Do not bing uno passanto

2021.12.08 21:27 nakovalny Do not bing uno passanto

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2021.12.08 21:27 DoritosFun959 Controller support (Xbox 360 or Generic digital / analog)

in just a few hours i'm going to get my PC from Windows to Void, and my question is about the controllers, i have a MSI control that works in Xbox 360 mode and Digital / Analog mode. i need to know if there's a way to use my control in Void Linux.
Pls respond quickly, in 40 minutes the iso will be ready for burn in my usb.
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2021.12.08 21:27 Captain_TDog Day 8 of making Raimi characters in Dreams until No way home comes out

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2021.12.08 21:27 Dizzy_Masterpiece_13 Is Anybody Using API Secrets?

This is my first post. I'm really stuck with something and hoping someone has the answer. I have a case open with NetSuite but they haven't been able to give me a clear answer.
NetSuite recently added API secret functionality that can store credentials/tokens/keys/etc in the UI at SETUP > COMPANY > API SECRETS. I'd like to store credentials for an external system and using a scheduled script, grab those credentials and use them in the body of an HTTPS POST request. This will allow us to execute the request but not store plain text credentials in the script.
I've tried using https.createSecretKey and crypto.createSecretKey but I can't get it to work.
For example: If I have a secret stored called "custsecret_my_password" which contains the password to an external system and I want to use it in the below HTTPS POST sample, how would I do that?
var myHeaders = {"Content-Type": "application/json"};
var myBody = {"username": myUserName, "password": USE_PASSWORD_HERE};
var postResult ={
headers: myHeaders,
body: myBody
Thanks in advance :)
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2021.12.08 21:27 RandomStuf6 Any way to get the old companion android app for the older more responsive remote control function?

Title basically. If anyone has an alternative app I can use that would also be great. The one on the xbox app is terribly unresponsive but I remember the companion being fine.
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2021.12.08 21:27 Necessary-Pop-4525 I think Im sort of an Asshole and I hate it

So I am either an asshole or I am just a dumbass. So I am in my senior year of high school and basically, I have such a huge struggle with keeping conversations and not making everything and everyone around md uncomfortable. I swear I feel like beconing an asshole is my default personality. I try to "Be myself" to become more sociabld and approoachable and All i get are weird looks and its so fucking painful. I would say some shit that I would think is funny then everyone around me thinks Is weird but when in reality i thought it was harmless. I mean I cant even say hi to people in the hallway because they ignore me. Its that bad.
Anyway, I think i am done trying to be humble and decent. I probably have a huge ego superiority problem too that I think im better than a lot of people When im not shit. I also Think a lot lesser than people because, well I am shit.
I sort of want to finish high school and community college wothout speaking to anyone, ever so I can just Isolate myself from the world. I mean ive fucking tried becoming more approachable and sociable for 2 years but Aha nothing works. Fuck.
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2021.12.08 21:27 Famous_Bird5985 My drawing for dad, he is 85 years old, the smile on his face when I showed him was lovely :) I have framed it as a Christmas gift for him

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2021.12.08 21:27 watermelomstationary Geminid Meteor Shower

The Geminids peak on the 13th and 14th next week. Was wondering if there was any club at Purdue that organized gatherings for the meter shower?
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2021.12.08 21:27 BlackRonin21 Double A – FALLOUT [Hip Hop Instrumental] (2021)

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2021.12.08 21:27 HotBus3942 Risks and Rewards of Investing in SILVER!

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2021.12.08 21:27 ShelovesKai Here’s a better understanding of how the Freeze Promo will work for those who have questions!

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2021.12.08 21:27 Radiocureee W: Vampires / bloodied explosive combat rifle H: weapons, Fasnacht Demon Mask, other apparel.

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2021.12.08 21:27 AdAshamed3532 Boy Epic Vampire Sunrise

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2021.12.08 21:27 SardineEnBoite Made a mod :)

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2021.12.08 21:27 dataentrytard Enter to win Karate Combat merch signed by the legend Bas Rutten. (12/10/2021) {WW}

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2021.12.08 21:27 HastaLaLuna21 Question about a threat.

