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My ace ring is Kingdom Hearts themed <3

2021.12.01 13:40 LuisTheMage My ace ring is Kingdom Hearts themed <3

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2021.12.01 13:40 Elyna_Lilyarel Blizzard directly caters to Toxicity in WoW. The entirety of BFA was about clashing your entire playerbase against itself and intentionally pissing them both off.

Everytime a faction did something in BFA (Before it became about old gods again) Blizzard was trying to fan the flames as much as they could against the other faction by having them do outrageous war crimes while having the other stand around like an idiot.
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2021.12.01 13:40 bronton21 Carolina QB ROS

Do you guys think Cam remains the starter the rest of the season? Darnold is eligible to come back after 3 games, but was considered a 4-6 week injury.
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2021.12.01 13:40 Lights_A5 I created a new Twitter account to rate roads.

I created a new Twitter account, @roadrater, where I rate pictures of roads... Kinda like weratedogs but where a lot of them are probably gonna be piss poor. Send me pictures of a road/street near you and I'll rate them on there with credit to the original photo taker. I'll take any road... bad roads, good roads, bike paths, pedestrian only roads... The lot. I'm not a civil engineer, but I feel like it's pretty easy when a road sucks or is good.
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2021.12.01 13:40 Trayzy Introduction to Gains Network for Traders and Investors.

TL;DR The fairest and cheapest leveraged trading platform. A fully decentralized protocol using smart contracts. Trade 37 crypto pairs at 5-150x leverage and 10 Forex pairs at 5-1000x leverage. Start trading with as little as $35 DAI. No funding fees, no KYC, trade with DAI directly from your wallet, maintain custody of your funds. Visit gains.trade to start trading. Read the roadmap here: https://gains-network.gitbook.io/docs-home/what-is-gains-network/roadmap to see why this will soon be the leading leveraged DEX. Liquidity providers of the $GNS token average 130%+ APR, paid from trading fees on deflating supply, and market cap under $15M. This is just the beginning.
Yes, it's a big read. But it's a big project that is already a fully functioning Decentralized Leveraged Trading Platform with a sub $15M m/c that has been averaging 130%+ APR while deflating 20% of the supply in 6 months.
If you want to understand why you should pay attention, here it is...
Gains Network has two goals

  1. To provide the best and fairest leveraged fully trading experience to traders, on a fully decentralized protocol.
  2. To provide value to GNS token holders by a) awarding liquidity providers a share of the trading fees b) rewarding all long-term holders through its deflationary mechanism.
Gains Network $GNS

