assign
·Money-Back Guarantee offered if the student is not satisfied with my service.
I take my work as a tutor very seriously and I always aim to do my best to help my students excel in school. Please feel free to contact me if you're interested in my services and would like to learn more.
I'm available 24/7.
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2021.12.01 11:55 tiagopereira-artist Church Door - Canon 2000D EF-S18-55mm f5.6 ISO 100 1/200s. Where are the door lovers?

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2021.12.01 11:55 EquivalentWinter1971 I'm learning python , can someone explain what's DECORATORS ? Whats use of decorators.

Decorators and it's uses. "Explain like I'm 5".
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2021.12.01 11:55 Adwai1h Speed Triple 1200RSNobody needs this much power; but she's so much fun though

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2021.12.01 11:55 Xiao-Zii Bluetooth instability *NEED HELP*

Hi everyone so recently my bluetooth has been really unstable. It is extremely frustrating as it will stutter, stop, unpair, turn off and on and right now it won't let me turn it back on (it greys out when I try the switch in settings then turns back off after a while). This is preventing smooth music playback. I have done literally everything, clearing cache to factory re-setting and to no avail nothing has worked and I'm at the end of the line with ideas and frustration. If anyone can help at all it would be much appreciated. When I try to turn bluetooth on and it won't turn on. It greys out and nothing happens, won't turn on, search for devices or anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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2021.12.01 11:55 IdiosyncraticP Louisville area colleges, high schools work to fill pharmacy shortage

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2021.12.01 11:55 Hour-Chapter4165 My Cat Died Unexpectedly

A little over a week ago, a couple days before Thanksgiving, my baby cat Piper died suddenly and unexpectedly.
I'm 32, and I've been around animals and had pets literally my entire life. Dogs, cats, fish, a lizard, a hedgehog, and though I've never owned one personally I've cared for a few birds when their orders were out-of-town. I even volunteered in a Veterinarian clinic one summer before college just because I wanted to. I really love animals okay?
Over the years I've seen a lot of animals die, both mine and others. I've had pets die. It's to be expected. Unless the animal is particularly long-lived, like a tortoise or something, chances are very high you're going to outlive your pets, many times over. That's just fact.
But this wasn't expected.
She was just over a year old and, seemingly, in fine health. She was active and playful. She would compete for first crack at dinner with the other cats and often win despite being smaller than most of them because she was just willing to be aggressive enough to get her way.
I work nights these days, and on what would end up being her last day alive I came home from work in the morning and gave her and three others a few pets like always, and proceeded to clean their litter, give them some dry food, and make sure their water fountain was topped up. They prefer running water, afterall.
Everything seemed fine. So I kissed my wife goodbye as she went to her normal-person-hours job, then I made some food for myself, and sat down to play a couple hours of a video game before going to bed in the afternoon so I could get enough sleep for my next shift that night. I usually go to bed around noon, to 2PM if I'm not ready yet. I get up around 9, and am at work at 10. This is my usual workday routine and that day went as it always did. Until 8:30 PM, when my wife who hsd been home since about 6 or 7, woke me up to tell me something was wrong with the cat.
I got up, and...well I really had to piss. Bad. So I did that first. It was that or piss myself and that wasn't going to help anything. But even as I stood there I was getting impatient at how long it was taking. You know that scene in the first Austin Powers? It felt like that, inky it wasn't funny because I knew something was wrong with my cat. Honestly it probably didn't take that long but it felt like it because if the situation.
Anyways I get out of there bathroom and she's on the floor, lying on her back and kinda thrashing to each side, and she lets out this deep yowl. The kind that as soon as you hear it you just immediately know she's not okay. My mind is racing through the possible causes but I don't fucking know. I literally just got woken up out of a deep sleep and suddenly am in an emergency.
My wife and her sister, whose been staying with us for three past year, are both trying to get a hold of three after hours emergency vet and I'm struggling at this point to get dressed to take her in when my SIL finally gets through, and is talking to the doctor, but my wife says she doesn't think she's breathing. They'd managed to get her in the crate while I was zipping up my pants.
I already know it's too late, but I come out and check anyways. I'm not a vet or anything, but I know enough from working at the clinic that I can tell immediately she's dead. Still, I check for a pulse. What else can I do? Once I pull my fingers away from her neck, I just started petting her slowly and tell them she's gone.
That's when they start crying. I want to, so fucking much, but don't. Not because of any masculinity BS, but because I need to speak to the vet to make arrangements and I can't do that if I'm hysterical. I get the phone from my SIL and walk away into the kitchen so I can talk and hear the vet and let them cry in the other room as they need to.
I make arrangements to bring her body in the next morning for a post-mortem examination. We have other cats to worry about and I need to know what killed her. It was probably a stroke, blood clot, heart-related problem, or something else like that, but we needed to know if she ate something poisonous or anything like that which could be a danger to the others. I then call-in to work for the night because I'm not in any state of mind to focus in my job and pretend I'm okay for other people for ten hours.
But now I'm awake. I slept from 2 to 8:30 in prep for being up all night, and after what just happened there's no way I'm gonna sleep. So I take the crate with her body into the bedroom with me so it's away from the other cats and just try to distract myself by reading YouTube, and later playing a game. It worked, a bit, but really my feelings came on in waves. Anytime I glanced over and saw the crate just sitting there quietly in the corner I'd start crying again.
I'd feel it and cry for awhile then be "okay" for awhile, then it'd hit again. It went like that all night. I'm just glad my wife was able to sleep through the worst of my wailing. Before anyone thinks she didn't care, she did. I also insisted she get some sleep, because she had to work in the morning. Anyways.
Finally morning came and she called in to say she was hoping to be late because she wanted to come with me. We took her in and handed her off, and that was that. She was already gone, but something about letting go of control of her body made it hit again and we both cried in the car for awhile before I regained enough composure to safely drive back home.
It's been a few days now and I've been mostly able to distract myself with other things and caring for the other cats. They all seem fine and healthy but so did she, so I'm watching them especially carefully. I'm getting her ashes tomorrow, finally, which is why I decided to take the time to write this out. It's on my mind and I need to just get my thoughts out to process everything instead of ignoring it forever.
Like I said I've had pets die before. But never like this. It was always after long lives and not a surprise. I've always seen it coming and been able to make it as comfortable for them as possible. It still sucks, but this was a whole different experience and I just hate that she had to die that way. And so young.
I rescued her from an animal shelter, like I do with every cat I've ever had, and I remember when we went there I immediately bonded with her. She was very cuddly and could not stop crawling all over me. Even so we actually didn't take her initially, we already have too many pets I said, blah blah, but as we were leaving I actually started crying involuntarily on the walk to the car and for a few blocks before my wife turned around and we went back and got her. I think about that a lot now. I joke with myself that she's the only cat that made me cry both when we met, and when we parted. I always knew I'd outlive her, excepting a freak accident or something, but this wasn't supposed to happen now. Not until ten or fifteen years from now.
Anyways, I have to move on. I can't help her anymore, and the others still need me to care for them. But God damn it fucking hurts. We're going to make a little shadowbox for her with her collar and some pictures. I don't have any to share right now because I'm writing this kinda spontaneously on my phone at work. Maybe I'll add one to this later, Idk. She was the only one of them who actually liked wearing a collar and Icould always hear her coming because of the little jingle-bell it had on it.
I'm so sorry Piper. You were too young and you died in a cat carrier while I was in the other room trying to put my fucking pants on. I just hope the year you had with us was good enough. I hope it didn't hurt. Most of all I just hope you didn't feel scared and alone at the very end. I'm not a spiritual man, and I don't really know if I believe in any sort of afterlife or soul or continued sense of consciousness after death, but if it does exist then I just hope you're happy now and know how much I fucking loved you, you screamy, purry, furry little pain-in-my-ass. Goodbye sweetie.
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2021.12.01 11:55 coor8dinati6o3nsTr Megnutt - Se.x Perfect

