Cant wait

2021.11.28 01:55 blue_the_wolf Cant wait

ill post pics of me in furry wolf set when i get it
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2021.11.28 01:55 mudkip989 Surrounded by Darkness made with starryai

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2021.11.28 01:55 samanthasas On The Fly Jogger Woven Review

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2021.11.28 01:55 Mar7777 Hey guys, im sry to intrude but i wanted to ask you all a qustion to broaden my horizons.

Do you consider anthropomorphic animals without fur also furry? are you putting them into sub categories, but still count them under the term furry.
Would a antropomorphic fish/shark/reptile/ or fureless animal also count as a furry?
Like lets say are lizard only scalies or what term is being used, or are they categorized under furry into scalie?
Is it that important that it has fur, to be called furry?
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2021.11.28 01:55 RosaleePrior CR10 Max print settings for Cura - Maximum speeds ;

Hi all, Got my CR10 Max printing away happily now, so starting to tinker with its settings. It's notably slower than my Prusa Mk3S (no surprise!), even with a 0.8mm nozzle Vs 0.4mm. I'm able to tune my Prusa device above its default settings, so looking to do the same with my CR10 Max. Does anyone have examples of key tuned print settings they have for their CR10 Max to save ‏‏‎ me starting from scratch? I'm wondering how fast I can push the stock nozzle flow, mm/s settings etc
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2021.11.28 01:55 solovelytomeetyou What’s your all time favourite movie?

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2021.11.28 01:55 Ok-Alternative-7424 My collection trying to organize with how tiny my room is 😭

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2021.11.28 01:55 Kirannalynne Is it possible to request that all my school records be destroyed?

I graduated from high school in California over a decade ago. There is no reason anyone would need to access them. I would want copies for myself, but just out of curiosity, can I contact my old high school to request the original versions of my records, with the explicit stipulation that I don't want them to retain any copies for themselves?
I understand that there is no reason anyone in the right mind would want to go out of their way to destroy all evidence of them having attended high school, and I understand that this may actually make it difficult to prove that I actually graduated but purely hypothetically speaking, could one legally do so? Would a school comply with such a request, and if they aren't cooperative, could I lawyer up and compel them to?
I don't intend to actually do this, but I was thinking about a similar concept and the question arose.
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2021.11.28 01:55 tkett1 My controller keeps turning off after 15 minutes and I want it to stop

I’m trying to afk FH5 and every 15 minutes my controller turns off. Even when I have it plugged up to usb it does it. How to get it to stop lol
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2021.11.28 01:55 CuntCommittee Ad I got on Facebook

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2021.11.28 01:55 Sinistercypher [NG] [BL43] [LtFV]

Trying to get beast embrace rune early, any help is appreciated. Pw 231 meet at hunter’s nightmare lamp
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2021.11.28 01:55 RLCD-Bot [Octane] [Grey Streak Wave] [Standard] [Octavian]

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2021.11.28 01:55 dmisfit21 Literally unplayable Gubi!

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2021.11.28 01:55 YouAlreadyShnowww Best CAM for around a million?

Did the FB Benzema SBC, looking for a CAM that’ll fit well in a 41212 narrow with Benzema/RTTK Rodrygo as the strikers
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2021.11.28 01:55 ListenAfter23 H:AA%25DMG%15FRLMG. W:AAE handmade 20k caps

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2021.11.28 01:55 YungPopTart326 Anyone got rock paper Stinkface? I can trade Lana vs Roxy for it

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2021.11.28 01:55 Andersonn7123 I will take them off for you!

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2021.11.28 01:55 ImmaTravesty Finally made it! :)

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2021.11.28 01:55 Eamnys [29/m]e in pic! With my best friend

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2021.11.28 01:55 yourfav0riteginger What do I (21F) do when my family doesn't understand why I don't want to spend time with them, but they deny that they did anything that might have pushed me away?

This became pretty relevant over Thanksgiving break since I was spending time with them and I ended up flying home early because even after 2 days, it was a lot. I constantly have to hide who I am (can't curse, can't show any part of my sexuality, can't talk about my hopes or they'll get shut down or reality checked) so I'm pretty much always on edge about what to say next. However, all three of them pretty much think I'm being dramatic or too sensitive, and that they've done nothing wrong. I'm meant to go on another vacation to England this Christmas so I won't be able to fly home early at all. I've considered staying home, but I know they'll all be disappointed. My sister thinks we pretty much have a perfect family life and my parents will never understand what I'm so upset about. So reddit users, what do I do?
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2021.11.28 01:55 MidasQp going rip the hair out of my head please help he my friend and it not letting me join it’s literally only him in the session and this been happening for weeks

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2021.11.28 01:55 MobileRefrigerator66 messing around in paint 3d pt.2

messing around in paint 3d pt.2
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2021.11.28 01:55 AutoNewspaperAdmin [AU] - McGowan won’t hesitate to keep border closed to contain new mutant COVID-19 variant | Sydney Morning Herald

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2021.11.28 01:55 Al_Terrific BF Lifetime sale. Thoughts?

Hey there, is offering a lifetime plan of 5 TB for a pretty good price of €369.99 with unlimited bandwidth.
Considering long term investments in multiple hard drives and as a viable offsite E2EE backup option would this deal be worth it??
Interested to know the subs thoughts on this deal.
PS : Not much of a data hoarder but got couple of 1/2/5 TB drives.
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2021.11.28 01:55 Ok-Conversation-4995 First Game Out of Europe

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