Polygon Network; buy on QuickSwap https://quickswap.exchange/#/swap
Market Cap $13,215,668.65 (Nov 29 2021)
Gains Network is a decentralized leveraged trading platform. That platform is the first in what will be a suite of products, with a forthcoming betting/casino platform being the second.
All trading on the platform is done using DAI stablecoin, directly from your Metamask wallet on the Polygon network. All you need is $35 in DAI, along with a small amount of MATIC for gas ($2 would be enough) to get started. You maintain custody of your funds, with no KYC required.
Gains Network was established in Jan 2021 under the name Gains Farm, and was rebranded in November 2021. At that time, the GFARM2 token underwent a 1:1000 split, where 1 GFARM2 token could be bridged to 1000 GNS tokens. The token had zero premine and was entirely distributed to the community on Ethereum (before it was bridged to Polygon) in a liquidity pool everyone could participate in.
$GNS liquidity providers are the foundation of the ecosystem, and the platform is built around the mint/burn mechanism of GNS tokens. It is a unique mechanism that Gains Network has created and is a core innovation of the protocol. The result is a token that has been paying over 100% APR to Liquidity Providers (has reached as high as 190%), generated entirely from user fees (not from inflation, in fact is has been very deflationary!) to ensure long term viability, regardless of external market conditions.
This summary will be broken down into two sections.One to describe the Trading Platform and one to describe the Tokenomics.
Trading Platform https://gains.trade/decentralized-trading/
The platform currently features leveraged trading of:
37 crypto pairs (and growing) at up to 150x leverage
10 Forex pairs at up to 1000x leverage.
Commodities, Stocks and Indices are coming.
The platform features a unique fully synthetic architecture, making it radically different to trading perpetuals, and uses a real-time custom Chainlink DON that aggregates pricing data from 8 exchanges. This is significant for several reasons:
Gains Network offers the fairest leveraged trading platform.
Once stock trading is available, traders will have access to the kind of leverage found on weekly options, but without expiration. The significance of this cannot be overstated.
There is more information on the liquidity mechanism in the Tokenomics section, but this is an overview relevant to traders.
Since all trades use the same GNS/DAI trading pool and the second DAI-only liquidity layer (trading vault), it means Gains Network have a big advantage over the competition who must build new liquidity in their order books every time they list a new pair, and maintain high liquidity on all pairs. Instead, by building a large GNS/DAI pool with trading fee incentives, every trading pair listed on the platform only requires GNS/DAI liquidity for ALL pairs, making it easy to add new pairs. From crypto to Forex, to stocks etc.
This is only possible because the architecture doesn’t match buying/selling orders using an order book (because of the ability to mint and burn GNS to pay traders), the leverage of trades is virtual and the PnL is simulated with smart contracts.
More on Chainlink integration
Chainlink confirmed that Gains Network are the first to run such an advanced architecture with a real use case. Using Chainlink price feeds is nothing new, and are excellent for most use cases, but aren’t meant to be real time to the second. They are generally updated every few minutes/hours depending on volatility which is fine for lending platforms for example, to determine the collateralization level.
But for Gain Network use case, it needed real time to the second pricing, so a custom on demand decentralized oracle network (DON) was created. Rather than a price feed updated every second, which would be a waste of gas, they went for an on-demand oracle system. Remember, the Gains platform does not generate their own price for the trading pairs, that is where Chainlink comes in to play.
Every time there is an order on the platform, it makes a request in real time to the 8 nodes, which fetch the price from the 8 exchanges’ high quality APIs and sends the median to the custom aggregator contract. The aggregator contract takes the median a second time, making sure there is no single point of failure and assures the decentralization of the oracle system (both at the API level and at the Chainlink nodes level). It finally sends the median to the trading contract to execute the order with a real time price. Finally, the platform leverages the existing Chainlink price feeds’ security by checking each of the on demand Chainlink nodes’ answers with the corresponding price feed, rejecting potential outliers.
This means you can open and close trades on all the trading pairs nearly instantly. Compared to GMX who are using a typical Chainlink price feed (which as described are slightly delayed), you can’t close your trade in profit before the trading pair has moved at least 1% in your trades’ direction. This means a trade using 20x leverage needs to be in 20% profit before the trade can be closed. (No disrespect to GMX, it’s just the best example I can find.) This shows the importance of real time prices, otherwise you have to put all kinds of limitations on traders.


