Toy Story 5

2021.11.27 14:44 sharag123 Toy Story 5

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2021.11.27 14:44 Velix04 Heatran On Me!!! 3978 3906 1212

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2021.11.27 14:44 long_standpoint I can’t ignore this hype around Genopets!

I can’t ignore this hype around Genopets!
As for me, I can’t wait for their NFT sale. Really looking forward to the Genesis sales on Nov 29. The minting demo is just fascinating.
About Genopets:
Genopets is the world’s first Free-to-Play, Move-to-Earn NFT game that makes it fun and rewarding to live an active lifestyle. Built on Solana, Genopets integrates your daily activity in real life with blockchain Play-to-Earn economics so you can turn your real-life actions into expansive gameplay and earn crypto while doing it.
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2021.11.27 14:44 mattling9 Crockett & Jones Wentworth - From Failed Dye Attempt To Custom Patina!

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2021.11.27 14:44 NoSilver9 Something terrible happened with me and my career could be over. I'm screwed and unable to eat or sleep properly because of this. I've no idea what to do now.

Quick Background - I (23M) dropped out of engineering few years back to pursue something of my own. (Tech related only) Parents pressured me to atleast get a degree and I also thought to get it so I enrolled myself into a three year degree program. Things didn't work out as planned, I jumped ship and since I had relevant skills I got a decent paying tech job. I officially graduated last month but have been working for about an year now.
Problem - I just realized this week, that my college is not accredited by NAAC and AICTE (University is accredited by NAAC though) so my degree may not be considered valid by MNCs and I may not be able to enroll myself in any good university's masters program in future, if I wish to.
I'm not sure if am thinking in right direction or just speculating. I'm under immense stress and can't eat or sleep properly due to this whole thing. I've no idea how would I face my parents because if my suspicion is true, my career could be over as I may not have any valid degree at the age of 23 and 5-6 years of my life are wasted. I can't even go for a bachelors degree at this age. I worked so hard to build myself and tech is my life, I've been coding since school days, not sure what would I do in life other than IT, can't even express how helpless am feeling right now. I'm screwed. My mom is suspicious about why am not speaking with anyone at home and why am not eating properly from past few days.
I don't know whom to share this IRL and seek advice so looking for some advice from experienced folks here, whether my understanding about this whole thing is correct or not. What to do now?
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2021.11.27 14:44 TomorrowPopular8454 Is Redd at your island?

I’d like to buy from Redd
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2021.11.27 14:44 caligalus Boston Market Thanksgiving - No workers Showed Up - YEAAAHH

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2021.11.27 14:44 Jalen12344 Why did covid happened?

I noticed everywhere I go is always empty in Ny the buses or trains or anywhere else it seems dull and bland but I know it because of covid or people could still be out of work but everything is so boring and so isolated even Thanksgiving isn't really Thanksgiving when you replace people with food not a good mechanism for the young man dompanine or pleasure system but I think women can cope better with that because society usually helps them more than a male it just feels pointless not for nothing it may seem weird to say but I miss the days when things were packed or filled or crowded or tight do you get what I'm saying? I haven't got physical touch in years probably due to family disivison and mother's passing, you be lucky if someone even touches you these days we all act like as if we all are germs but I get that people are still afraid of covid it's just upsets me the isolation never felt more distanced or isolated in my entire life only person I got is myself unfortunately, I know it is what is but I have to say here so I don't try to jump on the parkway to try to hurt myself or I'll explode I haven't gotten a hug in years sometimes I do say I don't want to exist anymore but really why did covid happen?
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2021.11.27 14:44 Instagranison UR Kang for 2 Ironman Golden Moments?

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2021.11.27 14:44 HomeWreqqer I’m so fucking over these Reddit rules

What other fucking app has confusing and specific rules!??
I literally wrote out a question and an explanation to a subreddit and that shit was immediately removed for low effort…and it WILL NOT LET ME SEE THE POST I it completely vanished even when I try to open it from the message in my inbox saying “Your post has been removed” but it’ll just say “wow such empty” fucking bullshit.
I’m having a bad bitchy grumpy morning
And I was having annoying fucking nightmares last night
And we had company sleeping over which made me uncomfortable as fuck and annoyed
AND there was way too much annoying, loud, senseless religious talk in the kitchen all fuxking morning. Ugh.
Everyone finally fucking left.
Cant wait to get my fucking apartment 😡😡😡
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2021.11.27 14:44 avox177 Is it just me or are quite a lot of the "new weapons" just worse versions of already existing Halo weapons?

