My son and my mother dont get along.

2021.12.01 13:21 mynameiseuctace My son and my mother dont get along.

Tldr; My son and my mother don't get along and I'm ready to ask her to leave.
My son is 11 years old. My mother is 62.
She was a good mom until I was 8 and then things went crazy. Around the time I was 9 years old her drug addiction to crack and heroin had gotten out of control and she gave me to my grandparents. She had attempted to stay in my life and visit/call on holidays and important events. My father was absent from birth. It was a rough childhood and I still have feelings of trauma but I manage. Since I was a teen I've led a pretty stable functional life. College, marriage, kids, career, divorce, lots of therapy.. I've done relatively well for myself despite traumas and unfortunate life events. I live with ptsd, anxiety, adhd and pmdd. But I do okay. Life is good.
I welcomed my mother to come live with me a several times throughout the last 14 years so that she could get and stay healthy but after a while she'd leave again. The longest time (before current time )was 8 months and she left. My two children were about 2 and 4 at that time. That was in 2014, the next time was 2016 left again after 2 months. Then she finally decided to get and stay clean in 2019. She wanted to come live with me because some people were after her. And I agreed to help her get out of that life. I wanted to repair my relationship with her and help her feel loved. She’s led a tough life.
It's been about 3 years now.
I knew that we would never have the kind of mother /daughter relationship I longed for as a kid/teen/young adult. She unfortunately wasn't there to build that attachment. She felt more like a sister. And my kids didn't really attach to her either in that grandma/grandkid way. I’d say my youngest is closer to her than my oldest. They acknowledge her and respect her but they don’t really connect with her. Both of my kids get mouthy and rude sometimes with me and her. Their dad gets it to. We both correct them. I handle the parenting when they are home with me. I teach them to not disrespect her. She will say things like “I’m their grandmother!” when explaining why she should be able to discipline them. and I want to respond “yes but it’s more complicated than that” you can’t expect a certain kind of treatment because just you’re a blood relative.
But my mother always has a bone to pick with my oldest. And often it’s unwarranted. She does tend to overreact and make assumptions and take absolutely everything personal. She will guilt him about him lots of things. Like not drawing her pictures or giving her other little creations like my youngest does. To her my oldest is disrespectful and rude. She will say “he acts like he hates me” and then will blame me as the reason they are not close because I’m always intervening or defending my son. Now, when my youngest is throwing a fit about what ever is grinding his gears at that moment, she has more than enough excuses to justify his behavior.
She will complain to me about not spending enough time with her. Once a month I take her to bingo, we also get our nails done monthly and face wax. Every couple weeks we will go out for brunch and grocery shop. I take her to run her errands. I didn’t expect her to feel like this toward me or have issues with my son. I didn’t expect to be her only source of anything. I didn’t expect to be heading into caregiver territory with her either. At 62 shes closet to 87. I guess I just expected her to stay clean and form her own life. She could live with me but still have her own life. Just like she’s had for the last like 25 years, but healthier.
Okay back to my son. My son is a child. She is the adult. I’m so tired of the complaints from her about my son. I know he isn’t a Saint, but he’s a very typical 11 year old boy. Video games, friends, and drawing are his interests. Not every little thing he does is a personal attack against her and I’m over her acting like it is. It’s getting to the point that I feel like asking her start making plans to leave. She’d have no where to go but back to the same area she left, she’d live with her mother. I feel so stuck.. I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t. I just want peace. I feel bad because I know she’s trying in her own way. I bought her a dog in 2020 to give her emotional support and affection because I can’t do that for her because it triggers me. I love her but I'm not sure we can share a home for much longer due to the conflict and contention.
My biggest fear is that he will choose to live with his father because of the issues with him and his grandmother. I don’t want my children to be negatively affected by the conflict with her.
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2021.12.01 13:21 CannaBonsius Probably are the sticker too!

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2021.12.01 13:21 lajollahc What happens to my score when my parents pass?

Hello all! I have never gotten a straight answer on this.
I am extremely fortunate to have parents that are very good with money and have had me listed as an authorized user (and holder in some cases) on a few revolving credit lines, giving me an excellent score with a long history and extremely low utilization percentage. While I do have my own loan and 2-3 credit cards I have made timely payments on, I am worried about what impact their future passing and subsequent account will have on my credit score. Any experience or advice? Thank you!
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2021.12.01 13:21 WilliamAfton131 Today is world AIDS day. You better put it on.

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2021.12.01 13:21 Ace_Dragon Dis I just draw the short straw?