Processing img tsqltr5oly281...
Tokenomics (Nov 29th)
Market Cap $13,215,668.65
Supply 30,654,084
Burned 7,845,916 (20%) over a 6-month period.
Deflationary, with >100% APR
Gains Network has created the first token that is proving to be deflationary from real-world use. The APR has averaged greater than 100%, generated by user fees, not from inflation, nor from incentives or unsustainable antics. At the time of writing (Nov 29, 2021), APR is 150%, which translates to APY at 338% when compounded weekly, entirely funded by paying users of the trading platform.
Liquidity Pool Foundation
As mentioned in the introduction, $GNS LPs are the foundation of the ecosystem, and the platform is built around the mint/burn mechanism of GNS tokens so that LPs collect the rewards. Without a token, the protocol could not mint and burn DAI to pay traders, so GNS is fundamental to the operation of the protocol, and not just a speculative token.
Liquidity Pool Mechanism
The use of the GNS token occurs in the background, and traders simply use DAI to trade. When a trade is opened using DAI, it is use to execute a GNS market buy, and then that GNS and is burned immediately. The trader then enters their trade on any asset listed, with any leverage. If the trade is liquidated, 100% of the burned GNS stays burned. If the trade is closed with a partial loss or a profit, the trader is paid in DAI immediately from the vault. The protocol then mints GNS and slowly trades it for DAI to replenish the vault that was just depleted, so as not to dump the GNS on the market all at once.
To visualize, the token mechanism works like this:
Opening a trade: DAI > buy GNS > Burn GNS
Closing a trade: DAI from vault to trader > mint GNS > slowly sell GNS to replenish the vault.
Instead of minting and selling the GNS for DAI directly on the QuickSwap DEX to pay the trader, there is a DAI only liquidity layer (which is called the trading vault) used to pay traders directly in DAI. This allows newly open trades to instantly buy GNS on QuickSwap with the DAI used, while spreading potential selling pressure from closed and winning trades over a long period of time.
The maximum position size is currently proportional to the liquidity of GNS/DAI on QuickSwap, which means it will increase naturally with the size of the pool. However, Gains has recently developed a way to increase the liquidity efficiency, allowing for larger position sizes while still using the same GNS/DAI after the next update. Staking will soon be opened to DAI in the trading vault, helping to scale the positions sizes while earning DAI rewards from the trading fees. The extra position sizes will mean greater fees, and will not impact the GNS/DAI LP rewards except to possibly increase them due to greater trading volume. The development of the vault has almost been completed and is will be audited by Certik shortly.
Deflationary Mechanism
The long-term deflationary nature of the token comes from the fact that over time, traders lose more than they win. And in the case of the forthcoming casino platform, from having a small house edge. Decades of trading history shows that traders lose slightly more than they win. This loss ratio is amplified by volatility and leverage. The higher leverage available on the Gains platform compared to other platforms, combined with the extreme volatility of crypto assets, means the loss ratio is higher than typical, ensuring long term deflation of the GNS token (although this is not guaranteed).
Trading activity has been significantly burning tokens, as has been demonstrated over the last 6 months, with 20% of the supply being burned, while still giving more than 100% APR to the GNS/DAI LPs.
The lower the price of the token, the faster it is burned, so the only way to slow the burn is for the price to rise.
There is another critical advantage to this liquidity mechanism. Unlike a tokenized security which will undoubtedly face regulatory scrutiny in the near future, the user is trading strictly in DAI. They supply DAI to open the trade and are paid in DAI when the close the trade. When trading a pair, the trader doesn’t ever hold the asset, nor do they hold a token representing the asset, since only GNS is used in the smart contracts.
With many countries banning leveraged trading on CEXs, a DEX is the solution for those wishing to continue to trade with leverage. And by being synthetic, and not actually trading any of the underlying securities, crypto or currencies, it’s actually a decentralized casino rather than a securities or crypto exchange, but provides the user with a superior trading experience than what a typical exchange can offer.
Other Project Information Security
Gains has been audited by Certik 5 times, with a 6th now underway. https://www.certik.com/projects/gainsnetwork
It has one of the best security scores of projects on Polygon, similar to AAVE.
QuickSwap: Gains Network is integrated with QuickSwap, and all the collateral volumes from the platform currently goes through their DEX. dQuick dual rewards are also given from the partnership with QuickSwap (which should get even more interesting very soon).
Chainlink: (as described above, using custom DONs for pricing data. Gains continues to work directly with Chainlink as the platform evolves.
PolyDoge: PolyDoge just announced they will be adding Gains Network to their growing list of dApps. https://www.polydoge.com/
Satoshi Street Bets: Whitelabel partners. SSB has contributed prize money for trading competitions, held AMAs and shares information on their socials.
Website https://gains.trade/
Trading https://gains.trade/decentralized-trading/
Pools https://gains.trade/pools/
Docs https://gains-network.gitbook.io/docs-home/
Telegram Community https://t.me/GainsNetworkStatistics https://gains.trade/stats/
Telegram Price Chat https://t.me/GfarmNFT
Trading instructions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9x2jNL6a9g (this video was made just before the rebranding from GainsFarm)
Medium https://gainsnetwork-io.medium.com/
Testnet https://gains.trade/testnet-trading/ (virtual trading to learn how to use the platform)
How to buy QuickSwap (Polygon Network) https://quickswap.exchange/#/swap
Polygon is a Layer2 chain built on top of Ethereum, and uses the MATIC token for gas fees. You will need to move assets to the Polygon Chain to be able to transact on QuickSwap. MATIC addresses are the same as ETH addresses, so you can use the same ETH wallet you have now, and add the Polygon Mainnet on Metamask using the following RPC: https://polygon-rpc.com
Here are some methods to move your assets to the Polygon Network.
Polygon Bridge https://wallet.polygon.technology/bridge
Xpollinate Cross Chain Swap https://xpollinate.io/
Or you can send MATIC from a CEX that offer withdrawals of MATIC on its native chain (not ERC20). Kucoin, Crypto.com, Binance, Okex, MXC, Bitforex and more.
What’s next You can see the roadmap here.https://gains-network.gitbook.io/docs-home/what-is-gains-network/roadmap
Gains Network has just partnered with Market Across and a campaign begins mid-December 2021, to help drive more users to the platform. They have worked with 32 of the current top 100 chains (soon to be 33!) https://marketacross.com/clients/
Already offering a better trading experience, and providing superior income to liquidity providers generated from actual user fees set Gains Network apart from its peers. And with a Commodity/Stock/Indices trading, as well as a Casino/Gambling platform on the horizon to tap an entirely different user base, this is just the beginning.
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2021.12.01 13:40 Unlikely-Adagio-1270 What's the most ridiculous way you've convinced a "straight" / in-denial guy to have sex with you or that it "wouldn't be gay" to do so?

