Demo expert on sticky grenade bolt???

The Flare Bolt is a craftable Pre-Hardmode spell tome that auto-fires a ball of fire that inflicts the On Fire! debuff. The projectile travels in a straight line, is unaffected by gravity, emits a dim light, and can damage 3 enemies or bounce off of 3 walls before dissipating. Its best modifier is Mythical. Weapons are items used to deal damage to enemies. .300 Magnum Ammo.45 ACP Ammo9mm Ammo5.56mm Ammo12 Gauge AmmoFlareBolt7.62mm Ammo SCAR-LM16A4GrozaAKMAUG A3M416QBZ95Beryl M762Mk47 MutantG36CBeryl M762/zh SKSMk14 EBRMini 14SLRQBUVSS Vintorez Winchester Model 1894 Micro UZIUMP45Tommy GunVectorPP-19 BizonMP5K AWMM24Karabiner 98 KurzWinchester Model 1894Mosin Nagant DP-28M249MG3 S1897S686S12KSawed ... Using the sticky grenade and shockstrike. Adrenaline rush and reactive shield allow for health regen. Especially for elites, using cyro grenade then No Retreat at the beginning will provide additional healing during the fight. some fun combo attacks i use are 1) Cyro nade + Full auto so you get the full cast 2) Explosive round + high impact bolt The proc coefficient is essentially a multiplier of an item's effect, trigger chance, duration, or any combination of the three. Something with a proc coefficient of 0.5 will have half the effect/chance/duration than something with a coefficient of 1. In Hopoo Games Development Thoughts #1, the developers introduced the concept of proc coefficient like so: "MUL-T’s nailgun has a low proc ... Weapons are essential items used for combat against enemies, bosses, critters, and even other players during PvP games. Some weapons can be crafted at a Work Bench or a Pre-Hardmode/Hardmode Anvil, while others can only be found in Chests, as enemy drops, or purchased from NPCs. Terraria has a wide variety of weapons and weapon classes, each suited to particular play styles or specific tasks ... The Grenade Launcher is a Hardmode, post-Plantera launcher that consumes rockets and launches a grenade with a timed fuse. The grenade explodes when the fuse expires, or if it comes into contact with an enemy. The Grenade Launcher has a 14.29*1/7 (14.29%) or 16.67*1/6 (16.67%) chance to be dropped from Plantera, and on non-Expert or Master Mode worlds, it is guaranteed to drop the first time ... Find and open "defuser.ini" in your BioShock installation folder. Find the key you want to bind the code to and set the bind (for example, "F10=god").<p />Save the file and start the game, while in game press the bound key to toggle.<p />Note: The cheat can be deactivated if a video cutscene appears or if you move to a new area. Grenade: This makeshift grenade is, essentially, a length of steel pipe filled with explosives, but it can still be quite deadly if it goes off close enough. Metro 2033 Last Light Exodus: Sticky Grenade: Your regular grenade fitted with some barbs and hooks which allow it to stick to the target until the fuse burns to the end. Metro 2033 Last Light "Phantom was a genetic experiment, trained from birth to be an unparalleled sniper and assassin."— In-game Description Phantom is a Rogue featured in Rogue Company. Phantom is a Sniper, a Rogue Company member that excels at dealing substantial damage in long range combat. Her Nano Smoke ability reveal enemies that are in the area of the smoke. Her passive ability delays an enemy's health ... The Frigidflash Bolt is a craftable Hardmode spell tome that is an upgrade of both Frost Bolt and Flare Bolt. It fires a slow-moving ball of flash-freezing magma that can be autofired. The projectile travels in a straight line, emits a bit of light, is unaffected by gravity, can pierce through 4 enemies and can bounce off 4 walls. It inflicts the On Fire! and the Frostburn debuff on hit ...

2021.12.08 22:16 HovercraftSuch6537 Demo expert on sticky grenade bolt???

