Another LinkedIn post

2021.12.08 21:52 zastava9 Another LinkedIn post

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2021.12.08 21:52 Eli_avecaccent Spaghetti

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2021.12.08 21:52 Lizzie-2000 Anyone one want to play

I’m very shy so only one person please also 18+
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2021.12.08 21:52 AngryHorizon Taking names is officially sanctioned as it's currently established. England still taxes it's people to fund a birthright Queen. Age of equality.

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2021.12.08 21:52 Nacko01 Employer Underpaying, now backtracking

Hi everyone, thanks in advance for your help.
Basically, I am a 20yo uni student and I've realised I've been paid wrong for the past ~18 months. I work in administration at a pickpacker shed, and they have been paying me under the horticulture award. I always thought it was dodgy but assumed there was a provision under the horticulture award that covered me. I've now realised this was wrong and narrowed my correct award down to the Private Clerks award after contacting Fairwork. The issue is the horticulture award does not pay penalty rates for Saturday's and Sundays whereas the Private Clerks award does, and I have worked out the monetary difference to be approximately $12,000 for the duration of my employment.
I contacted my employer stating my query about the award and even sent them a spreadsheet on excel which showed how I calculated the difference I am owed, and obviously, they are not happy. I received a call from my manager who, while saying he was on my side, asked if I could provide a reasonable amount I would be willing to accept as a backpay amount, and gave me the night to think it through. I know I am entitled to all the money, so when he called back again today, I said I'd like the full amount back paid.
Here's my problem. He has now said he is going to have to go back through my timesheets and work out how many hours I actually worked in admin (Sometimes I will label up produce on the floor to help if we are running behind or short on staff. I never pack produce though, simply put card labels on crates of stock). So, I guess my question is, is this legal? Can they go back through my hours and try calculate the time I spent on the floor and remove this from my back pay amount? Is it legal for me to be paid under two awards for the same shift, even if the majority of my shift is covered by the Private Clerk award?

Thanks again for your help I really appreciate it, any resources I can look into and possibly forward to my employer would be greatly appreciated too.
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2021.12.08 21:52 Brittfield Virginia cannabis legalization reenactment clause. It’s almost a guarantee the republicans will be making cannabis illegal again when they re-vote in 2022. Or am I reading this wrong?

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2021.12.08 21:52 cephaszach [Hire ME] Get professional writing help. Please feel free to reach out via the following platforms: Discord: cephaszach#3657 OR Email: I'll be at your beck and call.

Up-front payment will only be paid after the delivery of a good draft (reasonable length & top-tier quality). I guarantee the following:
- Quality papers ( well-researched, plagiarism-free, and void of grammatical errors)
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P.S: Vouches and Samples will be presented upon request.
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2021.12.08 21:52 MelancholicDaisy_ What do you think of my florist shop, post office and ice cream parlor? I'd like constructive feedback! :D (I'm still in the middle of building them)

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2021.12.08 21:52 JCat313 Strawberry milk from rainbow unicorns

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2021.12.08 21:52 Charming_Ad_2071 22 [M4F] looking to start streaks and chat!

From Oregon! 6’2 w a tattoo :) DM for snap!
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2021.12.08 21:52 Universo64 Silent Hill 4 o'clock in the morning

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2021.12.08 21:52 therealcoolpup Mac OS Monterey vs Big Sur battery life

Hi all,
I am using a mid 2015 15 inch macbook pro and am considering upgrading to Monterey because I need the newest version of XCode.
Just wondering what is the battery life difference between the versions? In big sur with power limit (15 watts) and undervolt (-75) and fans limited i can get 5 hours if im just doing basic things like word docs.
Many thanks :)
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2021.12.08 21:52 Beneficial_Joke_2201 Look what I found!!

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2021.12.08 21:52 Groundbreaking-Sun68 I got a Pokémon themed pallets and I tried to make myself look like a pokeball. I am also new to makeup so feedback is appreciated

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2021.12.08 21:52 GSWHT His heart gets broken when he finds out just how many people she’s been cheating on him with.

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2021.12.08 21:52 Twenty9inarow Zekrom on me.

5262 0308 4895
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2021.12.08 21:52 Wonderful_Mango9460 Don’t have any dsm to claim airdrop someone please help me..

Or did they come out with away to claim the airdrop for the defi wallet ???
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2021.12.08 21:52 Yhorm_The_Gamer Picture of Ukrainians early 1900s

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2021.12.08 21:52 Bdpatt Talk about a Giant Middle Finger

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2021.12.08 21:52 ClarkesBoutaine Tool Expert Lolla Martinelli (Blowjob Clip/ Só Chupando)

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2021.12.08 21:52 DemonicHeavens Tree Fence! Got tired of bent branches and chewed wires

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2021.12.08 21:52 fargito1017 CURSE IN PINK

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2021.12.08 21:52 Wacka_wacka22 Maths Comfort show

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2021.12.08 21:52 coljavskiyi GoofyDoge | Just Launched ⭐ | $DOGE Rewards| Rapidly Growing Community! | Massive Marketing Push Today!

Welcome to GoofyDoge
GoofyDoge is a community-based project, aiming to connect the digital and real-world in every way and build a bridge between cartoon universe and crypto world.
Contract Address:

Albeit the image that Goofy gives us is clumsy and dim-witted, he is a kind dog as Doge's new friend, and always treats others sincerely and does not ask for anything in return. So we hope to to build a friendly and kind-hearted community together, just like Goofy, expressing friendships with the community in a unique and sincere way.

When Doge enters the cartoon universe and starts their new story... together with his new friends, he will bring a fairytale-like world, where dreams come true, to the moon
↪️ Total Supply: 5,280,000 Tokens
↪️ DOGE Dividends Level 1 if hodling > 528: 2%
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↪️ Marketing: 5%
↪️ Extra Development: 3%
↪️ Liquidity: 2%
How to Buy
Contract Address: 0xB1A0684e0BC1af57319DD8509524363bFAAAf865
Stay Connected with Us
Follow us on our social media to stay connected and up to date with all Martian Doge news
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2021.12.08 21:52 Luminescence9 Question on Surface Roughness

Hey Folks,
I'm trying to do a scatter estimation for a system I'm developing, and need a value for surface roughness. However, most COTS vendors only spec scratch-dig, WFE, and surface irregularity. Any thoughts on how I can estimate surface roughness (in nm RMS) from the existing specifications?
Thanks all
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