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2021.12.01 13:40 DoNoHarm101 “Plantations” were forced labor camps

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2021.12.01 13:40 MatrixDiscovery What Film or Films could I use for my Essay?

I have to write a 2000 word essay on one of the topics below.
Questions can be adapted, but you have to pick only one. Choose 1 lecture themes for your essay (no key film after 2016). Some of the questions below are broad but you need to focus your argument by discussing key film/s:
o Discuss 1 central film, mentioning other related films
or o Compare/contrast 2 films, mentioning other related films where relevant
or o Discuss maximum 3 main films which consolidate the topic of your argument

  1. Filmmakers & Artists • How have other creative practices like photography, painting, drawing, architecture, dance, music, etc., informed or influenced filmmaking?
or • How does a filmmaker’s creative training or socio-political, cultural or personal contexts inform approaches to filmmaking?
  1. Celluloid &/vs Digital Technologies • Technological innovation has been central to filmmaking since its birth. How do decisions about technology (film/digital) and aesthetics inform the making of a film/s?
or • If ‘the goal [of a film] is to reach as many viewers as possible’ (Balsam 2017, p. 43), should the filmmaker care about the quality of the image?
  1. History, Memory & Archives • What role does film and television play in reinforcing national, racial and ethnic narratives and identities? And can filmmakers counter the exclusion or marginalisation of certain subjects, and histories, from being represented?
or • How can filmmakers use archival images and written or verbal testimonies to interrogate or counter official historical narratives?
  1. Realism and the Representation of the Working Class • What realist aesthetic strategies were foregrounded by film movements such as Soviet Cinema, Italian Neorealism, Third Cinema or Social Realism? Does realist film’s closer resemblance to reality pose greater possibilities for social and political change?
or • Discuss Karl Marx’s quote “They cannot represent themselves; they must be represented” and its relation with the representation of the working class in film. What are Adorno, Benjamin and Brecht's ideas in relation to the role of cinema in society?
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2021.12.01 13:40 AlBalts Гуглу уже давно пора определяться: продолжать и дальше работать а русским рейхе с риском в любой момент получить разорительные штрафы по абсолютно идиотским поводам,а то и своих сотрудников, захваченных в заложники террористическим режимом, либо уходить, оставив пещере право собственным”чебурнетом”!

Гуглу уже давно пора определяться: продолжать и дальше работать а русским рейхе с риском в любой момент получить разорительные штрафы по абсолютно идиотским поводам,а то и своих сотрудников, захваченных в заложники террористическим режимом, либо уходить, оставив пещере право собственным”чебурнетом”! submitted by AlBalts to AlBalts [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 13:40 Competitive_Radio657 Melodyne and serato audio stretching

I am trying to activate my melodyne on windows 10. I have 2 computers it's installed on and am wondering how you deactivate 1 so I can use it on protools 2021 for my new computer. I had pitch and pro for stretching audio to slow down or speed up. It looks like Serato 2.1 makes my windows crash. It sucks to speed 800 dollars for stretching audio for the latest version.
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2021.12.01 13:40 ScrabbleSoup What brings you to this uncensored 90df sub?

Just curious. For me it's option 3 😁
View Poll
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2021.12.01 13:40 SeekerGreat20 Thinking of going to a nightclub and meeting a girl.

If she likes me back and I bring her home I’ll show her around my music studio where I produce electronic music.
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2021.12.01 13:40 saberToothedCat I dreamed that I had a safe room in my stomach and I was trying to rent it out to a family (a tiny family I guess)

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2021.12.01 13:40 -HoldingCell- Half Life Gravity Gloves Location | Death Stranding Director's Cut [PS5]

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