Yo guyz does demo expert also increase the damage from the sticky grenade bolt on the crossbow?
I don't have crossbow myself but I'm wondering for those who have it!!! Thanks!
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2021.12.08 22:16 Theskinnykiwi 29 [M4A] NZ Kiwi looking for casual chats, friends, sharing hobbies and potential mandarin teacher/helper

Hey! I’m looking for chats of all kinds, my hobbies include photography, gaming, cooking, hiking, movies, reading and I’m always down to try new things.
I’m currently starting to learn mandarin so I’d love to meet someone who already speaks or maybe someone who can join me on my learning journey too!
I’m also a big fan of showing people around my region and country too so I’d love to take people along on any trips I make on weekends with a few photos or short videos here and there.
Pm me with your favourite food and snap user then let’s go from there!
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2021.12.08 22:16 1OO_ 🌺

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2021.12.08 22:16 Sherman88 u/yeahigotnuthin shares how he and his college roommate bonded over Zevon

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2021.12.08 22:16 porlon Whos pulling the censorship strings??

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2021.12.08 22:16 Hopeful-Hornet-8272 Map Recommendations

Coming back to the game after a long while. Last map I played was Scorched Earth and that was pure pain. I have all the DLCs, wondering what map to start with to relearn the game and have some fun. Was thinking of just playing single player until I find a decent community to play with. Had in mind to start on one map and then progress to another as I "finish" it.
Can someone give me a Coles-Notes rundown on each map + expansion? Pros and cons and the like?
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2021.12.08 22:16 Freekmagnet Ford F150 4.2L Waste Spark Ignition, One Coil Not Firing

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2021.12.08 22:16 vasekgamescz not compatible despite meeting requirments

I have a samsung galaxy j6+ 3gb ram. and the playstore tells me i cannot download it.
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2021.12.08 22:16 Winstone_Artwork [OC] Nu Hin Sil Dii - Now Your Soul Is Mine

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2021.12.08 22:16 only_danz On probably 15 days. I feel awesome. Afraid of relapse

I've made it here before. I almost want to throw out all computers and phones to prevent a relapse.
Any suggestions?
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2021.12.08 22:16 Joffa72 Anxiety getting too hard to control

Not sure what to do. Most of my friends are unavailable throughout the day. Working out only takes up a small portion of the morning. Dr. prescribed me Klonopin but kinda weary about taking benzos. Smoking has worked for me in the past but quit 10 years ago. Also quit drinking this Halloween due to it ruining my last relationship. Not sure what to do. Can’t go hiking everyday since I live a few hours away. Suggestions?
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2021.12.08 22:16 thediamondconqueror Bentlee (iambentlee)

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2021.12.08 22:16 soniumm_ Rye Cookie or Sorbet Cookie?

Should I replace my Rye Cookie with Sorbet Shark? Which one is more suitable for Guild Battles as well as PvE?
My team for Guild Battles are:
Rye and Pomegranate
Dark Choco and Hollyberry
For PvE:
Pomegranate and Cotton
Dark Choco and Hollyberry
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2021.12.08 22:16 h3suy check me

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2021.12.08 22:16 TwizlerSnits [Help][PC STEAM][SL 145] shackles, will provide embers

I have managed to get to 22 shackles. But the hackers are out in force this evening at the pontiff arena spot, and also it seems the summoning sign etiquette of not drinking potions has been tossed, everyone I am about to beat suddenly chugs them. Please I just need 8 more hsackles, I want to be done.
Will PW sign to: BAH
Lemme know if you are willing to help
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2021.12.08 22:16 megapixelnightterror Attack sent me to the ER - suggestions?

Hi all - had a pretty frightening attack happen yesterday. I had been feeling a mild chest tightness / need to cough for about a week, but symptoms subsided with my inhaler. Yesterday, I was at work, sitting outside (foggy and humid weather, which changed suddenly from the dry and cold weather we have been having, but i am used to it here in Florida) when I felt this same feeling come on. I coughed for about 2 minutes, then excused myself to my desk to get out of the humidity. I took another puff and felt relief for about 5 seconds, then the tightness / cough / wheezing returned. A medical professional who works in our building came and took my O2 levels, which came back at 73%. My superior immediately called an ambulance, who immediately gave me a nebulizer treatment, and I was in and out of consciousness until I was in the hospital. Once there and received a second treatment, I started to feel quite a bit better. They said that my O2 and CO2 levels were extremely low in the ambulance and they believed i was beginning to experience respiratory failure. Once becoming resolved (and conscious,) i started to panic about the situation, hyperventilating, which made me feel even worse. Does anyone have any tips to not panic in this situation? I have never had an attack that was so bad it sent me to the ER, and the doctor there told me it was very fair to panic, but I would hate to find myself in this situation again at all. Any advice helps!
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2021.12.08 22:16 Some_tired_fucker_ Is this normal?

