Rosa (Trainer) [Pokémon]

2021.11.27 15:20 Zewen_Senpai Rosa (Trainer) [Pokémon]

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2021.11.27 15:20 EffectLive97 Why am I like this

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2021.11.27 15:20 kurapikun Looking for good LuKagami fics

What the title says. I recently got into the LuKagami ship (not because of the "I don't want them around Adrienette" excuse, I just think they would go well together, so please no hate, I respect any ship) and I was looking for any fics about them. AUs in which they become the holders of the Cat and Ladybug miraculouses would be lovely.
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2021.11.27 15:20 Sefthor My superpower

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2021.11.27 15:20 csmo_ found these on the parking lot by a gas station. if only they werent golds🤢

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2021.11.27 15:20 ShoulderAny8735 I pronounce you man and wife

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2021.11.27 15:20 jobsinanywhere PSG to ‘rival Man Utd for Vinicius Jr transfer to replace Mbappe and will offer star £275k-a-week to quit Real Madrid’

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2021.11.27 15:20 jackdalltons1 Be careful when you buy deodorant.

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2021.11.27 15:20 gospodeboze <3

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2021.11.27 15:20 deathb4dishon0r christmas christmas CHRISTMAS!

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2021.11.27 15:20 ChineseCosmo The DUALITY of man.

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2021.11.27 15:20 SheldonRhodes696 Andrew Yang President Of Math

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2021.11.27 15:20 Zanyeee [Xbox] [H] TW Goalkeeper CRL Northern [W] 20k

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2021.11.27 15:20 AnAbsoluteAcehole after 704hrs of gaming, kinda surprised Repentance didn't max the achievements at 666, maybe we can get a small community update? ;)

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2021.11.27 15:20 swagNextTuber Kylie Jenner shows off lavish holiday decor amid Astroworld lawsuits

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2021.11.27 15:20 BJ_Z Afrika Korps or British Airborne?

Hi. I'm thinking about starting playing bolt action. I'm considering either afrika korps or british airborne. What do you think is the suitable choice for a new player? What are the strenghts and weaknesses of these factions?
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2021.11.27 15:20 ussinchonvet1989 You got pork juice all over your hands!

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2021.11.27 15:20 MilkyHealing 🧸🌨

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2021.11.27 15:20 TallSerb1997 Can I use Minoxidil the day i got vaccinated?

Today I had the covid vaccine, should I skip minoxidil now for 1-2 days or can i apply it normally? Thanks
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2021.11.27 15:20 nottooeloquent IMAX at a dome theatre

Do not do it. It's absolutely pathetic and I can't believe this isn't mentioned more. The image is incredibly close, almost distorted at time, not crisp at all. It stays out of your field of vision. The more bearable seats are strucly in the middle, but it doesn't help much. Never again!
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2021.11.27 15:20 princessmia27 I need advice or help. I have followers but I can't seem to get any buyers everyone wants everything for free. What's your advice?

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2021.11.27 15:20 SirBlueEyed 28 [M4F/T] Louisiana/US!! Hey I hope you have an amazing day!!

I'll start off with the bad just to get it out there. Im fat but I am trying my best to lose weight. I'm bald but I have a nice beard to hopefully compensate for that. I deal with depression every single day some days are way worse than others but not all the time. I talk bad about myself all the time because its makes it easier for when someone else does it to me. I game to cope with all my issues it separates me from the world and I forget about how shitty life is. Im currently unemployed but I am trying to find a job. That's most of the bad stuff about me in no where near perfect I'm not but I don't inspire to be I just want to be the best me I can and to hopefully one day make someone happy. I know it's alot but maybe someone out there will see past all that and still find me worthy.
Anyways, Hi! I go by Blue its a nickname I got from my friends like 10 years ago and they have called me that ever since. So at this point in time im used to it more than my own name so feel free to call me Blue but, I will tell you my real name if you get curious.
I am a gamer (PC) its what I do with most if not all of my free time. I have never been one that likes to go out and party and what not. I am not opposed to it just would rather stay home and play some games with my friends. So if you're a gamer thats a huge plus if not that's totally fine we can have other interests else where!
There is alot of movies I havent seen that people suggest I should but id rather not watch them alone! I havent seen Lord of the Rings maybe the first one? I havent seen Harry Potter since like the 2nd movie. And dont even get me started on TV shows I havsnt seen. Maybe I'll find someone who is looking for a relationship and that would like to spend time together over discord and watching movies/shows together
I am currently unemployed and I'm waiting for my friends to get a house in Michigan because I want to move there so bad. I've been there before some years ago and I loved every second up there and I can't wait to get back! I havent expiernced the winter up there but seeing as I'm from Louisiana ill probably die from the cold haha.
I use discord pretty much every day so if you have it too, we could chat there! We can voice chat, text , or even have little movie and gaming dates together. We can spend days and nights together just doing whatever we can.
Well I'm not sure what else to really write but feel free to message me and ask me questions or if you would just like to get to know me!
Also please be 21+ at least thanks!
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2021.11.27 15:20 swagNextTuber Wisconsin police officer resigns for 'sexual activity' with woman in squad car

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2021.11.27 15:20 Awesome_Lawson- Heatran 1671 8189 8838

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2021.11.27 15:20 peanut31 My easy mode blood angel paint job. :) I’m happy with it

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