I'm not trying to shit on 343i, I know how hard it is to create new & innovative guns for shooters, but every time I use one of the mediocre new guns I'm reminded of a better gun from an older Halo game.
Like the Cindershot, for example. Isn't the Cindershot just a Concussion Rifle from Halo Reach, except instead of shots reliably detonating on impact the shots want to bounce around and hit literally everything except your intended target. Even when you try to guide them.
And the Ravager, is the Ravager not a nerfed Incineration Cannon from Halo 5? They're both "fire" weapons and both go from a burst of fire to a single charged "explosive" shot that overheats the gun.
Then there's the Hydra. I know the Hydra has been in Halo before, but hasn't it always been just a worse human version of the Plasma Caster from Reach?
The Skewer seems fun at first but it is functionally just a Spartan Laser sans the warning laser giving players (and vehicles) a fair chance to dodge or counterattack.
The Pulse Carbine looks a hell of a lot like the Storm Rifle from Halo 5 (feels like it too) except you flipped the fire mode switch into burst-fire mode.
The Bulldog is a worse shotgun in almost every way, except perhaps its range (excluding the Halo 1 shotgun to be fair.)
Meanwhile the Stalker Rifle is much slower than the Covenant Carbine, much weaker than the Beam Rifle and lacks the supercombine ability of the Needle Rifle from Reach.
The only completely new feeling weapons are the Mangler (which is okay), the shock weapons (which are generic AF but have their very specific uses) and the Heatwave... which feels like a Plasma Cutter from dead space.
I've heard that in the future 343 will be bringing back weapons from previous Halos, if so it kind of feels like all of the current weapons will be invalidated by their predecessors, especially if they're given useful alt-fire modes.
Thoughts & opinions on the new weapons and the potential return of old ones?
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2021.11.27 14:44 ZutSpinda Irumatsu Sprite Edit (Already saw another version of it, so I wanted to make my own of it.)

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2021.11.27 14:44 Etihod Visiting mom for Thanksgiving and found this innovative Greek Revival siding/window solution in my home town

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2021.11.27 14:44 Bigpapa365

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2021.11.27 14:44 SendAwards Ouija at it again

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2021.11.27 14:44 Arvedui My version of Ellie's moth tattoo, with violets 🤗

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2021.11.27 14:44 locks_are_paranoid In 2005, a cop shot Daniel Rocha in the back and point blank range. The cop was fired, but no criminal charges were filed.

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2021.11.27 14:44 Bdtemg This spider rebuilds it’s web in the same spot every night

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2021.11.27 14:44 W4Zart Commissions open! DM my insta or here to order! (Examples of my art included. I also use cash app)

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2021.11.27 14:44 Beneficial_Rip_6258 Anyone know a plug in that sounds like a minimoog,?

I want a sound that sounds like supermax it ain't easy. A minimoog I think. Can't afford one need to emulate.
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2021.11.27 14:44 Guetguet1993 [S] PYP Survivor: Australia (episode 4)

red season 1:The first

Ep 4: Two Leave, Three Enter

[Previously on Survivor… new relationships emerged on both Tribes. Flumty went home and Miranda sought the truth about the one vote against her and discovered that Jade voted for her. Now, both girls are in danger and their fate is now decided by the public, who have chosen to either save one and eliminate the other or save/eliminate both. It’s time to reveal the results.]

[This is a very special outcome as this hasn’t happened before on the show, and so with 53% of the votes, Jade, Miranda, the public has chosen to save… neither of you. For the first time on this show, the public have decided to eliminate both of you tonight. So, Jade, Miranda, please make your way to the nearest confessional in order to say your last words.]