My brother a (16M) asked me a (13F) to get high with him, and kept persisting. Is that bad? Idk, he’s also let me vaped and take a weed brownie. Is this bad
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2021.12.08 22:16 Inner-Balance8913 Time to get score

How much time does it pass to get the score? 2 weeks?
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2021.12.08 22:16 MagentaEarthborn Looking for information and guidance on possibly refurbishing my grandmothers old sewing machine.

It’s a Singer 503a with an old plug. I’ve been afraid to plug it in and test it to be honest. I don’t feel like I know enough about the machine to operate it yet. I’ve found a lot of information online with working machines but no resources were found on repair or rebuilding. The desk has a drawer and an old spring, but I can’t find what the spring attaches to. If anyone has any information on any of these things I would really appreciate it!
Also came with this chair in desperate need of love. It’s green vinyl type material. Does anyone know where I can find the material to fix it up?
The machine was used by my great aunt, my grandmother and some of her cousins so it is well loved with a bobbin and needle still in place. Looks like someone left an unfinished project for tomorrow but tomorrow never came. It was in a home with animals (that’s what happens to the chair) and cigarettes so I’ve got some cleaning to do.
I’ll try to leave some pictures in the comments
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2021.12.08 22:16 BudThePud Is this okay lighting until it starts to warm up? It used to be outside, but it doesn’t get enough sun due to seasons changing so I brought it in.

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2021.12.08 22:16 buffalobangs [Slater] Andre Iguodala is expected to return to the Warriors on Saturday against the Sixers, per Kerr.

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2021.12.08 22:16 heythere15z Silvester in Graz?

servus zusammen und hallo aus wien! Ich studiere halt in Wien, bin von woanders und war noch nie in Graz :) Ich würde gerne wissen, jetzt wenn die Nachtgastronomie wieder offen hat, wo kann man so Silvestwr in Graz feiern? Oder bessere Frage, gibts Clubs, Pubs usw die zum Silvester offen haben, wie ist das Angebot in Graz? freue mich auf eure Kommentare :)
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2021.12.08 22:16 EmployedDude Update: Just landed a 6 figure job after getting embarrassed by delivering pizza to my college crush...

So I don't know if anyone remembers my story of delivering Pizza to this girl who was my college crush and I used to tutor and now has a job as a software engineer at Google. It was very awkward and embarrassing... I have two master's degrees one in Computer Science and one in an interdisciplinary field but I couldn't find a job since my graduation in May to save my life...So I started doing food delivery and cleaning people's houses and washrooms to pay for my costs...
She contacted me the next day telling me how I'm doing and she would be happy to refer me to her past and current employers... I got 4 interviews in the span of 4 weeks through her and today got a job offer from one of them while waiting for the others... the job offer came today and promised me about 110k$ in base and bonus and I literally cried through this afternoon... If things go well, I will start my work next year...

It feels like a dream... All of my credit cards are maxed out rn and my checking account's balance is 0 and I eat 1 frozen meal a day as I am super poor and have no family to fall back on... I can't believe things are about to change... I never had this type of money in my life...The most comfortable I've ever lived was when I was in grad school and received a 24k$ stipend each year...

I know how hard it is guys and you have all of my compassion in the world... I hope this post doesn't come across as show-off as I am still dirt poor and would never allow these things to take away my humility... just wanted to bring some hope to people here that maybe if you persevere you might get lucky like me one day too so please never lose hope and try one more time <3
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2021.12.08 22:16 opuntina Am I going to kill myself with this?

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2021.12.08 22:16 IShouldHaveKnown2 Inaccurate, but it is just a meme

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