I've got a 2016 Chevy Spark LS and I absolutely hate it... The transmission it's throwing like 3 different check engine codes even after the dealership did the recall work on the transmission and it keeps getting stuck in low gear.
If it gets below 45 F outside, the car displays error code 68 and the electronic power steering refuses to work. I've had it to several mechanics over the years, and none of them will even troubleshoot it because "We can't replicate the issue."
In absolutely fed up with this car, but getting a new one is out of the question. Does anyone know why my car is like this?
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2021.12.01 13:21 Versailles_SunGod Micro center has gone full dipstick and aggressively refusing returns of DOA or defective cards so after big argument I got my money back and found this guy on marketplace and spent less than my other card. The gap is so tight, it fits fine. Waterblock later 😬

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2021.12.01 13:21 SkullCrackarn Spotify Wrapped format is bad

Why is Wrapped presented like a snap story? You can't easily jump to the part you are interested in and if you want to go back the segments replays from the start. Additionally this year you can't even see it on your computer, only on the phone app. Why? The way it was presented two year ago was waaaay better. Can we go back?
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2021.12.01 13:21 murphibrown Chance of going back online?

With the new variant on the rise and people starting to care less about covid…do you guys think there’s a possibility of us going online again for 2nd semester? My aunt is a nurse in Milwaukee and said hospitals are getting full again. I know most of our campus is vaccinated and students are able to get the booster through UHS, but I’m just curious to see what people think will happen.
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2021.12.01 13:21 user12321232121 Can I tear a bicep and not realize it?

About a month ago while doing curls I felt a small pop in the lower part of my left bicep where it inserts. I didn’t feel any pain so I continued. Now when I curl there is a clicking on the inside of my elbow where the pop was and my arm tingles but still no pain. (I just recently stopped curling till I can fix this). I also realized when I flex that bicep that it seems like the peak has gone away and that the insert is now higher on my arm. So is it possible I slightly tore something?
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2021.12.01 13:21 Rotorbladesnwhiskey Is the ACH useless? Description in the comments

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2021.12.01 13:21 Dextario The Dallas show has been cancelled.

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2021.12.01 13:21 ledudeheld What are some of your most rememberable Grandson lines?

"I shot a kid from the same age as me because he isn't from the same place as me, now the bloodstain stays with me" For me that line hit the hardest. Also "anyone is a hero with a bullet in their head". Allthough that was probably allready an existing phrase I remember it from We Did It!!!.
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2021.12.01 13:21 SeaworthinessSome647 Reshiram adding 10 6455 0110 5484

Be online
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2021.12.01 13:21 Vibranium2222 Please don't elect Dr. Oz. He's a disgrace to our profession.

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2021.12.01 13:21 sopalidisajnaco 🌳 TreedomCoins | Saving the earth | Fair Launched (no presale) | Community driven token | 📺 Paid marketing team | 🔒 Liquidity Locked for 10 years

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2021.12.01 13:21 Elegant-Basket4013 Wow

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2021.12.01 13:21 freya_SS A Salary & Satisfaction Survey here for all those working in the games industry! Our report will be released in early 2022 so you can see how you compare to others in your area/location. Share with your games industry peers! We're donating to Charity & planting trees for each response this year! :)

A Salary & Satisfaction Survey here for all those working in the games industry! Our report will be released in early 2022 so you can see how you compare to others in your area/location. Share with your games industry peers! We're donating to Charity & planting trees for each response this year! :) submitted by freya_SS to nintendo [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 13:21 sdijbg 豆瓣又版聊了。。

这次又因为什么呀? 😡
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2021.12.01 13:21 Traditional_Kick_706 2 Vex’s… 3 Completions

I’ve just started on destiny 2 and just recently got a high enough light level to do VOG with some friends. Now I’m on my 3rd completion and I’ve gotten Vex twice now… is this pretty rare? Or is it normal to get?
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2021.12.01 13:21 Mynewsify-Website PM: Govt to continue with micro and affordable franchise development programmes, Malay Mail – Malaysia

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2021.12.01 13:21 dobbyisafreepup This makes me feel old.

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2021.12.01 13:21 Fullsend31 3983 8092 1145

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2021.12.01 13:21 Thunderwolf_25 i finally received it UwU ( i have to find a pillow now tho)

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2021.12.01 13:21 Human-Leg5349 A at University of Tennessee!

Email received 12/1. Admission packet on the way. Scholarship info released after February 1st.
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