Hubby is a CCA never calls in but did because I had to go to the ER. Next day a manager threatens charging him with obstruction or slowing down of the mail if he doesn’t show proof of the emergency. I have a letter that I was there but is this a thing?!
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2021.12.08 21:27 hajoometanhai Desi Kimchi Episode 59

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2021.12.08 21:27 megaleader1122 Zekrom raid 7539 7959 1377

Adding 10 be online
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2021.12.08 21:27 anyaaan How to get trust back?

I (20F) have been recently more stuck on a situation where my bf (20) had a weird friendship with his girl best friend. She had a bf but tried to make him break up with me by insulting me. She made several offensive comments towards me and constantly flirted with him but my bf remainded friends until last summer. Nothing too bad happened between them and it was in the beginning of our relationship. Eventually my bf blocked her after she suggested them to be close and just hide it from me, and things are fine now. We've been dating for a year now. Because of this incident I've been not secure in my relationship. How do I restore my trust?
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2021.12.08 21:27 Timecounts Found out something small but interesting in the crucible

During the beginning when you load in and you see everyone posing, on controller you can press left or right on the D-pad to highlight other people and see their stats.
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2021.12.08 21:27 Prior_Security Muhammad is fifth most popular baby name in England

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2021.12.08 21:27 DjRanjit Anyone have attendance info on The Game Awards?

I flew out to LA and it seems no designated lining up spot
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2021.12.08 21:27 zr2man Ok so I Tried this recipe with the family and they loved! it so I decided to do it for a video. Tell me what you think!

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2021.12.08 21:27 Ihateoysters1 Comdex Launches on cosmos network!

Sorry if this type of post isn’t allowed here!
Comdex is a decentralized synthetics exchange built to democratize finance by reducing the complexities and regulatory hurdles to access investments in financial assets with intrinsic value. Through the Comdex protocol, built on Cosmos, users can collateralize and leverage their assets to take exposure to a range of inflation-resistant synthetic assets. Investors may be “long” on their crypto holdings while simultaneously taking exposure to other asset classes that offer compelling risk/return profiles in the backdrop of a low-interest rate and high inflationary environment. To facilitate such investments (while maintaining long crypto positions), there is a need for a fully collateralized stablecoin in the Cosmos ecosystem. This is a current drawback to Cosmos yet also a major reason that there is tremendous room for the growth of DeFi in the Cosmos ecosystem By combining the immutability of blockchain and interoperability of IBC, Comdex’s synthetics protocol enables investors to take exposure to a broad range of financial assets seamlessly. By creating solutions across the industry, Comdex aims to build bridges for the flow of capital from DeFi and CeFi. Through tokenization of commodity assets and debt, investors can also take exposure to trade finance debt. How it works Holders of assets in the Cosmos ecosystem (such as ATOM, XPRT, AKT, DVPN, and CMDX) are able to collateralize their assets to mint cAssets, which can then be used on cSwap to trade commodity synthetics. At the onset, Comdex will facilitate the creation of cAssets via locking up a single asset type as collateral. However, we intend to expand the scope of this mechanism by enabling users to lock up multiple assets as collateral in order to create synthetic assets.
The process of creation of cAssets on the platform is accomplished through CDPs. In each CDP, a minimum collateral ratio is to be maintained (value of locked-up collaterals being higher than than the value of the cAssets created) to ensure that the open debt position remains protected against price movements to the underlying collateral assets. In the event the price of the collateral assets falls, driving the collateral ratio below a minimum threshold, a liquidation event is triggered where the locked up collateral, equivalent to the value of the outstanding debt plus liquidation fees, is auctioned off to buy and burn the cAssets. Any portion of the collateral, in surplus of the debt and fees, is returned to the owner of the CDP. Users who wish to trade and access a range of inflation-resistant synthetic assets (cAssets) on-chain can take long positions on cAssets and then trading them on cSwap. cSwap- Comdex’s AMM cSwap enables traders on the platform to swap between cAssets through an AMM (automated market maker). An AMM facilitates the swapping of two assets without the need for a centralized intermediary or order books. In centralized systems, a trading firm must ‘make the market’ to facilitate the exchange of assets between traders. Similarly, AMMs help establishes prices and facilitate trades through permissionless liquidity pools. Assets are swapped through the liquidity pools on the AMM and a trading fee is charged for every executed order. Users on the platform, known as ‘liquidity providers’, deposit their assets into liquidity pools that facilitate trading on cSwap, to earn CMDX token rewards and a portion of the trading fees collected by the pool.
Trading of any cAsset can only be enabled once a liquidity pool for that asset is created. For that, users must deposit a varying ratio of cAsset pairs into the pool. This then enables traders to swap their cAssets. The cSwap follows the constant product method to incentivize liquidity providers to maintain a stable ratio of cAssets in liquidity pools. The goal The vision behind Comdex is to enhance the accessibility and inclusiveness of finance by reducing obstacles and restrictions. Through the introduction of the synthetics protocol, investors in the Cosmos ecosystem can now broaden their investment horizons by accessing a range of synthetic assets that target uncorrelated returns in assets that are anti-inflationary in nature and offer intrinsic value. Note: This introductory blog post outlines a proposal and a vision of what Comdex could be and evolve into. It should not be seen as a promise or a guarantee of feature, roadmap, or timeline
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2021.12.08 21:27 ItsMartina97 I'm HSP and gifted (140 iq). Nobody understands me and men are never interested romantically in me.