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2021.12.01 11:55 ZoolShop Georgia shooting leaves 4 dead, including police officer, suspect – WHIO TV 7 and WHIO Radio

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2021.12.01 11:55 xenosn What happens if I don't pay a parking ticket?

today I got a parking ticket from the Mětská police. I would like to know how they proceed if I dont pay the parking ticket within 5 working days as they put it in the ticket. I'm not registered in the Czech Republic (and so is not my car) because I don't have to. I read an EU law a while ago that a country wont transfer a fine to my home country (also EU) if it is below 80EUR.
I'm parking in a similar area every day where I got the ticket (but properly). How big are my chances that I might get away with it? Would the due fine payment increase if I postpone the payment? And would people from Mětská police keep looking for my car sign if I don't pay it?

Big thanks from a fellow student low on money...
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2021.12.01 11:55 GuyFieri_Official Who do you refuse to empathize with?

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2021.12.01 11:55 No_Army4790 Lmao

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2021.12.01 11:55 mathew_lopez Need help

looking to install some coilovers in my 97 328i sedan and i’m not sure what to get i want something that’s good for driving around the street but that i can also take to the track every now and then. preferably something that doesn’t break the bank any help is appreciated!!
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2021.12.01 11:55 RickyRaviolii Chance me Harvard REA