-Jade: Honestly I have no regrets about leaving, this tribe sucked and I just didn't have fun here. I'm glad to be going home and I hope I never get to come back to this game.-
-Miranda: I’m very disappointed to leave so early. I was in control of the game, I was a good leader wasn’t I? I just don’t understand what happened to make the public hate me. Oh wait I do! It's all Jade's fault! I could have gone a lot further if she hadn't got in my way!-

As you all know by now, with the departure of one competitor comes another, two in this case. So, please welcome the newest additions to the Para Tribe, Jotaro Kujo and Momose Amane! Please allow them to say a few words about themselves.
-Jotaro: I’m Jotaro Kujo, and I’m an oceanologist. I'm not a very keen speaker but I have a great physique. If you’re fighting on my side then you know you’ll have a great ally.-
-Amane: Hi! I’m Amane! I’m just an average 12-year old girl who goes to school and whatnot. I like to have as many friends as possible and to stay happy no matter what! My plan is to have a bunch of friends and just have some fun!-

. Blake Belladonna
. Bubble
. Dogpoo Petuski
. Flumpty Bumpty -ELIMINATED-
. Jade West -ELIMINATED-
. J.B. Chimpanski
. Jotaro Kujo -NEW-
. Lancer
. Mahiru Koizumi
. Miranda Lawson -ELIMINATED-
. Momose Amane -NEW-
. Pauline
. Ralsei
. Rick Astley
. Susie Haltmann
. The Burst
. Yuto Inukai

Para Day 9

[Jotaro and Amane introduce themselves to their fellow teammates and the two begin to prepare food for the tribe.]

Amane: Everybody here seems nice.
Jotaro: If I were you, I'd be careful.
Amane: Why’s that?
Jotaro: Simple. We’ve only been on this island for just this day, and therefore if we fail it’s easy for the others to just blame the new guys.
Amane: Really? That's horrible, and I thought everybody would want to be friends with me…
Jotaro: I’m not saying people don’t want to be friends with you. For now, the best thing to do is to just wait and see how we can play with them, and hope that we don't lose the next challenge.

-Amane : Our team is so great, everyone here is so nice and interesting. Especially that dirty kid, what was his name? Dogpoo? Anyway, he’s kinda cute.-

[Yuto fishes with Dogpoo with some homemade spears, unlike last time they actually managed to catch some fish.]

Yuto: Finally, we’ll actually eat something decent tonight. Good idea making this spears Dogpoo.
Dogpoo: Thanks…
Yuto: Don't thank me, now that Miranda's gone we have to keep our alliance closer than ever before.
Dogpoo: Yes... say Yuto can I ask you a question?
Yuto: Shoot.
Dogpoo: Well, what do you do when you like someone?
Yuto: When you like someone? Well, I guess you talk, go out for a few drinks, get in the car drunk, crash into the nearest tree you find an-
Dogpoo: No, no. Not like that. What do you do when you ‘like’ someone?
Yuto: I, I don’t really see why you come to me with this question.
Dogpoo: Well seeing as how you were with Miranda and you're also friends with Blake I thought you would understand…
Yuto: Oh. Does somebody have a little crush?
Dogpo: No... no it's not that at all... I mean-
Yuto: So, who is it? The new girl? Or maybe it’s Bubble?
Dogpoo: …
Yuto: So it is Bubble!
Dogpoo: It's… complicated. I see her as a friend but I kinda want to be more than that.
Yuto: But does she feel the same way?
Dogpoo: I… don’t know.
Yuto: Just go bring it up to her, you’ve got nothing to lose. Well, except for the fact that if it goes wrong you’ll remember it in 10 years at 3 AM and regret ever doing it. But that probably won’t happen!

-Dogpoo: I'm not sure what to say, I've never felt this way with anyone before... I don't know how I should go about it.-

Doro Day 9

[Ralsei walks up to Burst and talks to her.]

Ralsei: Hi!
Burst: Hello.
Ralsei: So what are we doing today? Am I shooting a gun like last time?
Burst: No, I feel like today I should just relax. Maybe I can teach you how to build something but that’s 50/50.
Ralsei: Well, how about we just go for a walk near the beach? Maybe swim there as well?
Burst: You do know that there are electric eels in the ocean right?
Ralsei: N-no.
Burst: Relax kid. I’m just messing with you. Y’know what, I can probably teach you how to make a common taser on the beach. We can kill two birds with one stone.
Ralsei: Okay! Lead the way!