I don't know where I can post this brief analysis of my situation, I'm feeling so down everyday and often think about the worst. I think there's no escape to me, art is the only thing that keeps me alive because I've still hope to communicate and be loved in some ways. 😭 I've always been unusual in my thinking and feeling since I was 3/4 years old: I was hypersensitive about social interactions and super super shy, I mean sociophobic. I was precocious to learn writing, reading and math calculus (I started at 3). I have also my first existential crisis about time, meaning of world and things like that always at 3/4. I was very artistic and I was excellent at almost everything, except for sport. I could wrote brief novels, I could draw, I could dance, I could sing, I could act and I was the girl in the class with the highest grades. I was very very creative, and also tried to do brief "movies" with my old videocamera. I did a lot of things. Everyone in my class bullied me or ignored me til the end of high school. Since I was 11, instead, I "stopped to live" and started to increase my anxiety and sociophobia. I become avoidant and my parents couldn't understand me. I had a lot of psychologic violence because I was different. I was alone til I was 18, except some female friends who didn't care about me but we're so narcissistic. No man looked at me, no one talked to me, I was weird. When I become older, at 18, I started to become attractive and brilliant, very self confident (and not shy anymore) and to date people met online, because nobody talked me in real life even if I was pretty. I've felt invisibile since a life time unjustly. I wasn't attracted to guys I dated, and if I got crushes they didn't want a relationship with me, just sex. I fell in love too fast, too deeply. I just had a relationship in my life (the only one to fall in love with me, or one of the two) but I didn't love him romantically and he couldn't understand my sensitivity. I was like a crazy in his eyes, even if he thought I am a sort of genius (that must be cured). He suffered a lot to me, but he wasn't tactful enough to handle me (he didn't admit his mistakes, never. It was frustrating). Then I dated A LOT OF guys. Nobody showed interest in me romantically, but just sexually (I'm also very attractive, I ALSO model) or for deep connections. I had some very deep emotional connections, but they were blocked for many ways (my fastness of feeling or for their traumas). Who tried to stay, ended up to be scared by me, or to hate me, and blocked me on social media. My issues? I'm too aware of detail, I require a lot of consistency in thinking, people can't feel my emotions and find me exaggerate, I think and feel too fast and that scares them, I want stimulation and men who take initiative. I'm too sensitive to words and read between the lines, I feel betrayed by inconsistences and people can't admit their mistakes, I'm both very logical (high IQ) and very emotional, I've different needs from everyone. I'm very nuanced and have a lot of vibes. I want to create art together with someone, for example, I want creativity. I'm honest, I want reassurance because I overthink the future and think for the worst. I've a lot of sensitivity about time and fear that things would finish. I fear coldness and to not have intense relationships. It's frustrating that nobody approaches me and nobody want to stay (they often run away after a date, even if everyone say I'm hot, funny, exceptionally smart (expecially in conceptual e theorical thinking), nuanced, extremely deep, very talented in my art. Who stay for a longer time end it all with rage saying I'm crazy. Everyone say I'm "too much", is it possible? I've never known love (I'm 24). I feel so misunderstood that it hurts, and sometimes I want to end it all. I feel alone since a lifetime and I NEED love and intensity so much. 😢 Anyone else in my situation? What can I do? Tell me I'm not alone, please.
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