Just a normal chance me, any tips to help improve application for RD schools are also welcome.
Demographics: Lower-Middle class (~90k) White/Caucasian DFW area of Texas ~2400 Population Public School
Hook: Biochemist/Powerlifter wanting to apply both passions and become a medical scientist (PhD in Biochem and MD) to lead research and apply findings toward new medical treatments as I dealt with an almost career ending injury for which no treatment existed.
Intended Major: Biochemistry
SAT: 1540 Total 780 Math 760 EBRW
ACT: 34 Composite 36 Reading 36 Science 34 Math 29 English
GPA/Rank: 3.9 UW 100.6 W 21/595 Weighted Rank School uses system where weighted courses gain an extra 10 points, so an 80 in AP Physics is a 90 when calculating weighted GPA
Coursework: All AP courses taken (aside from EC class periods) scores listed below. AP Human Geography: 4 AP World History: 4 AP Chemistry: 4 AP English Lang: 4 AP U.S. History: 5
Awards: (Sadly none from internships/volunteering etc. family can’t afford) Gold Medal at Texas State Championships Bronze Award for Outstanding Performance in Band AP Scholar w/ Distinction Area Finalist Marching Band Certificate of Academic Excellence AP Chemistry (teacher selected school level award)
Powerlifting: Won Texas State Championships and told alumnus during interview that I’m set to be setting 2 Texas records Dec. 18th and an American Record in March, which he said he can write down in the notes (so hopefully Harvard is aware) (9-12 and PG)
Marching Band/Wind Symphony: Fitness and Hydration officer (executive position) gained by showing experience and expertise in health and fitness (position ties in with powerlifting and career goals)
Science NHS: Founding member of Chapter and Treasurer (12)
NHS: Just a member (12)
Work(Paid): Lifeguard and Swim Instructor (10-12 and PG), hoping Lifeguarding can tie in with medical dreams showing early interest.
1st LOR: From Biology teacher who’s known me for 4 years, is the sponsor of Science NHS, and I spend probably an hour each week in her class for tutorials.
2nd LOR: From AP Gov/APUSH teacher, known me for 2 years, was able to read it, very positive but not a 1 on Harvards scale by any means.
Essays: Personal Statement was about my journey with a near career ending injury, and how during the process of sitting at home recovering I fell in love with medicine as I stayed up late nights researching potential treatments for my injury, reading medical articles, studies, etc. and how after I recovered I continued by taking medical courses (which are listed on transcript) and studying for the MCAT out of an old dingy book.
EC Supplemental was about saying bye to Marching Band, and what that meant to me, very emotional and more so about the way those around me molded me, and as such will forever be a part of me.
Listed I had self taught Python and C++ as well as self studying for the MCAT in the academics supplemental.
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2021.12.01 11:55 barnes1599 Covid- Parents and nannies please help

I’m not exactly sure what to ask, but…. How are you handling covid? I’m sure this was asked A TON when covid first ramped up, but in my state the cases are through the roof right now. Honestly, NF and I haven’t had any scares until recently. For context, I am fully vaccinated, as are both NP’s and their 2 oldest children get their second dose tomorrow. My parents moved in with me and my husband early this year for various reasons, and my dad has been on a rollercoaster the past 6 months with his health, and has had 2 heart surgeries almost back to back. I don’t necessarily worry about myself getting covid, but I absolutely worry that I would bring it home to my dad. I talked with DB yesterday because 2 of my NK’s (B2 and F6) have recently been tested and we spoke about what we would do if any of us tested positive. They seem to think that since we all would have already been exposed long before the positive test, that I should still come to work and they’ll provide me with an N95 mask. Is this….. right? I honestly had no idea how to respond. Has anyone done research on if chance of infection varies whether you stop exposure (even if you were already exposed) compared to prolonged exposure? I just worry about bringing it home to my dad, and I have no idea how to navigate this. I’m uncomfortable with the idea of being here if someone tests positive, but like he said, we are already exposed to each other… so I’m not sure? They haven’t notified me that the children have been tested before they are tested either. They tell me while the test is in limbo, which also makes me uncomfortable. I’m looking for ANY insight on this. Am I right to be uncomfortable? How do I handle this?
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2021.12.01 11:55 Petranon369 Sad

Berserk was one of the first anime i watched, after that i hooked on it, just few months before the writer died, i started reading manga, now the weiter is dead and the story is incomplete, i feel very frustrated, i hope the same thing doesn't happen with hunter x hunter, i still haven't read last 40 chapters yet because after the writer died i am not in the mood to read as i know the story is incomplete
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2021.12.01 11:55 Shortmamba07 😂by far this is the best or worse one I found.

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2021.12.01 11:55 kristianreese MU330 band members Rob Bell and Ted Moll in attendance at Mustard Plug / The Slackers!

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2021.12.01 11:55 yossytemmy Jeremiah 33:3. Call to me and I will answer you. I will tell you great, strange things that you do not know. No matter the confusion and difficulty, always call on God and learn to listen to his voice( holyspirit) he will never leave you. God bless.

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2021.12.01 11:55 Magyar_Gardista Bukarestben hagyományos katonai parádéval ünnepelték Erdély Magyarországtól való elcsatolását

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