-Ralsei: Ever since I’ve teamed up with Burst I've become more courageous, I feel like she’s teaching me something every day and it’s becoming more dangerous by the day. Not that I’m complaining, I mean I like spending time with me, but if she asks me to go wrestle an alligator then I won’t be surprised.-

[Both teams have called in for a surprise challenge. Guet announces that the winner of this challenge will not receive immunity, but a new member to their tribe dubbed the ‘Joker’ of the competition. After a hard fight, the Para Tribe wins the Joker, who is revealed to be Renamon from Digimon, although not many people know because none of the players have ever played Digimon before, let alone recognise a Digimon.]

-Renamon: I am Renamon, and I am a Digimon. I'm here to play and I'm ready to associate with anyone, even if it means betraying my future allies. On this show, there is only room for one winner and that winner will be me.-

Para Day 10

[The Tribe had a feast with the new member, happy to have 8 people in the camp; but Renamon slips away with Jotaro and Amane shortly after.]

Renamon: So, both of you are also new?
Amane: Yeah.
Renamon: Very well. I won’t waste your time so I’ll be very direct. I want to start an alliance with you two.
Jotaro: And why should we trust you?
Renamon: Because I know how to play this game.
Jotaro: Really?
Renamon: Think about why I'm dubbed the ‘Joker’. It’s because I'm someone who is very useful to the game. You see I'm made of data and nothing else and I can tell you that after analysing the data and the chances of everybody else, there’s a pretty good chance that I’ll make it to the final. The question is, who will be the 2 other competitors alongside me?

-Renamon: The public already knows how many seasons I've done in the past, I can travel through the multiverse and pulverize those who are in my way. However I am now so more of a villain than a hero and these two idiots are the sheep I need to get power in this game. If they refuse my offer, then I can simply choose somebody else to take their place.-

[At night, everybody goes to bed, Dogpoo and Bubble volunteered to keep the fire alight for a few hours to give everybody warmth.]

Bubble: Doigpoo, you don't talk to me much nowadays.
Dogpoo: Sometimes I just don’t know what to say
Bubble: Have I said anything that may have upset you?
Dogpoo: I guess..
Bubble: Look, I’m soirry if I hurt you, but I hope we can still be friends.
Dogpoo: We are. Bubble, I… I, ‘like’ you.
Bubble: Thanks, I like you too.
Dogpoo: No, not like that. I ‘LIKE’ you.
Bubble: Doigpoo, I…
Dogpoo: No, nevermind, I was stupid to say this to you.
Bubble: Doigpoo.
Dogpoo: When I say I ‘LIKE’ you, what I mean is…
Bubble: I’m your best friend?
Dogpoo: NO, I LOVE YOU!

[Dogpoo and Bubble sit in silence, Dogpoo quickly runs into the forest, embarrassed.]

Bubble: Doigpoo wait!

-Bubble: He's in love with me. I didn't know how to feel about that. What do I say to him about this?-

[Pauline took this opportunity to discreetly write a message in a bottle and send it to the other Tribe. Blake sees her but does not react to this strange strategy.]

-Pauline: I hope my plan will work, I'm looking to contact the other Tribe in order to work with them, this team is too tight for me to fit in at this point-
-Blake: I saw Pauline throw something into the sea tonight, I don't know what it is but I am too tired to ask her. However I have a feeling that it may not be good for us.-

Doro Day 10

[Lancer sees Pauline’s message wash up on shore and decides to talk to Susie about it.]

Lancer: Susie, the hell is this?
Susie: What?
Lancer: I just found a letter saying that someone from the Para tribe wants to work with us. Are you hiding something from me?
Susie: No! didn't do anything.
Lancer: This must be some kind of joke.
Susie: Or, more likely, a trap.
Lancer: You're right, I shouldn't take this kind of thing seriously.

-Lancer: I'm not stupid, this letter is so obviously a trap in order to make our tribe paranoid. Although seeing so many players on the Doro tribe worries me. We've only been to one council and we've only had one player booted off. I need some new members in our tribe to be able to grow my alliance. So, to the mysterious person who wrote this letter, consider this to be our agreement.-

[During the immunity challenge, which was a game of balance, Lancer pushed Ralsei, who, with the help of Pauline, made the other members of the tribe fall. After about ten minutes, Lancer, who was the only one left, fell off intentionally, to give immunity to the Para Tribe.]

Doro Day 11

[J.B. was mad at losing for the first time and called in his ‘allies’ to discuss the vote.]

J.B.: Our team is not strong enough, we have to eliminate the weak link.
Rick: Oh, that’s easy. Mahiru, I hope you have a safe travel home.
Mahiru: We’re in an alliance you dumbass! Did you forget?
Rick: I wish I did.
J.B.: Stop fighting you two, we have to stay together and vote for the same person.
Mahiru: If you think voting is that easy, then quite frankly you have a few screws loose J.B..
Rick: For once, she’s actually right.
Mahiru: Well, I'll leave you two to it.

-Mahiru: Geez what was I thinking working with these boys? I should of just stuck to my gut feeling and went with the girls.-

[Rick looks at J.B. as Mahiru walked away.]

J.B.: Well, now what?
Rick: You’re the boss, tell me a name and we'll vote on it together.
J.B.: At this point we have to vote for a weak link. Mahiru and Ralsei aren’t good at the challenges so we have to focus on getting rid of them for now.

[Lancer during this time discusses with Ralsei the vote.]

Ralsei: Lancer I'm afraid, someone pushed me and it was because of me that we lost.
Lancer: Don’t be afraid, buddy, we're kids anyway, who would want to vote off a kid?
Ralsei: Okay. I guess that makes me feel better.
Lancer: That’s all that matters to me buddy.

-Lancer: Sorry Ralsei, but my plan worked, you're bound to get some votes against you but it doesn't matter. The public will choose to vote for either J.B., Rick, or Mahiru. J.B. bores me, Rick is a pretty useless leader and even the girls hate Mahiru so it looks like I’ll be seeing either of them leave tonight.-


[Lancer sent his tribe back to tribal council after they won the last two challenges. The votes seem to be undecided but four competitors seem to be in more danger than the others. Ralsei, whose fall had terrible consequences for the rest of the Tribe, Mahiru who seems to be working with people she hates and is angry with everyone, and also J.B. and Rick, who are the only people out of the ‘majority’. Who will stay and who will go? Let’s find out.]

The first vote goes to… Ralsei.
The second vote goes to… Rick.
The third vote goes to… Mahiru.
The fourth vote goes to… Ralsei.
The fifth vote goes to… Mahiru.
The sixth and final vote goes to… Mahiru.
[The votes are 1 vote Rick, 2 votes Ralsei and 4 votes Mahiru. Ralsei, Mahiru, your fellow tribemates have decided to nominate you and now your fate is in the hands of the public.]

PYP Choices

Whowill be save
New alliance member
Burst challenge
Love affair
Digimon Proposition
Botlle answer

- Original text by u/Guetguet1993
- Edited by u/One4All12
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2021.11.27 14:44 Adventurous_Wave_640 Why does Tankman/Captain Say UGH?

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2021.11.27 14:44 _jnatty When you’re stuck at family dinner but still have disc on the brain…

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2021.11.27 14:44 MemeJuiceCo (rdr2) trains in ch6

I'm doing my first playthrough of the game and unfortunately Ive already had certain details of the ending spoiled for me, so I want to complete everything I can before finishing chapter 6. That said, Im currently working on the challenges and after looking into it further, sharpshooter 3 is posing an issue as trains arent available cause of Arthur and John. Ive looked at several posts asking the same question and they all have conflicting answers. Are there still ambient trains travelling throughout the map? If not, can I replay a previous mission involving a train and complete the challenge that way or will it not count? Is there any way at all for me to do sharpshooter 3 before finishing ch 6?
Thanks in advance
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2021.11.27 14:44 severjacks Advice for partner while going through withdrawals

I'm nearly 12 weeks sober
I still get big waves of depression and anxiety, and retching in the mornings. My sleep has gone to shit again
My withdrawals are not as bad as what they were, but they have come back pretty bad the last 2 weeks.
My partner has been super supportive, but it's starting to get a bit much for them. Any advice people have for partners supporting their partner going through withdrawals?
I don't want to feel alone and isolated, but understand this is a lot of my partner to deal with
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